Mouse actions

Lately, when using the mouse, actions are slow reactive and jerky at the time.

Hello Weaversi:

Yes, I know already replace the batteries does not work. I said that it is a question of comon. Your mouse has software pre installed at the hardware level it self.  Yours is corrupted is under the mouse. We can not excess there. I'm sorry. I have already asked to HP Tech the first time mine has become corrupted.  First two times, it's the keyboard and the third time was the mouse do the same thing your mouse done arround bouncing.  Only difficulty is to buy a new set keyboard and mouse. This is why I recommend a USB series as a return to the top you mind nothing complicated unless you want to spend extra on one. I use it as pending replacement of relief for ships out.

Here's your page computer HP forgot to add parts order page link.  Here is the part number for it. 511400 - ZH1 parts of first page. The real order page. Click on live chat with HP purple. Believe it or less these operators know what they are doing and are quick supper. Oh you will love the new keyboard because they changed the top buttons so they extract is no longer in the case of the keyboard as our dear original espechly ESC.  You're welcome frrw. The parts store is cheeper price regular HP store is. Less, it was the case three months a go. When I replaced my game.

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  • Qosmio G30 - screen lock, no keyboard, no mouse action

    I'm getting intermittent problems with my G30 gel (not BSOD - simply locking the screen, no keyboard, no mouse action) and the fan at maximum speed. The only way out is to hold the power button until the machine closes its doors. Reboot is so very well. Sometimes, say, 2 - 3 times a week, with 3-4 hours per day use.

    Not much to go, I know! I looked for the time journal entries he goes and sees nothing strange. I had the motherboard replaced a few months after the video card overheated and dies, so am a bit paranoid about heat problems. The only consistency I can find, is that it happens only when it is connected to the internet... I am running Norton antivirus/internet security, and there is nothing in their newspapers either. There is no apparent consistency when it happens (for example the set time after start instead, executing specific program, etc.).

    Anyone else had this? Sorry I can not more than a fix on the problem, but maybe someone can recommend a way of pinning it down better...

    Jonathan Gibbs

    Have you tried a BIOS update?

  • In response to a very small area of the mouse action

    Win7 Home Prem 32-bit running.  With the help of a Microsoft mouse.  No change of PC, but today, the tip of the mouse either does not respond to the click action, or requires a VERY small and precise pointing to an icon.  For example, the "X" to close a window. If I just place your mouse over the RED of this icon. nothing happens.  I place the mouse almost directly on the middle of the X so that it can react.

    I uninstalled the mouse drivers... which has not corrected this problem



    Try this troubleshooting Fix It: .

    Let me know if this solves the problem for you.

    Kind regards


  • No Control Panel icon Blue Tooth in Win7 & no 5000 MS BT mouse action.

    Could someone tell me please how to get this icon appears in Control Panel? I had it here, but now he isn't. I started the computer and this last 20 seconds, the BT icon in the quick start row of icons in the lower right dispeared. I have the icon for file transfer BT appearing in the list of accessories for all programs, but not the standard BT icon. So now I can't yet find the user GUI control to have same Win7 BT device search. Also, I was tring to get my mouse BT MS5000 work earlier today, and Win7 thinks he sees the mouse, but will not let me move the cursor on the screen of the monitor. Also, I tried to get WIN7 to see my Sony BT22 headphones and not able to get any service BT is displayed. That's why the helmet appear not on the list of audio devices. Thank you.


    All bluetooth devices are listed in the devices and printers.

    Doesnot Bluetooth icon will appear in the control panel.

    For the mouse problem, see this link:

  • Canvas, navigate through the timeline of an object on the stage without mouse action

    For some reason, canvas, this will not work:


    Whereas, when the mouse is clicked, will be:

    this.test.addEventListener("click", fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_1.bind(this));
    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_1()

    I'm new to the Web, what I'm missing here, please?

    adumi wrote:

    So basically if I want to, on the first frame of the main timeline to control outside the navigation of an instance on the stage...

