My acer aspire one does not start. the scrolling windows screen, then screen turns off. logon appears and resets, sys

My acer aspire one does not start. the scrolling windows screen, then screen turns off. but after a long time (45mins) the login screen appears and d sysytem restarts. I have a multi boot with 2 installations of xp, and this happens with both bones. not able to access my sys to bak - up also. all f8 options were considered, but no use.

I have some bad sectors on d: (have total 3 drive partitions c:, d:, e: with xp on c: and e :))
the sys wud show a blue screen and reboot when certain file wud b accessible on d:... now the sys cannot start all... pls help...

Hi Srimotu,

·         You get an error message or an error code?

·         Have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

Follow these methods.

Method 1: Try starting it in last known good configuration.

Method 2: Try to start in safe mode.

If you are able to boot into safe mode, try a clean boot.

Note: After the clean boot for troubleshooting, return the computer to a Normal startupmode.

Method 3: Disconnect external devices such as printer, scanner, etc. and try to start.

Also disable automatic restart in the event of system failure

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    After you install a HD on my Acer Aspire One wireless mouse, the Synaptics Touchpad works not at all even if feataure troubleshooting indicates it works correctly.  Default is always to the wireless mouse. I tried to deavtivating the wireless mouse and reset to factory manufacturer.  This does not re-enable the Touchpad.

    Try Fn + F7. This option turns the touchpad on and outside.

  • Built in mic on acer aspire one does not

    The microphone on my acer aspire one netbook does not work. I am running windows XP on the netbook and had this problem once before some time back, but can't remember what the person tech told me to uninstall that does the job all of a sudden again. I use also the audio if it helps Realtek HD. I tried several times to update the drivers and reinstall the software from the acer site, it does not work... any suggestions?


    Thank you for your message.

    I see that you are facing problems with the built-in microphone.

    Let's not worry! I'm here to help.

    Quick questions:

    1. what exactly happens when you use the built-in microphone? You receive an error message?

    2. What is the status of the device in Device Manager?

    Check out this link to learn more about device manager:

    By using Device Manager

    Let's try the following and check:

    Method 1:

    We will adjust the volume of your microphone and check if it is set as default.

    (a) right click on the "speaker" icon located on the bottom right corner the screen of the taskbar.

    (b) click on sounds, click on the recording tab.

    (c) click Microphone, and then click Properties. (Note to make sure that this work appears under Microphone. If the job does not appear, click on Microphoneand then click set as default.)

    (d) in the Properties of the Microphone dialog box, click the custom tab.

    (e) select or clear the check box Amp Microphone .

    (f) click the levels tab.

    (g) set the slider for the volume to the desired level, and then click OK.

    (h) click on OK to close the sound dialog box.

    Method 2:

    I would also say that you update the drivers for your Microphone and looking for the issue.

    See this link for more information:

    How to manage devices in Windows XP

    I hope that helps!

    If you need help on this problem or any question of Windows in the future let us know.

  • Virtual machine does not start the Server Windows 2003 Std ISO file?


    I am trying to create a virtual Windows 2003 machine, I created the ISO file, downloaded on my ISO library and connected the CDROM drive for the ISO file.

    When I boot the maching, I select the start menu and select the CDROM drive the virtual machine starts the ISO?

    The continuous boot just on the network card boot.

    It's as if the virtual machine does not see the CDROM drive?

    I use folder2iso

    To me, it sounds as if the ISO created may not be bootable! How did you create the ISO file?


  • My Acer Aspire R14 does not start with the cord of the charger plugged in with the battery connected to

    A few weeks ago, my laptop Acer Aspire R14 went totally blank. When I unplugged the power cord, it started right to the top, but at the moment where I plugged the power cord back inside would be closed. The battery dies quickly in this way, because it would not charge. I removed the battery then it started upward with the power cord. I thought it must be the battery, so I installed a new battery. which is not to change the problem.

    So, I ordered a new motherboard and after a few weeks, I received it today, installed, and I have always the same thing. It works well with the power cord plugged in until the battery is disconnected. But at the time wherever I connect the battery, everything stops, not to be revived unless I disconnect the battery.

    I need help! What could be the problem?

    Glad I could help.

