MS Win 10 of BootCamp: date jumps back

Hi all!

Last year, I bought a Mac Mini (end of 2014) with OS X Yosemite and MS Win 8.1 on BootCamp = NO of PROBLEMS.

Then I put to MS Win update August 10, 2015 = NO of PROBLEMS.

Then I upgraded to OS X El Captain = NO of PROBLEMS.

January 2016, a problem arose: the date and time to go back for a few weeks before.

So, after the MSC and NVRAM resets, I reinstalled MS Win 10, but the problem doesn't go away.

Now every day between 17:00 and 18:00, the time in MS Win 10 jumps on 25 February at 21:45.

Any ideas to fix this?

Thank you very much.

Best regards.


Please see changed time after restarting Bootcamp system .

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    1. get black screen and no sound when to jump back TV is called three times when viewing digital TV in real time. Very consistent bug. TV files saved in back jump bug does not watch it. Bug began after the last automatic update a few weeks ago MCE. Timeline always moves OK. Must go out MCE and restart to get the picture back. Bug doesnotoccur when you watch TV or analog signals.

    2 MCE reports occasionally have to find TV tuners again after waking from S3. Sometimes, that even after the hot start. But no hardware or software have evolved. No need to rescan the channels. MCE is invariably tuners (10 seconds), and then continues normally. All the latest drivers and updates have been installed. I think that this problem started after recent update MCE.

    My system: Win7 x 86 homepage. Intel i3 550 CPU, 2 GB of RAM, 7164 PCIe TV, card > 1 TB disk space. The DTV Australia.

    > Thanks - I've spent this long.
    Thanks Barb.
    I want to change my statement from the time of the MS update that broke the timeshift in MCE. I wrote "a few weeks" in my announcement on December 13. Then, I wrote "July" on 14 December. My partner is in agreement with my first memory and it is certain that he was not July, but a more recent problem is to say, late September or October. Sorry that I can not check the date from logs due made a clean installation in November.
    With age comes wisdom and humility so I have learned to accept the very important people with elegance... and always remember.  :-)
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    How can I stop this? Any advice?

    Best regards, Ron


    Disable the touchpad while typing. You can do that by pressing the Fn + F9 key combination.
    I had the same problem and it was caused by touching the surface of the touchpad while typing.

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    James Davis

    I am an olive tree, I searched, searched and searched until I found a solution that has stopped jumping and jumping.

    I found a download that killed the cursor jumps and type jump for free, try this download;

    Good luck!


    ZsaZsa1 wrote:

    Mine did this with Windows 7, and I discovered that when I did the Windows updates, he disappeared for a while. I have a new computer with Windows 8, and it is also inclined to do, then I update Windows and she disappears until Microsoft decides to annoy me with the cursor jump demonic to prod me in update again.

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    Please see the bulletin: ' t/2ad254e1-46e6-40f2-b082-f433f4c9ce0b

    In all likelihood, your laptop keyboard is a failure.

  • as im typing my cursor with jump back and start writing my previous writing. or starts in the middle and wrote about what ive already written.


    You have a touch pad on your laptop?  Try turning off temporarily as a test to see if the problem stops.  If they stop then it seems likely that the touchpad is very sensitive & you're brushing accidentally part of your hand or an arm against it while typing.

    To temporarily disable a touchpad & alter its sensitivity, go to control panel, mouse - the details of how this element is arranged varies between different PC but a checkbox to disable & the sensitivity adjustment are almost certainly somewhere.  The manual of your PC must also contain details on how to do it.

    I'm not a good typist, but I was taught that typing can be done more quickly & accurately so the palms of the hands are kept so high off the keys that only the tips of the fingers can reach the keys.  A by-product of this would be that nothing is pretty close to brush against the touchpad.

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    I'm learning just on Captivate so I'm not sure best practices.

    Thank you.

    It is not easy in the Captivate projects to switch to another project at Midway specific slide.  Captivate is configured by default to launch just each project of the first slide.

    There are workaround solutions published on this forum who has to jump in the middle of another project, but they may require some complex coding in JavaScript or ActionScript.

  • Since installing windows 7 64 bit, several of my games are breaking, freezing and the very famous BSOD! All my drivers are up to date, I'm almost ready to do my jump back to xp.

