multiple instances of the signet library

A "library" window will appear when "show you all bookmarks" in Firefox. If you try to sort a huge amount of bookmarks you would appreciate having several Windows Open "library".

Is there an extension that allows you to have several windows open 'library' or a bookmark manager that would be functionally comparable.


1. to bookmark the following URL.


2 average - click on the bookmark, or shift + click, or right-click and choose open in a new window.

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  • Firefox does not work for multiple instances of the SAME user account on Windows Multipoint Server 2011

    We have a PC HP of MulitSeat MS6200
    It runs Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 (which seems to be a twisted version of Windows 7)
    It is implemented in a laboratory of computer science and students connect you using their account for shared room - IE multiple instances of the same user accounts are currently running on the PC at the same time.
    The first student to run Firefox can work with it without a problem.
    However, when another student try to start firefox they get the following message:
    Firefox is already running but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system.

    Cannot start Firefox using a profile that is already used by someone else.
    Each Firefox instance needs its own profile or you will get this error message.

    Use-no.-line switch remote control to open another instance of Firefox with its own profile and to different instances of Firefox running concurrently.

  • Multiple Instances of the Application to access the same DAQ hardware

    I have a relatively simple application that reads from a device of data acquisition (OR-9205 connected to NI WLS-9163) wireless.  I would like to run multiple instances of the executable, but I get the error-201105 (resource reserved) as soon as the DAQmx task starts on the second instance.  Each instance tries to acquire different channels of the same DAQ hardware.  Is this a problem with the data acquisition device, or DAQmx in general?  Thank you.


    Hey Joe,

    Unfortunately, you can only one type of access channel with each program.  For example, you might HAVE a program access and another use AO, but you can't have two programs different AI the same access card.  It is common among all of the DAQ hardware to NEITHER.

  • How to avoid creating multiple instances of the application?


    We have a user interface Application. The application has been set to Auto run at startup and as a Module system.

    The application has a file listener that checks all new emails.

    When we start the application from the user interface by clicking on the application icon, it seems that the multiple instance of the application is created. For this reason when send us an email to request it is receiving emails several times. Sometimes simple, double and sometimes even five times.

    public class MyApplication  extends UiApplication implements FolderListener,
            SystemListener, GlobalEventListener {
        // Boot
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            if (args != null && args.length > 0 && args[0].equals("gui")) {
                // code to initialize the app
                fromService = false;
                // register the notification
                Notification n = new Notification();
                Utilities.writeLog(GUID, "MyApplication GUI Starting up");
                MyApplication service = new MyApplication();
            } else {
                Utilities.writeLog(GUID, "OnBoardV2 Service Starting up");
                MyApplication service = new MyApplication();
        public void messagesAdded(FolderEvent e) {
            /// Receive messages

    In this regard, any help will be apreciated!

    Thank you

    I don't know if it's your entire code, but if you register your application as a file time listener never, it is called, then you save several headphones. The listener does not cause deleted your app closes, you must explicitly remove the listener. You must either put the listener in its own class and only sign up to start or find a way to check if the listener is already registered whenever the application is called.

  • Can I install multiple instances of the Adobe PDF printer driver?

    Our application allows printing to be directed to different folders depending on the document to print.  However, the Adobe printer driver printing preferences requires that the file to a specific location, then keep all the documents in a folder.  Is it possible to have multiple instances of the printer, for example Adobe PDF 1, Adobe PDF 2 driver with output folder set to a different location for each driver, or y at - it an easier way to specify output files?

    Thank you

    (Instructions for XP Pro and Acrobat 8.0)

    Open the Printers folder and click Add a printer.

    Click Next on the Welcome screen

    Select "Local printer attached to this computer", uncheck automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer, click Next

    Click on create a new port, select "Adobe PDF Port" in the list, click Next

    Select the folder that you want the PDF file stored in, click OK

    The printer software install screen click on disk

    Click the Browse button, then go to "Program Adobe 8.0\Acrobat\xtras\AdobePDF" (may be different for your configuration)

    Select the AdobePDF.inf (English version), and then click OK

    Select the Adobe's PDF Converter (there may be several in the list, I always choose the top) and click Next

    If the dialog use pilot existing if poster click on "Keep the existing driver" click Next

    Name of the printer or Adobe PDF 1, click Next

    Set options for sharing, printing a page of test if you want and finish.

