mSATA SSD + 2.5 "HD on Tecra Z40 - B - 12 p


soon I'll be getting a laptop Toshiba Tecra Z40 - B - 12 p, reference PT45GE-06S03F7J, it comes with a 250GB SSD mSATA. I want to know if it is possible to install a second hard disk 2.5 "additional or I have to choose between having a regular vs 2.5 mSATA SSD" HD.

Thank you.

Well, some models are equipped with an mSATA SSD instead of a hard drive.
But there is only one place to connect the hard drive SSD SSD/HDD or mSATA.

In the case of mSATA SSD drive, there is a special mSATA HOLDER that lets connect you the mSATA SSD to a 2.5 SATA controller ".

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  • Tecra R840 mSata SSD installation in module 3G position

    I have a Tecra R840-110 model, there is also a 3 G module inside, I would install the mSata SSD pcie slot.
    Is possible to use the mSata SSD instead of module 3 G pcie slot?

    Thank you very much for your help!

    I think that something like this is not possible. Card mother ports are not a kind of flexible ports.
    In the past, that Toshiba gave the second HARD drive, upgrade instead of the optical drive using special adapter.

  • Update disk on Tecra Z40

    I want to buy Toshiba Tecra Z40-A1402 - 14 "- Core i7 4600U"
    This article has 128 GB SSD in this regard. Is it possible to install a regular hard drive on this ultrabook?
    Someone has an idea?


    Is this the right specification of Tecra you want to buy?
    I see a 500 GB SATA HDD inside.

  • Tecra Z40 - A - 16 c - indicator battery life problem


    As from 2015, I own a Toshiba Tecra Z40 - A - 16 c.

    I noticed a strange behavior regarding the battery life indicator. When the laptop is fully charged, the indicator shows 100% remaining. And when I use the laptop, the percentage drops slowly, as expected.
    However, as soon as somewhere around 50%, the indicator is suddenly decreases and says he has only 5 or 4% left and I should switch it on immediately.

    Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    Kind regards

    The battery may need calibration. Load and unload completely several times.

    If it happens again, the battery needs replacing. You can check the level of wear using HWMonitor from

  • Satellite M60-139 - upgrade to mSATA SSD via an IDE adapter

    Nice day

    more capacity disc having, on the occasion of the passage of Win 7 I've tried alternatives to 80 GB built-in HARD drive.
    Use an mSATA to IDE adapter and an mSATA SSD 250GB.
    Install Win 7, system drivers, function ok.

    Because I don't know if the types of other manufacturers may be mentioned in this forum, I did not provide all the details on this subject, but you give information that Config. with me is running...

    Wishes Gerhard

    > Use a * mSATA IDE adapter * and an mSATA SSD 250GB.
    > Win 7 install, system drivers, function ok.

    If you updated successfully the laptop with a 250 GB mSATA SSD using an IDE adapter in mSATA?

    Very interesting!

    Thanks for sharing your info!

  • Portege R930 - upgrade the mSATA SSD succssfull

    Just briefly, I wanted to report an SSD upgrade.

    When I got my Portege R930 (PT331E, i7) two years ago, I changed the HD to a PRO 840 Samsung SSD 512 GB (big improvement). Now, this SSD is too small (photos!) and I wanted to increase the capacity up to 1 TB.

    But instead of a new SATA, I decided to go for an mSATA + adapter SATA I felt an mSATA unit would be more "evolutionary" - next update of the laptop for me would be a Portege Z, who use mSATA.

    So I bought a Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB with a Delock adapter/converter mSATA SSD, made a clone of the Apricorn cable and the software switched the SSD and everything works fine (actually a little faster )! At first I tried to use the clone with software from Samsungs migration but this didn t work, maybe I didn t the right version.

    -Now I have a lager SSD that will live longer than my R930. Please note that I'm not an expert with computers - just a happy user Toshiba! Thanks for a good forum with my good ideas!

    / Anders

    So, I bought a Samsung SSD 850 EVO mSATA 1 TB whole with a converter/adapter Delock...
    .. .and everything works fine

    Good news Lao!
    Thanks a lot for the comments...

    I also upgraded my laptop with a 250 GB SSD drive and now I think of a larger SSD... I should consider your solution now...

