MP4s not showing upward

Hey, guys. Thus, it seems that the Sansa Fuze SHOULD be able to play MPEG-4 (video) files. I'm assuming that MP4 is exactly that, but my video never appears. Any ideas?

You can also convert videos with video4fuze, which will also work on OS x, GNU/Linux and any Unix system

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    I don't know which update borked... my home iTunes 12.3.3 or El Cap 10.11.14 sharing capabilities. House share used to work before each update. I've tried everything. Does not appear in iTunes, my ATV4 or one of my iDevices. Sharing used to be an option on my iOS devices, but even this is no longer an option because it does not have access.

    Can anyone help? I can't look at one of my home movies, etc..

    Thanks in advance!

    iMac (21.5 inch, end of 2012), 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, ATV4, El Cap 10.11.14

    They are all using the same Apple ID and password?

    Read here:

    Content stream using home sharing

    You can listen to music, movies, TV shows, photos, and other iTunes content from a computer or device to your Apple TV iOS. The device and the Apple TV must be configured to use the same iTunes account.

    Set up a computer. In iTunes, go to file > home sharing and select turn on home sharing. Enter your Apple ID and password, and then click Activate home sharing.

    Note: In Windows 7 and Windows 8, the iTunes menus are hidden by default. To temporarily display, press the ALT key.

    Configure an iOS device. Go to settings > settings or videos > music and activate home sharing. Enter your Apple ID and password.

    Configure your Apple TV. On Apple TV, in middle , go to accounts > home sharing. Turn on home sharing, then enter your Apple ID and password.

    Broadcast content on Apple TV. Once you have configured all your devices using the same Apple ID, select computers on the Apple TV home screen, and then tap on the contact surface. Libraries from your shared devices appear, and you can view or play any content of any library.

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    I've had this problem for a little while now and it's starting to annoy me, whenever I put a new video I post or add to my computer is not an image, just a thumbnail, I tried several solutions like delete the Cache, but that only got rid of my old video thumbnails too.

    Options files and activation of the default program back with no success.

    The problem, I think, started when I uninstalled Nero Burner and I've heard this same problem happened to others who did.

    I don't know if this helps, but when I go in Windows Media Player and video > library > videos show all the thumbnails, just on my desktop and files they do not. As I said I've already changed the option file icon to the thumbnail without success.

    Please if there is a registry problem or something I can do please tell me.

    We recommend that you run the file system (CFS) Checker scans to find and fix corrupt or missing system files. To do this, try the following steps.
    1. open an elevated command prompt. To do this, click Start, click programs, accessories principally made, right-click Guest, and then click Run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click on allow.
    2. type the following command and press ENTER: sfc/scannow
    3. once the analysis is complete, restart the computer and check the difference.
    The sfc/scannow command. analyzes all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with appropriate Microsoft versions.
    For more information, see this article:
    I hope this helps.
    Kind regards
    Answers from Microsoft supports the engineer.
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    Use the BCC field.

  • Why my device not showing upward?


    I'm new to fieldbus and could use help getting started. I can't see my device in the NI Configurator software. I running Communications Manager, and it seems that I can see my NI USB-8486 card, but I do not see the device across the adapter.

    I have attached a Word doc with some screenshots.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    You were correct, thank you. Once I added to the FCS-PH-CC Relcom Terminator/power supply it worked.

    Screen enclosed...

  • Why does new ram not show upward on sbs 2008?

    I just installed extra ram on our server memory blade HP Proliant w / SBS2008 and the new ram is not save. Only the original 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) is displayed.
    I bought ram based on the computer and matched with the crucial analysis tool. Am I missing something?

    It appears in the BIOS?

    When you install, you did it that RAM modules have been well installed in banks of memory, which means that they clicked in?

  • All PDF not showing upwards in the Menu presets

    There are 14 total PDF presets between two settings on my computer (Mac 10.8.5). records Only 10 of them appear in the menu in Adobe PDF presets. Does anyone know why each of them would not be appearing?

    Thank you


    If they are not accessed properly, open Adobe Distiller and drag and drop them. In the window of Distiller JOBOPTION files. This allows to install all parameters work correctly and that they are visible in all Adobe programs.

  • Devices not showing upward in Device Manager after installing Windows XP

    I realized my mistake.

    When I downloaded the drivers of Lenovo, I saw that they were .exe files and assumed that their execution would be * install * drivers.  It turns out that run these just .exe files * excerpts * drivers.  Research in the subdirectories where they are extracted, I found setup.exe or similar files.  Operation these actually installs the drivers.

    Ridicule me.

    Sorry to bother with my original post.

    Thank you.


  • images not showing on the internet?

    When I log on the internet...  Pictures or images do not show upward.  There's just the small red X where it should be the photos on a Web page.


    1. don't you make changes on the computer before the show?
    2. is the question confined with any particular Web site?
    3. what browser you use on the computer?

