my address book is now empty?

Hi all, I did not open my address book on my macbook pro for a while, actually so long that I had not noticed it was now called "contacts".

What is strange, is that I have now no real contacts in there either... Now, I have backups time machine so im not too concerned, but why would they dissappeared & where can I get them back? I think it happened when I updated to yosemite a few months back...

I should perhaps update to capitan & see if it works?

Update will not help.

When you open Contacts, click display in the menu above and make sure you are showing your groups. If it says 'Show groups' in the view menu, click to show the sidebar of groups.

Once you see the side bar, you should see similar groups to:

You want to click on the group "all on my Mac" to see if your Mac Contacts are still there.

Using iCloud at all?

See you soon,.


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  • Smartphones blackBerry address book search now does not have older contacts contacts in 8310

    Hi from a new Subscriber and thanks for any help!  A month ago my Curve 8310, v. (Platform provider O2, stopped and be able to search and find Contacts unless I had added after this date.  These recent Contacts have not been folded in the original address book, but are all in a new and alphabetized list at the end of the original Contacts list.  There is only some categories not assigned, no synchronization of network, and the content is not protected.  The Contacts are in the phone, not on the SIM card.

    Before that, I could type in the address book or phone the first 2-3 letters of the name of a person and need me to contact - now he says that he has none of these people.  So I have to scroll the full address book to get to whomever I want, and then I can call/SMS etc.

    Any ideas would be very appreciated!  Thank you.


    First, do a reboot simple: with the BlackBerry device powered on, remove the battery a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

    This sets your addressbook?

    If this is not the case, let me ask you if you have added an email address Gmail in the month, at the beginning of this strange behavior?

    You can look at the Options > status > press the Meny > database sizes.

    Scroll to the bottom for addressbook, you see more than one list?

    What do you see?

  • . MAB imported address book file is empty in Thunderbird, why?

    I'm using Linux Mint 17. I recently updated from a previous version. I tried to import my old address book, but when I open it there is no information there. I can open it in my text editor, and they're all here! What is the problem? It seems that all online tips are for Windows. I'm using Linux! The only address book file is .mab, so how do I do this?

    OK, I just closed and reopened Thunderbird. Voila, addresses were there. DUH! Problem solved, sorry!

  • 'Show cards' in the address book Windows now links to Expedia

    The link to 'Show cards' in the Windows address book (Outlook Express) has been transformed into "Expedia", which has no cards.  How can I change this?

    Hi Francis,.

    Outlook Express use Expedia maps when using this feature.

    If you are having problems with him, you try to install Windows Live Mail, which uses Bing Maps.

  • I need to download an address book in my address book of T-bird

    I have the address in an excel file saved as a csv file. I can get all the way to click on individual addresses at the end I hit OK and a window pops up saying enter succeeded, but the address book section is empty. No names have been transferred.

    Hi Zenos, thanks for your answers!

    I did read the file sent above. Those are the steps I followed before to no avail. The addresses did download and appear in both the email address slot and the name slot. but no names are visible.

    I got it!!! I went to the DISPLAY option, and he clicked on the display name that was to be the address when I switched the option name that all the information was there! I can now pass the modified name and first name first and everything is in the right place!
    Thank you.

  • Move address book to online offline


    I want to change my Exchange account provider so that store my address connected in a line (on this Exchange account) locally on the Mac.

    That is the address book was originally the connected address book of the Exchange account.

    I exported this address book via the menu, Export-Archive.

    After I deleted this account Exchange-Addressbook - disappear from all contacts in the address book (as expected).

    Now I imported archive address book (see step before), but the address book is always empty.

    What I tried also is to restore time machine backup of the folder in address book in < myhomedirectory > / LibraryApplication Support/AddressBook

    but without success - still empty.

    Help, please.

    Thank you in advance.

    Try this:

    In the Finder, choose go to folder from the menu reach.

    Copy and paste this path into the dialog box and click on Go

    ~/Library/application support/AddressBook

    Find the three address book files - v22.abcddb and delete them.

    Start Contacts and see if it meets.

    I am not sure that it will work as the exchange of contacts would have been stored in a subfolder and has its own index of addresses-v22 book.

    When you perform an archive of Contacts, he made a copy of the address book folder. When you restore, it replaces just the current content by copying, he did. Thus, Exchange contacts are 'hidden' in a subfolder.

    Thus, if the first attempt fails, do a right-click on the Archive and choose Show Package content.