    Now, when you print to this printer from an application, it will create the PDF file in the specified folder

    You can repeat this process for a number of outputs.

    Hope this helps

  • How to prevent a user from opening multiple instances on the same computer?

    On site , there is a .swf which prevents users to open multiple instances of the site at the same time on the same computer. If you open the site and try to open it again in another window, it will not load. Cannot open the site again until the first window is closed. How did they implement this?

    My analysis, that is NOT:
    1. cookies - the block always takes place if you try to open it in Internet Explorer and also try to open it in Firefox at the same time.
    2 flash Cookies - the block always takes place if I disable flash cookies.
    3 IP Based Block - you are not blocked if you open the site on two separate computers with the same outgoing IP address. From my analysis, their server does not help in the block at all.

    It seems as if their .swf creates a sort of object throughout the global system which can be detected in other instances of the application on the same computer. How did they implement this?

    Thank you!

    use localconnection.  everyone has a localconnection to send and a receiving localconnection.  the lc reception closes the current application.

  • Use of multiple instances of the same browser...

    Hi people,

    I have a question...
    I inherited a large APEX application, it uses Oracle SSO to log.

    We are migrating the application to a new set of servers and run regression tests.
    Testers are connecting using IE6 and multiple instances of the application both on the oldTest newTest servers and opening.

    If at some point, you can:
    an application Admin user (username ADMINTEST123)  logged into the application on oldTest
    an application Admin user (username ADMINTEST123)  logged into the application on newTest
    an application standard user (username TEST123)  logged into the application on oldTest
    an application standard user (username TEST123)  logged into the application on newTest
    Is this supported?

    Could someone tell me or direct me to the documentation or the thread that lists which is supported / unsupported for use of browser with APEX and SSO?

    Thanks in advance,

    So this can I conclude that what you say and the above results we could get questions if connection users and open new windows in this sense?

    Yes, if users connect or not, if requests for pages using the same session of apex are issued different browser instances, the results may be undesirable.


  • Can't swap multiple instances of the same symbol


    So, I can select a symbol and exchange with one another, but why can't I just Exchange several instances of the same symbol?

    A useless limitation don't y ' All think?


    If you're talking about the replacement of one symbol by another of the library, which is limited to one symbol at a time.  But you can extend this functionality using JSFL.  Here is a link to a tool that might work for you... s-at-once.

    If you have a thousand things to change, you can review your design uses a dynamic approach, except the investment items must be managed manually defined specific locations.   In this way, you can simply change the link between the symbol and the programming will take care of the rest.

  • Multiple instances of the same symbol of edition

    Hi, was looking for a solution to this for a while, did not a straight answer yet. So I hope you guys can help.

    For a game of Hangman-esque I have a flash document (with CS5, but that probably doesn't matter) who has (or will have rather) a library of 26 clips that will contain a letter of the alphabet every.

    They will be inside their own dynamic text box, so I am able to change the font, background color etc at will.

    But it is even possible to edit multiple instances of a clip on the stage at the same time, without being too complex?

    In other words can I put several A, B, C etc. on the stage and get all change at the same time if someone guesses a letter?

    I know you can change instances unique of a clip, but for that you must give a name to each instance and I don't know how many of each letter I would be put on the stage, let alone how I could easily access.

    It could perhaps through classes or something? I've not really covered before if.

    Feel free to ask for more details... I admit that some I have things I write can be a little vague...

    Yes, a table that contains references to all the clips that are related functionally and when you manipulate them - loop in table and change all what you need to change on the table instances.

    I don't know what you want to learn more on...

  • How to avoid multiple instances of the application


    I would like to know how I can to avoid multiple instances of my request, my application have an option to "invoke later" which will awaken the application after xx minutes but where the user clicks on the icon of the application, for example, a few seconds before he must wake up he will see 2 instances open my application.