    If you use Internet Explorer you can try the procedure described in the supplied knowledge base article and check:
    Images are not displayed on Web sites in Internet Explorer

  • Hard drive not showing do not full capacity after reinstalling win 7

    I just reinstalled windows 7 and have just noticed that my hard drive I do not show full capacity. After installation, it is show that C & D drives with Windows installed on D. When I tried to copy my music from my backup library he said that there was not enough memory. SRE enough checking properties of the drive see drive capacity C 97.6 GB and D as 12.1 GB drive. The hard drive is supposed to be a terrabyte and it was OK was before I reinstalled Win 7...

    Hi Mick,

    You can expand the C partition in "unallocated space" as follows.

    Once more, hold down the Windows key and press R.  In the run box, type compmgmt.msc , and then press ENTER.  Click disk management in the left pane and let readers load upward.

    In the lower graphic view of the partitions, right-click on the C partition and select "Extend Volume".

    In the next window, click Next.

    In the next window, use the "select the amount of space in MB" make sure it shows the same number as the number of 'Space available Maximum in MB' which is registered just above (adjust if necessary).

    Click Next, then click Finish.

    It may take a few minutes to complete.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Airport not showing is not as network device?

    My Airport Extreme 802.11ac does not appear in the finder as a network device. It showed in the previous Extreme model I was using, then leave for any reason any. After messing around for a month or two, then trying to get it working again, I bought the new 802.11ac AE, but it does the same thing.

    I have two other devices that appear in the finder under the shared part of the side bar of the Finder window, but cannot figure out how to show by EI. The wireless feature works very well, as a printer BSE connected to the USB port of the AE. Internet

    It would be different if I was using the IP address of the type 10.x.x.x instead being in bridge mode and using 192.168.1.X?

    Any suggestion is appreciated.

    My Airport Extreme 802.11ac does not appear in the finder as a network device

    In the finder it will show only upward if you have a connected USB drive.

    It showed in the previous extreme model that I used

    Only if you have the network resources available to him.

    Computers will be displayed, because they offer resources network, the PF to be exact.

    But the airport will not be displayed. Mine is not, and never has.

    My Time Capsule arises because it is a hard drive offering services of files on the network.

    Printers will not appear in the finder no longer...  Again, I have printers online... they do not show in finder and never have any version of Mac OS X, I used.

    However a printer with USB or SD card slots and a wired card which offers services of files on the network may appear... In the only finder services files will be displayed.

    EI has to offer network file services appears in the Finder... Plug a USB stick into the USB port and set it to share on the network and the AE will then appear in the finder.

    The place that you are looking for your AE's utilitarian Airport... It's the Apple of method available to see you the configuration of EI... no viewfinder.

  • the pictures do not show in windows Explorer 8 despite recipies Support Engineer Karena R.


    my 8 (2012) windows Explorer only displays not thumbnails video MPG clips (it's MP4 video clips!), only icons, despite having followed the procedure of 'disk cleanup' suggested by Karena R in

    (Of course, it's for Windows 7, but I have not found a Windows 8 procedure).

    I did not have this problem with Windows XP.

    What can I do, please?

    Thank you, win8cub

    PS of course, I unchecked "show icons not thumbnails" throughout the system

    Problem solved: fed up with my version of windows 8-inch files MPEG does not appear, finally I could solve the problem with Media Preview for 64 bit, Version: 1:<>

    Maybe this will help someone else with the same problem

  • h.264 in Chrome: do not show

    Hi, thank you for reading this... really appreciate

    I just noticed that I've done for a single Web site, which has some h.264 videos, videos do NOT appear upward in chrome 32 on my mac.

    I guess everyone w a PC or a Mac who visit this site will not see the videos.

    Is there anything, any code you can add to play?

    As you will notice that I made a note, earlier, at the top of the page, but of course who is unprofessional hightly.

    H.264 Movies play well in Safar 7i and Firefox 26.

    What do you think?

    Thanks again,



    Go to file > New > blank page > HTML.  Creating success.  Remove the code in code view.  Paste my code (all that) in your new blank document.  Video SaveAs - test.html.

    Convert your native WEBM, OGG and MP4 video file using this free Converter.

    Save the three files to your local site folder.

    Change yourvideo.mp4 etc. for your video file names.

    It should work in all modern browsers mobile/tablet.

    WYSIWYG isn't practical for everything.  You must be able to work with the code from time to time.

    Nancy O.

  • Can Notes show the number of records with each folder?

    Can Notes show the number of records with each folder?

    No it can't. It would be nice tho.

  • iPad Mini will not show iOS10 update?

    Hi all.

    My iPad mini 1st generation will not show the update option to iOS10 via iTunes or wireless.

    Any suggestions how?

    Your iPad CPU is not powerful enough to run iOS 10.


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