mSATA in dm3-2015er?

Will there be slot mSATA in HP dm3-2015er? I have a free space near WD HARD drive, it resembles mSATA, but there is no labels.

I tried to use mSATA Crucial 64 GB SSD. It was not recognized by the BIOS and Windows 8.

Thus, mSATA disks are not compatible with dm3-2015er.

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  • Pavilion dm3-2015er: laptop stops at 30% battery level

    All the time, I used my laptop with Windows 8, he showed me a message when I have piles of 12% left, then 8%, sometimes by 7%, and after that I was closing the PC.

    Buy now the 30% level is automatically stops down (not notmal Windows stop but just turn it off).

    What are the ways to change the new "minimum critical level"? Are there special HP utilities?

    Kind regards!

    Evgeniy64 wrote:

    All the time, I used my laptop with Windows 8, he showed me a message when I have piles of 12% left, then 8%, sometimes by 7%, and after that I was closing the PC.

    Buy now the 30% level is automatically stops down (not notmal Windows stop but just turn it off).

    What are the ways to change the new "minimum critical level"? Are there special HP utilities?

    Kind regards!

    That would seem to indicate that the battery is no longer work and must be replaced. The indicator it is bad is immediately stopped. Try to run your system with just the see adapter power supply if in turn and run, then shut down normally if he does so part of the power system works very well and the problem would be a bad battery.

  • Pavilion dm3 AMD switchable graphics (HD4000 & HD5000) in Windows 8

    I have switchable graphics HD4225 & HD5430 discreet on my HP Pavilion dm3-2015er laptop.
    I use the latest version of the driver for Radeon (until HD4000) old - 13.1.
    But I can't find the driver to use my discrete graphics HD5430.
    Could you help me with this problem?
    I use Windows 8 starting November 1, 2013. I'm waiting for the compatible driver AMD 10 months already.
    HP does not support the 'old' portable.
    My HD4225 works fine now. I use the AMD driver. The level of brightness is adjustable. But I would use my discreet card also.

    I have attached the screenshot - it indicates driver for HD4225 and HD5430 versions and I see that do HD5430 does not for the moment.

    I have AMD switchable PowerExpress installed for my graphics. But when I click on the high-performance GPU button, that nothing is happening.

    I think I'm on the right track to solve the problem.
    If you will help me, it will help thousands of people with the same question.

    Kind regards
    Kharkov, Ukraine

    I did it!

    The switchable graphic works.

    The solution is the 3GIO driver and video driver selected manually catalyst 12.1 Win7 package.

    I think that this message might help someone.

  • Hybrid graphics driver after reinstalling Windows 7


    I bought my laptop (Pavilion dm3-2015er) with Windows 7 already installed. I used it for awhile, but then decided to install another copy of Windows 7 that I had in my possession, in order to be able to redistribute space between disks in the system and remove some HP software. So I formatted the whole hardrive (with all the tools of recovery) and installed the new Windows.

    Now I realyze I probably shouldn't have done that.

    I installed all the drivers for my laptop from the HP website. Most of them work very well.

    The main problem is the driver for my video card. My laptop has two video cards, but now he sees only one of them:

    The driver from the HP website does not help. As well as all the drivers from the site Web of AMD.

    My main question is to make a second video card works?

    If there is absolutely no way to make this work, can I get the old version of Windows somehow?


    You cannot use the AMD drivers, I don't think.

    Uninstall the graphic drivers you have previously installed and restart.

    Then install the graphics driver.  I disassembled the driver on your laptop support page and there is no driver for the HD 5430 in there. & CC = US & DLC = in & LC = on & os = 4063 & Product = 5046584 & sw_lang =

    Then, if it always your silkscreen with 4200 of low power projection upward and the gpu to high power, appearing as a Standard VGA adapter, try this...

    Go to Device Manager and click on the standard VGA need driver.  Click the driver tab.

    Click on set to update driver.  Select her browse my computer for driver software option and find the folder of the driver that was created when you ran the file.

    This file will be located in C:\SWSetup\sp49464.

    Make sure that the include subfolders is selected and see if the pilot goes like this.

    Then restart.

    I hope it will be, and you will see the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5430 graphics card adapter.

    Are there other missing drivers such as SMBus Controller?

