Moved from Office Windows 7 from one room to the other and now it cannot find the wireless network

Hello world

I have a HP Pavilion running Windows 7.

He was hooked through the ethernet in a single room.

I moved it to another room where there was no inflexible access, so I relied on the use of our wireless network.

Now, the computer will not even find the wireless network.  When I have the help, it says "no available connection."

In the center of the network, selecting wireless has a red X to the left of the green signal bars.

At first, I wondered if maybe the computer was in a "dead point" in our House, but I've put a laptop beside him and he found the thin wireless network.

Any help?

Update: I tried system restore and tried to stop/resume knowledge network locations, but to no avail.


Here is the info on my card wireless directly from HP site:

Original driver for the solutions of Dualband network Atheros 802.11 Wireless Module a/b/g/n.

I found what I think, it's their website, (, but surprise... they only model # s, my info does not.  Ugh.

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    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    It appears from your description, that you are unable to connect to the network using Samsung series 3 - NP355V5C-A03CA portable wireless.

    I'll be happy to help you.

    I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions:

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    3 have you tried to connect to a wired connection?

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    Hi all

    I had the same problem and searched for 2 days for a reply.

    I'm under Intel Centrino Wireless n 1030 in Windows 7.

    I finally found an updated driver for the Centrino Wireless n 1030. It has been updated 5/2011 which was more recent than the version 12/2010 I had on my computer.

    When you log on the site it says that! This driver is not designed for your computer!, but I downloaded and installed in any case.


    I hope this helps...


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    Help, please!

    Frustrated and helpless, near Chicago.

    Taylor T

    Yes, it's a quirk of... in the drop-down lists when you select an item in the DOF it is not committed until you exit the field, unless you do the following:

    If (this.boundItem (xfa.event.newText) == 1) {}

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    The xfa.resolveNode stuff was not necessary that both objects are of the same subform, and as such can 'see' each other.

    Think like a folder structure subforms - elements can see what is in their own folder but will say where to find things in other folders. If cmbCountry was subform1 and cmbCurrency was so in subform2 that rawValue above lines would look like:

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    It's a good idea to name all your objects, subforms, etc. it is to work with script is much easier - so you won't have to deal with things like these pieces of xfa.resolveNode you had before (as well). He ones because you have more than one subform called "subform", the number of hooks is the Instance number (when you have several of the same object) if the program has to differentiate between the various "subform".

    The number of instance come in handy, but for things like the rows of the table and so on when you need to make calculations.

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    Please help me with a problem of annoing with radio.

    The story is like this:-J' I bought a laptop with Vista preinstaled... I used only once the wireless and worked very well... after a while I have reinstaled Vista, vista ultimate editing... I used 2 days the wireless and then suddenly found no more... wireless network I have reinstaled vista 2 weeks ago, and now I bought a wireless router and set a network... same problem : "Windows cannot find any wireless network"... with a laptop dell, I found 2 networks (one I created and the other a neighbor with very good signal).

    Collaborative I've tried:

    1 - in the directory toshiba\wlan there are 3 directories: intel, atheros and realtek... following the steps, the only factor that installs is intel one... If I try to navigate to the folder Realtek can't find anything compatible... (the network lan card is realtek, so I guess that the Wlan should be the same... as also indicated in the url)

    "I have the latest drivers from the toshiba Web site
    "the wireless is a turn on"

    2. I thought that might be a vista problems, so I instaled all the vista updates available... still no work

    The next sollution I try is updating the bios, but I have no whink it is useful.

    So please help me with a sollution for my WiFi problem!

    Thank you

    Hi creativu22,

    First, you must identify the type of wireless network card before you begin to install all the drivers available. Therefore, you can also search with vendor and device ID.
    Check this box!

    If you have installed the driver successfully and your wireless network adapter is listed in the Device Manager, you must check the TCP/IP settings. Maybe you need to use static IP addresses, but it depends on your router.

    Try turning off also in Power Options Windows WLAN energy saving features!

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    As is common these days, the portable computer is multihomed, with a card Intel Gigabit Ethernet and Intel combined 802.11n / Bluetooth adapter.

