Music library playing a song wrong to iCloud

I just noticed a strange bug in my iTunes music library to play the wrong version of one of my songs.  Here's the scoop:

I have the album of Pink Floyd The Wall on my main library that is local to one of my computers.  Because I have iCloud music enabled, which allows my other computers listen to the songs I have in my main library, I am able to listen to The Wall of another Mac.  However, it's playing the wrong version of "Another Brick In The Wall (part 2)," which, on my computer which is streaming the track plays the live version of the track (which I believe is from the album Pulse, which is a horrible post-Roger Waters album).

In my main music library, which has the original album that I've scanned there nearly 20 years, the length of the track is 04:01. However, when I listen to the song with another Mac, who plays bad live version, the length of the track is 07:07.  Now, if the runtime is the same, then I would chalk up a simple glitch where the Apple servers has confused, in the course of the same artist, even followed by name, same DURATION... but since it's a completely different album and different runtime... real head scratcher for me there.

Just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone else has had this happens, and if there is some sort of fix.  I have not spent a lot of time to my music from my other computers, so I don't know if it's just an a stop or a bug that assail you my library continuously.



This a fairly common problem with Apple's music. Read this ic-fingerprints /


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  • music 9 plays the song wrong iOS app

    I have an iPhone 6 s, version 64 GB running iOS 9.3.1.

    I found that very often when I play music in the music app, I'll try to select a song and instead to play this song, it will play the song under him, or the song two or three under where I selected. This isn't a question "you must have shuffle." It seems that other people have had this problem since iOS 7. Music force the application to quit and restart the phone seems to solve the problem for a while until he back randomly.

    There is nothing wrong with my touch screen, it works perfectly fine. The songs are there, I can play if I choose a song, two or three preceding that I want to play or if I ask Siri to play the song. At first, I thought maybe my phone somehow lose data from the music and the song to jump because he couldn't play, but this is obviously not the issue. If people had problems of this kind in the iOS 7 I would have thought by iOS 9.3.1 it was something that's been fixed now.

    Anyone else have any ideas? It's really annoying.

    After some research, I found that somehow the shuffle function has something to do with this problem because it disappears if I turn off shuffle. However, while shuffle is on and sat for a while, he will refuse to play the song as I type, rather play another song usually songs, that I hit the underside of the. If I disable the shuffle, the problem goes away for a while, even though I turn on shuffle immediately. But eventually the phone will not play the song that I select. It's the strangest thing I've seen my phone so far.

  • Why Windows Media Player plays the song wrong when I click it in a playlist?

    I did a huge selection automatically (with 145 songs) with five-star is Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7 on my Dell XPS L702X.

    So, let's say that I want to hear "Everybody Hurts [edit]" r.e.m. I click on n, it starts WMP play "Slips through my fingers" by Agneta Fältskog!
    He plays another song which is 24 positions above!
    At first, it used only for touch me when I was sorting the songs in the playlist by Genre, Album, year, etc... But now, even with the contributing artist, he played another song!
    The only way for her to play the song I want is with some navigation arrow keys or when I clicked on the playlist and I'd get a unsorted list. With the unsorted list, I find the song.
    It's a difficult problem, but I have a temporary solution. But please try to find an answer!
    EDIT: now at random. Unsorted perspective will give me wrong songs and the artist's view contributing sort will give me good music! What a mix! Say that it is a "re - Mix"!


    (1) don't you make changes to the computer until the problem occurred?

    I suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Try to run the troubleshooting Windows Media Player settings Troubleshooter:

    Method 2: Troubleshooting to launch Windows Media Player library.


    Method 3: If the problem persists, try to disable and enable Media Player and check.

