MSTSC/span on only 2 monitors

I use Windows XP SP3 with a configuration quad-monitor by-side (each 1600 x 1200).

Is it possible to connect to a remote computer using remote desktop and extend it on only 2 monitors?


Hi the Fnab,

See the links below and check if it helps.

(Client Terminal Services 6.0) Remote Desktop connection

The use of multiple monitors in a Remote Desktop Session

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  • Mstsc/span switch becomes black windows when openning more apps. Errors of limited resources.

    Original title: RDP with Multiply monitors

    Hi guys

    I try to use RDP with two monitors. I have XP SP3 and I have been using the mstsc/span

    After a while I feel the black screens when I open additional applications. Then the Word will be error blame low resources. If I RDP on the server without the span switch all right. All ideas

    Hi Cbits IT,

    Remote Desktop connection supports screens high resolution that can be split over multiple monitors. However, the total resolution across all monitors must be less than 4096 x 2048 pixels. Monitors must have the same resolution. In addition, monitors must be aligned side-by-side.

    We recommend that you reduce the resolution and check the result.

    Note: Total resolution may not exceed more than 4096 x 2048 pixels.

    For additional assistance, see "Split on multiple monitors" section in this article

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  • Dynadock U3: 2 monitors external installed but sound on only 1 monitor


    I just installed T24D391 2 monitors to my laptop to A.s.u.s using the Dynadock U3.0. 1 monitor is connected using HDMI (main monitor), the other is connected with VGA (extended scrreen).

    Audio output however comes only through monitor 1 (main, connected monitor via HDMI). The second monitor has no sound output whatsoever.

    Even when I change the screen 1 to extended and 2 on the screen, only audio screen 1 (now the extended) of the screen.

    -> How is it possible to have the sound on both screens at the same time?

    Thank you!

    HDMI interface provides video and audio signals.
    VGA interface provides a video signal only.

    I guess that's the reason for the lack of sound

  • Help his Mac Mini? Connected to monitor w / sound coming from monitor. I tried speaker external buffering in the back of the unit and still get only his monitor speakers.

    Help his Mac Mini? Connected to monitor w / sound coming from monitor. I tried speaker external buffering in the back of the unit and still get only his monitor speakers.

    How is the monitor connected?

    Are to connect the speakers to the headphone 3.5 mm? And not the line-in jack 3.5?

    If you go to System Preferences > sound > you can select the speakers/headphones output?

  • I had checked "extend my desktop to this monitor". I have only 1 monitor though. Now the screen is empty. I rebooted the pc in the hope to go in safe mode but the screen remained blank.__How can I go back to single screen? __

    I had checked "extend my desktop to this monitor". I have only 1 monitor though. Now the screen is empty. I rebooted the pc in the hope to go in safe mode but the screen remains blank.
    How can I go back to single screen?

    Hi Bilipino,

    You have more than one display card? Try to connect your monitor to the another card and see if you can get the display.


    I hope this helps...

  • Double configuration monitor - only a monitor displays the login screen 2nd monitor is black

    Hello, I searched Hi and low and starts to believe that it is just not possible from messages of others.  But since the last time this question has been posted in 2011, I'm hoping that there was a resolution.

    How can I get my secondary monitor to show an image (any image would be great), while my computer is locked or simply putting in operation and reached the login screen.  Currently my secondary monitor shows just a black screen.  I do not want my screen to extend completely on two monitors (mosaic on nvidia video card) because when I do, my taskbar spans also the length of the two screens.  I like to use click once on my programs, rather than cluttering up my desktop with icons and you install vertically between the two monitors. I am unable to do otherwise.  Please let me know if anyone knows how to do this.  Thank you


    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    I suggest you follow the steps mentioned and see if it helps:

    Method 1:

    Duplicate the display settings and check if you can view the screen saver in the monitor extended as well.

    To change your display settings

    1. open the screen resolution by clicking on the Start button, Control Panel, and then, under appearance and personalization, click on adjust the screen resolution.

    2. click on the dropdown next to several screens, click on duplicate these appear, and then click OK.

    The option appears only when Windows detects multiple displays, more than one monitor connected to your PC.


    o If you don't see an option named multiple displays in your display settings, then Windows isn't detecting a second monitor plugged into your desktop computer. Or else, it does not detect an external monitor plugged into your laptop. When Windows detects this monitor, it will appear in the drop-down list next to the screen. If you do not see that what listed there, try click on Detect.

    o ensure that the monitor you want to extend your desktop to is turned on and plugged into the video port appropriate to your computer. You may also need to select the correct source labeled on the controls of your monitor to ensure that the monitor is using the correct video port. For more information, consult the manual of your monitor or go to the manufacturer's Web site.

