MS win Server R2 2012 and Hyper-V issue licenses

My company has 60 employees (and 60 desktops / laptops) and currently have an old principle that server solution of Microsoft Basic with element a cloud as Office 365 for email only. We seek to reduce the estate of server to Server (2 CPU - Dell PowerEdge T610), it currently runs on two old but not sterilized systems running Windows Server 2003 R2 (Dell PowerEdge 2900) and Windows Server 2008 R2 (Dell PowerEdge T610).

In the short term, we want to create a brand new installation of MS Windows Server R2 Standard edition 2012 who will manage our advertising (and DC) and support businesses main accounting IRIS software that requires a MS SQL DB. This cloud all must be configured to allow integration with MS Azure Site recovery to allow us to turn up in the azure of the VM disaster. In my view, this means that the configuration of the OS as a Hyper-V virtual machine instance.

The new server Win 2012 R2 has not really be a VM as its only one instance that I need, but from what I can make out, I need to make a virtual of Hyper-V machine to join the recovery Site of France. I can't determine exactly what license I need to achieve however. Any help would be appreciated.


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    I have a server virtual age of 3 week that works very well, however last night it needed a reboot for some updates of Windows, after restarting the server returned to the top and reached 6% system update and has been in this State for 24 hours.

    Unfortunately I don't have round to set up backups on this server and it doesn't seem to be a restore point that I can do.

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    This issue is beyond the scope of this site (for consumers) and to be sure, you get the best (and fastest) reply, we have to ask either on Technet (for IT Pro) or MSDN (for developers)
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    3 Windows Activation was necessary, but I don't have the product key

    4. I googled and found this command to erase the old key slmgr.vbs - ckms

    5. I didn't know that I needed the old key to activate and then I could add my own key

    6. I tried to recover the original key using 'magic jelly bean', but without success.

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    Thanks in advance


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    Try to install Win Server R2 2012 on my PowerEdge 1850 servers.  I have the installation on a USB bootable (created using Rufus).  The system starts and begins to load files in preparation for the installation of Windows and then I see the following:

    I tried recreating the USB on different drives and you still receive this error message.  I also tried to turn the OS Install option in the BIOS on Off.  When I do this, it goes to the Windows Logo but immediately fails and restarts.  Any ideas?

    8G servers are not compatible with the R2 in 2012... not all simply not supported - not compatible. You can run in 2012, but not R2. 2008 R2 is the ideal operating system for this generation of server.

  • Adobe Reader DC contains errors and crashes with Windows Server R2 2012

    We have recently installed Adobe Reader DC Adobe version on our servers Windows Server R2 2012 and have problems since its launch. Few of the questions that we have seen are as follows:

    1. This version is a little awkward and crashes.
    2. A lot of pop up boxes that appears whenever I open a document.
    3. Whenever I open a document it is a box pop up welcome
    4. It is a little slow to respond between clicks
    5. If I click on options like file. The application hangs and then crashes. (see crash message attachment)

    Any help to solve this problem would be useful.

    Thank you

    Adobe error.PNG

    Questions for users confronted with this question:

    1. do you have the preview pane enabled in file Explorer? If so, you can temporarily disable it to see if the problem goes away? On Windows 8, in Explorer, go to the view tab, and if you press the button "Preview Pane", UN-press it. On Windows 7, upwards to the right (to the left of the help icon) there is a button "show preview pane." UN-press it.

    2. ensure that the following directories exist on your machine. If this isn't the case, please create them:



    Replace USERNAME with your username.

    Is - do this 1 or 2 to solve this problem?

  • Server R2 2012 as a managed desktop


    I was wondering if anyone had configuration 2012 R2 server as an office managed in 8.0.1. Say 2012 r2 and 8.1 release notes are now fully supported, but travels to the more detailed notes that it sounds like you can use 8.1 as a managed desktop.

    Full support for Windows Server R2 2012 and 8.1 of Windows allows customers to take full advantage of the new features of these versions of Windows. Specifically, 8.0 MR1 vWorkspace enables customers to:

    Install all the roles of vWorkspace on Windows Server R2 2012 (and Windows 8.1 if any) machines.

    Use Windows 8.1 as a fully supported connector platform and Managed Desktop.

    Does this mean that you can use as a desktop with 8.1 rather than 2012r2? 2012r2 work and is not yet supported?

    Thank you


    Hello Luke,.

    The scenario you describe is what we call VDI with an individual dedicated Windows Server for each user is fully supported even with Windows 2012 R2 as Sam just to write. I have this work to a client.

    We support not only it that we provide the EOP Protocol extended, support benefits such as redirecting universal USB, printing, VoIP and much more.

    just go ahead, create your model, join it to the domain, install PNtools, instant provisioning service, office optimizer and ready to go.

    See you soon,.

    Jose Romero

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    Remove Win 7 Antispyware 2012 and Vista Antivirus 2012 rogue changing name (uninstall Guide)

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  • The Group PS6100XS and Hyper-V Server 2012: migration of storage between LUNS corrupts VM

    Well, I'm puzzled! Summer hit my head against this whole week. Basically, ranging from a virtual machine clustered LUN on the Bay EqualLogic corrupts the virtual machine. Here is my configuration:

