my airport express does not extend to my network

Hello to you all guru out there...

I 5g internet and comes with the router and signal is fantastic in the main lounge, but it is a large apartment and once I get my room the signal decreases considerably.

I bought an Airport Express and it connects to the wifi perfectly, green light and everything, but it does not extend my wifi network...

Do I need to have another Aiport Express hooked up to the main router, then extend the Airport Express wifi or should I get an Airport Extreme?

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Do I need to have another Aiport Express hooked up to the main router, then extend the Airport Express wifi

Yes, the "main" AirPort Express should be connected to your router using a wired Ethernet cable connection, permanently. This Express will be set to "create a wireless network.

Other Express your distance can then be configured to "extend a wireless network.  In its current form, your existing Express is configured to "join a wireless network.  It will work for AirPlay like that, or allow you to connect a supported USB printer, but it cannot extend a network provided by a third-party router wireless.

Regarding matching them things, it would make sense to use two airport expresses, or the two extremes of the airport.  The extreme might be your "primary" router if you wanted to, but the Express would not be able to expand the capacity of faster speed to the extreme.

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  • Airport Express does not extend WiFi range

    OK, I posted a long time will cost about an airport older Gen Express not extending my wifi range when implemented to extend (wireless) and connected to a network of Apple (Airport Extreme). No solution, so I gave up.

    Still frustrated by the lack of a strong wifi signal to my back door / Garden (it is a small house!), I bought a new Express and set it up again to extend my current network, placed it on my window sill back room (where I get a pretty good wifi signal on my iPhone and iPad), but about 6 feet of him, the other side of the glass in my garden I get a flicker of 1-2 bars the signal strength that is de-energized intermittently.

    I get no significant (or even vaguely reasonable) increase in force wifi when I approach from the Express, but increase next to the extreme.

    Or should I put either the express until properly (I'm sure I'm) or I am fundamentally misunderstand the term "extend a wireless network. Alternatively, I bought 3 years 2 defective Express apart.

    Can anyone help?

    See you soon.

    You have a handy Mac laptop? If so, we can run tests to understand the current quality of the signal at each location where you want to have a Wi - Fi access. If all goes well, we can find better place to place your Express extension for your goals of networking.

  • Terminal Airport express "could not extend network" after working fine for a week

    I bought an express airport last weekend and got on the rise and working on the 2nd floor of my house without any problem.  I had problems with reception shotty in my son, which is the furthest from our extreme airport room.  On Wednesday night, trying to connect to the woman in his room I continued loss of reception and so when I looked at my express it's orange flashing.  Pulled up to the airport utility and it says that the connection was excellent, but that the airport base station could not extend the wireless network.  The only thing I can think is that I used my iphone to listen to music through my apple tv the same day and I'm not sure if that set something off somehow. I have the express several times using the soft/hard factory redefined and methods without success.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

    BTW, I created this as an extended network. Try to read and understand any bypass but do not know if this is the right way to go

  • Airport Express does not work

    I need help. I have an Apple Airport Extreme and extend it with an Apple Airport Express. One day I needed to my extreme, which I did, forward port (which was for the xbox, and I followed this: Xbox NAT open (Apple routers)) I then updated my Airport Extreme. Subsequently, my Express glows green but it does not actually give a signal, I stay connected to the extreme, so I tried to use ethernet with the Express, and who won't let me connect to the Internet. So, I need help.

    If the Express was created to connect to the AirPort Extreme using a Wi - Fi connection, and you later connected to an Ethernet cable to the Express... that creates a huge feedback loop that actually blocks the network provided by the Express.

    You will need to restart and reset the Express back to default settings, then set up again.

    If you want the Express to connect permanently at any time to the extreme by using an Ethernet cable, then you must establish this connection before you implement the Express again. The Ethernet cable can never be disconnected.

    If you want to Express to extend the wireless network, then you use an Ethernet cable to the installation.

    If you need more tips, post back to let us know what operating system your Mac is running or you use a PC or an iPhone / iPad to configure things.

  • Airport Express does not connect to WiFi!

    My Airport Express has lost its connection to the WiFi and cannot reconnect, keeps flashing yellow!

