Move xp mode to another pc

How can I move a machine virtual windows xp mode to another mobile professional windows 7.  Is it possible to copy the VHD to move to another pc

Thank you


Hello. Yes, it is possible to "move" your Mode of Windows custom XP VHD on another Windows 7 Pro computer. But it really depends on your intentions. Are you want to keep this single VHD as-is, and only move it to another computer? If this is the case, then here's what you need to do:

Shut down the virtual machine (do NOT Hibernate it)
Look for the VHD file and save to an external drive or copy it to the computer target on the network.
Install Virtual PC on the target PC Windows 7 Professional.
Create a virtual machine to the «Add a virtual hard disk» screen Choose "use an existing virtual hard disk.
Choose the backup the existing Windows XP VHD virtual as the hard disk mode.
Complete the Wizard New VM and start the virtual machine.

But, if your intentions are to deploy a virtual machine Mode of Windows XP to the custom to address a little, or a lot, PC Windows 7 Professional, you want to read the "deployment Windows XP Mode for small and medium-sized enterprises", since it is an advanced type of deployment. The documentation is on Technet in the form of a Microsoft Word DOCX file located here: 
Good luck!

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  • How to calculate the space needed to move a member to another pool?


    We move - Member3 - member to a pool of maintenance for the upgrade of the firmware.

    My question is how can we calculate the space needed to move a member to another pool?

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    PS To consider space group not the pool area, because we have a fourth demo maintenance pool member and we it will move to the default pool for the process of upgrade only.

    Kind regards


    Try this:

    GrpName > show Member - poolinfo
    Name State Version discs capacity FreeSpace connections pool
    ---------- ------- ---------- ----- ---------- ---------- ----------- -------
    Virt2-Mem2 V6.0.6 (R3 16 6.8 TB TB 5.53 208 ActiveP online
    51932)                                             ool
    Virt2-Mem3 V6.0.6 (R3 16 6.8 TB TB 5.95 Alterna 36 online
    51932)                                             tePoo
    Virt2-Mem1 V6.0.6 online (R3 16 23.08(a) TB TB 21.44 209 ActiveP
    51932)                                             ool

    Re: cancel the mapping.  Some points to remember.  Cancel the MAPPING does not work on the replicated volumes, it's either sync replication or point-in-time standard.   Also according to the file system, it will not immediately reclaim the unused space on existing volumes.   Some file systems like VMware VMFS does not cancel the map on the fly, but offer a CLI utility to create large balloon files then delete and send him UNMAP commands simultaneously.

    The basic rule is that you must have enough space to move the member selected out of the pool.   If this isn't the case, then the operation will not be allowed.  You may end up having to add the new Member to the pool until you can move a table.

    Note: If you do not already done, then the site of Equallogic, with FW downloads is a document that describes how to set the value of disktimeout for several OS.   This allows the host (or the guest virtual machines) to cross the short breakdown during a firmware update or a failover of controllers due to a failure of the CM.

    Kind regards

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    For the button, it would be:
    mybutton.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, MoveContainer);

    If I understand your question.

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    The developers removed the auto arrange option in Windows 7. Or the other of these third-party patches will add back so you can turn it off.

    How to disable Auto organize into folders in Windows 7? -The Winhelponline Blog 
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    Waiting for more information, you can apply ChromaKey (an effect of overlay of the effects of the program) to convert the solid color background areas in transparency. The success will depend on the nature of the solid color and how his strong colorrelates to the rest of the colors in the image.

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    Thank you.


    Pelase see the paragraphs below:
    Note to master for the upgrades of Oracle database and migration [ID 1152016.1]
    Oracle database on Unix AIX, HP - UX, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Tru64 Unix operating system Installation and Configuration requirements checklist (8.0.5 to 11.2) [ID 169706.1]

    Respect of

  • Win7: How can I move user folder to another drive

    (with all its tentacles of registry supported)

    Related to this issue but a little different (using Win7 RC)
    I would like to move the folders from the user for all members of the family to E:\
    What is the best way?
    When I cut and paste, I am warned a bunch of system folders. In addition, I don't see the LOCATION tab when I click on properties.

    When you create a clean installation, using the combination of a system SSD drive and a conventional disc, such as a data reader, there is a way to 'move' the users folder (normally, C:\Users) and the hidden ProgramData folder (normally C:\ProgramData) for the conventional disc, or the data reader, using an answer file, or an unattend.xml file for an unattended Setup, as mentioned above.

    For a person making a unique, one-time Setup, trying to figure out how to create an answer for fully automatic, just installation file to accomplish this small one, is average, far too much trouble.  It is also not necessary.

    It is possible, during an installation of conventional and interactive disc installation or USB thumbdrive, to enter what we call, 'Mode of Audit', until the computer is called or a created user name and perform the necessary reallocation.