  • Acer aspire 10th switch does not start the Bios Setup screen

    I'm trying to start on the bios Setup screen to change the boot sequence to test a rescue disk/windows 10 install usb, but all by pressing f2 during POST it just boots to windows of ideas anyone? Thank you

    power the device turned off, press and hold the power + Volume UP

    After awhile, it will boot to the BIOS.

  • Acer aspire 5742 does not start

    Hi all hope you can help - I have an acer aspire 5742 running windows 7. the problem is that it doesn't start not until after bios acer launched toward the top of page and just continuously loop around. F2 and F12 keys available no. function F8 or F10. tried to re-don't boot from the recovery disk no joy. Startup disk in the bios change still no joy. Cannot make a secure boot or system reset as unavailable F8 and F10 keys.

    fan does not (not over heating)

    HD is running

    can you please help

    Hi - I've worked with thanks to you all, I'll wish to explain how to fix at the base.

    1 - Download partition manager free 2014.

    2. run the partition manager and select go delet.

    3 - Select the partition that has 100 MB space and delete

    4. then select the larger partition and delete.

    5 - turn off the power to the laptop

    6 - Turn on the laptop

    7. when the acer page appears, press ALT + F10 ONLY once.

    8. then I chose to install full. higher setting.

    Bingo it completed the complete installation without blocking upward on the desktop.

    This has been mentioned somewhere else where but should be simplified.

    hope that it all works for you.

  • Acer Aspire 5517 does not recognize the DVD in the drive

    I just bought this new laptop last night. The DVD player does not recognize any DVD or CD placed in the tray. All if the player starts but nothing appears on the monitor. I have the auto-play configured to recognize any software install cd/dvd.

    As it is new, it is under warranty.

    Contact Acer A.S.A.P. > and make a claim.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Acer Aspire 5515 does not start

    Well, I have a 5515 Acer Aspire running Windows Vista Home Basic Edition. It hasent been working lately (VISTA USUALLY START!). I have no idea what my BIOS password. In any case, I have a never used Windows Vista Ultimate not copy to level. Can I pop in my computer and without starting Vista, (re) install vista? PLEASE HELP ME! I'VE BEEN WITHOUT A COMPUTER FOR A MONTH! I HAD TO WRITE THIS ON MY IPHONE!

    If you have problems with BIOS password, you will need to contact Acer at the link above.


    You can't get in your version of Vista has to do an upgrade, you need a license Ultimate FULL Vista to do a clean install, not an ultimate upgrade license.

    BUT you cannot change boot order if you have BIOS password problems.
    Contact Acer is the solution.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Dell XPS 2710 all-in-One will not start, the totally blank screen

    Hello. This is my first post on the forums and I hope someone can help me.

    The Dell XPS 2710 all-in-one I bought for my 10 year old 15 months ago (Yes, that means that the guarantee is expired) will not start. No no post, no beeps, nothing. Just a brief spark of light on the screen, no words, nothing. The machine gets occasional use, and there is nothing to indicate what could have caused the problem. I have not upgraded the BIOS recently, is not as if it was a bad BIOS update, or whatever it is. I tried to hit the F1, F2, F12 keys delete during startup. No results.

    The video works. I know because I can connect my laptop to the HDMI-in port and I can see the desktop of my laptop very well. So the question is NOT the video. My son uses this machine for occasional movies and homework in his room. I want to fix the computer, if I can. I am handy with computers and built several machines from the outset in the past.

    I believe that the most likely scenario is that the motherboard has went wrong; There are several posts around the internet about motherboards 2710 AIO being unreliable. I saw an ad on the forums of Dell from a guy who said Dell Tech Support replaced its motherboard 2710 five times. I see that some of these motherboards are selling on eBay for around $200. I'm toying with the idea of getting a. I watched the service manual for the 2710 and I'm pretty confident that I could replace the Board of Directors.

    Someone had experience with permutation on their motherboard on a 2710 AIO? Or someone has any ideas on what could be the problem with my son's computer? I appreciate all the advice/help anyone could offer.

