My App Store icon disappeared. I use a 6splus iPhone. How can I get that back?

The App Store icon on my phone disappeared. How can I get that back?

Check: Settings - general - Restrictions - installation Apps =?

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  • my "see the arrow of the hidden icon disappeared from my system tray. How can I get that back?

    I was trying to see the button 'remove hardware safely '. I tried a number of things on the option "see the hidden icon", like the keyboard on the touch screen. I would like to try something, apply, and cancel it. So, I tried the last option, the arrow "show the hidden icon" disappeared and I couldn't get it back.

    How can I get that back?

    for windows 8.1

    (1) open the control panel (right click on the windows icon [start] in the lower left corner of the screen and select "Control Panel" from the pop up menu)

    (2) type "notification" in the search box at the top right of the Control Panel window

    3) click "Notification area icons" in the the come up search results

    (4) at the bottom of the window that appears, uncheck the box that is always called "show all icons and notifications on the taskbar.

    Your "up arrow" ("see the hidden icons arrow) with the system status bar icons should reappear and filled with icons, giving you more space on the taskbar and a more pleasant and uncluttered appearance.

  • My battery icon is missing from the taskbar. How can I get that back? And keep it?

    My battery icon is missing from the taskbar. How can I get that back? And keep it?


    1 Please reboot nothing so interfere with this process.

    Click with the right button on Taskbar - Properties - tab Notification area - check Power box - if it is grayed out
    Then, use this link. (The same Volume, clock and network).

    How to enable or disable the system tray in Vista icons (there are several methods
    "(et vous devrez peut-être utiliser l'ensemble)."

    If necessary: a Mr Fixit

    System icons do not appear in the notification area in Windows Vista or in Windows 7 until you
    Restart the computer

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • My 'home' icon is missing from the toolbar. How can I get that back?

    The little black House (the House icon) is missing from my toolbar. I always used to use to quickly go back
    to start a new search. Why he disappeared, and how do I get it back? Thanks for your help.

    You can open the Customize and set the toolbar to display items.

    • Firefox '3-bar' menu button > customize
    • If the missing elements are in the palette to customize then drag them back into the window to customize the toolbar
    • If you don't see an article on a toolbar and in the palette to customize, then click on the reset default button to restore the default toolbar configuration

    If you right click on an item to toolbar in normal mode (non-personnaliser) mode, then you can remove this item from the toolbar.

    • "Remove from toolbar" will remove this element of the Navigation toolbar and moves it to the palette to customize (Firefox '3-bar' menu button > customize)
    • "Go to the Menu" will move this point '3' dropdown menu Firefox button bar
    • "Move to the toolbar" in the "3-bar" Firefox dropdown menu button will move that point to the toolbar
  • my sound icon is missing from the taskbar. How can I get that back

    I let someone use my computer and now my sound has diappeared from my taskbar icon.  How can I restore it?

    Control Panel > sounds etc. > make sure 'Place icon in taskbar/Systray' (or similar) is checked. If it is already so the next step is:

    Right click on desktop > Explorer > tools > file options > view > make sure that "Show the hidden files and folders" is checked > in the left pane of the Explorer, go to the c:\windows\system32\dllcache and locate the sndvol23.exe file > copy then paste it here to the c:\windows\system32 folder, overwriting the existing one if asked.

    If you do not ddlcache, you will need to get out of your XP CD and put it in your car without that it doesn't start.

    Start > run > type msconfig.exe > hit enter or click on OK > click on extract a file > then fill as follows / top box - sndvol32.exe > middle box - click on the arrow and select your CD/DVD drive > lower box - c:\windows\system32 > extract > crush if requested, then OK your way back. > re-boot.

    See you soon,.


  • While sharing files between users, my itunes library disappeared from these two places. How can I get that back?

    As noted earlier, all trying to share music files from itunes between users on the same computer, my library of songs and videos have disappeared.  How can I cancel this and recover my music and videos?


    I suggest you look in the folder iTunes, if the files are present there or not. The link given below shows the default location where the files are located. If they are present, then add them to the folder. Click on the link below.

    iTunes: how to share music between different accounts on a single computer

    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
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  • Fix sending, checking spelling, bar has disappeared from the response email. How can I get that back?

    The bar (task line?) in the upper part of the return emails has disappeared. When I hit the reply to an e-mail message, the new e-mail arrives, but I can't send after typing because there is no command bar as there had always been? It was a bar, tab, the line (don't know what to call it) that had a button to send, spelling, attachment and I think another item.

