My battery icon disappeared.

My battery icon disappeared from my notification icons in the lower right corner of my screen, how do I get it back?



Use this tutorial:

The tutorial has 3 methods.

Method one
is a general method which, unfortunately, rarely works because the box, you need to check is usually grayed out (unclickable).

Two method is only for Vista Ultimate and Enterprise.

Three method applies to all versions of Vista.

Use the Reg file download. It is simple and easy.

* Do
sure that you restart the computer to complete the

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  • The battery icon on the toolbar disappeared on Satellite L

    The battery icon on my laptop disappeared! which is annoying because I do not know how much battery is left.
    Anyone know how I can get it back?

    Particularly instructions on how I can choose what he re - appear.
    I tried right clicking on the toolbar but can't find it!

    Thank you very much


    You don t the right something on your operating system, but I assume you are using Win 7
    Windows 7 hides most of the default status bar icons.
    You need to fix to 'Show' If you want to show it again.
    But even when hidden, you can display all the icons in the status bar by clicking the small arrow just to the left of the status bar.

    You can do this:
    Right click on the taskbar-> properties-> in the 'Notification area' click on 'Customize' and then (the battery icon) 'display the icon and notifications '.

  • Why my icon volume & battery keep disappearing from my notification area.

    The taskbar is locked. Not sure if this applies to the notification bar. Icon time volume & battery keep disappearing. in the notification bar.

    I can't tun on "choose what I want to display.

    I have to continue to use "System Restore".

    Hi, Janet Thompson,.

    I suggest you run the fix from Microsoft article Knowledge Base below and also follow the steps and then check if it works.

    System icons do not appear in the notification area in Windows Vista or Windows 7, you must restart the computer

    I hope this helps. Please let us know the results.

  • Battery Notification icon disappeared and Im unable to put in operation (option is greyed out)

    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 (Compaq Presario Notebook)

    The battery in my menu task notification icon disappeared about 2 weeks ago... I tried to turn on the hidden, icon but it is grayed out and could not click on that I am the full administrator and not on a network of group work or school. I use the laptop for very simple tasks, so I should not have group policy. I went to Device Manager and battery information says that I have a Composite of Microsoft AC adapter battery, a battery of method control compatible ACPI Microsoft, Microsoft... I did not perform any task in there because it seemed a little daunting and Im unfamiliar with this area of the computer as my knowledge is limited.  I have also noticed recently that I have installed Windows Mobility Center that has the power option. May - so that it affects the missing icon? I feel a bit silly to post this question but I've searched the forum and was unable to find the right answer to my problem... Can someone give me some other advice I could try... Thank you!!


    Check your diet for beginners Plan.

    Also, run the command SFC /SCANNOW. This will check and repair if necessary all of the critical Windows system files.

    Click on start / all programs/accessories then
    Right-click on the command prompt option and select "Run as Administrator".
    At the command prompt, enter: SFC/scannow

    Windows 7 - order SCANNOW SFC - System File Checker


    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • The battery icon on the task bar disappeared

    the battery icon has disappeared off the coast of the taskbar. I can not turn it back as the place under the "behaviours" is grayed out. More simple instructions to fix it please.

    Thank you for your help. I printed these tips for later use.

    My icon suddenly reappeared.
    Thanks again
  • Lost the battery icon in the taskbar

    I had a battery icon in the taskbar on the right side. Now for some time, the icon disappeared. I've tried right-clicking on the taskbar and open the properties, and the notification area. The power selection is grayed out. It is not allowing me to check it out. How can I put the battery icon in the taskbar?

    Read the info on the link above to fix the problem greyed.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Network icon disappeared from the toolbar. How can I get that back?

    Network icon disappeared from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. (it has been next to the battery). How can I get that back?

    Network icon disappeared from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. (it has been next to the battery). How can I get that back?

    The region is called the taskbar.

    3 ways to recover...
    (1.) the easy way, if you're lucky:
    Right click on the task bar > click Properties > at the top, click on Notification area > can you put a check mark on the network? If so, you're done.

    If it is unclickable.
    2.) use this tutorial:
    Note: Depending on the version of Vista you have, use the method two or three.
    One when you're done, return to #1 above and click on the box.

