My administrator password

OK so when I turn my computer on it automatically opens me in my account which is an account of amin, but I want to be able to change the password... except that I don't know. I need a way to find him... Please!

Control Panel > user accounts. Click the icon that is associated with your user account and you will see where you can change the password to whatever you want. If you want to automatically open a session on the account (to be able to enter the password), just reverse the process to automatically connect described below. BTW, you should not be as an administrator for your daily work. There was security recent study illustrated where 70% of infections of Windows could have been avoided had run as a Standard user.

User - recommended configuration (Vista and Win7) accounts

You absolutely don't want to have only one user account. As XP and all other Windows 7, Vista, and modern operating systems are operating systems multi-user with integrated system of accounts as default Administrator and comments. These accounts should be left alone because they are part of the structure of the operating system.

In particular, you do not want account only one user with administrator privileges on Vista and Windows 7 because the administrator account integrated (normally only used in emergencies) is disabled by default. If you use as an administrator for your daily work, and this account is corrupt, things will be difficult. It is not impossible to activate the built-in administrator to rescue things, but it may require more work you want to do. Better not to get into a bad situation at first.

The user account that is for your daily work must be a Standard user, with the extra administrative user (call it something like 'CompAdmin' or 'Tech' or similar) only it for elevation purposes. As a user Standard is recommended for security reasons and will help protect your computer against infections. After you have created "CompAdmin", connect to it and change your normal user account Standard. Then log on to your regular account.

If you want to go directly to the desktop and ignore the Welcome screen with the icons of the user accounts, you can do this:

Start Orb > Search box > type: netplwiz [Enter]
Click continue (or provide an administrator password) when you are prompted by UAC

Uncheck "users must enter a user name and password to use this computer". Select a user account to connect automatically by clicking on the account you want to highlight and press OK. Enter the password for this user account (when it exists) when you are prompted. Leave blank if there is no password (null).

MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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    It seems that you have put yourself in place with a standard user account that does not have permission to download and install programs.

    Set your user account as an administrator or when booting Windows to connect on the admin account.

    Here's something I found on google.

  • Lost administrative password recovery options

    About once a day, I see the same post

    "I lost my administrative password for my computer"

    "I don't remember my password"

    "I need to change the password and I don't remember"

    Without failure, we put the passwords and forget about them and it is not always a simple process to remedy this solution. However, it is a simple process and can easily be avoided. If you read this thread and you have not lost your password to take measures now to protect yourself in case this happens. It will save you time and effort. Always remember, act now to save time tomorrow.

    Retrieve the password using a password reset disk

    This should be your preferred method to reset your password as this is something that you can do and need to do when you settle your account with a password. The password recovery CD must be created before you lost the password to be effective. If you have not already created it and you read this thread to be upward and out with what to do if you are having this issue right now stop and go create this disc.

    Instructions available here

    Now, if you have the drive and you have lost your password it is very simple.

    1 start the computer and try to enter the password on the Windows login screen

    2. the password is incorrect message opens, and from there, you can select ok

    3. once the screen goes away, a new screen appears with an option to reset the password.

    4. follow the instructions on the screen and use the password reset disk to reset your password

    Change your password to a different user account

    If you have multiple user accounts, and at least one of these other accounts have administrator rights, then you can reset your password from the other account. The password of this account may be necessary, then you can check with the owner of the account.

    1. connect to the other account has administrator rights

    2. click the start ORB, then select the Control Panel

    3. from here, select the accounts of users and parental control

    4. Select Manage another account

    5. click on the account with the forgotten password

    6. click on change password

    7. type a new password and press on enter to confirm

    8. click on change password

    9 disconnect you, then try to log on to the original account

    Return to a previous password

    If you have recently changed your password and now can't remember, you can use the application of Microsoft System Restore to return to a time before you changed the password. This would of course imply remind you which has been the case the previous password.

    To go back and use your old password follow these steps:

    1. press on the F11 key repeatedly to open the HP System Recovery program on the system startup

    2. under, I need help immediately, click the Microsoft System Restore option

    3. follow the instructions to restore the computer to a previous state, choose a time before you changed the password.

    Use a third-party program to attempt to reset / recover password

    HP, like most other companies, do not support the use of third-party applications, but they do exist. If you cannot use one of the options mentioned previous then this is may be the option you want to try.

    Removal and recovery of password programs exist and can be found on the internet through various searches on google.

    One of these programs can be found here with instructions on how to use it here

    Remember that HP mentioned earlier does not support the use of third-party software to retrieve lost passwords, and then you use this tool or any other tool at your own risk.

    Hope this helps you recover your lost password, or you read and warning and make a recovery for you disk protect.

  • HP Pavilion g6: can someone please help me with administrator password or power on please?

    Help me please...

    "System or power on password administrator password"

    Entry 3 passwords incorrect then said...

    "System disabled" [63357967]


    Enter 72035369

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • I forgot the administrator password


    I have computer hp pavilion dv4 laptop

    I forgot my administrator password.

