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Hi people. I think buying the package cloud creative photography, Photoshop and Lightroom £8,57 per month. If I do, can I use multiple computers at home, that is portable and desktop applications?


License allows installation on two computers at any time.

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  • I'm a graphic designer, do you recommend me to use Photoshop to make my designs? or what?

    I'm a graphic designer, do you recommend me to use Photoshop to make my designs? or what?

    Diego advantage wrote:

    Thanks for your answers,

    I do all these things, but I don't have the money to buy all the, what would you recommend?

    Kind regards

    In this case, I start with the Plan of Photography Photoshop offers Photoshop and Lightroom for $10 per month.  Then switch to a full CC subscription when you can afford it.  Photoshop will do OK vector graphics and high quality PDF print to send output to the printer.  When it is really not very good, for multi-page documents, InDesign is King for this application, but you might be able to find MS Publisher on an old desktop DVD.

  • Satellite S70 - B - graphic driver blocks using photoshop


    I bought my toshiba satellite s70 - b less than a month ago, but it's happened a few times, while using photoshop graphic processor, stops working and one of the people pop up at the bottom of the screen of messages indicates that the graphics processor has been reactiveted.

    Whenever this happens, I lose all my files on photoshop and it's really annoying.

    I tried to update the drivers of two graphics processors, but nothing has changed.
    I have an AMD R9 m265x graphic processor and Intel (r) graphics radeon hd 4600.

    How can I solve the problem?

    I think to give back the laptop.

    The question is:
    What graphics card driver crashes when you use Photoshop?

    As you said: the laptop was equipped with a graphics card AMD/ATI external and other Intel HD GPU internal done part of the CPU.
    Since the application Photoshop needs a lot of graphics performance (photo editor), I recommend you check out the graphical configuration. Photoshop must use the ATI GPU instead of Intel.

    How to do this?
    This can be changed in the settings of ATI catalyst. This YouTube clip could be interesting... It shows you how to switch to the ATI GPU and get better performance.

  • Satellite A300 PSAG4A screen frozen using Photoshop

    I got a PSAG4A A300 - 02600M

    I turned on the computer today and all using Photoshop, the frooze the screen upward with interference on the screen. I had to manually restart the computer to get rid of. I also noticed that the graphics on the screen showed not degraded properly

    In addition, the mouse pad was running too much hot and so I think that there is possibly a problem with the cooling fan.

    So what is this something guaranteed covered?

    > I turned on the computer today and all using Photoshop, the frooze the screen upward with interference on the screen. I had to manually restart the computer to get rid of.
    It often? I mean is this repetitive problem?
    If this isn't the case, then I wouldn't be worried. These issues can occur. My laptop's OS freezes from time to time. Please don t understand me wrong. computer laptop doesn't hang every time but maybe once a month.

    However, what I like to say is that the OS could sometimes crashes due to different reasons so OS if it doesn t happen all too often, you should t be worried.

    With respect to the surface of the touchpad.
    This is nothing unusual. The surface of the touchpad is still a bit warmer that other surfaces of s for laptop. This happens because of the warm welcome inside the laptop cooling modules.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P200: How to calibrate the monitor to get the same colors using Photoshop CS3

    How to calibrate the monitor to get impression that looks like the picture on the screen?
    I use Photoshop CS3.

    When I get a pic of how I want it on the screen and try to print, it prints a lot more dark. I was able to calibrate my monitor iMac for photoshop, but could not find a way to do it with my Satellite P200.

    My printer is a Canon ip4300 and I'm using paper and ink of Canon.


    Sorry, but I think that there is not much to do. I guess you have right ICC profile, but something like that is not supported by Toshiba.

  • I've recently upgraded to El Capitan of Lion.  My iPhoto library is also transformed into Photos.  In iPhoto, I used Photoshop as my editor in Chief of "standard / default.  I can't do that to work with Photos, all I can't get is the photo editor.

    I've recently updated to Lion at El Capitan and my library of more than 40 000 iPhoto was also improved (?) photo.  He ran all night.  I used Photoshop as my editor of "standard/default" in iPhoto, but now I can't seem to appear in the photo is the photo editor, which is not enough for my purposes.  I have found a workaround that requires images to export], edited and then re-imported to the Photos, but I lose all the original images.  Can I have Photoshop become my default editor for Photos, as if it was in iPhoto?

    3rd party editing application must be updated to work with the new structure of the El Capitan and Photos before they will be able to work seamlessly with Photos.