    Step 1: turn off Windows Media Player:
    a. go initially and in search type 'Turn Windows has or not'.
    b. click on "Turn Windows features on or off".
    c. find multimedia and uncheck Windows Media Player.
    d. restart the computer.
    Step 2: Enable the Windows Media Player:
    a. go initially and in search type 'Turn Windows has or not'.
    b. click on "Turn Windows features on or off".
    c. find the multimedia functions and place a check mark in front of the Windows Media Player.
    d. restart the computer.

    For more information, see the article:

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Kind of music library

    I just installed iOS10 and cannot sort my music/library by the song title. It displays only the titles of the songs in groups sorted by artist. This is consistent with both iPhone6 & iPad. Y at - it a setting or option that I'm missing?

    Go to the application settings on your iPhone and choose music; under 'Library', there is an option for "type songs & Albums. You can choose 'by artist' or ' title' - the latter should work for you.

  • I have itunes 12.4.  When I try to add a new song to icloud music library I see the following message: results of genius cannot be updated because the iTunes Store does not recognize your iTunes library. "Then said to turn off genius, no not such optio

    I have itunes 12.4.  When I try to add a new song to icloud music library I see the following message: "Genius results cannot be updated because the iTunes store does not recognize your iTunes library."  He then ordered me to turn off Genius, and then turn it back on.  There is no option.  Othe impossible of access devices correspond to these songs via itunes.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Hello Subocz E M.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. I see that you had problems adding pieces and turn off Genius. I know how it is important to be able to add music to iTunes. I'm happy to help you.

    Since you are being invited to turn off Genius, you can add music, please use the following information to resolve these two issues:

    Turn on or off the Genius

    If iCloud music library is enabled, you cannot disable Genius.

    Choose file > library > Genius (toggle Genius).

    Turning off the Genius Genius Genius Shuffle shuts and and the Genius Mix.

    12 iTunes for Mac: use Shuffle Genius, Genius or Genius Mix playlists

    Have an amazing day!

  • Why are my ineligible tracks for iCloud music library?

    Recently, I turned on the Apple music on my Mac and turned on iCloud music library. Most of my songs have been downloaded without problem, but there were some, including some of my favorite pieces, which is apparently not eligible for the cloud.

    These songs are songs that I bought years ago while they are protected AAC audio files and I bought the on another Apple ID as I used to share one with a family member before me to be my own. However, my laptop is allowed to play the songs of this ID, and there were many other tracks protected in my library bought with other Apple ID, that have been matched / downloaded without any problem.

    In addition, all tracks are 128 Kbps, so that they are in the range of quality to download. None is more than 200 MB, so the file size is not the issue.

    All tracks are still currently available on the iTunes Store and Apple's music catalog.

    Is there another reason they might be inadmissible? And, if so, is there a way to solve this problem and download them to my music library to iCloud?


    I own a small number of titles that I could not be upgraded. While some of the songs where still in the iTunes Store, they have been republished on / remastered versions of the same album.

    I suggest you burn these tracks on an audio cd and rerip them. You can get a match.


  • Question about the music library to iCloud (music Apple) and iTunes on mac

    Download I m just of my iTunes in the music library of iCloud library. Since I was afraid that my library of 40000 + titles could get corrupted or metadata could be changed by apple, I downloaded the files from a 'second' machine (macbook) - just to be on the safe side and keep my iTunes library local main on my iMac intact by iCloud (for the moment).

    Now everything seems fine with iCloud music library, but after all the titles/songs are in iCloud now, what happens if I disable the library iCloud music on the 'second' machine and Activate the library iCloud music on my main machine (iMac), which has the same local as my second machine iTunes library? (= the same local iTunes library, which has been already downloaded?)

    ICloud/iTunes will recognize that all songs/files are already uploaded to the music library iCloud and doe 'nothing', or download will process all over again and will lead to 'double' all the files/songs in iCloud?

    The same question arises if we restore iTunes library local on a mac from a backup + switches on iCloud music library a second time... will be iTunes + icloud music library download all the files again or not?

    Unless something is wrong, it should recognize and not duplicate.