  • After full system recovery my Win7 has been changed from Home Premium Basic Home Edition


    I have HP Pavilion dm3-2015er with pre-intalled:

    Winwows 7 Home Prem OA CIS and GE


    Several days ago, I bought Windows 8 Pro (Windows upgrade offer). I have upgrade.

    WIN8 Pro has started, the only problem was that I got no driver for my AMD (HD4225 & HD5430) graphics card.

    I tried catalyst 12.10 Win8 x 64, and after restarting Windows is crashed. Windows 8 recovery did not work.

    So, I made the recovery of HP Windows 7 since the recovery HARD drive partition.

    During the recovery process, I was very surprised than my recovered Windows 7 is family basic without support Windows Aero.

    What can we do in this situation?

    I also tried to upgrade to Windows 8 once more. The same problem occurred: after catalyst 12.10 installation Windows 8 crashed, I got Windows 7 HARD disk partition, and now I have Windows 7 Home Basic Edition.

    That's happened?

    Kyle_W wrote:
    It seems that the recovery partition has been implemented with Windows 7 Home Basic and it was later upgraded to Home Premium.

    That is right.

    I upgraded using the product key that is marked at the bottom of the laptop via Windows Anytime Upgrade.

    Now I use Windows 7 Home Premium.

    Thank you

  • Pavilion DM3-3112nr: Pavilion DM3-3112nr aditional mini pci-e

    yesterday, I opened my hp pavilion dm3-3112nr for cleaning. It is about 4 years old. And I see a mini pci-e slot available. can I use it for a msata drive install windows 10 and use the drive as a secondary drive?

    This is the Manual:


    See page 57-58. What is the location that you have seen? If so, it is only for a cell model (WWAN) card. It does not support a drive of the WSSD.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • Download driver for card miniport Microsoft virtual wifi for Pavilion dm3 win7 64-bit

    where can I find and download the driver for "Microsoft virtual wifi miniport card" for Pavilion dm3 win7 64-bit. The diagnosis says that this driver is problematic and obsolete

    Maybe the next version will fix this.

  • Tecra S5 PTS53E - mSata SSD compatibility

    Hi all

    I have a Toshiba Tecra s5 PTS53E
    I want to know if the motherboard on my map of msata suport laptop inside the laptop, on the motherboard about HDD is a slot like a mSata slot but I don't know.

    is write anything there that can guide me.
    How. identifies it? (Excuse my English)

    Tecra S5 is an old series laptop and I don t think that this series is supported by the mSATA interface.
    I guess you mixed up of this interface with the PCI mini (for BT, WLan or Modem module) slot which can be available on the motherboard.

  • Pavilion DM3-3112nr: IDT High Definition Audio is not turn off speaker when a headset is connected

    I have a Pavilion DM3-3112nr update to Windows 10 64-bit edition. whenever I try to connect a headset, the sound plays on the headphones and speakers at the same time. I use the last dirver IDT on Driver download and HP software. I tried changing the driver and to use the 'generic' drivers of high definition on windows 10, but the 3.5 mm earphone Plug does not work. so I restore the driver IDT. updates on the pilot?

    Hey @gorka_pr,

    I noticed that windows 10 drivers are not currently available for your exact model laptop. I would like to you you can also try the Driver Audio IDT high definition (HD) for Windows 8.1 and let me know if they work.

    Please hold me.

    By pressing the Thumbs Up button below, you can always say thank you!

    See you soon.

  • Satellite M60-139 - upgrade to mSATA SSD via an IDE adapter

    Nice day

    more capacity disc having, on the occasion of the passage of Win 7 I've tried alternatives to 80 GB built-in HARD drive.
    Use an mSATA to IDE adapter and an mSATA SSD 250GB.
    Install Win 7, system drivers, function ok.

    Because I don't know if the types of other manufacturers may be mentioned in this forum, I did not provide all the details on this subject, but you give information that Config. with me is running...

    Wishes Gerhard

    > Use a * mSATA IDE adapter * and an mSATA SSD 250GB.
    > Win 7 install, system drivers, function ok.

    If you updated successfully the laptop with a 250 GB mSATA SSD using an IDE adapter in mSATA?

    Very interesting!

    Thanks for sharing your info!