    Find the Sources folder and in all subfolders. They have a unique alphanumeric name.

    In each, you can find metadata records. Search in each of the individual vCards to determine which is the Exchange folder.

    Again, the names will be unique names, so you'll have to QuickLook a few to see what they are (choose an answer and press the space bar - it will show you what is in the file).

    When you find the correct folder of metadata, move its contents to the folder of metadata directly in the address book folder. Then try the first thing again. It should now index your cards that were buried in the Exchange folder.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones downloaded OS - missing icons, address book 4.5 different and I do not see improvements


    My newest version of BB does not appear to have a notebook of tasks or a help icon.  How can I get those back?

    In addition, the address book list now with a space between entries (with the option of a line or something else between entries).  I don't like it - I'd rather have listed where I see on 10 entries or if by "page".  I looked, but could not find a setting to change how I like it.  Any ideas there?

    Finally, what is the difference between 4.2 and 4.5?  I don't see anything new.  I saw somewhere on the site of BB 4.5 would be a few screens for additional funds, but I did not.  My bed version.

    Thanks for the help.

    The empty space is not an "empty" space, this is where the Company Contact name should appear, if you had one in there for a contact. Add a business to a contact, and see.

    And no, you cannot remove or change the address book list view.

  • When writing an F9 email no longer displays the address book unless in safe mode, how do I solve this problem?

    I tried to search the frequently asked questions and did a search first. It did not work, what I found F9 turns the initial contacts on and outside, but does not solve the problem with the component being wrong.

    Until a very recent update (last week or two at the most) when I type writing, the contacts pane in the window of writing have shown my address book. Now it shows some kind of research, that I can't use because I have to see all the entries to see which ones I want to send an email. In some cases, I have multiple entries for a person based on their having several email for different types of e-mail addresses. Try to remember those who want DOESN'T WORK for me. I can't get this behavior in safe mode. As an alternative, I need Thunderbird to save my setting of safe mode, so I don't have to reconfigure the SafeMode whenever I have to restart windows or restart Thunderbird. I currently come in default safe mode

    I tried to remove and then install an older version of Thunderbird and the pane bad contact on the left was there. I can't find any setting to change the part of that wrong at the old I need. I would rather not try to reinstall win7 pro from scratch for this problem, assuming that would fix it.

    I am running windows7 64 bit pro

    It was very strange. Now things work properly and I don't know why. I want to thank everyone for their help. The image shows the first letter of the contact you want on screen messages write with the address list. Before it wasn't to show a list of addresses, just search options to search for address books. I think I'm more confused then I was before. I'll try a reboot and see if the message of Scripture remains fixed.

    Once again, thank you for all the help and hope that the correction is corrected.

  • How to open the address book in the address book already used?

    Previous versions of ThunderBird would open for the last opened address book address books. Now, it always opens to the gathered addresses. Can I make it open to the specific address book that I used last time?

    If you use the latest version 38.2.0
    Previously, the 'address book' would always open on the default "personal address book" value as it was the top of the list.

    Then, after many requests by a group of people who wanted to be able to search all their address books in a go, a virtual address book called "All address books" was created.

    This meant it would always default to opening on the ' address books all the "whenever you opened the 'address book' even in the same session of thunderbird.
    A bug request has been filed requesting the opportunity to be able to establish a default address book of choice, and it is developing.

    At the same time, we discovered that the window 'write' Contacts Sidebar me remember a selected address book providing Thunderbird had not been closed - only not forget in this session. Thus, they are also looking to set a default address for this as well, so that Contacts sidebar does not auto by default to "All address books" every time thunderbird is closed and the end of the session.

    The ' address books all the ' currently showing all of all your books address including "collected addresses".

  • Why address book to 'Write' by default to all addresses?

    Before when I clicked on "Write" the sidebar showed my address book.
    Now it shows 'All address books' - I don't want that.
    How can I get this back to show my address book?

    This forum is pretty well endowed, if that's the word, by volunteers. If you're unlucky, your message is not seen and gets moved down in the list. However, this is the recommended place to ask questions. Feel free to if you feel that your message has been overlooked.

    All address books is a change to TB38 and I think that the loss of the ability to remember what address book you were using is an involuntary change. I know this is under development, and I expect to be corrected in the next version. Looks like an easy thing to fix, but the discussion between developers reveals the complications arising from the management of the new columns in the Contacts Sidebar and also the support of remote or external address books.