  • iCloud music library does not work on my new iPhone


    iCloud music library has worked between my Mac, iPhone 6 and iPad Pro. However, it does not work on my new iPhone 7.

    When I try turn it off and on again, I do not get the merge or replace guest library that every site seems to say that I see. When I turn it on and open the music, I don't see any of the artists or songs or playlists that I added on my other devices. Occasionally (maybe 5 times), several full minutes after activating the iCloud music library, I get the error "iCloud music library can be activated. I tried using different wifi, using LTE networks and to connect it to my Mac. I tried to reboot the device when enabling/disabling iCloud music library. I also tried to use file > library > update to iCloud music library iTunes. I've been at this for about 4 hours now and am about to start rider on my hair. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    You back up iPhone via iTunes or iCloud 7?

  • Music library Apple messed up my songs

    Hello. I hardly ever have anything to complain about Apple's music, but today I noticed something really weird. I got about 60 GB of songs in my computer when I signed firstly for the Apple's music and has my synchronized library. Well, it happened last year and since then I had no problems with it.

    But I just did a clean install of El Capitan on my macbook and so lost all the file of songs I had stored. 'No problem', I have thought, "they are still all in my music library apple, as long as I have access to the internet, I can listen to all". It so happened I had some songs very special and unique, like an instrumental version of sadness Summertime Lana Del Rey. Boy was I surprised when I tried to play and played the version of iTunes is in fact identical to the album version.

    So I ask you, Apple: where is my instrumental song by Lana Del Rey? If it's in the cloud, how can I listen to it?

    So I went and looked for other similar songs, and they are all screwed up. My set of The Killers live album is not powered, each song is the version of the album, even with the (live) song in it.

    I can't help thinking that apple music spread a kind of false when propaganda advertising that we were able to listen to our songs from any device. It turns out that this is not always the case. I ask you once again: where are my files of original songs? How can I listen to them?

    I expect an honest answer.


    Inadequacy of live versions of studio music is a common problem. ic-fingerprints /

    In any case, the music you download from Apple will have music DRM and you will only be able to play them as long as you subscribe to the Apple's music.

    Your solution is to restore your original music of your back ups


  • iCloud music library

    I wanted to remove some songs from my phone to get more space, but to do this, I had to remove the musical library of iCloud option and manually select the music I want on my phone. But in doing so, I can not record songs when I active apple music subscription. So, I turned on the music library to icloud and the music I wanted to remove first is back on my phone and the songs saved the subscription of apple's music have disappeared. My question is: how to remove music from the music library to icloud? Thank you for your understanding.

    Dorut Hello,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I understand not wanting to manage your music and create space on your iPhone. These articles will help you to manage your music and create more space on your iPhone.

    Delete songs and video clips from your music library to iCloud

    In the next article, there is a section to remove the content manually. I also highlighted the steps below the link.

    If you need more space for an iOS update

    In the settings menu to use, you can see how much space your apps use and delete those you don't need. You can always re - download your purchased applications or any content later. Follow these steps:

    1. Tap Settings > general > storage & use iCloud > storage management.
    2. Select any application to see how much space it uses and tap Delete App to remove it. Some applications, such as music and videos, allow you to remove parts of their documents and data.

    Best regards

  • "iCloud music library can be unlocked -" iPhone 6 - iOS 9.3.1

    Hi all

    I had podcast download questions ("Unable to download the podcast" on the iPhone 6 - iOS 9.3.1) which extended unable to download songs from Apple's music for offline use. Spend a lot of time in airplanes that becomes really lonely and boring.

    But today my problems reached another milestone, that will not just be my library of music iCloud cooperate more. He took himself in the menu settings/music and I cannot turn it back on, get the error "iCloud music library can not be activated. You can activate it later Music settings. So far, your music is not available on other devices.

    Since I can't add music in my library for quick research, I can't download anything for offline use, etc. Extremely annoying with all the flights I do.