    OK, I have removed all the RAM from the motherboard (there were two sticks) and unplug the connector on the SATA hard drive. Then I turned on the machine and got two beeps very strong, but still no video on the screen indicating any form of activity of the POST. The sound signals have been first sounds I've ever heard during the procedure of boot on this machine. I put the RAM back in and re-connected the SATA cable. The way he has been, no video, no post, no beeps. I'm a bit at a loss for what I've decided, this means that the motherboard works technically and that another device on the machine is at the origin of the problem? Have I reason to assume that if I hear two beeps, then I should have the certainty that the motherboard was bad? Given that this a sound signal, the solution becomes cloudy, I guess. I can't help but feel that somehow the BIOS on the computer is damaged. Don't quite know how that could happen, however, because I have not updated the BIOS in over a year. I don't remember what BIOS version I have, but he had been working well for a year with no problems. Thanks for any other help/suggestions you can provide.

  • Equium A100-338 does not start the OS Vista - update Bios?

    Hi guys,.

    My laptop (a few months) decided to die and was told by tech support that it might be because of the BIOS. The problem is that the computer does not start the operating system (Vista) and the update of the BIOS available only is the version of windows. Are there any other mirror to get the traditional update or even a way to convert a the update the BIOS from Windows startup disk?

    Thank you


    If you can see that one version of BIOS on Toshiba page then only one version exists and is available!

    > The problem is that the computer does not start the Vista operating system
    I don t think that BIOS could be responsible for this problem.

    You must first provide more info on this problem!
    The laptop goes to home Toshiba screen? Have you tried to recover the laptop with the Toshiba Recovery CD?

    Please provide details!

  • New Acer desktop PC does not start

    Original title: Please help! New Acer desktop PC does not start and the Acer Support is useless! 

    Have desktop Acer running Vista.  When turning the power on, screen stops at a black screen with "American Megatrends" and "press Delete to enter Setup or F12 for BBS Popup.  Bed features but cold stops at Auto detecting USB storage devices.  Have you tried typing Delete on startup and F12 also.  Also tried F8 and F10 control.  Nothing seems to work.  Sometimes when I hit Delete or F12 at the power, subsequently will pass on their corresponding monitors but it takes literally hours sometimes.  I downloaded a Vista Recovery of Neotech and tried to have the start of the DVD system, but obviously, it didn't work.  Had the same problems when I had to restart.  Please help had only 1 month, is going to launch windows soon!


    You have serious hardware problems and need to file a complaint with Acer.

    Good luck.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • C4580 all-in-one does not print the page Web of the internet explore 9 64-bit

    C4580 all-in-one does not print the page Web of the internet explore 9 64-bit

    Message: Script error...

    OK if you use IE9 32-bit

    Latest version of the driver from HPupdate

    Same problem on 2 different PC - running Win7 Home premium, another the proff of Win7, both 64-bit

    Hello borisgit,

    As you have noticed one solution is to run IE9 in 32-bit mode. You can also try running the 64-bit version of IE9 as administrator to work around this problem.

    Script error when you try to print from Internet Explorer 9

  • I updated windows 10-level, he wiped my photoshop. downloaded 11 elements, it does not start the installation


    I need help! I use photoshop a lot. I started at level 10 windows and it wiped my photoshop. I downloaded again, it does not start the installation. I tried redownloadeding and it says it can not extract it because all the parts aren't there. Would love to be happy again with photoshop.

    Hi Mark,

    You can download Photoshop elements by using the following link: Download Photoshop Elements | 14, 13, 12, 11, 10

    Be sure to download the two files available for download.

    Kind regards

  • I installed the new version of LIghtroom (2015) compared to the creative clouds.  Creative cloud said that I installed the new version.  However, the shortcut icon that has been installed does not start the new version.  Also, I went to the link propertie

    I installed the new version of LIghtroom (2015) compared to the creative clouds.  Creative cloud said that I installed the new version.  However, the shortcut icon that has been installed does not start the new version.  I also went on the link properties itself, but without success in starting.  How to launch the new version?

    Thank you, toinimj59.  I did this part and the installation is complete (there is apparently not earlier--included an acceptance of the general terms and conditions...)

    Solution 1: Disconnect from the desktop creative cloud app and reconnect

    1. Disconnect from and to, the app Office creative Cloud click here for instructions to return in
    2. Launch of Lightroom.

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