    3.) do a restore ysytem. Choose the date at which the icon was present under your restore point.
    Here is the tutorial:


  • How can I get my the battery icon on the taskbar?

    The icon used to appear on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen (next to the clock).  He has simply disappeared, I tried changing the settings to bring it back, but it is telling that the battery icon is turned off and the wont let me turn it back on!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


    I suggest you to follow these steps and check if that helps:

    a. Click Start, go to control panel.

    b. click the power option.

    c. in the advance tab click "always show icon on the taskbar" check mark on.

    d. click ok.

    For more information, see this link:

    It will be useful.

  • The battery icon on Windows 7 laptop not displaying

    Hello, I use a Sony Vaio with Windows 7 laptop. It worked fine until a few weeks ago when I installed a Windows Update. Since then, the battery in the taskbar icon has disappeared, and it alerts me when the power is low. The internet connection icon also shows permanently the 'No connection' icon, even if the internet works fine. I tried the steps here: and here: but nothing works. When I go to the properties of the status bar, the option to activate the battery icon or off is grayed out. Here's what it looks like: the tray looks like this: any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    I was able to restore the battery meter icon on Acer aspire runningXP SP3 by following these steps:
    CTRL-Alt-Del all at the same time
    Click the "processes" tab
    Highlight and select "" Explorer exe.
    Click on end process
    Click on 'File', 'new task '.
    Cut and paste or type: explorer.exe
    Click on 'OK '.
    CTRL-Alt-Del all at the same time
    Click on 'File', 'new task '.
    Cut and paste or type: systray.exe
    Click on 'OK '.

    Source: Bruce

    Hope this helps, Gerry Cornell

  • Start icon disappears from the taskbar. Command prompt concludes that he cannot fix corrupted files.

    My power icon disappeared from my taskbar after a reboot. Following the advice of the Forum I turned on command prompt and asked the sfc/scannow.

    After a long search, I received notification that there were a few corrupted files and not all could be fixed. This had occurred previously in 2012.

    After a security alert, security, I downloaded the program named Emet. After reading more below in the Microsoft forum, I found the comments which Emet

    may damage files. I decided to uninstall Emet. When I finished that I discovered that the Emet icon has disappeared from the taskbar along

    with the battery icons and a few other icons. I took my Asus laptop at Best Buy and the tech there called a Microsoft service don't. and

    has got instructions to restore the missing icons using the appropriate record. It was in summer 2012. When I stopped my laptop Sunday, December 21, 13

    and then reopened Tuesday, December 23, 13 I found that, once more, my power icon had disappeared from the notification area. The correspondent

    subprogrammes in the control panel for the management of the icons in the notification area were inoperative for the icon of power and a few others. This

    was the exact situation I had in 2012, about 16 months ago.

    After failing to solve the problem with the command prompt, I thought I would ask for help. For the moment, I managed without going through the power icon

    presented at the center of mobility in the office and after having pinned the control panel to the taskbar on the right.

    Hi Ronald,.

    When you first start a new computer, the operating system typically runs Startup service initializations that can take anywhere from one to six hours to finish, depending on which applications are preloaded on the computer. Make sure that you give the operating system sufficient time to finish these Startup service initializations until you stop or restart the computer. This problem generally not happen once the operating system has completed initialization of all before background services is restarted.

    I suggest you refer to the following article which has a few registry tweaks to solve the problem. Please follow the steps and check out them.

    System icons do not appear in the notification area in Windows Vista or Windows 7, you must restart the computer

    Note: this section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the link to view the corresponding article:

    Back up the registry

    Let us know the status of the issue. We would be happy to help you.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones hotspot icon disappeared on my curve 9320

    Hello after replacing the battery on my blackberry Curve 9320 hotspot icon disappeared on all connections. And now I can't use the phone as a wi - fi Terminal to connect to the internet with my tablet.
    I read that there is a new firmaware, which is equipped with a hotspot of functions. Advise me to download and install it to solve the problem?

    To check you updated the software of the carrier for your device, click on the link below using your computer.

    Click 'Like' If you want to thank someone. If the problem is resolved to accept it as a 'Solution', so that others can use it.

  • BlackBerry Curve 8330 of Smartphones icons disappear!

