Multisim for transfer Ultiboard Glitch


We have made many PCBS using Multisim as our software for schematic capture and Ultiboard for layout. The last room back does not work because the netlist in the schema is incompatible with the netlist in the provision of one piece (which is used several times on the map). Not only all the pins are reversed, but one of the pins is quite non-connected. Since the 8 pins are connected to the schematic side, this clearly isn't simply a matter of mixed up of PIN, but when I annotate with impatience, it is said that found no difference.

I went through and double and triple checked the symbol, the footprint and mapping of the PIN, and everything is OK. As a witness, I created a new schema with nothing else that the part in question and transferred to Ultiboard, and everything was OK.

Everyone knows about this problem before? This is a known bug and is there any workaround or recommended solution to avoid something like this happening in the future (outside routing by hand and without taking into account the ratsnest altogether).

Thanks in advance for the help!


Please contact our support group.   You should not see this question in v11.0.   I'm not aware of the important issues with annotation front/rear, since we redesigned the annotation capability and improved reliability in v11.0 (from 10.1). -> select ask support

Kind regards

Pat Noonan

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    ("manually synchronize playlists selected library 1 iPod 2 & then iPod 2 2 library, assuming that this is doable": it is not easily achievable)

  • Manual of PID for transfer Auto smooth


    I am using the PID command for a pump to ISCO syringe with manual Steplessly in automatic control, but I can't seem to make it work.

    This shoot-syringe has an entry and exit pressure and is used to apply a force to keep the vertical movement of a constant of the sample. The amount of applied pressure is related to vertical displacement by an equation that appears in the attached VI. This VI aims to apply a variable force according to the displacement of the sample in order to try to keep moving 0.

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    The pump is autonomous and can independently maintain pressure regardless of the LabVIEW PID controller. The pump only takes pressure of LabVIEW controls and maintain this pressure until another pressure control (I think that the pump integrated into the controller itself is a regulator PID.)

    The problem I have is if I start the VI with the pump at a constant pressure (using the hand control with advanced PID VI) and crossing the wire to automatic control, the advanced PID VI immediately shows the pump to adjust the pressure up and then slowly bring it down to the steady state. This happens even if the hand control pressure is stable and identical to the auto set pressure. This following image details what I'm talking about:

    The pump is in steady state, as shown in the diagram of pressure and the value in manual initially and then toggled mode on automatic control (designating the huge bump). I did it twice to show what happens when I go back. Manual automatic is without suddenly, because I used a local variable to constantly change the manual set temperature.

    I did some troubleshooting and experiment and here are some of the results that I found:

    1. when going from manual to automatic control, PID regulator sets the maximum pressure and then slowly bring it down to the set value

    2 when it is cold from the VI in automatic mode with true to reset, the PID controller sets the pressure at a minimum and then slowly bring it up to the set value. This occurs even if the value of the original process is close to the set point (feed the actual value in the PID controller before execution also does not help.)

    I also tried to play with the gains of PID in VI and found that if I turn off the 'I' and parameters "D" (together the two to 0), I no longer suffer from the huge bump, but the PID controller can bring the real set point value as there is always a lag.

    I don't know if this is a result of bad PID tuning, but after the initial bump in the transition between manual and automatic, the PID controller seems to be able to maintain the correct pressure well.

    The reason why I am using a PID controller rather send the pump controls (since it can independently maintain pressure) is because it is much smoother.

    In the attached VI, there are a few side screws that are called that are specific to the pump and the LVDT used for detection of vertical movement. I do not think that they have an effect on why I don't get a transfer smoothly without jerking, so I only put comments to explain what they are doing.

    I found another thread in forum with a similar question, but none of the solutions posted it seemed to have helped me. Here is the link to this thread:

    Thank you.

    Best regards


    Your topology is not quite how we recommend that you make the transfer smooth. Can you do something like this?

    Who will do manual setpoint pressure (units) and you need to update your gain, but it should follow. What is an option?

  • Download SP3 for transfer to another computer

    (If wrong forum please to move - 1st post)

    Download SP3 and transfer to another computer?   Mobile dongle does not work on it because it does that SP1 is installed.

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    You need SP2 before installing SP3.

    How to obtain the latest Windows XP service pack

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    Steps to take before you install Windows XP Service Pack 3

    It is stated in "How to obtain the latest service pack XP" is.

    If you have problems obtaining the service pack from Windows Update, you can download the package of standalone update from the Download Center. This page will say that this installation package is intended for it professionals and developers. However, you can download this file safely. The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

    Download the Windows XP Service Pack 3 package now (download for SP2)

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    The right way to move to the location of the message store is to go to tools | Options | Advanced | Maintenance | Store the folder, and then click Modify.  And then specify the new location (make sure it's an empty folder that already exists).  Then, close Windows Mail, and then reopen and there will be moves the messages himself.  Do not try to move yourself, as then it will be messed up.

    You can also try file | Import | Messages and then point to the backup directory.

    See here for background information on the Organization of the message store:


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    Thank you!


    Please try:


    Kind regards.

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    Load project files and all media on the new computer.  You will need to recreate a link to the media when you open the project.

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    Kind regards

    Kees Vlek


    + If the answer to question please change replied and mark the appropriate post as correct / helpful. +

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    Crush the Thunderbird profile folder ends the new profile. So, you have just an old.

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    So when I go into iTunes songs can be found and read, the majority remain located with the symbol.

    I tried also to the SHIFT, click on icon, choose about library that is mentioned in a lot of other responses, but I can't get this to work, it won't let me open the files, choose them not really. How can I fix?

    See make a library of portable split. You should aim to get your library files past in E:\Tunes and your support for E:\iTunes\iTunes Media. According to what you have done so far, there are different approaches that could be taken to repair the library. Can you give more details on what is currently where?


  • Image portable HARD drive for transfer to the new computer portable HARD drive on the same laptop


    Laptop was to receive the new HARD drive more big;

    Configuration is complex and has a lot of data and SW engineering.

    Own re - install would take too long.

    In operating systems earlier I just created an image, installed the new HARD disk and restored the image.

    In Vista, it does not. New HARD drive with image does not start. (Partition is correctly selected as active)

    Tried other methods, including Robocopy but without success.

    Sysprep is the right solution? If so, how will this affect users profiles and installed applications?

    Thank you


    Hi Paraxis,

    Whenever we use the system image and restore from it, the hardware must be same, as has already been made to backup. The hard disk partition should also be in the same size.

    You can use Sysprep on your computer and check if that helps you solve the problem.

    Preparation system (Sysprep) tool is a technology that you can use with other deployment tools to install Windows on new hardware, operating systems. The Sysprep tool prepares a computer for imaging of disc or delivery to a customer of the configuration of the computer to create a new computer security identifier (SID) when the computer is restarted. In addition, the Sysprep tool cleans up user-specific and settings specific to the computer and the data that should not be copied to a destination computer.

    Access the links below for more information on Sysprep. (WS.10) .aspx (WS.10) .aspx

    I hope this helps. Let us know the results.

    Thank you and best regards,


    Srinivas R

    Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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