    I restored my phone from an old backup (2 months) for good measure, but no luck.

    Any idea?

    Try this

    Settings > general > reset > reset all settings

  • The music library of iCloud cannot be updated right now...

    I recently signed up for 3 months free trial Apple music, he has previously worked however this week when I clink/tap Add to my music on any song a warning symbol appears (!) on my Windows computer and it reads

    ( ! )   Addition of "Runaway (U & I)" to my music

    The music library of iCloud cannot be updated right now...

    What does that mean? And how do I get the songs to add to my music? And then finally my camera?

    Hi, I just had this problem too. (Mac 10.5; iTunes 12.3)

    Sign out of iTunes, to quit. Then when you open itunes and connect again, the problem should be solved. It can request a CV of your credit card code.

    Good listening!

  • iTunes can't locate my music. When I try to play a song one get an exclamation point and the message "the song could not be used because the original file cannot be found. You want to locate?

    I don't know if I am posting this in the right place. If she must be somewhere else please let me know.

    When I try to play a song I get an exclamation point next to the song and a pop up that says: "the song could not be used because the original file cannot be found. You want to locate? »

    I use Windows 10 and iTunes version 12.3.1.

    It's the path statement where the music is currently located on my hard drive:

    If I click on a single song from within File Explorer, it opens iTunes and the song plays without problem.

    To try to solve this problem, I went in 'Advanced' in 'Préférences' and changed the iTunes media folder location to match the location of the files on my disk hard as you can see below.

    Unfortunately, it did not work either. iTunes is always gives me the same message that it cannot locate the original files. I REALLY hope someone can help me finally tried for weeks to solve this problem.

    Thank you!

    Now iCloud is down, if something happens on the end of apples.

  • My icloud music library does not appear on itunes mac

    Hi, I have iPhone and Mac and iTunes and Apple music subscription. I have my subscription songs I added to my playlist, all work well on the iPhone. Unfortunately none of my music library appears on library Mac, even if iTunes Mac is connected to my iTunes account and my Apple ID. If I choose a song that I have to pay if I want to listen to it.

    No idea how to solve this problem?

    Thank you


    Go to preferences and if library music iCloud is checked.


  • Conststanly of multiple duplication of songs every time WMA music library that I connect to my Walkman mp3 player

    Original title: library of WMA music

    Why my WMA music library conststanly is multiple songs duplication whenever I connect to my Walkman mp3 player.

    I tried deeting of library only, also remove the computer, but the titles keep bouncing in the library.

    Hi David,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

    I understand that Windows Media Audio Music Library constantly duplicating multiple songs every time that you connect to the Walkman MP3 player. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will try to help you in the matter of fixing.

    To help you suggest several steps to solve the problem, I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

    1. you receive an error code or message?

    2. have you made any recent hardware or exchange of software on your computer before the show?

    Please follow the methods and mark the question below:

    Method 1:

    Step 1:


    Follow the steps described in the links below.


    Open the troubleshooter in the Windows Media Player settings:

    Step 2:


    Run the Microsoft Fix It from the link below.


    Solve the problems of Windows Media Player video and other media or library:



    Method 2:


    Please follow the steps and check the question below:

    Step 1:


    Follow the steps in the link below.


    Start your computer in safe mode:

    If the problem is resolved, then follow the next step.

    Step 2:


    You need to perform a clean boot to prevent any third party conflicting application from interfering with your computer.

    To put the computer in a clean boot state, you must follow the steps in the article mentioned below and check with the question.



    How to perform a clean boot for a problem in Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8:

    Note: You must follow step 3 of the article mentioned above to recover your computer to a Normal startup after you complete all the steps.



    Your response is very important for us to ensure a proper resolution. Please get back to us with the information above to help you accordingly.

    In the future if you fall on any question relating to Windows, please do not hesitate to post your request here on Microsoft Community, we will be more than happy to help you.

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