Music library Apple messed up my songs

Hello. I hardly ever have anything to complain about Apple's music, but today I noticed something really weird. I got about 60 GB of songs in my computer when I signed firstly for the Apple's music and has my synchronized library. Well, it happened last year and since then I had no problems with it.

But I just did a clean install of El Capitan on my macbook and so lost all the file of songs I had stored. 'No problem', I have thought, "they are still all in my music library apple, as long as I have access to the internet, I can listen to all". It so happened I had some songs very special and unique, like an instrumental version of sadness Summertime Lana Del Rey. Boy was I surprised when I tried to play and played the version of iTunes is in fact identical to the album version.

So I ask you, Apple: where is my instrumental song by Lana Del Rey? If it's in the cloud, how can I listen to it?

So I went and looked for other similar songs, and they are all screwed up. My set of The Killers live album is not powered, each song is the version of the album, even with the (live) song in it.

I can't help thinking that apple music spread a kind of false when propaganda advertising that we were able to listen to our songs from any device. It turns out that this is not always the case. I ask you once again: where are my files of original songs? How can I listen to them?

I expect an honest answer.



Inadequacy of live versions of studio music is a common problem. ic-fingerprints /

In any case, the music you download from Apple will have music DRM and you will only be able to play them as long as you subscribe to the Apple's music.

Your solution is to restore your original music of your back ups


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  • Why are my ineligible tracks for iCloud music library?

    Recently, I turned on the Apple music on my Mac and turned on iCloud music library. Most of my songs have been downloaded without problem, but there were some, including some of my favorite pieces, which is apparently not eligible for the cloud.

    These songs are songs that I bought years ago while they are protected AAC audio files and I bought the on another Apple ID as I used to share one with a family member before me to be my own. However, my laptop is allowed to play the songs of this ID, and there were many other tracks protected in my library bought with other Apple ID, that have been matched / downloaded without any problem.

    In addition, all tracks are 128 Kbps, so that they are in the range of quality to download. None is more than 200 MB, so the file size is not the issue.

    All tracks are still currently available on the iTunes Store and Apple's music catalog.

    Is there another reason they might be inadmissible? And, if so, is there a way to solve this problem and download them to my music library to iCloud?


    I own a small number of titles that I could not be upgraded. While some of the songs where still in the iTunes Store, they have been republished on / remastered versions of the same album.

    I suggest you burn these tracks on an audio cd and rerip them. You can get a match.


  • Why can't get my music on Apple music?

    I believe that this question was asked here several times but I do not see that it has been answered.

    I have music from Apple, and I have a lot of songs on my 6 iPhone through Apple music.  However, it is a fair bit of stuff that I have on my MacBook, which is not on the Apple's music.  Why can't I just put these albums on my iPhone via iTunes as I used to?

    All I get when I try to sync is "iCloud Music Library Is On" but if I try turn off voltage, it tells me I'm losing every album that I saved my music Apple, which is hundreds and hundreds... and something I don't want to do.

    Can someone help me please?

    You cannot synchronize manually if you use Apple music disco iCloud.

    Apple music works such that if the songs in your library iTunes on your computer is not found in the iTunes Store music library, it will download the unmatched songs so you can still access it if the music to iCloud service.

    To do this, iTunes must analyze your library on your computer and download these songs.

    Add music to your collection to your music library Apple - Apple Support

    If you turn off iCloud music library, then everything that is in iTunes on your computer will replace the content of the music on your iPhone app. This is why he warns you.

    Your iPhone and your library of music from iTunes on your computer must contain the same elements. The iPhone can also contain a subset of the items in your iTunes library, but essentially, it's all on the music from your iPhone app must already exist on your computer in order to avoid the deletion of things on the iPhone.

  • I have unscubscribed of music to Apple and iTunes Match Subscriber. Songs in my library that I own and are DRM free will not stream iTunes. He asked me to re - sign up for Apple's music. I am the owner of this music. It is downloaded and shows on iPhone b

    Five months ago I
    subscribed to the music of Apple, for three-month free trial, I liked it, paid
    for a few months. I then just wanted to Match iTunes as I have a large music
    Library and it is cheaper. I signed up for it and canceled my music from Apple, but
    After doing so I can't listen to a lot of songs that I have in my music library. They are
    not protected by DRM, but and I don't have the purchased by Apple. Whenever I try
    for streams, it appears to renew Apple music. It is not on all the songs, just
    95% of those I want to listen to it seems. Does anyone know why this is?

    I use the beta for 9.2 on my iPhone 6.


    ITunes game completed its scan of your iTunes library on your computer. So what is the status of your music iCloud - it must be bought, matched or download. If so, they should be available to stream on your iOS devices. I suggest that you turn off icloud music library and you disconnect from iTunes on your iOS device. Now, reconnect and turn on iCloud music library.