    It is only used to stream music from my iPad and not connected via ethernet. Its working well for 2 years until he lost the connection to my iPad because I took the iPad out of range of WiFi. Now, I can't get the the airport to connect to the WiFi again.

    I tried to reset button Reset 20 sec, also tried turning setting turned off and now the reset button for a maneuver on once again, however, does not. Any ideas?



    There may be a firmware update available.

    Open the AirPort Utility application located in HD > Applications > utilities , then click on the AirPort Express .

    If an update is available, you must do.

  • 2nd generation Airport express does not not with El Capitan

    My express shares two airport were suddenly disconnected my wifi. Despite the soft resets and reset hard I'm getting nowhere.

    Airport said (6.3.6) utility it is impossible to extend the network, and amber flash units.

    I think that this could have happened when I updated the software to 10.11.3, iMac but I'm not sure. earlier versions of El Cap worked very well.

    I run a Time Capsule and then two Airport Express units off that to extend the network. The two Airport Express are 2nd generation.

    Thanks in advance

    Make sure that the Time Capsule is not save at the time and then pull the power cord to the back of the unit or remove the plug from the AC outlet

    Wait 10 to 15 seconds, and then turn on again time Capsule and let it run.

    Temporarily move an AirPort Express Terminal in the same room or in immediate proximity to the time Capsule. Power off of the 'other' AirPort Express for now.

    Perform a hard reset on an AirPort Express Terminal by pressing the button of reset for 5-6 seconds while the airport was turned on for a few minutes. Release the reset button and allow a minute for the AirPort Express restart to a slow status of amber light flashes.

    Rerun the Setup program on the AirPort Express

    If things set up correctly, turn off the AirPort Express and move to the desired location, and then turn it upwards.

    Turn on the second AirPort Express Terminal, perform a hard reset on the device and set up again as you did the AirPort Express.

  • My Port of Air express does not appear on the usefulness of air port on my iPhone

    I have an Apple air port express router to connect the remote speakers. I installed a new router wireless modem Arris and reconnected successfully the apple tv. However, the air port express does not appear on either of my iPhone airport utility or the menu wi fi iPad. So I have no way to connect air port exress my router to base.

    If your AirPort Express Terminal has already been configured as a receiver AirPlay, and it is not on the current WiFi, AirPort Utility has no way to find. I suggest that you use the button on the airport to restore it to factory settings and to reconfigure it according to the manual. You can also configure your new router to use the same SSID and key as the prior network. Then, the airport will not know the difference.

  • Problems connecting to an AirPort Express, which already extends another Express.

    Hey everybody, I just want to know if it is possible for an Airport Express to connect to an OTHER Airport Express which is already expanding an Airport Extreme.

    Post edited by: Kas1302

    It is possible for the Express to connect to another Express which is the extension of the network already... BUT... the 'last' Express will not extend the network once again, if that's what you're really asking here.

    This is because Apple doesn't allow the wireless signal to be extended only once, not two.

    It would seem that the last Exrress is the extension of the network, but it is not.  It is 'join' the wireless network, and when he "joined", it doesn't provide any additional wireless signal coverage.  However, the last Express could still work for AirPlay, or a USB printer remotely.

    Feature of "extend" Apple works as the hub and the spokes of a wheel.  The main router is the 'hub', and an Extender would be located at the end of "sticks". As such, he communicates directly to the main router.  You can have multiple devices, the expansion of the network at the end of the other rays, but each Extender must communicate directly with the main router.

  • I just got a new modem (Arris SB6190) and now my Airport Extreme does not connect.  It worked fine with the previous modem (a rented one TWC).  Help!

    I just got a new modem (Arris SB6190) and now my Airport Extreme does not connect.  It worked fine with the previous modem (a rented one TWC).  Help!

    Always recommended to reset the airport back to settings by default and then set up again whenever you have a new modem or change your Internet Service provider.

    Turn off the new modem for at least 30 minutes. More is better.

    Perform a hard reset on the AirPort Extreme, then it turned off.

    Make sure that the Ethernet cable connects the modem to the "O" on the AirPort Extreme WAN port

    After the power of the modem 30 minutes down, turn on the modem and let it run for at least 5 minutes by itself.