    Currently, the work around I did is check at every opening, if there is already an open instance and if so to 'kill' later, but I would like to know if there is a more elegant way to do it.


    You create a new ApplicationDescriptor - you say the BlackBerry OS that it is a new Application.

    If you use this method, and then the user clicks on the new icon, they will get also running two instances.  Here is a code that restarts the application 'running', that I think that it what you want.

    ApplicationDescriptor current = ApplicationDescriptor.currentApplicationDescriptor ();
    ApplicationManager.getApplicationManager (.scheduleApplication) (current, System.currentTimeMillis (+ 2001), true);
    System.Exit (0);

  • Multiple instances of the Microsoft bluetooth stack

    Hi all

    I'm having a problem in the use of two adapters Bluetooth Microsoft Bluetooth stack. Or the other adapter works fine until the other adapter is not connected. When other adapter is connected, it does not starts shown in Device Manager. Reason, displayed is that device can not start (error code 10).
    I think it's because of the connection of Audio service resource conflicts that might be solved if multiple instances of Microsoft Bluetooth Stack may be executed or some configuration settings. I'm fighting for a long time, but I still have not found any method of work.
    Bluetooth adapter: Atheros 3011.
    Error with the second device:
    Error message:

    Hi Suresh,

    A single active Bluetooth radio is supported both in Microsoft Bluetooth Stack. It should be possible to establish a connection to a few destinations at the same time using a radio. No battery on Windows supports more than one radio.

    To get help on this question, I suggest you to report your query in the TechNet Forums.

    It will be useful.

  • Unique VO shared by multiple instances of the same taskflow

    Hello Experts,

    Need your expert opinion to this problem. I have a VO that is used to display the details of the master-child table on page jsff (say it as a Page of country-state).

    The user comes to the jsff by taskflow launch page, passing a search results table (say it as countries search result). I have provided hypertext links in the table of countries so the user can click on the name of country and go to the country-state page.

    Occurs when the user clicks on the links from different countries and thus to open several pages of country-state jsff. In this case, all the pages pointing to the same country-state record.

    Example; Search country table has three rows - India, China, Japan. User clicked on the India, China and Japan of the Web links provided in the table. He opened 3 pages of the table of State of the country. But all these pages show details of the Japan as he was finally activated.

    I'm new to ADF and it's the first assignment . I learned and put in place through blogs on the internet but stuck here now.

    Appreciate any help.

    PS - I've seen a few articles mentioning to create multiple instances of VO, but my problem is that I don't know how many instances of create. Because it depends on how many times users click on hyperlink and launch taskflow.

    Kind regards


    This is not a property of the vo but the workflow. Please watch this video that shows the concept.


  • Impossible to find a solution to control the next dates on multiple instances of the entity.


    I have a simple scenario. I have two instances of an entity that match two records of a component of bussiness in Siebel. I need to put a validation that the date of the end of an instance is the eve of the start date of the other.

    Using the functions Nextdate() etc. can be useful within the same instance, but the way to check on multiple instances?

    Any suggestion is welcome.

    If you want to exclude from the last instance, there are two options. You can set a Global attribute to the start date of the last session, for example

    the date of beginning of last session = InstanceMaximum (sessions, the start date of the session)

    ... then use this attribute as a filter in your other rules. If there are some things where you want to run the logic on the same subset of instances (e.g., the subset that excludes the last instance), then it might be useful to create an inferred relationship:

    1. in the properties file, create one-to-many relationship overall to the session. (Relationships that will be deducted must always be on many-to-many.)

    2. give the new relationship a unique and descriptive name for example 'the sessions (excluding the last session) '.