    UH... No. We've already established that you can't control the outside a clip over the first picture, it is on the scene, no matter how much you want. What you can do, is have each clip is hidden during its first image (either by this.gotoAndStop (1), where the frame 1 is empty, this.visible = false), then tap any image after that you can start issuing external goto.

    Or if you really, REALLY can't have this delay of an image so that all was in place, you could go with what Colin has produced and communicate with each clip via external variables. They would even be global. Declare this.clip1Frame = 5; then in the clip have this.gotoAndStop (this.parent.clip1Frame);

    Well, I just did some experiments, and it seems that the real problem here is that the instance of timeline on subitems get immediately initialized. The container itself, clip, however, which means that you can set variables on this subject. Doing so this.myclip.goFrame = 1; in the parent, then this.gotoAndStop (this.goFrame); in the subitem, works.

  • Adding mouse actions

    I am trying to edit a project and I need my mouse to make a further move on a slide. He has not been captured because he was one hold ctrl and stationary order and forgot to press print screen. It is a graphic software, so I can't go back and get the same point across, so I have to make about half of the demo.
    What I'd really like to do is to be able to connect 2 or three movements of the mouse on a slide, i.e. Click here, then click here... but I understand that this is impossible. (ah go on adobe, put it in version 3) so what I thought was logical was to copy the slide and click 2 on the next slide, but the copied slide has no info attached mouse. How can I add a mouse trail to a new slide?

    Thank you


    Select copy slide and then paste Slide
    This will give you another slide with the same image, etc.. On the next slide simply align the mouse before (right mouse on the pointer for this option). Make additional copies as needed.

    Joe C.

  • strange mouse action

    I've been scratching my head for over a week now and not find it. This is my page and here is my problem: the mouse disappears and acts erradic in the left quadrant uper, only that past Salo, thought it was my box, so I tested on another mac and is always strange. I hope that this will be as much a challenge for you as for me. I could spend time and redo the page but that's the easy way. I really need to know what causes this, so I do not do so in the future.
    Thank you people.

    I've been scratching my head for over a week now and not find it. This is my page and here is my problem: the mouse disappears and acts erradic in the left quadrant uper, only that past Salo, thought it was my box, so I tested on another mac and is always strange. I hope that this will be as much a challenge for you as for me. I could spend time and redo the page but that's the easy way. I really need to know what causes this, so I do not do so in the future.
    Thank you people.

  • Crawling through the screen and the rotating image when playing games of mouse action

    Affected games up Joint Operation Typhoon and other similar games

    Please repost your question n Gaming Forum: where the game issues specialists will be happy to help you.

    Good luck!

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  • [SOLVED] What mechanisms could cease my audio plug-ins (dll) to refresh the view in response to the actions of the mouse


    I have a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) app. It uses 3rd party secondary applications to provide instruments and sound effects. They are called audio plugins. They are essentially the DLLs that contain the effect/instrument (applet) or provides the shell she. Applets are of two kinds. DXi and VST.

    When I run one of these cmdlets in any kind, they usually provide a Visual for the first actions a mouse or two response (for example by pressing a button or if you turn a knob) but then refresh the applet screen freezes. The mouse actions are still being processed - I can here the changes, but the screen of the applet is not updating. If I close the applet and then open it again, the changes previously not displayed are now visible.

    There is the ability to run some of these cmdlets in the so-called autonomous mode, where a small .exe file is used to invoke/host of the dll. The cmdlets that have this, work very well in this mode. The other windows in the DAW work very well.

    To begin to address this problem, I need to understand the mechanisms under Windows XP Pro 32-bit (fully updated and .net4) by which an applet would have its screen updated. I guess that there is a call system with a description and a chain of connections that has to happen for that to happen or stop.

    Or if you just know how to solve this problem (no one seems so far) the answer would be even more useful.

    Best regards & thanks,


    Hi plectrum.

    It was Windows services. I'm not sure the RAM being blocked even though my machine is light enough. There are only a small number of applications audio and all windows XP management services have been used. The advantage of the Sonar, it is quite complete. I just used it and freebies from Native instruments.