    For more information, see the following link:

    Move windows between multiple monitors

    Method 2:

    I suggest you to check the display resolution value for both monitors. Make sure that the resolution of the screen is the same on each display.

    For more information, see: get the best display on your monitor

    I hope this helps. Let us know the result.

  • How to activate only the monitor and disable laptop external display?

    I have a widescreen monitor Setup at work and to activate the external monitor, however always want to use the keyboard of the laptop for all my typing. Is there a way to disable the screen of my laptop (since no matter what single arrangement will cause some RSI) and have only the display of the external monitor?

    I was able to do this under windows, with an option to display 'Extended '.

    I'm not sure there is an OS X equivalent to 'Extended screen only', but if I understand what you want to try it properly:

    With the external monitor connected, in the Apple menu > System Preferences > displays click the Arrangement tab move the bar on the external display. Then position the laptop screen so that the upper right corner is aligned with the lower-left corner of the outside (it's evil to make you hover over accidentally to the wrong screen):

    Close the preferences window by clicking on the red button at the top left.

    Now on your laptop, turn off your laptop screen brightness completely.


  • Laptop does not appear on the OEM screen, only secondary monitor - Presario F767CL

    Compaq Presario F767CL Notebook PC

    Windows Vista (x 86) Home Premium 32-bit edition

    Windows Installer updated drivers or my computer I just corrupted and decided that my laptop screen won't turn on or function. My laptop shows only through my monitor connected. I tried to restart my laptop with no attached devices and my screen does not, but if I connect my 2nd screen my photo will then appear right on it. I tried to adjust my display settings. It allows to detect two screens when I select 'identify '. but only a number '2' poster on my monitor attached while my laptop screen is always black and white. If I select to turn on the screen of my laptop and "extend my screen" it tries and then back again. I tried to install the Nvidia drivers on the HP website with no luck. Please help me with this, it worked great for the last month because I restored my laptop everything back to windows Vista.

    I was actually able to fix my own problem to restore my entire system to the windows startup disk I bought at HP. It didn't fix the problem, when I simply restored it to an earlier point, but after doing a full reinstall my screenmopped right up. It's such a relief.

  • Connection to Win7 via RDP, using only 2 monitors with monitor 3

    I have a computer in my office that is running 3 monitors, I want to connect to my home computer using two monitors via RDP. Unfortunately when I check "use all my monitors" he wants to use all three. I just want to use two of my monitors on my desktop computer to view my session at home. And let an open monitor for work
    So, I tried to change Local Group Policy on my home computer and set "computer ordinateur\modeles to Windows\Services Office userconfiguration\administrative to number of Desktop Session Host\Remote Session Environment\ limit Maximum of monitors ' activate and 2»» When I do this it only allows RDP to use a monitor on my customer's computer. When I set this value to 3 it uses all three monitors.
    I also tried RDP file and using "Use Multimon:i:2" without success as well.
    In short, I want only two screens showing my home office and one of my current desktop display screen.
    Thank you

    Hi Matt,

    This is not possible, that if chosen to use all monitors, it will use what is available.

  • Headphone only input monitoring

    Hi all

    I don't know how to explain what im trying to achieve so I hope below allows:

    Entry 1 (guitar) = out: speakers & headphones

    Input 2 (Vocal) = Output: headset only

    IM using an Apogee Duet.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    See attached video

  • Windows 7 does not recognize my Dell 2407WFP monitor - only as monitor not Plug-and-Play credits.

    This monitor is able to execute the resolution 1920 x 1200 and it worked well on the same laptop Dell Latitude D820 under XP Pro SP3. However, Windows 7 does not recognize the Dell Monitor (shows as non-Plug-and-Play monitor credits) and will go no higher than 1600 x 1200. The monitor on the laptop will run in 1920 x 1200 and also 1920 x 1200 poster XP running inside a virtual machine, so the problem is with Windows 7 not properly recognizing the Dell 2407WFP monitor in VGA mode. All other operating systems work very well to support the material properly.

    The laptop is running a NVidia Quadro NVS 120 M map. I tried several versions of Vista Dell drivers (do not have for Windows 7 - therefore Dell is not to follow). NVidia has no drivers for this card because it specially designed for Dell and all pilots must come from Dell (new Dell doesn't help here - I know that Windows 7 was just recently released but there are important suppliers for some time. Thought Dell was big by taking charge Microsoft with their business line of products but I think that even they cannot follow.

    It seems that the problem is also Windows 7 is not correctly identify the Dell monitor and many other monitors as well. Unfortunately, I doubt that this issue will never be resolved by Microsoft. I have yet to see that all the issues MS resolved long. I begin to see the truth in the last pub in Apple vs MS on television. Well the time to upgrade the new hardware.