    Then, turn on the airport and let it run a few minutes

    Set up AirPort Extreme again

    Important note... There are many reports of problems with the modem Arris SB and airports. Both are great products, but they do seem to work perfectly together for some users.

  • AirPort Express will not set up

    It must be the 10th right now - all I'm trying to do is to add an AirPort Express Terminal to my home network, with the aim mainly attaching an external hard drive to it.

    I have a BT HomeHub 5. Whenever I open AirPort Utility on my iPhone, iMac or MBP, I see the AirPort Express, start the installation, select "Add to the existing network", continue with the rest of the installation.

    After awhile, it sets up, I press "done" and it appears in AirPort Utility window. If I change the settings on the airport, it crashes and I have to click on "forget" and do a reset.

    The same thing happens if I connect my external hard drive to it.

    The craziest thing: closure of the AirPort Utility application and reopening apparently cause the EPA have a yellow triangle next to him and I have no choice but to press on "forget", and the whole cycle repeats again.

    It's very frustrating...

    all I'm trying to do is to add an AirPort Express Terminal to my home network, with the aim mainly attaching an external hard drive to it.

    A potential problem here is going to be that an AirPort Express will NOT support a hard drive... as the USB port on the Express only supports a compatible USB printer.

    -What are you trying to do?  Alternatively, your hard drive will connect to the AirPort Express using wired Ethernet?

    The next issue will be 'how' you are trying to connect the AirPort Express Terminal to the HomeHub.  The Express will connect wireless only, or it will connect using wired Ethernet wired, Permanent?

    (Your screenshot indicates that the Express use a wired connection to the Hub).

  • Connected to but the Airport utility does not see the time capsules

    Hi, I have several time capsules.

    I can connect to the web, but the airport utility does not see the time capsules.  I tried to restart the time capsules, router, computer, but I still don't see any of the devices on the network.

    What now?

    Have you tried the airport utility in the iOS version... Download on the App or iTunes store and load... Works better than the Mac version.

    Other than what Mac running what OS do you use?

    This modem you have and how is the installation of TC on the network.

  • Outlook express does not error _ code download new emails 0x8007000E

    Outlook express does not error _ code download new emails 0x8007000E

    out of memory?  a lot of memory!

    Go to file | Identities and setup a new identity.  Then when it works very well, use a file | Import | Messages to bring them from the old identity.  This gives a basis for new and incompetent messages and should fix things.


  • My outlook express does not work. Whenever I try to send an e-mail, it gives me this answer: "windows" host could not be found.

    Outlook Express problems

    My outlook express does not work.  Whenever I try to send an e-mail, it gives me this reply:

    The "windows" host is not found. Please check that you have entered the server name correctly. Account: 'windows', server: 'windows', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, secure (SSL): no, Socket error: 11001, error number: 0x800CCC0D.

    I don't know what that means or how to change it.  If anyone knows how to explain how to solve this problem, I would be very happy comments. Thank you!

    Who is your mail server? Usually, what is after the @ in your address. Windows is not a host name, account or server.

    Setting up email in Outlook Express servers:

    Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

  • Picture It! Express does not open the types of jpg, png, gif and bmp files.

    My XP Pro system crashed and I restored from a backup.  Now my Picture It! Express does not open the files jpg, png, gif or bmp.  It is said that Picture It! Express cannot open this type of file.   How can I open these types of files again?

    Hi Ralph w. Smith

    ·         Do you have an error message when you try to open the files?

    Follow these methods.

    Method 1: Uninstall and reinstall the app and check if the problem persists.

    How to change or remove a program in Windows XP

    Method 2: Follow the steps for Windows XP section.

    How to solve the problems that occur with the JET component and the MDAC component;en-us;870630

  • Outlook Express does not open because "he has encountered a problem and needs to close."

    Outlook Express does not open because "He has encountered a problem and needs to close" error report sent many times without success. Any ideas? Thanks, Keith J B.

    original title: Outlook express

    If Bruce's response does not help, then move all the dbx files in the message a directory of storage for OE will create a new message store.  Then see if that solves the problem.  If this is the case you can use the file | Import | Messages to get from the directory to which you move them.

    Also check interference antivirus.  See


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