  • Music library playing a song wrong to iCloud

    I just noticed a strange bug in my iTunes music library to play the wrong version of one of my songs.  Here's the scoop:

    I have the album of Pink Floyd The Wall on my main library that is local to one of my computers.  Because I have iCloud music enabled, which allows my other computers listen to the songs I have in my main library, I am able to listen to The Wall of another Mac.  However, it's playing the wrong version of "Another Brick In The Wall (part 2)," which, on my computer which is streaming the track plays the live version of the track (which I believe is from the album Pulse, which is a horrible post-Roger Waters album).

    In my main music library, which has the original album that I've scanned there nearly 20 years, the length of the track is 04:01. However, when I listen to the song with another Mac, who plays bad live version, the length of the track is 07:07.  Now, if the runtime is the same, then I would chalk up a simple glitch where the Apple servers has confused, in the course of the same artist, even followed by name, same DURATION... but since it's a completely different album and different runtime... real head scratcher for me there.

    Just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone else has had this happens, and if there is some sort of fix.  I have not spent a lot of time to my music from my other computers, so I don't know if it's just an a stop or a bug that assail you my library continuously.


    This a fairly common problem with Apple's music. Read this ic-fingerprints /


  • Cannot add anything to Apple's music library

    Over the last week I have had any problems, add music to apple's music. I click on the sign '+' to add it to my library for easy listening access, but is never added. I then go click on the '+' again (which normally if you have already added, the sign is replaced by the symbol of the cloud-download). The cloud symbol appears for a brief second before to return in the ' + '. If someone could tell me what is happening and how to fix it, would be great!

    Thank you

    Hey there, petyondc!

    Thanks a lot for the use of Community Support from Apple! Your post, I understand you are trying to add music to your music library from Apple, but it won't actually save. If you try to add again, the + briefly turns into the cloud icon, but then goes back to the + and adds yet. I love being able to customize my library of Apple's music and want to help! Give the steps below a try and stop when the problem is resolved.

    1. Quit the application, and then start it again. You can follow the instructions in the article below the link if you do not know how to exit the application.

      Force a nearby application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

      Just after that you left the music app, tap the icon again to reopen and test adding a song to your library again.

    2. Restart your iPhone. The steps in the "How to restart" section of the following article will guide you in this process.

      Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

      Once on the iPhone, open the application music and try to add a song to your library.

    3. Back up your iPhone, and then restore it back to factory settings. You can use iCloud or iTunes to back up your iPhone and instructions are available in the article below.

      The backup of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

      Once you have saved it, use the steps in the following article to restore the iPhone to factory settings, then set up as a new device.

      Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings

    Good listening!

  • I have itunes 12.4.  When I try to add a new song to icloud music library I see the following message: results of genius cannot be updated because the iTunes Store does not recognize your iTunes library. "Then said to turn off genius, no not such optio

    I have itunes 12.4.  When I try to add a new song to icloud music library I see the following message: "Genius results cannot be updated because the iTunes store does not recognize your iTunes library."  He then ordered me to turn off Genius, and then turn it back on.  There is no option.  Othe impossible of access devices correspond to these songs via itunes.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Hello Subocz E M.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. I see that you had problems adding pieces and turn off Genius. I know how it is important to be able to add music to iTunes. I'm happy to help you.

    Since you are being invited to turn off Genius, you can add music, please use the following information to resolve these two issues:

    Turn on or off the Genius

    If iCloud music library is enabled, you cannot disable Genius.

    Choose file > library > Genius (toggle Genius).

    Turning off the Genius Genius Genius Shuffle shuts and and the Genius Mix.

    12 iTunes for Mac: use Shuffle Genius, Genius or Genius Mix playlists

    Have an amazing day!

  • Since the update to iTunes I don't see my purchased music. When I try to import my old playlists I get a message saying that the library is not a valid iTunes library. Thus, thousands of songs and hundreds of films and I can't see or play one.

    Since the update to iTunes I don't see my purchased music. When I try to import my old playlists I get a message saying that the library is not a valid iTunes library. Thus, thousands of songs and hundreds of films and I can't see or play one. I see my movie library where it is stored on an external hard drive, but my music was on my iMac.

    Where all the playlists gone and why didn't appear my entire music library? I checked the preferences and iTunes points to the correct folder, BUT only my music purchased appears...

    Same thing happened to me. I tried to replace iTunesLibrary.itl with an older copy, but that has not worked. Then I tried to return a version by resetting the Time Machine's iTunes app, but it would allow me to edit or delete iTunes because it is part of Mac OS X.

    So, I can not sync my iPad or iPhone, update all apps or find my music, that is, the course of the odf, still on my hard drive. ITunes just can't see the library.

    The difficulty of this Apple.

  • Question about the music library to iCloud (music Apple) and iTunes on mac

    Download I m just of my iTunes in the music library of iCloud library. Since I was afraid that my library of 40000 + titles could get corrupted or metadata could be changed by apple, I downloaded the files from a 'second' machine (macbook) - just to be on the safe side and keep my iTunes library local main on my iMac intact by iCloud (for the moment).

