My Abobe photoshop 4.0 is not compatible with my Windows 7 a mild wear. It was, but for some reason any won't work now. I thought it was time to try a new version of photoshop and somehow ended up with a cloud, and apparently will have to pay for access t

My Abobe photoshop 4.0 is not compatible with my Windows 7 a mild wear. It was, but for some reason any won't work now. I thought it was time to try a new version of photoshop and some sort finished with a cloud, and apparently will have to pay for access to Photoshop elements, which is everything I wanted in the first place. Is there a way I can get out of this oblogation to $120.00 and go to Staples and buy Photoshop elements 14?


You may have to wait until Monday because of the long holiday weekend in the United States

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> finished with a cloud and apparently will have to pay to access Photoshop elements

I don't know what you bought, but Photoshop Elements only not part of the cloud

Also, to install or run version 4 with Win7, did you do a RIGHT click on the program and select a compatibility mode from the option list?

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    If this problem persists, check that this brush pack is compatible with photoshop cs5-also, it would help a lot to know these things: If your photoshop work on an apple operating system or the windows operating system over which version of the operating system. Other things that could harm this pack brush work are its installed incorrectly or in the wrong place can also reset preferences cs5 help. Finally if what you initially posted is true and or exact-"-when I try and load this brush pack I bought" he says "because this file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop" then this is exactly like a Pack of Brush that will not WORK with CS5.

  • File is not compatible with the current version of Photoshop

    "The file is not compatible with the current version of Photoshop" is the warning I get when you try to open a Photoshop file that I saved a few minutes before my computer crashed (Wacom Cintiq complementary, 10 of Windows). I can't open it with any another application either. How is it possible that I can not open a file I just worked with and saved permanently? Is it possible to recover an earlier version of the file?

    Hi NonMeek,

    It seems that the file has been corrupted somehow.

    Would suggest you to run Photoshop as administrator and then try to open that specific file.

    If this does not help, you can download this file somewhere and share the download link so that we can try to open it on our end.

  • The information about the registered printer are not compatible with this version of Photoshop


    I hope someone can help us. I'm a COMPUTER technician in a school, we have about 500 machines to Windows 7 64 bit with around 600/700 users - 200 machines have the CS5.5 Master Collection on which is installed. We have an intermittent problem with printing from Photoshop (32-bit and 64-bit versions). Our printers are for the most part, the (modern) HP LaserJet printers, but we have an inkjet Epson B-510DN and some copiers Xerox too. The drivers are all installed on a central print server running Server 2008 R2 and shared via the client computers group policy.

    In the rooms where Photoshop is installed, intermittently when a student goes to print, we will receive the following error message:

    Saved printer information are not compatible with this version of Photoshop, or the saved printer is no longer available. You will need to check your printer settings before you print.

    Photoshop will be gray and then the button "Print" and will not let the user print again. The strange thing is that we can still print from other software such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft software or even non - same Illustrator will print. It just seems to be Photoshop it's has all the problems.

    This occurs when you print to a printer on the site, 90% of whom are HP. As a general rule we set up all of our HP printers with HP PCL6 universal print driver because it facilitates the management of the various models of printers, and we did not limit ourselves atall yet. We are aware that the Adobe software is "preferential" for Postscript drivers, but aren't our printers, HP PCL is their mother tongue. We tried to change a printer for the Postscript UPD driver to test but he brought no improvement. We also saw the issue in depth altogether with our Epson B-510DN, which is configured with the newer model specific driver Epson as uses our photography service. As we see with different printers, I don't think the printer drivers are to blame - unless someone want to prove me wrong.

    Like I said the problem is intermittent, and we are having trouble tracing it down for a user, computer, or a software problem, as it is so intermittent. Has anyone another considering cela and managed to overcome? Given that it only happens in Photoshop is this a bug that Adobe have recognosed and fixed the CS6? The only solution we found that he must go in printer, change the default printer from one to the other and vice versa - cela seems to shut up Photoshop.

    Thank you, Dave.

    Here's the answer that I received from Adobe, and it worked.

    'Ok. Try to open 'print', while holding the space bar; He ignores all the saved values. "Also, make sure that the correct printer that he set as default.

  • Could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop.

    Hi - I tried for a few days in order to reopen all file ive created with photoshop cs5 but ketting the same message "Could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop."

    the file is a psd file (just the regular photoshop save as an option) and the file in photoshop consisted of a quicktime movie file - which stood on a layer... (which I could rub through in the animation timeline) and a new layer video in which the individual frames, I drew some images with the brush.

    I can play the video with two video layers in ps cs5, but when I record and try to open I get the message "Could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop."

    I have no antivirus or norton... programs etc on my computer

    and ive tried to do this on a mac and a pc and get the same result.

    its crazy because im saving the file with the same im version tries to open it with.

    any help meet me would save a looming deadline.

    Thank you

    I noticed that the psd file is only about 10 MB, but the movie quitime file (as a stand-alone file - (before that I made in photoshop is 650 MB)) - is this a problem?

    Have you installed all the updates to Photoshop CS5? (the current version is 12.0.3)

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    N ° if this message appears, you are running on an old processor Core Duo of first generation on a MacBook/iMac/Mac mini and it simply is not compatible, no matter which version of Mac OS x. It lacks the specific chip components required to get the code.


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    Any old copy of Windows XP that could be installed in the host system? If you do not, it should be available at a modest price of an online seller. Perhaps (I'm not too), even an old Windows 98 TO work. The game (using a 3D engine) will not work under pure DOS, so you need a Windows environment so that it can work. Just FYI: If you get this old classic to run, new issues may arise. Known are the "mss32.dll" runtime error (you may need to replace this file with the newer version of SW:KOTOR 1) and the issue of video cutscenes (the games uses an obsolete video codec, Smacker - either you find an old *.) DLLS for it or have you convert movies in a modern format).

    In conclusion: get old games to run on software/hardware modern (it is not only a problem of BONE) is one of the most fascinating and rewarding challenges to a real fan. But do not expect it will not be easy "out of the box" (or simply insert a CD).

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