    CPU intel core 2 duo e8400 3.00 GHZ

    8 GB RAM

    card mother nforce 780i

    graphics geforce 8800 GTS SLI running cards

    Are the games that you are running is compatible with Windows 7?  You can check the compatibility of Windows 7 site. You can also run games in XP compatibility mode.  If you have any questions at random with your games, then I suggest you clean boot your system and test it.
    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
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  • Win 10, PS CC and problems Wacom Bamboo (sliding opacity, brush jumps back to start value)

    I have just updated to Windows 10 and I'm generally pretty happy with it. BUT - I have a weird problem in Photoshop CC (last updated).

    I use a Wacom Bamboo Fun. If I try to change the opacity of a layer, or change the size of the brush (the sliding function) the value changes to the starting value. This only happens if I try to make a change less than 10%, for example: 100% to 98%, or 92%. And this only happens when I use the tablet.

    If I use the mouse, it works fine.

    I have already reset the preference file photoshop and reinstalled the driver for wacom.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!

    Hi eerie

    Please refer tablet support for Photoshop on Windows 8. Did you activate the pen pressure?

    We must also look to flow from the pen

    See this thread How do you clear the pressure of the stylus? to reduce the sensitivity of the pen



  • Got erro 'We couldn't create a new partition.' installation Win 8 via bootcamp

    I was installing Windows 8 pro via bootcamp on an iMac with the new installation of recovery.

    It's my fusion drive before installing windows:

    However, I got the following error during the installation of Windows 8 pro via Bootcamp, even though I formatted disk 0 Partition 5 Bootcamp:

    We could not create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup logs files.

    So I have to quit Setup and go back to Mac OS X and delete the Windows via Bootcamp partition:

    Can I ask you why windows cannot be installed on this partition formatted? and how to fix this?

    (I just picked up the iMac to a disk fusion problem before installing recently: El Captian is not installed on the part SSD disk fusion after recovery of the internet)

    It's frustrating because I installed Windows 8 successfully via Bootcamp when I received the new iMac earlier.

    Advice and emergency aid are necessary!

    Thank you!

    When you say that you have formatted your Windows partition, you format you through installation of Windows (2nd screenshot)? To this screen that displays all partitions, you have chosen the one you want to install to and then click on Format for the Windows install process can format NTFS?

  • Satellite M100-152: RTC jumps back one hour every hour


    I have a Satellite M100-152 for about 14 months now and I am very happy with it.
    Since about 2-3 weeks, I have a problem with the clock (RTC).

    If I set the clock at the moment (e.g. 09:23), he runs for an hour at 10:23 and then jumps to 09:23 then run again until 10:23, jumps at 09:23 and so on until I put the time again. The date does not change, of course, given that the clock does not receive at midnight.

    There is no warning when starting, the battery is low or empty (the warning is enabled in the BIOS) and it must not be empty now, right?
    I tried to disable the synchronization and automatic summer/winter-time, no effect.
    The problem seems to be totally independent of the laptop turned on, turned off, plugged into the electric network or disconnected.

    Do not take each piece of information for granted, but that's how I feel it right now.

    I have no idea and I have found nothing so far on the web.
    All advice and tips appreciated!
    Thanks in advance

    Hello Torben

    Please check if the warranty is still valid. If so contact authorized partner in your country and let Exchange them CMOS battery. Please don't do anything yourself, especially if the warranty is still valid.

  • Data on 'Back' button pressure only when the cursor is in the text field


    With the help of members of the forum, I understood how to use the 'Touch down?' event to send text series when the user presses the button «Back»  Is there any way I can limit this function so that the data is only sent when the cursor is in or on the correct text box AND the user presses the return key?

    Thank you very much.

    You will be most of the way, if you change the event handled in a key event down to the control of the string, rather than for all VI.  This way, you haven't really even to worry about key priorities.  You have control over the "Limit to the single line" value chain so the new line in fact will not be added to the string, but you will always have the event.