  • Portege R930: replace card mSata with SSD


    I wanted to replace the 128 GB hard drive in my laptop. I bought a 256 GB SSD and read the User Guide.
    I don't see anything about the replacement of disc inside.
    When I open the PC, I discovered that there was an mSata card.
    Is it possible to replace a card with an SSD mSata?
    There is a small connector but I don't know I'll have to buy a new one (what kind of connector?).
    More important still there no information in the Guide of the user on this whole process.
    Is there someone doing this?

    Kind regards.

    I think you need to get the drive replaced by a 2.5 cable cable ".
    If the player is not in good physical shape, you may need to get the other parts replaced as well.

    This may be a better idea to return the SSD and buy an mSATA SSD instead.

  • Portege R930 - upgrade the mSATA SSD succssfull

    Just briefly, I wanted to report an SSD upgrade.

    When I got my Portege R930 (PT331E, i7) two years ago, I changed the HD to a PRO 840 Samsung SSD 512 GB (big improvement). Now, this SSD is too small (photos!) and I wanted to increase the capacity up to 1 TB.

    But instead of a new SATA, I decided to go for an mSATA + adapter SATA I felt an mSATA unit would be more "evolutionary" - next update of the laptop for me would be a Portege Z, who use mSATA.

    So I bought a Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB with a Delock adapter/converter mSATA SSD, made a clone of the Apricorn cable and the software switched the SSD and everything works fine (actually a little faster )! At first I tried to use the clone with software from Samsungs migration but this didn t work, maybe I didn t the right version.

    -Now I have a lager SSD that will live longer than my R930. Please note that I'm not an expert with computers - just a happy user Toshiba! Thanks for a good forum with my good ideas!

    / Anders

    So, I bought a Samsung SSD 850 EVO mSATA 1 TB whole with a converter/adapter Delock...
    .. .and everything works fine

    Good news Lao!
    Thanks a lot for the comments...

    I also upgraded my laptop with a 250 GB SSD drive and now I think of a larger SSD... I should consider your solution now...

  • mSATA SSD + 2.5 "HD on Tecra Z40 - B - 12 p


    soon I'll be getting a laptop Toshiba Tecra Z40 - B - 12 p, reference PT45GE-06S03F7J, it comes with a 250GB SSD mSATA. I want to know if it is possible to install a second hard disk 2.5 "additional or I have to choose between having a regular vs 2.5 mSATA SSD" HD.

    Thank you.

    Well, some models are equipped with an mSATA SSD instead of a hard drive.
    But there is only one place to connect the hard drive SSD SSD/HDD or mSATA.

    In the case of mSATA SSD drive, there is a special mSATA HOLDER that lets connect you the mSATA SSD to a 2.5 SATA controller ".

  • Tecra Z50 - mSATA SDS + 2.5 "HDD?


    I've seen in a Youtube video, that the SSD that come as standard are mSATA those and that there is space for a 2.5 drive "under.

    So my question is: if I buy a Toshiba Tecra Z50-A-12R, which comes with a 500 GB HARD drive, can I install an additional mSATA SSD as my system disk and using the 500 GB HARD drive as a second drive?

    Thank you

    Well, some models are equipped with an mSATA Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of one
    hard disk drive. The computer seems to supports a 128 GB and 512 GB disk SSD 256Go

    but as far as I know there is only a single SATA controller to connect a HARD drive or SSD.
    The mSATA SSD drive is connected to the controller using mSATA HOLDER ASSY.

    So this cpl carrier is necessary if you want to use an mSATA SSD.
    Of course, you n t need if you use common disk 2.5 SSD or HDD 2.5

  • Tecra M10 compatible mSATA?

    I have a Tecra M10 - 1KR (chipset GM45/GM47) and want to upgrade with a XM13 of a - DATA 60 GB (mSATA). There is a mini slot unter PCIe free keyboard, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any information if the motherboard accept the mSATA modules.

    Cordially, Harald know.

    I can't say with certainty if this mini PCI module would be compatible.
    Always is the TECRA M10 is equipped with Intel GM45/GL40? Cantiga (G) MCH? North Bridge, Intel ICH9M as South Bridge and R5C847 as a controller of the card.

    The two Mini-PCI card slots are used for 3G or Intel Turbo Memory and WLan
    Some models support Intel Turbo Memory.
    Intel Turbo Memory (Robson) PCI Express Mini Card slot 2 and also some models are equipped with a 3G PCI Express Mini Card type card in slot PCI Express Mini Card 2.

Maybe you are looking for