  • Tecra Z40 - A - win 7 blue screen of death (BSoD)

    I have 3 times the BSoD on TECRA Z40 - A experience running windows 7 64-bit English last month!

    No new hardware has been installed, only the Toshiba and Windows updates carried out official.

    I have attached two screenshots from the dump files, files that have probably caused the crash...

    BSOD appears due to serious system problems or malfunction of the equipment.

    I think first of all you should get the phone to the factory settings.
    If this does not help, the parties must be checked.

    I think RAM memory modules.
    It is very important and must be checked in the first place.

  • Tecra Z40 - Has - frequently freezing / hanging under Win 7


    I have toshiba tecra z40, a laptop brand new, that I use for two weeks my laptop frequently freezing and hanging

    After that not able to do anything I force restart

    OS win 7 64 bit 4 GB ram i5 processor

    Pls suggest...

    Vishnu K


    Do you run a specific application while the laptop freezing?

    These symptoms may be related to some software conflicts between installed applications or some drivers not work.

    Have you ever tried to recover the laptop back to factory settings?
    Otherwise, I think you should try this procedure and it must conduct audits after the device has been recovered...

    Please also keep an eye on the MS updates would install automatically... sometimes it may happen that MS updates could confuse the system, and finally the windows would start freezing

  • Activate the TPM on Tecra Z40

    I have a number of Tecra Z40 I'm setting up a client for a deployment of Windows 8.1. They have a manufacturers mish mash and so far I left Toshiba because it seemed not as suitable for companies like HP and Dell.

    Other manufacturers have mechanism for handling the BIOS so I'm after smilar tool

    did someone familiar to a tool that I can run TPM for a build process?

    Thank you

    Usually, you can change the settings of TPM in the BIOS...
    On Toshiba laptops, you can also find a preinstalled software Toshiba HWSetup as Toshiab Security Assistant.

    These own Toshiba tools offer different options that are also in the BIOS.
    The TPM module must be listed using one of the tools mentioned

    Here check the box of "security assistance".

  • Tecra Z40 - Caught in the loop of pre-launch workspace Ironkey

    I have implemented an Ironkey with Windows To Go and managed to boot into it since several H.P. machines and even 3 years A.c.e.r.

    However, when starting on my Tecra Z40 - has, the workspace of pre-launch Ironkey load and shows the standard message that she is about to start on Windows and will restart.

    After this restart, it starts again in the same workspace Preboot screen, reboot, same message, same workspace.

    I guess there is something in the BIOS that needs to be changed to get this working, but have no idea what it could be.

    Ideas? Thoughts?

    I guess you try to start the system (Ironkey) external USB flash memory stick
    Well, to start a laptop equipped with the UEFI BIOS, first you must disable secure boot option. It is in the BIOS settings.

  • Tecra Z40-A-12Z - frequent crashes in the morning


    I have a Tecra Z40-A-12Z with 7 fully updated Windows (Windows Update AND Tempro).

    When the PC goes to sleep, very often, he refuses to wake up: sometimes the screen remains blank and I have to do a long press on the i/o button to force a shutdown and then it reboot. Or sometimes, I get a BSOD with 0x9f DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE message.

    Someone knows what's the problem?


    I googled a bit around (error code) and there are a few hits in the google list.
    According to some people with this problem, the problem might be related to one of the drivers installed
    Probably one of the devices doesn't wake up upward or doesn't function properly after wake-up system. This can cause the BSOD.

    One of the users in the Microsoft community solved the similar problem, update the Intel graphics driver.

    I think you should check all the drivers maybe you should also get the laptop back to factory State and should test the functionality of the system immediately after that the laptop was recovered.

  • Tecra Z40 - A - the upgrade (RAM RAM)

    Hi all

    Ordered little RAM to upgrade my Toshiba Tecra Z40 - A, but can not find, for the life of me, anything where you want to insert online.

    I previously installed RAM under the keyboard (couple of clips holding it) and on the other, a small cover on the bottom, but the Z40 does not appear to be anywhere easily accessible.

    Has anyone upgraded RAM on the Z40? Or is it a big no, no, because of the guarantee?

