mouse Dell MOA8BO - can't find driver for button/scrolling

I'm sorry. I looked very hard, but I couldn't find a forum of mouse so I had to publish on printers. Hoping someone can help me.

Desperately looking for the driver for this mouse. This is a wired mouse dell with 2 side buttons and a scroll wheel. http://www.techexcess.NET/images/products/Dell/Dell-RP962-WS690-WS390.jpg

I'm looking for the driver so that I can configure the side buttons. Also the side scroll on the mouse does not right now. I guess that's because I don't have the driver.

Otherwise right now, once I have connect my laptop (Win Vista, 32-bit), the mouse works very well with the left and do a right click and vertical scrolling. However I'm looking to set up the side buttons and the scrolling. Tried very hard to find the driver on the Dell Web (Drivers/software) site but this mouse is not yet listed. (actually I'm disappointed that they have no listed in all optical wired mouse)

Help please! Thank you so much!

Hi dellberry,

I'm sorry for the inconvenience you have suffered. You to use the link below and download the drivers that will help set the programmable keys:

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