    My icons disappeared a few weeks there, on a trip... removed battery and everything was ok... this weekend it happened again... the battery did nothing, but now I get an error 523, verizon said they have never heard of... didn't call technical support no help yet once... online and updated the software was better for 24 hours and it happened again... Verizon just sent me a new phone... and I replaced my info using the bb desktop manager backup and support... GUESS WHAT - it happened again.   I have a large black circle and four small gray flat circles on my screen.   I can switch to a program by using the alt/back buttons then switching applications to join only my bb Messenger, messages, browser or telephone.  I don't have a home screen.    I've updated the software for this phone too and nothing... I also scanned the two phones for virus and came up with nothing... Please help me I have now two phones useless!

    WHOOOO HOOOOOO what I did!  Thanks for all your support... used the original bb did all updates etc out of the web... sync was using ASCII - rasthaus the new phone and one a path of folder to design and voila it worked!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones icons disappeared and the menu won't pull up.

    OK, so I have a 8310.  I left my phone in the car for a few days (maybe something could have been by pressing one of the buttons while he sat there?) and when I picked it up, all my icons had been activated around and nothing was located where it was when I used the latter.  Everything worked fine, just all of the application and the homescreen icons were all scrambled to the top.

    This is the case, a * beep *, I decided to try to move the icons and put them back where they belonged.  I was able to highlite an icon and move it, but when I tried to finish the move sit icon where I wanted, the icon would be to just move with the trackball and has refused to sit in one place and stay there.

    Then I get a call on my phone and everthing is now the country of Wonderland with Alice and the White Rabbit!  All my icons have left the home screen, and I can't pull up the menu screen.  The trackball seems to work very well.  The blackberry icon button (between the button ' to call ' green and the trackball) seems to work (when the screen is black, you can push it and the screen lights up) but when you press it, the menu won't pull up.

    I thought that maybe I hid all the icons somehow?  I'm just confused on this one.  All the information at the top of the screen is still there.  Time, date, signal strength, network and all my message alert icons are visible.  I use the image as background is under the eyes, just all the icons disappeared and I can still shoot to the top of the menu to fix.

    1. press the Menu key and click SHOW EVERYTHING, as well as show that everything is checked.

    Now look around and see if you the icons. If this menu button still does not work...

    2 perform a reboot of the device: with the BlackBerry device powered on, remove the battery a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

    A little luck?

    3. If still nothing, try to go to the Options icon if you can find and choose themes and change the themes... now all the icons?

    If you can't find the Options icon, press the green line to enter the call log.

    Press the Menu key > Options > General and make Options scroll down with a line to the home screen and the value to no.

    Now, go back to the home screen of the BlackBerry and press O (oh), alpha to zero. Who will pull up in your Options menu now

  • Missing battery icon. Quite simply, it isn't here.

    I have a HP Compaq Presario F765EA under Vista Home Premium laptop. I used this laptop very happy for 10 months, but recently, the battery in the notification area icon disappeared. I put my computer in hibernation, started rising again and when I looked, it wasn't there. Naturally, I click on it, click on properties then the Notification area tab, but when I looked at the power box was the one who was gray. the problem occurred shortly before, but a few quick reboots sorted. But I rebooted about three times since then, nothing helps. I recently connected to 2 different networks, not at the same time, but soon enough. Also, but it's probably not related, I alo connected to 2 different secondary screens in quick succession too.

    If anyone else is having this problem, he has had in the past or had an experience that allows them to know the cause and the solution of the problem, simply reply with this knowledge.

    Thank you


    (Hard to take me seriously when it's my user name, innit)

    : PEI
    Is that informal place? Am I allowed to do?

    It's pretty simple, but it is the common problem with the Vista operating system. Just see the link bleow, and perform the steps.

  • PasswordBox icon disappeared after the installation of FF40.0

    Installed FF40.0 and now PasswordBox icon disappeared. It appears in my modules and seems to be active. See picture attached.

    What should do?

    edited version number that was shown as 4.0 = FOUR

    Hi lnp00, yes you can uninstall the beta version and reinstall a version of firefox that is regular - all your data like passwords, bookmarks, and customizations will remain in place...

Maybe you are looking for

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