    Thank you

    Memory upgrade on this model Tecra is a bit complicated and, in my view, should not be done by the owner of the laptop. For some models of Ram upgrade can be done by the owner of the laptop and exact instructions how do proposed in document s user manuals, but not for your Tecra.

    For full access to the RAM modules lower lid should be removed and it can be done by people of service only. If you do this alone you can void the warranty valid.
    I recommend you contact the nearest Toshiba service provider in your country and ask for help or advice.

  • Re: Tecra Z40, Win 8.1 - malfunction of the fingerprint reader


    My Tecra Z40 arrived with Win 8.1.
    From the beginning I couldn't use the fingerprint utility.
    When you access the utility won't happen for a while and then the error: "Could not connect to the fingerprint reader" has finally popped up.

    I could also not use the actual construction of fingerprints 8.1 Win (error: this device has biometric devices is not suitable). (PS mind that this built in function is now integrated into the subway and no device biometric parameters are not now present in the control panel to 8.1 win!)

    The problem has persisted despite the last fingerprint utility (which comes with the drivers) have been installed to win 8.1. 64-bit directly from the website of TOSHIBA and despite that a biometric device was still present in the Task Manager ("this device is working properly").


    After literally weeks of research (including getting help from the shop and service Toshiba), I could finally solve the problem.

    I uninstalled the driver and the reader of fingerprints from the Device Manager (then only fingerprint reader drivers really disappear).
    Then I cleaned the registry (I used CC cleaner software) (or install new wasn't a reason any).

    Finally, I installed a Fingerprint Utility equivalent and the driver for Tecra Z50 (fp - sw - (which I expect to be using the exact same sensor)... and since then everything works fine.

    I can now access the utility of fingerprinting and fingerprint log on in Windows.


    It seems the driver on Toshiba support website (I think for me it was the Poles) for my exact machine (made by TOSHIBA - detector.exe) is incorrect.
    To make matters worse the driver does not communicate useful information on his miss - fit in the Task Manager! If I had to recalculate, in money, as long as I have and a whole lot of support persons had spent on it, there really meaning to improve this list of drivers!

    (PS: one of the files in the same directory online regpatch has a virus (VIRUS A Yes) it has been recognized by Antivir!) -Toshiba, you can communicate with someone responsible for the Polish support site!)


    No fingerprints, login is possible in Mozilla or Internet Explorer despite the appropriate plugins have been installed as well as the utility of fingerprints, where the web password option has been activated. (no suggestion seems to appear to reach the service fingerprints for the sites that require passwords, maybe that your service gets blocked by popup blocking browser protection?).

    I'm really looking forward to this feature.
    Make sure that the plugins work correctly with the latest browsers.


    Hey thanks for this interesting thread and a detailed description.

  • Tecra Z40-A-176 - how to get support for high speed Port Replicator III?


    a customer garage bougt some Tecra Z40 A 176 with high speed Port Replicator III. Unfortunally to either the displayport Port replicators is not working properly and I want to have the support so.

    What I found was the support for laptops page itself, but not for the port replicator.

    With regard to:

    I want to have the support so.

    What do you mean by support and what is the problem with the display port?

    If you have hardware problems, you can contact your dealer or contact the Toshiba authorized service provider that is available in your country.

  • Tecra Z40 - 2 Windows 8.1 Pro DVD - Player DVD No.

    I just got a nice Toshiba Tecra Z40. I want to install widows 8.1 and according to the instructions, I boot on the DVD provided.

    There is a problem. Laptop computer does not have an optical drive, so I can't boot from the DVD.*

    I tried to access the DVD on the network (my other windows computer with an optical drive), but there is no program can be used on the DVD.

    Help, please

    According to the specifications of the laptop your Tecra was delivered with Win7 preinstalled and additional recovery of Win8.1 DVD.
    Prior to do any create the USB stick recovery use preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator.
    WIN8.1 that you can install it using recovery disks bootable Win8.1.
    What you need is the USB external optical disc drive. This STRANGE USB is not expensive. Buy one, and you can use it for installation of Win8.1, but also in many other situations.

    Two years ago, I bought external USB BD WEIRD for 45 Euros. I also borrowed my friend with the same situation. He got by Satellite U940 without optical drive.

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