    (1.) a conventional facility.  If you are using an SSD, at the point the installation process where you are asked where you want to install Windows, you must use disk Options to delete all partitions on the SSD drive, before you select the SSD drive as a target.  Do not manually partition or format the drive before installation.  Windows 7 will do and must do, because Windows needs to align the logical format with the characteristics of the physical drive, and, also, Windows wants a small system partition for its own purposes.

    2.) when installation stops, waiting for you to give a user name and a computer name, the computer are not!  Press Ctrl + Shift + F3, and the computer will restart in... (wait for it!) "Audit mode '!  Basically, Windows create a disposable administrator account and log in, as this disposable administrator.  Hurt you, with regard to this temporary user survive complete the installation, but the computer works normally, and you can install the drivers and software.  Every time that the computer starts in Audit mode (you are allowed to restart), a version of Sysprep.exe GUI will pop up, offering to restart the computer in OOBE (out of box experience).  OOBE is where you were a moment before - that is to say, where you create a username and computer name and installation is complete.  Do not restart in OOBE, until you are ready to complete the installation.

    3.) he should know what drive letter (or the location of the folder) will be assigned to your disk Datadrive.  So, it's time, in audit mode, to understand this.  If you need to partition or format the datadrive, do so now.  On the Start Menu, right click on "Computer" and select Manage from the context menu, go to the computer management console.  In the management console of the computer, storage/disk management, you will find tools to change drive letters, partition, etc.

    4.) you need only a minimal answer file.  It is an xml (text file) file created in Windows System Image Manager application.  You can call what you want.  I would say: folders.xml.  Here are the contents of a folders.xml file, which is re - locate users and ProgramData to D:\



    I'm going to imagine a scenario where you make this file on another computer, and transfer to the computer when the installation is done using a USB key, which, when it is connected to the computer in Audit Mode, is attributed to the extra drive letter:

    You could probably just copy the text above into Notepad and save it as a text file with the .xml extension and be good to go, as long as you wanted to use d:\Users and d:\ProgramData as your Datadrive locations.  (I used this answer file, with success; I do not guarantee that it will work for others.)

    5. to use the folders.xml, located in the root directory of your flash drive, plugged and visible under U:\ form, you must open a command prompt, access c:\windows\system32\sysprep and give this command:

    Sysprep.exe /audit /reboot /unattend:U:\folders.xml

    This will cause the reboot of the computer, but you will end up right back in Audit Mode.  As long as you're still in Audit Mode, re-location of these dossiers is not complete, because the temporary administrator useraccount still has his stuff in C:\Users and there are still a few active databases in C:\ProgramData.

    6.) now, you need to say goodbye in Audit Mode.  Remember that a graphical interface for the use of Sysprep to initialize the OOBE appears whenever you re - boot into Audit Mode.  "So after restart you 5.) you will have your chance to run it.  (If it comes to your personal computer, do check the box "Generalize" in the GUI of Sysprep).

    7.) finishing your Windows installation, create a permanent user name and giving the computer a name, etc.  When you're finally running, go get to C:\  C:\Users should have disappeared.  C:\ProgramData is probably still there, but it is normally hidden, so you won't know, until you go to Folder Options and check Show hidden files and folders.  D:\Users and D:\ProgramData (hidden) must also exist.

    8.), I like the idea of using junctions to intercept any program crazy enough to hardcode to c:\users or c:\programdata you will need to delete or move C:\ProgramData, before creating a junction to C:\ProgramData pointing to D:\ProgramData.  The command line tool, mklink, is useful here.  Open a command prompt, and then type mklink /? to get instructions.  If you want a right click GUI tool, you can check:

    After you create junctions, I think you could use regedit to edit the ProfileList key to the locations of origin C:\.  Folders.XML will have changed the Folderlist key, so that everything points to D:\ instead of %systemdrive%\ or C:\   I'm not sure what would be the point, but you couldn't.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

  • Changing movie game mode picture of USB on Toshiba 46TL938


    I tried to play a movie from the USB on my Toshiba 46TL938 yesterday.
    Unfortunately the reading has had a lot of opera and probably I didn't see anywhere near
    playback 24 p.

    On my TV, I have the clearscan completely off, but it seems that the toshiba media player uses its own default settings. On my computer, the movie played without any problems, so the file was quite well.

    I finally connect my computer to my TV to watch the movie decently.

    You have any suggestions on this subject?
    I could not find any additional setting that would solve this problem.

    The manual provides information on the use of TV Media Player (page 65)

    During playback, you can adjust the functions of the menu of the image and sound in the Quick Menu
    But these elements are different depending on the current mode.
    Play movie USB the quick menu does not contain the same elements as when watching a TV show or of the external entry-stop or one-stop 3D photos

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    How can I move files to another directory.

    For example, I want to leave *.txt c:\1 for d:\2.

    I so want to set the type of the vi and move to the other directory.

    And: It is possible to settle instead of *.txt, something like * .t so that all *.txt and *.t01, t02, tab and so on are moved?

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