    It also has the fingerprint security system.

    I can open my account with the help of finger security system, but how do I change my password?

    PLSS help ASAP...

    Procedure 1:
    1. open a session on behalf of administrator that you use to reset the forgotten password.
    2. open local users and groups by clicking the Start button, type lusrmgr.msc in the search box, and then press ENTER.
    3. double click local users and groups, and then click users.
    4. right - click on the account you need to reset the password, and then click to set the password.
    5. type and confirm the new password.

    Procedure 2:
    Create a password reset disk:
    1. open user accounts by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking user accounts and family safety, then clicking on user accounts.
    2. in the left pane, click on create a password reset disk and follow the instructions. Make sure that you store the disk to reset password in place safe.
    Reset using the password reset disk:
    You will not be able to follow these steps if you have locked your computer.
    1. If you typed the wrong password, you will receive a message stating your user name or password is incorrect. When this message appears, click OK.
    2. click on reset password and then follow the instructions.

  • Laptop HP 15: Enter the administration password in the BIOS Setup

    Hi, I have the problem to start my HP laptop when I enter the configuration of the BIOS of my laptop HP 15, it shows me to enter the administrator password. If I entered the wrong password three times on it, she showed me system turn off the message and the code is 73203555. Can you tell me the administrator password? Thank you...!!!


    Enter 62161591

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP 2000: administrator password

    I have haveforgotten administrator password. the disabled system code is 66210985.  could you help me please

    Thank you

    At the password prompt, try 79178301

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    Enter 28761225

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    Enter 77451829

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP Pavilion 17 e040us - administrative passwords (Windows 8/HP)

    I'm a little confused on the administrative passwords.

    I went to my "manage accounts" and he said my name, the type of account I (they is more than one type of account, and if so, that should appear here), listed as "Administrator" and the password protected for Windows 8.  The password that I created to "lock screen" also the password for Adminstator?  I don't remember being asked a password "Administrator"?  I also created a password and have the code for my Microsoft account security.

    Also is there such a thing as administrator account for my HP computer?

    Thank you and "Happy Valentines Day" for those who celebrate it.

    I forgot, what is a BIOS password?


    I do not know which ensures your Internet service; I think that you can open a browser and log as desired.

    The main reason for the creation of an additional administrative account on your computer is to give access to your computer, in case your hair into account principal for some reason any and you cannot connect to the computer.  You can always set an account - or, in most cases, retrieve data from account - IF you have a way to enter into the computer in the first place.  The extra account gives you an additional door - like through the garage to your home by using a spare key - you are still in the House, and now you can watch for that other key.

    In general the following is true:

    • E-mail services have a method to keep in a safe place in the servers that are used to provide a Web login page to your e-mail.
    • E-mail providers perform backups of emails sent to their servers for each user who has an account and who receives the e-mail to this account.

    Possible EXCEPTIONS / Exclusions to the Email backups:

    • E-mail messages that are moved to the trash
    • Emails that are placed in the Spam folder
    • Emails that are "skipped" or forwarded to another account - this depends on if the "leave on server" option.  Thunderbird email is an example of a 'pop' email client - the user has the option or the other copy of local Thunderbird email account (on your computer) OR moving the e-mail server to your Thunderbird account.  If you do not understand what this means, you probably not use e-mail client software, and you can skip the verbiage.

    Electronic mail services providers provide an access point for Web page for the e-mail that is addressed to your account.  In other words, you can open a browser, go to the provider's Web page, sign in to your account with the right user name and password by email, and open your email.

    Suppliers of the example:


    Google Mail

    Yahoo Mail

    Microsoft Live account:

    Extract from the account registration page:

    You can use any email address as username for your new Microsoft account, including their, Yahoo! or Gmail addresses. If already connected you on Windows PC, Tablet, phone, Xbox Live, or OneDrive, use this account to connect.

    As a general rule, you can connect to your e-mail account of your computer, since your tablet, maybe from your smartphone, your friend's computer.  You must have access to a "login page" for the email provider, you must have your user name and you know your password.

  • HP pavilion g6 2304 tx: hp pavilion g6 administrator password bios reset

    I have hp laptop pavilion g6 model no 2304tx. whenever I try to enter the bios by pressing f10 it ask administrator password.  After some try it gives system code 63994447.

    kindly help me please...

    Thank you

    Try > 72692489

    Source >

  • Pavilion dv6-2174tx: administrator password

    Ask administrator password
    After 3 times

    System disabled

    Any help?


    Enter 23028408

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP 15-f033wm laptop computer: laptop enter your administrator password or power on password

    Im starting to get an administrator password or power on passwork I did not put any password on my pc its been sitting for a month or so dead and when I type something in addition to 3 times I get the disabled 53756663 system is a way to solve this problem, I already tried to clear cmos?


    Enter 42634265

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Example: Hp mini 2000: administrator password forgotten

    I have a '51084737' after 3 try disable System. I forgot my administrator password and I have a mini Hp 2000 model I need help please

    At the password prompt, try 44982319

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