MS Photo Gallery, how can I activate the "do not show this again" when the dialog box appears whenever I try to download a picture to another location?

How can I activate the "do not show this again" when the dialog box appears whenever I try to download a picture to another location?

The dialog box that appears frequently when I try to convert or download photos, shows the shadow of this question - I want to make it active until the times dialog box stops appearing I scroll the photo folders.

Thank you


I got the last part of what you wanted, which was simply not the message

The key is that you have to allow this program through your windows firewall.

Go to your look for the windows Firewall Control Panel,

There should be a list to allow a program through windows firewall, look at the top left.

If you feel safe doing this, vlc is not one that I would feel safe with, but to you, it has a function to browse to find the program to be added to your trusted list or access through your firewall.

Still, it may give you a warning but could release the message?

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