my address book is now empty?

Hi all, I did not open my address book on my macbook pro for a while, actually so long that I had not noticed it was now called "contacts".

What is strange, is that I have now no real contacts in there either... Now, I have backups time machine so im not too concerned, but why would they dissappeared & where can I get them back? I think it happened when I updated to yosemite a few months back...

I should perhaps update to capitan & see if it works?

Update will not help.

When you open Contacts, click display in the menu above and make sure you are showing your groups. If it says 'Show groups' in the view menu, click to show the sidebar of groups.

Once you see the side bar, you should see similar groups to:

You want to click on the group "all on my Mac" to see if your Mac Contacts are still there.

Using iCloud at all?

See you soon,.


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