    Now everything seems fine with iCloud music library, but after all the titles/songs are in iCloud now, what happens if I disable the library iCloud music on the 'second' machine and Activate the library iCloud music on my main machine (iMac), which has the same local as my second machine iTunes library? (= the same local iTunes library, which has been already downloaded?)

    ICloud/iTunes will recognize that all songs/files are already uploaded to the music library iCloud and doe 'nothing', or download will process all over again and will lead to 'double' all the files/songs in iCloud?

    The same question arises if we restore iTunes library local on a mac from a backup + switches on iCloud music library a second time... will be iTunes + icloud music library download all the files again or not?

    Unless something is wrong, it should recognize and not duplicate.

  • Match vs Apple-ITunes music (library iCloud)

    Is there a reason to maintain a subscription Match after Apple signed music to iTunes? the main reason that I had another match was to maintain access continuous songs "incomparable" (especially my own demos and stuff notcommercially available) that Match uploaded to the cloud. It seems that Apple music is that too by iCloud library. Am I missing something?

    Hello Kdilla,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    To learn more about the differences between music Apple and iTunes game I suggest you read the article of support related to below.

    iCloud library: understand the differences between music from Apple and iTunes game

    Have a good.

  • In the music of Apple, why have I not the option 'make available offline' more? He disappeared for months, regardless of the song I am listening.

    I am a subscriber of music to apple for months now, and initially, it worked fine. Then one day, I didn't have the 'make available offline' option more, and it never came back.  I tried many songs, thinking that perhaps the option has been locked for some songs, but it did not help. If I can't download music, then I won't keep my subscription being Apple's music.

    Hi Jpashko,

    If you try to download music on your iPhone for listening offline, have a look at the instructions below:

    Add music catalog to Apple's music to your library on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC

    Download songs, albums and playlists to listen to offline

    You can download songs, albums, or playlists on your device so that you can listen to them when you are not connected to the Internet, you need to download tracks, albums or playlists on each device that you want to use for offline listening.

    * You can download music on up to 10 devices. These songs are only available during your membership of Apple's music.

    On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    1. In the music application, find the element you want to download.
    2. Tap the More Options to the right of the name of the song, album, or playlist.
    3. Press the download icon to the right of the article work.

      If you see a instead of the download icon, the question is not in your iCloud music library.

      Press on the to add the item to my music, then press on the download icon to download the agenda on your device.

    Songs and albums appear under my music > library. Playlists appear under my music > playlists.

    Hope that helps...

  • In the music library, how can I get my songs to sort alphabetically by song, not an artist?

    In the music library, how can I get my songs to sort alphabetically by song, not an artist?

    Go to settings > music > songs of sorting & Albums and select by title. Should be good then.

  • Apple music unexpectedly goes to the next song!


    • I can play my own music bought from iTunes. No problem at all.
    • When I try to play any song/music list Apple it skip to the next song. And the next. With a second delay. Apple music is currently unusable.

    I used the Apple music with no problems for about 6 months.

    Latest version of iTunes ( and OS X (10.11.6) installed on a Mac Pro.

    Any thoughts?

    Hello Wognum,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    It is my understanding that when Apple's music using it continuously jumps to the next song, without playing one of them.  I'll try my best to help with this.

    The first thing I would do, it's what is on the backup computer.  Nothing that I will propose should result in no data loss, but it's always a good idea to have a backup.  Your computer has software called Time Machine.  It is a fantastic software for backing up your computer.  Information on how to use Time Machine is available here:

    Use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac.

    Assuming all other internet access works correctly, it is important to try to isolate what is causing this to happen.  The first thing to do to help isolate what is causing the problem is set up a test user account and see if Apple music works properly there.  Follow all the instructions that you will find on this page:

    How to test a question in another account on your Mac.

    If the problem does not occur in the test user account, then you will want to check the connection points of the account where Apple music will not play.  Try to remove the elements of connection and see if it plays properly.

    OS X El Capitan: If you think you have incompatible connection points

    See you soon!

  • share your library music on apple tv

    Is it possible to play my music to my son on his tv House?

    Can I register iCloud or iTunes Store on his bench -

    to access my music and play there?

    Thank you, Tom

    Yes, you should be able to log in and access your purchases on the iTunes store or your iCloud if music library you use iTunes Apple music or game.


  • Frustrated with Apple music early jump to the next song.

    Does anyone have a solution to keep the Apple music to jump to the next song before the end of the song that is currently playing?

    My iOS is updated and I play it back via SONOS on a home network routed through the latest AirPort Extreme wireless.

    I'm about to go back to Spotify.

    I had this before and it turned out be be very low space on my device and / or bad internet connection? Other that that, I don't know sorry.

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