My Atheros AR5007 802. 11b / g wireless networking with Windows 7 does not work (works with Vista) and had two HP & Microsoft support tech, they could physically turns on (Soft Touch button) by driver, can you please help?

He used to work under Vista, not working (not able to turn it on) wireless adapater. But when Win7 starts upward, it turns on and turns off immediately.


First of all, make sure you use the latest version of QLB. If not, install from below:
Buttons lunch fast HP here (ver.

One important thing to keep in mind. Before update no matter what driver, make sure that your first uninstalled old version.

Try installing this driver and check it works:

Atheros Wirelesss
driver for Win7 from HP here (ver.

When this driver does not solve your problem, try an exits:

Atheros Wireless here (ver.

If even this will not work so tell me one thing. You have all colorors of stgrange the button mute or wireless.

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