  • I TB 24.6.0 and I deleted the bar menu or a tool of my address book and I can not understand how to get it back.

    I'm trying to understand how to efficiently copy a contact so I can add the contact information to an e-mail. While experiences I disabled the menu bar or the toolbar in my address book, and now I can't figure how to get it back. So we can say, I have two questions I would welcome suggestions:

    1. How can I get my menu/return tool bar in my address book?

    2. How can I effectively copy and paste contact information?

    Thank you

    Sounds like a good plan. Version 31 and above all is a mess right now. I stay at v24.6 until they get the problems developed. Version 24.7 went out before v31, but I've never had one so I don't know anything abut it or what fixed it.

    This is the page to previous version.
    Find the version you want and click on that selection.
    You want to select your operating system. Win32
    Then the language. EN-US
    Then, run the .exe file.

    Your profile with all your emails and settings are separated although they should be performed when you install the older version. Make a backup is not a bad idea at any time, or just to be safe on the version change. I use Mozbackup.

    Automatic update options are found in Tools-Options-update.
    I usually set mine to ask first, but with the V31 disorder, I have disabled the option to control even. I want to assure you that I do not get this version for a while.

  • Import an address book from .csv will not work

    I just changed from XP to Ubuntu and have saved my Outlook Express address book to a .csv on a USB flash drive file. I open Thunderbird and imported the file according to the different screens and although Thunderbird says it's successful, when I select the address book, it is empty as well as the default personal address book. Can anyone help please.

    The choice referred to as view/display as long as are first name, full name name. If the imported address book contained only in the field of the display (which is usually first + last), address book appears empty if display/display name as is not set display name.

    If the menu bar is hidden, you can also right click on the toolbar and select the menu bar.

    The easy way to transfer to OE/XP TB/Ubuntu would have been to install TB on the XP computer, make automatic importation of OE, then copy the TB profile from XP to Ubuntu. But if you have even the XP computer or the partition, you will always find may be easier to export from OE messages to eml files and import those TB, rather than convert dbx in a format compatible with TB files.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones my address book is gone!

    I tried to copy my card sim in the Blackberry address book. Everytime I try, it says he did, but when I open my address book, it is empty. I orginally lost my address book on the phone when I tried to activate the Blackberry messenger. He told me that there are no contacts available. Once I tried the "use once" option and the AddressBook simply disappeared. Can you please give me instructions, easy on how to recover my address book?

    Try going to your address book. Then, select your menu key. Then scroll down to filter. Make sure that you have not selected any of them. If so, uncheck the box and go back to see if the contacts are there.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Groupwise address book sync with Nextel Direct connect # s for 8350i

    Is there a way to synchronize address books for groupwise and 8350i included nextel direct connect information?

    Thank you

    Mapping has resolved the problem. GroupWise has no corresponding to 'Direct Connect' field. To facilitate data entry, I traced the Direct Connect field in my 8350i with paginator field in my groupwise address books. Now Synchronization Manager BB the nextel direct connect #'s.

    The steps are:

    In the upper frame of the BB desktop, select Configuration synchronization; address book; Advanced; Field Mapping (bottom of list). Map an unused field in the address book of GW with the direct connect field in the 8350i.

    I assumethis would also work with outlook and others.

  • Database of blackBerry Smartphones the address book not available for synchronization

    ... "For help to resolve this problem, refer to KB19454 in the Knowledge Base of Blackberry Desktop Manager".

    I did, and it says this:

    Cause 1: the BlackBerry smartphone does not contain the PIM application you are trying to synchronize with. For example, the screenshot above error has occurred as a result of the application of tasks is not installed on the BlackBerry smartphone.

    Then, of course the BlackBerry has the address book app installed, and if it wasn't the cause.  I followed some of the sons of other related expenses and came up with nothing.

    I synced before - first time that successfully, this worked great, the second time that he kept failing, so I changed the setting to REPLACE my address book on the BlackBerry each sync, who has worked several times, and now this.

    GRRRR... of ideas?

    Worked like a champ, with the only exception to the process.  When I looked at my address book to the end, he had more than one entry for each record.  So I went back to the process, but this time, before you reconnect and resynchronize, I deleted manually additional entries - for some reason, they were still there, even though I "erased" address book information!  I'm guessing that these entries were originally a part of the problem.  Anyway, once deleted I've reconnected, resynced ' by replacing ' content of the BB for the address book - and now I have great 2-way synchronization job. "  Thank you!

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