    3. write a membership rule to determine which instances of the entity are part of the new relationship, for example

    the session is a member of the sessions (excluding the last session), if

    start date of the session< the="" start="" date="" of="" the="" latest="">

    4. When you want to redo the subset of instances of logic, use the relationship 'the sessions (excluding the last session)' rather than 'the sessions', for example

    the end dates of the sessions are valid if

    ForAll (sessions (excluding the last session), the session end date is certain)

    Using the cross-entity argument version of my example above, the following rule could be set to TRUE:

    the end dates of the sessions are valid if

    ForAll (sessions (excluding the last session), the session end date is certain)

    Whereas this rule would have the value FALSE:

    the end dates of the sessions are valid if

    ForAll (sessions, the closing date of the session is certain)

    I hope that gives you enough to continue their career with your specific scenario!

    See you soon,.


  • Create a concatenated string of attributes on Multiple Instances of the entity

    Hello world

    I wonder if someone has met this challenge, or ideas. We have been asked if OPA could produce a string containing the concatenation of the values of an attribute of text stored on multiple instances of an entity. The number of instances is variable, generally.

    Example: Assume that the attribute is "DayOfWeek", and we have an entity called "Appointment", with the authorities:

    appointment_1 (DayOfWeek = 'Monday')

    appointment_2 (DayOfWeek = 'Thursday')

    appointment_3 (DayOfWeek = 'Sunday')

    ... we need produce a string "AllAppointmentDays" = "on Monday, Thursday, Sunday.

    We don't think that this is possible without either: (a) an external system to generate the resulting concatenated string of the output, or (b) modules with the command of the approach to read the white paper Oracle in Nov 2012 (approaches to limits, thresholds and preferences), combined with hard-coding and the constraints on the length of the string.

    I was wondering if there was a better way to do it without external script or forced / hardcode.

    Thank you


    I don' t know that an external implementation would be easier, but it could be more effective if well written.  Internal or external, you must decide how you want to classify or ordering entities before concatenation.  The order must be absolute (i.e. without fasteners).  Policies to 'solve' the first entity out of string and the string output of the policy to concatenate a string to produce this entity = the entity 'before' + ', ' + attribute of the entity are fairly simple.

    I guess the answer is: it is not necessarily a better way to do it in OPM and I don't think that there are constraints, or a more effective solution is necessary unless you already know you will work with a very large number of entities or very long strings.

  • Workstation 7 on Win7, multiple instances of the taskbar

    When you run VMWare Workstation 7 on Windows 7, VMWare offers systematically there are multiple instances running.  1 for the application itself and 1 for each tab open in the application, regardless of its status running.  It's very confusing when I usually 5-6 tabs open, but only 1 of them is actually being run.  I know there is an icon on the top of each preview indicating if it is suspended or running, but a quick glance, it is difficult to find a case running.

    Is it possible to have only 1 instance of taskbar or display only the virtual machines running in the taskbar, instead of each of them?

    There is no configuration parameter to control the Aero thumbnails, but we had other requests specifically question that makes it more obvious that VMs are suspended and who are running (since they both show a screenshot and are differentiated only by the icon). It is being investigated for a future version of Workstation.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Satellite A100-201 stuck after enabling hibernation mode

    My computer is an A100-201 and its dead end hibernation. I read the advice others have written, but I can't get it back to normal. He was weak in power then start to Hibernate / hibernation. by pressing the key power dosen't work I need help. Please

  • Windows 8 is a good option for my hp touchsmart 520-1030

    is a good option for my touchsmart 520-1030 windows8

  • Upgrade Acer Aspire E 15 departure ES1-512-C5YW!

    Hello I just bought this new laptop and I am really considering to upgrade (if possible): -I want to upgrade the CPU (to an I5 or I7) processor -RAM (8 GB) -The hard drive to SSD (1 TB SSD) + If this is possible please also mention compatible parts.

  • disable the screensaver in media player does not

    We have disable screensaver during playback in the player using GPO. But the screen saver still works when the video is played. Clients: windows xp sp3 Microsoft media player version 11 Please help. Thank you.

  • Need help blue screen of Windows XP problem

    OK, so my computer has sent me to blue screen whenever I try to reboot because I turned off my pc via button when I had a bunch of programs that run... Ive done a little research and I had the operating system disc and tried to make 2 repairs a runni