    My problem is this: I often need to take me off the cable to the office network and join a wireless network. This is how I can access our assets via public IP addresses to avoid NAT issues ' ing. In general, I do this simply by pulling the ethernet cable, then activation of the wireless adapter and join the required network. Note tehre is no firewall or filtering with the wireless network, and it uses NAT.

    In about 10 seconds, Windows Explorer will be locked up for about 15 seconds, then return to life. This behavior is repeated on what seems a fairly short cycle, perhaps every minute.

    While I think it could be linked to the machine looking for domain resources, the command binding adapter or similar, I was unable to make an impact on this behavior.

    If I return the config by disabling my adapter wireless and reconnect the wired adapter, everything returns to normal and performance is as expected.

    I have not tried to change binding adapter - my wireless adapter was higher than the wired NETWORK adapter already but seemed worth - no dice.
    I also tried releasing the config on the wired adapter, DNS and ARP cache flush, and then connect the wi - fi. See no difference.

    I'd love to hear any constructive suggestions how to solve this problem; attempts to use ProcMon and Wireshark for the cause were unsuccessful, but maybe I'm looking at the wrong data.

    Let me know what you might like information and I'll see if I can give him.

    Thank you


    Hi Stevie,

    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums:

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    I have an old laptop with XP Home on it. I bought a new laptop and installed Windows 7 above. Windows 7 is Microsoft word. How can I move old laptop Microsoft Word again?

    Hello MrPPP,

    If you bought Microsoft Word then you should have a CD of Microsoft Word. Just re - install Microsoft Word, using CD on your new PC.

    If Microsoft Word came pre-installed, then, unless the PC manufacturer gave you a copy of the CD in Microsoft Word, you won't be able to mover it from one machine to the other.

    Although Microsoft Word is, probably, the best available word processor application there are alternatives. For example, OpenOffice is free and contains a set of processor (which will open .doc files) as well as a map of computing and other similar to Microsoft Office applications. You can see OpenOffice here:

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Expert - consumer: | | |

  • Why display started moving, as shaking from one side to the other?

    suddenly the screen has started to move from one side to the other, she stop for 2 seconds, and then continue to move, as shaking.


    (1) what is the brand and model of your computer?

    (2) remember to make changes to the computer before the show?

    I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Troubleshoot monitor and video card

    Method 2: Flickering of the Correct monitor (refresh rate)

    I would say as you reset the settings of the monitor to factory settings and check if that helps.

    Please consult the manual of your monitor to perform the steps.

    You can also try to connect an external monitor to the computer to check if the monitor is defective.

    It will be useful.
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    Never seemed this before.

    Thank you

    I can't reproduce this. The layer as you try to duplicate a smart object and there a displacement map? Looks like you might need to reset your preferences.

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    The old pc is about to die and I would move the image files to a newer version with Windows Vista.  At the same time, I would like to transfer my laptop catalog to the new pc and make it work on my new laptop.  I installed the program PSE 5 on the new pc and was looking for a way to move (I'm not really sure of what 'on the move' {means, but I read it in a few discussions, seemed important to use PSE 5 program to accomplish this step} but could not find a move command in the section of the FILE that does not involve an intermediary device such as a CD) , as opposed to simply using my local network.

    Can anyone guide my through the steps necessary to restore my catalog on the laptop and transfer the images from the old pc and the mobile catalog for the new pc?  I can still access the catalog on the old laptop if necessary file, but its screen is tempermental and not likely to be visible for a long time.

    I use PSE 5 especially for its organizational capacity related to the tags and captions.  I know that the software has advanced at least 3 generations from PSE 5 and I would consider an upgrade if the organizational aspects are higher in the new versions.  To facilitate what I want to do?

    This type of difficulty facing many users when migration is required for all purposes.

    Still hopeful - David

    Backup and restore order through you move all the images from the old pc to new pc. In case you want to move all images to the network location, it will be a separate process and you can use the command MOVE to make.

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    Thanks in advance...