    If anyone has a suggestion or a solution to solve this - I'm all ears!


    wait until that Dell publishes drivers for win 7 or you can contact them for the same thing.

  • Can I output the monitor program PremierePro CC (only) to a 2nd video screen?

    I already have (years) used PremierePro on an edition of PC system. At this time, I used a box of cards and small groups of Matrox - it was so easy to put in place a 2nd monitor to display the program output (only).

    I started using new PremierePro (CC version) but this time on an iMac 27 "retina 5 k (max for the ram, processors and graphics functionality). I'd quite like to discover the program output only (or at least mostly) on a 2nd 1080HD video monitor. Is it possible to do? With no junction box, I guess that this cannot be done. Is this fair?  I know I could set up an iMac HDMI output, but that would be out of the whole office. I just want to really take a power of video output (monitor of the program only) rather than the entire desktop. Is it some sort of break Thunderbolt to send with a HDMI or DVi connection, which can display only the monitor program (like those old buttons)?

    Of course the iMac screen 5 k and the video monitor will be quite different devices - so I can't really just the range double configuration screen. A 2nd screen Mac is expensive - and it would be another screen to the retina, 5 k.

    As background information, for now I'm only editing content 1080HD that thus the 2nd monitor should be consistent 1080HD. I have various computer and video monitors available if this configuration is possible. I'm not too concerned about the quality of the image in the 2nd monitor - its more about speed reading to check for sync and motion - changes especicailly when a customer sits the long side (and Yes, I hate too). The iMac 27' is a good size screen, but I'm edition multi channel animation graphics and pictures (no animated videos), it fills the screen fast enough. If I want to program a monitor window half-decent size, I am constantly scrolling and minimization / maximization of the channels that I can see detailed work areas easily.

    If I ask a stupid question here, please don't shoot me :-) As I have said for a while I used the PP, but now I use it everyday - so just going back to it.

    Thanks for reading - and advice you might have would be welcome.

    Thank you.


    If all you need is a program-monitor output to a second monitor, woudn't integrated two-monitor process work? No, is not the release of calibrated equipment which is often sought for high range editing, but it works for most cases... just have a second monitor mounted on your card system and on the Preferences tab, select it as shown...

    Just make sure that your operating system 'sees' your normal monitor as a screen, and then they will appear in this dialog box as your operating system lists them. PrPro always default to sending the output of the program monitor to monitor 2.

    No box necessary engine... and many who have the outboard motor to run a high-end TV, also use it for their treatment of General works.


  • With multi-monitor Windows 7 Remote Desktop

    I tried to remote desktop from my Windows 7 RC machine at home for my full desktop Windows Vista Edition machine with the multiscreen option, but even if I have 2 monitors works very well on both sites I can't make it work with this new feature with remote desktop. Do I need a different operating system at server end?

    Thank you very much

    Hello Baker,

    Thank you for using the Microsoft Answers forum.  Remote Desktop connection supports screens high resolution that can be split over multiple monitors. However, the total resolution across all monitors must be less than 4096 x 2048 pixels. Monitors must have the same resolution. In addition, monitors must be aligned side-by-side.

    Order for the Office of the remote computer span multiple monitors, type Mstsc/span at a command prompt.

    Thank you for using answers Forum. Please let us know how it works.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • See 4.5 true multi-monitor with RDP7?

    I read this in the guide of the administrator on the page 17: ' Microsoft RDP provides the following features: you can use more than one monitor in span mode '

    and this page 21:

    In a real session of multiple monitors, monitors can have sizes and different resolutions, and a monitor can be

    has rotated. If you enlarge within an application window, the window expands to the full-screen only the monitor

    that contains it.

    This feature has the following limitations:

    n the maximum number of monitors that lets you view a desktop is 10 If you are using the RDP Protocol

    view the Protocol and 4 If you are using PCoIP.

    n If you are using the Microsoft RDP display protocol, you must have Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

    version 6.0 or later installed in the desktop view.

    I'm not completely sure if I read this right, but it seems that true multimonitor is NOT available with RDP. Even if Windows 7 and the last DRC have no problem with that at all. Can someone confirm (or reject if all goes well) that this is the case. I really prefer to use RDP, but I need the true multi-monitor.

    Kind regards


    You need on the client, you connect from version 7.  Version 7 comes with Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2.  You can download version 7 for XP and Vista.

    I wish version Mac was up to 7 and I wish THAT WYSE would improve their RDP to 7.

  • Can I use 2 external monitors with Satellite M70?

    Is it possible to connect to the PC (M70-131) 2 external monitors? Put do so via video splitter I have only 2 monitor Setup mode, instead of 3 as it should.

    How do you mean that. do you mean one to the external VGA port and the other to the S-video?

    Welcome them

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