    In the meantime we must export the original file in the office using the menu option file ➙ export Original unmodified for 1 Photo and edit the file there.

  • Conversion to CMYK using Photoshop Elements

    I need to be able to convert to CMYK, but I am not able to in my version of Photoshop, what version should I?

    Elements does not support the CMYK, that is why. Yes, you can use Photoshop CC.

  • How to use photoshop to edit my Web site graphics?

    I have a Web site here: How to export the graphic on my site to modify the graphics using photoshop and what format is in when you edit and then when load on the site? Thank you.

    If its your website, you need to know. If someone built it for you you can look at the page source in your browser to see what they were doing. Use of website .jpg .png .gif and .ico mainly for example it is a JPEG on this site.  This is a link to this site.

  • Kernel_task huge when you use photoshop CC 2015.5

    Hey guys, Ive has been searching the net for an answer but have not found so here I am, whenever I use photoshop the kernel_task becomes huge, enormous 6 GB and my photoshop slows to a crawl, making things too simple to select a layer make the beachball.

    Any help?

    Here are my specs.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.25.39 PM.png

    Please see the discussions below.

    How to solve the kernel_task CPU high usage? MacRumors Forums

    kernel_task high memory usage | Apple official support communities

    Adobe related discussion: AE CS5 MAC memory problem

    Kind regards


  • Using Photoshop CS2 on the PC of the company


    I just want to know can I use Photoshop CS2 (now free) on the PC of our society?

    Or we can use it only at home, only on PC at home?

    What are the terms of the EULA for that matter?

    Best regards.

    CS2 is not free and has never been free.

    See the free CS2 download

  • I am a beginner using photoshop and I hid the layer tool and can not find a way to get it back... Please help

    I am a beginner using photoshop and I hid the layer tool and can not find a way to get it back... Please help

  • How to use photoshop to measure the amount of shades of Brown in a given area (Immunohistochemistry)

    I try to use photoshop measure intensity area of brownish (some variance) in a part of the image of a mouse knee joint.  I have stained a particular marker in these samples and hoped I could quantify because she is extracellular and discreet

    Thank you!

    Scott, I believe that I came up with a way for you to make selections within your settings and have prepared an example to demonstrate the method. Much depends on whether this technique, using your spot color and a specimen, will work. If so, you can measure the number of pixels in the selection following the instructions I provided previously. Here goes:

    1. This sample represents the darker brown spot.

    2 build a scale of gray similar to this (I can provide one shown here)

    3 Edition > fill with your Brown sample more dark and set its blend Mode to color. (When I used the sample in step 1, this was the result.)

    4 attach it to your specimen as shown image file here. (I have not colorized that half of the test image to demonstrate the next step only select the sample Brown even if the black & white area has the same tone value.)

    5. with the magic wand, a tolerance of zero and contiguous unchecked value, when you click on a box in the balance its corresponding value will be selected in the image. Here is an example. The histogram can then be used for a number of pixels from all selected areas. Repeat for each sample in your settings.

    I hope it does the job for you.

    [(Edit: quand vous arrivez àles valeurs plus sombres, vous pouvez constater qu'augmenter la tolérance contribue à la couverture de l'écart entre valeurs.)]

  • Hey everyone if I use photoshop mixture do I need to pay for the cloud

    Hey everyone if I use photoshop mixture do I need to pay for the cloud

    Laughing out loud

  • I can use Photoshop on several computers if I subscribe

    iI subscribe me to Photoshop I can use it on several computor

    I can use photoshop on more than one pc if I subscribe. If so should I disable one before I use the other. Only when I try to download on my other pc it downloads the trial.

    • You can install the software on as many computers as you want.
    • You can activate the software to be used on up to two computers at the same time.
    • You can only use one activated at any time copy.

    Only when I try to download on my other pc it downloads the trial.

    First try the Solution #3

    Stop Creative Cloud 2015 to return to the mode of trial

  • Black flashing when using Photoshop on the iMac screen 4 k

    The black experience flashes when you use photoshop cc on my new 21.5 inch 4 k res screen. There is anecdotal evidence that I'm not the only one... usually happens when the cursor changes to the image of the arrow tool to select an option in the menu. At its worst I get the appearance of horizontal bands and duplication of the image. Have talked at length to Apple and they say that maybe that's a problem of graphics card or graphics incompatibility with Adobe? Does anyone else know this annoying problem? have you solved?

    This is a known issue on these machines, and we expect to hear back from Apple on the OS bug that forced him.

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