    Please use single quotes instead of two points:

    RETRIEVE_LIST('block3.lst_value1', 'MYREC');
    POPULATE_LIST('block3.lst_value1', 'MYREC');
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    My hard drive inexplicably doubled from one day to the next.  I now have only 3 GB free.  I did disk cleaning, defrags, uninstalls, deleted files (just 23 GB of personal files, music, etc. 99 GB drive), etc.  I downloaded TreeSize and see what the size of my files are, but don't know what is normal.  Common sense tells me that clearly something has changed the last time I used my computer to create this problem, but the only change I made was moving my personal files in my user folder to a Public folder, and then in my computer with my other laptop's network.  I checked three times, and my previous user folder files have definitely missing.  Could a bunch of file system are duplicated or something like that?  I know that I cannot delete them, but is it possible to clean them safely?

    To clean all the files on the computer

    1. Click to open Disk Cleanup.

    2. In the drives list, click the drive you want to clean, and then click OK.

    3. In the Disk Cleanup dialog box, click on clean up system files. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    4. In the disk cleanup: drive selection dialog box, select the drive you want to clean, and then click OK.

    5. In the dialog box disk cleanup, on the Disk Cleanup tab, select the check boxes for the types of files that you want to remove, and then click OK.

    6. In the message that appears, click on delete files.

      The other Options tab is available when you choose to clean up the files of all users on the computer. This tab includes two additional ways to free disk space even more:

      • Programs and features. This option opens programs and features in Control Panel, where you can uninstall programs you no longer use. The column size in programs and features shows how much disk space each program uses.

      • System Restore and shadow copies. With this option, you can remove all but the most recent point on the restore disc.

        Use system restore to return your system files to an earlier point in time, restore points. If your computer is running normally, you can save disk space by removing the previous restore points.

        In some editions of Windows 7, restore points can include previous versions of files, called the shots and backup images created with Windows complete PC Backup. These files and images will also be deleted. For more information about system restore, see what is system restore?

  • Once I reset my battery CMOS from one day to the next. I tried to install my recovery disk this morning and can't get it done

    Once I reset my battery CMOS from one day to the next.  I tried to install my recovery disk this morning and can't get it done.  I kept receiving an error of 100.
    Don't know what to do.
    Are there out there can HELP?

    Please, I beg you!

    Thank you


    Would you please ask the same questions more then once in these Forums.

    What you're doing is confusing in these Forums, as nobody else knows what advice are envisaged for you in other responses.

    Other questions, it seems you have an HP computer.

    Here is the information of HP for Vista from recovery to factory settings:

    "Recover Windows Vista operating system using HP Recovery"

    Restore the PC to its original state with the recovery discs

    If the PC cannot access the Windows desktop, and the Recovery Manager cannot be started by selecting the f11 at startup key, you can use either the recovery disc custom that you created, or you can order a recovery CD to replace HP, to boot the PC and restore the hard drive to its original operating state.
    NOTE: perform the recovery process by using the custom recovery disk you created can take less than an hour, whilst using the replacement disks ordered directly from HP can take four to six hours and includes several reboots.
    If the HP Recovery Disk Manager can access the hard drive, it will attempt to repair the recovery partition. If successful, a prompt to continue execution of the recovery using the Recovery Disk Manager.
    Use the recovery discs to restore the PC by following the steps below.
    1. Insert the recovery disc into the optical disc drive and start the computer.
      If the computer is running, insert the reinstallation disc and immediately click on Start and select restart to force the computer to boot from the recovery disc.
    2. When prompted, Press any key to boot from the CD or DVD, press any key on the keyboard.
    3. Leave the recovery disk boot and load the files required, while the Microsoft loading screen appears. It may take several minutes to load the required files.
    4. When the HP Recovery Manager window appears, click Advanced options , System Recovery , and then click Next to open the Recovery Manager.
    5. etc.

    If you are having problems using the HP recovery process, you will need to contact HP, because this is Recovery process HP, not Microsoft.

    Details of HP:

    You can also try the Forums from the HP Support:

    See you soon.

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