    1. SAN 1: PS6100XS 6.0.1 firmware, 2 LUNS configured as CSV, 1 as a quorum disk
    2. SAN 2: FreeNAS 8.3.0, 2 LUN (ZFS-formatted, for what it's worth)
    3. Server 1: Dell R310 running Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V installed feature. 4 network cards: 2 made team for traffic LAN, 2 for iSCSI with HIT KIT 4.5 configured for MPIO.
    4. Server 2: Old box SuperMicro running Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V feature installed. 2 network cards: 1 for LAN traffic, 1 for iSCSI with HIT KIT 4.5 installed
    5. Created and all cluster validation tests passed
    Here's what works:
    1. Ranging from a virtual machine of the LUN if there is no activity on the VHDX
    2. Move a VM all LUN the EqualLogic to any number of unit logic FreeNAS or vice versa
    3. Move a VM between LUNS on the FreeNAS
    4. Move a VM between LUNS on the EqualLogic BEFORE I created the cluster (just using Hyper-V Manager, not the Failover Cluster Manager)
    This is what kills the VM whenever:
    1. Create a virtual machine through the Failover Cluster Manager - is not matter which node owns the storage or the VM - tried all combinations
    2. Take an active virtual machine, power and move a LUN EqualLogic to another EqualLogic LUN. The move signals the success, but the VM blue screen at the end of the move will and will no longer be able to start. It's basically fried.
    BTW, I tried also to disable one of the iSCSI NIC on the R310 - what does not help either. Any ideas? I have a case goes with the support of Dell EqualLogic, but so far they have been puzzled. Anyone got something like this works yet?

    OK, after Dell tried about 5 different times to tell me that my setup was not supported (actually claimed that EPA software was not supported!) I finally got someone who gave me workaround: disabling ODX by changing the key "reg" HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem\FilterSupportedFeaturesMode from 0 to 1. This "fix", but it also takes one of the most interesting features of the 2012 Server + EqualLogic: ODX! With active ODX, I can move 20 GB in< 1="" sec.="" with="" it="" disabled,="" it="" takes="" around="" 2="" minutes,="" depending="" on="" network="">

  • Program running as an administrator in Win Server 2012


    I installed Win Server 2012 on my hyper-v virtual machine. I installed the trial version of Statistica software there. When you run the trial version, should be the admin right otherwise, he asks for the license. When I run the program in Win 7 or 8 win as an administrator, there is no problem and I can use it. But when I tried in 2012 WS, it didn't work. I don't even have dialogue if I want to allow the program to use the admin right. So, my thought is that, even if I run as administrator, it does not run as administrator. No doubt some WS 2012 policy. Does anyone have an idea what to change here so I can run as an admin, as in Win 7 or 8 Win?

    Thank you.

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  • Win Server R2 .local vs OSX Server 10.11.5 2012

    Hello again,

    At the school I work with, we have a Windows Server R2 in 2012 in its early stage of implementation, tests of accounts of a dozen only and only top 20 Win 7 computers linked to it.

    It's summer, tie to the school but me.

    There are 100 school more win 7 desktop computers and laptops to join Windows Server this summer.

    The server has been defined as dot local TLD (such as "example.local") and is in a subnet 192.168.0/24. To do so, DNS but * not * DHCP, but that can be changed.

    It will serve as account, printer and server files mainly.

    We have a different subnet in 192.168.4/24 to the computer lab and I think we could create some more early enough for the cameras, although we are all in the same building, all behind the same firewall/contenuent filter.

    We do not what anyone outside the community school/serve as we are to the North under telecom limited satellite at the moment. Forget Internet wired for another decade or two.

    Now, I would like to put an OS X 10.11.5 linked server to the Windows Server.

    (1) is it interesting to restart the installation of Windows from scratch with a different extension point server local because it may conflict with Hello, certificates (self signed or not), etc...?

    (2) if so, what other strategy of naming you suggest?


    Hi new FB.

    Obviously, the first step that I recommend is the plan. By that I mean to plan in an iterative way as if your school will be on the internet. As it will be behind a firewall, NAT etc, implemented such as if somewhere in the not too distant feature, you will make the decision, or the decision will be made for the school to have internet exposure. Thus, in the plan to access the feature 'Fully Qualified Domain Name " already there to your server." In this sense, I build the entire network around that and start to implement and deploy.

    Keep your plan up to date, means that as long as changes occur this will our could have an involvement, as the document in your plan and play on the scenarios, at least on your pad planning in some form that can be electronic or pen and paper. I use an iPad and an app called issue 53 that allows me to do anything. I perform impressions and on file.

    Have your network configuration so that you can have expansion, so it must be dynamic with ample room for growth in quality. But I assume that you have done this already.

    Bandwidth and a full access might be a problem, use the service of caching from the beginning to reduce the burden.

    Of course, there more than this. There are some excellent resources on the Web and on the iBookstore. The three books by Reid Bondonis on the server are very good.

    But yes, it turns out I would start the Windows Server from scratch.



  • Installation of Win Server 2012 9 desktop problems

    I have a 64 bit Windows 7 with 9 Workstation installed host computer.

    I am trying to create a virtual machine for Win Server 2012, but I get a license error.  There are other posts on this topic, but it relates to the work station 8.  I tried the solutions in these messages, but I still have a problem.

    I downloaded the ISO file using Internet Explorer twice.  Once I used the ISO to create the virtual machine and once I burned the ISO to a DVD and tried.  It always gives me this error when installing:

    "Windows cannot find the Microsoft software license agreement.  Make sure that the installation sources are valid, and restart the installation. »

    The problem is that I tried the installation of 5-6 times and I can't spend.

    All the world did this with success?

    Thank you


    Try this:
    When you create a new virtual machine
    -Choose the option: I'm going to install the operating system later. (The virtual machine will be created with a blank hard drive.)

    Do not type the path to the ISO file

    -After the creation of new virtual machine also set the path to the ISO file (VM / parameters / CD-DVD.../Use ISO image file)
    -After the execution of the new VM to install automatically saved (if not run probably on purpose = error)

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