    This problem is something that has occurred at some point in the last six months, less than 8.5 and before the free NOR, when I remember vaguely a document with sessiondrummer at this time. It's just something I "necessary" to notice since X 1 has been on a couple of weeks. The actual sonar projects seem to go better under X 1 than 8.5. The behavior of the machine in general gives the indication of any permutation of excessive page to compensate for the blockage RAM.

    Having said that, I recognize and approve your excessive services point will seize resources RAM and which can lead to a particular behavior - which it certainly was. However, unless I take the time to find the offending boot service and reproduce the fault I am not able to confirm that the cause was RAM clogging.

    Kind regards


  • Detect the mouse outside the Flex Application action *.


    When the mouse action is performed on demand, it's a very simple job to capture the mouse event.
    But what about the mouse action which performed outside the window of the application?

    Anyone know how to capture the mouse event that outside in? Help, please!

    Thank you.

    You can capture the actions of the mouse in the JavaScript in the application wrapper. You'll probably be then to use the ExternalInterface to communicate with the envelope on the actions of the mouse.

    Here is some info on the use of ExternalInterface:

    Matt Horn
    Flex docs

  • Equivalent of the mouse above the surface

    original title: equivalent of the mouse on

    When using of surface, how the mouse action? When I touch it, it just snaps. is there a gesture that simulates mouse and not click.

    Hello AbhishekSrivastava2,

    Instead of a simple touch, you tap and hold for a few seconds. Here is a link to support the parameters:

    When you do this, is the Touchcover or Typecover connected to the device of RT? If this is not the case, there is a known issue with the menu drop-down lists in Internet Explorer 10:

  • Disable the Mouseover Action until the point on the timeline

    I seek to animate the scale of a symbol by using a mouseover action. But I need the animation contained in the symbol before there is an option to apply the mouseover action. Otherwise, the animation scaling in the conflicts of symbol with the animation scaling applied to the symbol.

    Is it possible to restrict the function of a mouse action after a given time on a timeline?  I want the symbol to scale on mouse over, but it was only after the first animation.

    Here is a simple example on using getPosition()

    GetPosition on chronology and - Box

    for you mouseenter you can add in a similar condition like this:

    {sym.$("Button").bind ('mouseenter', Function ()}

    do something


  • button animated with mouseover delay / mouseout/mouseouthandler() actions

    Hi all

    I have a symbol on the edge that fades into a button, then stops. I would like for the mouse over and mouse actions for this button to be disabled during the period and then active button fade once the button appeared entirely. Fundamentally, a problem occurs when a user hovers over the button when the symbol is initially the discoloration and it causes unwanted results. I would appreciate if anyone can offer some insight on how to delay actions until the playahead reaches a certain point in the timeline panel.

    Fine thanks


    Replace the code in mouseout/mouseouthandler() with the following:

    {if (sym. GetPosition() > 420)

    sym.playReverse ();




  • Is it possible to pass a pointer to mouse inserted two or more times on a slide in Captivate 5.5?

    Make a simulation of the screen and hoping not to pierce the SIM in too many slides...

    Thank you


    N one screen, mouse action.


  • Perform actions on read only text fields

    I work on an inventory for a renovation of the building to come and hope to make an "interactive stop' of sorts on the PDF of the floorplan showing the hardware inventory for the rooms.

    My goal is that each room on the floor plan to have an invisible field that covers (I am currently using text fields), so that when the user's mouse is in this room on the floor plan, a 'Mouse enter' action is executed to display a second text box VISIBLE read-only containing notes and inventory relevant in this specific room. Conversely, when the user's mouse leaves this place on the floor plan, a 'Mouse exit' action is executed to hide this second text box.

    I have this feature works for the most part, with the exception that the text fields that I use to describe the rooms are still visible in an opaque blue tint when the PDF file is displayed. I would have preferred them to be completely invisible and cannot be changed by users.

    If I change the property of form field to 'Hidden', or tick the box 'Read only' property, entry and exit mouse mouse actions will not run.

    Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance!

    Instead of a text field, use a button for mouse input/output actions. They can be parameters to have no visible border or background, so will be invisible.

Maybe you are looking for

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