    The other problem is that you read the value of string outside of the structure of the event, so the value you write to the indicator will be flawed when it is written.  The string value is not actually until you press the Enter key.  The event fires at the point where you hit enter so that it uses the value that is on the line at the time, which is the value before you hit enter, then your indicator gets old.  There are several possible solutions.  A simple, but not necessarily good option must set "Update of value while typing" and assumes that the user will always wait for at least 10 ms between the last strike and enter.  Of course, if you increase the timeout value you may miss some characters, and there isn't really a need for a case of timeout to all in the structure of your event (just another case for the power button).  Putting control of the Terminal string inside the structure of the event does not solve the problem - again, the event occurs before the new value is treated - but, oddly enough, reading the value of a property within the structure of the event node works (while reading a local variable does not work).  It could also save a dynamic event that triggers the update based on the control indicator.  You can add a registry to offset Boolean to act as a flag and handle the case of the value has changed for the control of the chain as well.  In the case of the value has changed, if the Boolean value is set, updated to the indicator and always set to Boolean false.

    Sorry it's all rather complicated, there are quirks to LabVIEW treatment event.  Reliable the more straightforward approach is probably reading the control value of the string to a property node in the case of the event.  While property nodes are not generally recommended, especially for obtaining or the settting a value when the terminal is on the same side, in this case I think that it is the least complicated solution.

  • When scrolling or paging down, guard cursor jumping back to the top (occurs in all programs including email, words, etc.).

    While I'm working in an application program, it seems that certain keystroke (s) (shortcut keys I'm not aware and not intention to use?) causes my cursor jump to the top of the page and getting stuck there. When I scroll or page down to go to the point where I want my cursor to continue working and entering text or data, it doesn't let me do; it jumps to the top of the page.  Simualtaneously, if I try to solve the problem by making CTRL + G to go to a page says, the view goes to very large print (more than 100%) as soon as I hit him CTRL and that's all that happens.   It often happens in Word and when it happens there, it does also in my e-mail and Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer software.  I havde printed the list of keyboard shortcuts to see if I can detect what I do when typing that can cause, but so far I have not been able to know what could be.  I don't see any description of this type of behavior associated with any shortcut key; and I don't know what keys are causing it (by time, it starts to occurring at that I don't know what type, I used maybe inadvertently).  Someone on my team to support the University suggested that maybe it's my mouse; I changed my mouse and it's the same thing.  The only thing is that I've not seen what pops up is when I use the ball of keyboard to navigate (not the mouse); Since I ususally only dispenses with the mouse by send away from home, I'm not even sure that it won't happen that way either.  M HERE to loss. It is very annoying since I have to close the file, I'm trying to stop the behavior. and sometimes it will not even do this, I have to open a session

    Nicole Mazgaj

    Arnie palmer,
    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft Answers community forum.

    I will include links to articles that show you every possible shortcut keys that you might be inadvertently hit to create this behavior.  If none of these prove to be the problem, you can consult the web site of the manufacturer of your laptop because they sometimes proprietary software installed on portable computers that is separate from the operating system.

    Shortcuts - keyboard this is a very comprehensive list

    Facilitate the use of the keyboard

    Change the settings of the mouse

    Let us know if you need more information.
    Thank you

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Cursor "jump back" and wrote on the previous text.

    I use a laptop computer Sony VPCF11S1E

    While the written text, I find the cursor will go back and I realize that I write on the previous text.

    Can someone help me with this problem? Please, I beg you!


    Hello Dockermac,

    Please keep us updated on the status of the issue.

    Please use the suggestions provided in this link and check if it helps.

    VAIO hardware & Networking

    Note: The use of third-party, including hardware drivers software can cause serious problems that may prevent

    your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    I hope this information helps.

    Thank you

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    All new computer win 7 pro 64-bit & State of the art everything.  SSD 128 GB & 2 - 2T in RAID 1 data drives.

    SSD 128 C:\ & WIN 7 becomes all the settings are there.  "I want to move - or add - all future users & programs on the"data disk"F" as the default for the operating system.

    This is the version abridged - ask & I'll tell you anything.

    I should post this in another forum?

    May I ask then, what was the point of investing in an SSD? The point of having an SSD is that Windows 7 starts and works faster to your programs will load faster. You must store 'data', you create from your programs on the 'data disk '.

    You can redirect your personal folders for the data stored there:

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