Music Apple IOS 10 on 4G does not work


given that I have upgraded to IOS 10 my Apple music works in WiFi and not on 4G more. When I click 'for you', 'Browse' and 'Radio' I get only an endless LOADING. Restart, reinstall, etc. does not solve the problem. In the settings of data using Mobile is enabled for iTunes and App Store. I use an iPhone 6 with SALT mobile operator.

thx for the help


Greetings Swiss_Nic,

Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It seems that you want to use the Apple iOS 10 music and it works when you use a Wi - Fi connection, but does not load when you use cellular data.  Looks like you already have a troubleshooting. There is another parameter that you don't mention and which can be useful to check.

Go to settings > cellular > make sure the music is enabled. If it is not active you can activate and test to see if the problem persists.

Take care.

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    Hello Vaishnav,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see that you are having problems with Game Center on your iPhone. I have a number of things for you to try.

    First force quit Game Center.

    1. Press the Home button twice quickly. You will see small glimpses of your applications recently used.
    2. Swipe to the left to find the Game Center app to close.
    3. Swipe up on the preview of the Game Center to close.

    Force an app to close the iOS

    If this does not work, then the next step would be a restoration. I recommend restore like new, without backup restore and everything first. If it works there, you can restore the backup.

    Use iTunes to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings

    Best regards.

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    I have a problem with home theater dolby (DBT as I call it) today. I explain it. well, that's how. usually when DBT is off, the volume is normally low and all those that somehow the normal speaker settings. When I click on the DBT icon on the tray, usually it brings up 3 profile which is film, music & game. But today, it does not work. whenever I have I turn it on, there is no change in sound at all (volume, bass, pitch, etc.). even the equalizer slider made no change on the sound produced by the speaker. I don't test it on my helmet, speaker external and theres no change. but the noise is always present and no change to dolby. can someone provide me with a solution?

    Thank you and sorry for the bad language, I have trouble typing in English.

    OK NVM, I fix it. After installing dolby advance audio v2, I opened, select any profile, then end task in the process from the Task Manager, uninstalling dolby advance audio v2, then install dolby home theater v4. It works fine now.

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    If you're still having problems, try to use 802.11n for wifi if you currently use 802. 11B or 802. 11 g.

    If your problem is AirPlaying starting a computer, try turning off bluetooth

    If you're still having problems, the following article can help you.

    Troubleshooting AirPlay

    Troubleshooting connections and Wi - Fi networks

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    You will also find help on this page, where I have collected some of the more unusual solutions for network problems.

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