Music tracks/songs appear on iTunes, but will play not (iPhone)

Here's my problem: occasionally, the songs on my iPhone 5s appear (as they should) but will not play.

For example, I recently bought the new album AWOLNATION.  For a few weeks, the album would end - play until recently when do not play 2 tracks (while still appearing on my iPhone in iTunes).  You click on the song, and then it passes just to the next song.  Because the tracks appear, but just will not play - I'm not sure that they are "removed", but for some reason just iTunes will not play them.  Whenever I have "Difficulty", a song, another song ends by does not.  One thing to note, playing the same song on my iTunes on my PC (where I sync my music of), they work very well - which tells me he is not a corrupt file, just something to do with the iPhone iTunes.

Another iPhone user has experienced a similar problem here 3 years ago! : some of my songs will not play! (but provided resolutions provide no durable solutions).  For me, it's a relatively recent problem - probably began a few months ago (at least that I noticed).


-It does not appear to matter what format the song is - lately I've noticed with the securities purchased, but it's just because I didn't buy many CDs lately.

-My iPhone, iTunes and my PC iTunes are perfectly up-to-date.

-My iTunes library on my phone has more than 4000 titles (combination of purchased and ripped from my CDs)

What I tried:

-Removal of the track, the phone is off and re - download solves the problem for this piece. However, the question continues to be repeated with different tracks.

-Synchronize the phone with no music (to remove them all) and re-sync them all back on.  (After having done that, I found many more tracks that appeared, but would not play.)  Moreover, even if it were the solution - I would be quite disappointed spending 3 + hours a week or so just re - sync my music!)

-Syncing the phone (there is nothing in itself - iTunes I guess see no problem with missing titles, so does not re - add the).

Thanks in advance for any advice or comments on the issue.

If no solution can be found, does anyone know how to make iTunes music on a non-Apple product? (My contract is next week, and I'm willing to change if need be - music on my cell phone is much more important than the brand loyalty).

Quick update: I can now confirm that this issue effects purchased iTunes music and ripped from CDs.  I use iTunes to rip music.

Thanks again for anyone with suggestions on how to solve this problem!

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    1. don't you make changes to the computer until the problem occurred?

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