    Firefox send an e-mail, it's strictly a web browser.

    If you use Firefox to access your e-mail, you use "webmail". You must seek assistance from your service provider or a forum for this service.

    If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, please Tag this thread as being for Thunderbird in the right column of this page. This issue is currently in the queue of Firefox to get answers.

  • My restore previous session button has disappeared from the home page. How can I get that back?

    Today when I started Firefox it was more the button restore previous session. I have not changed since the last time that I went through and the button do not appear even if I close Firefox tabs/windows open. Help, please

    Are you keeping the history?

    • Do not use 'Clear history of Firefox closing' to clear the 'browsing history '.

    It works if you select this option?

    • Tools > Options > general > startup: startup of Firefox:

      • Show my windows and tabs from last time

    You can also test problems with Session Restore:

  • Audio disappeared on several project timelines. How can I get that back?

    I'm working on a project that I started in CS4 and continued in CS5 after the upgrade.  At first, I had to do a lot of re - link for a reason, but most everything is working properly.  However, on 3 of the 6 possible audio disappeared.  It appears as a continuous line with no waveform (even if this point of view is selected).  I couldn't find any way to recover it.  I tried the proposed closure and removal of the .pek files in the "Media Cache files" folder and to open the project in the hope it would recreate them, but has not happened.  Also, I open a new project and imported the original file (captured on a map of p - 2).  That doesn't seem to work either.  Help!?

    First try media encoder.

  • The new version of Firefox off one of my toolbars and I want the old version of firefox, which allows me to use this toolbar. How can I get that back?

    I have the Norton toolbar and it has disabled once I downloaded the new version of firefox. I would like to than the version I had before. I think it was 3.6 or something like that.

    Follow the instructions of Paul in this post.

  • Disappeared from the search bar. How can I get that back?

    The right of the missing address bar search bar by double clicking. The need to double-tap started after the last software update. He was a nuisance and now has caused the loss of the search bar.

    You can get the search like this bar:

    -Open the menu (the button with three horizontal lines) - choose ' customize' - click and drag the bar in search of good place - click "customize output.

    When exactly do you need to double click, btw?

  • Icon for the DESKTOP disappeared. How can I get that back?

    I have somehow deleted the icon for my taskbar background OFFICE.  How can I get that back?


    What operating system is installed on your computer?

    To display the icon on the desktop, visit the link below:

    For Vista: Show, hide, or resize desktop icons

    For Windows 7: Show, hide, or resize desktop icons

    For Windows XP: Your desktop icons are missing in Windows XP

  • The App Store icon (which came with my iPad) is completely absent from my iPad (but not my iPhone). How can I get that back?  I've already turned the camera market.

    The App Store icon (which came with my iPad) is completely absent from my iPad (but not my iPhone). How can I get that back?  I've already turned the camera market.

    Check yourself, if you have hidden it by setting parameters > General > Restrictions > Apps install 'off' - If you have, then again ' "should get the app to reappear

  • change the size of the icon screen '100% ' disappeared. How can I get that back.

    I had my computer fixed recently.  No, I have to change the size of the content on the screen to go when I'm on the internet?  I use 100% by the icon at the bottom of my screen and it has now disappeared.  How can I get that back?  Why have I to change the size of the Web page after my computer has been repaired?

    I guess you're talking about Internet Explorer...
    He could reappear if you turn on the status bar.  To enable it, start Internet Explorer, and then
    View-> toolbars-> and make sure that there is a check in front of the "status bar".
    If you do not have a menu 'View' then press the 'Alt' key once.

    Also, you should be able to go to 100% by pressing the 'Ctrl' key while pressing "0" (zero).

    You can also zoom in and out by holding down the 'Ctrl' key and turning the mouse wheel.


  • Network icon disappeared from the toolbar. How can I get that back?

    Network icon disappeared from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. (it has been next to the battery). How can I get that back?

    Network icon disappeared from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. (it has been next to the battery). How can I get that back?

    The region is called the taskbar.

    3 ways to recover...
    (1.) the easy way, if you're lucky:
    Right click on the task bar > click Properties > at the top, click on Notification area > can you put a check mark on the network? If so, you're done.

    If it is unclickable.
    2.) use this tutorial:
    Note: Depending on the version of Vista you have, use the method two or three.
    One when you're done, return to #1 above and click on the box.

    3.) do a restore ysytem. Choose the date at which the icon was present under your restore point.
    Here is the tutorial:


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