My blackberry blackBerry smartphones is locked and I can't unlock it

my blackberry is locked and I can't unlock it


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  • BlackBerry Smartphones Smiley locked model will not be unlocked

    My daughter (including BB is) downloaded a smiley face pattern unlock BB App World and entered a password but the app will not now recognize the password and if the handset is actually locked!  Is there a way to get around this, like the restoration of factory settings?


    You can try one of the following steps:

    Type of incorrect passwords for 10 times and the unit will automatically be dragged to the default factory settings.

    Otherwise, connect your device via USB cable to your laptop / desktop.

    Now open BlackBerry Desktop Software (CD, which is given in the box, install this software first).

    Once connected, restore your device to the default factory settings.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Photo, video and iTunes can be transferred to my Storm

    I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of why the ability to select the synchronization of these elements is grayed out? There is a notice on the bottom of each tab that says: "feature not available; No media present card.

    I have a lot of free space on the device, but I have to install a memory card before saving the files on the storm?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


    You must activate the media storage to USB on your Blackberry first.

    Options > memory > select Activate/mass storage USB mass storage (I forgot the name of the real parameter).

    After that, you should have no problem.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones new icon and I can't understand it!

    Hi all.

    I have a 8330 that I finally get the shot after all these months.  Love the BB!  So, yesterday, I noticed a new kind of "notify" icon.  It's a world (looks like the browser icon) with a 1 next to it (to the left of it, actually).  I opened all the applications I have (including browser) trying to figure out - no luck.

    Anyone know what it is?  It's driving me crazy.

    Thanks in advance.

    ~ s.

    Open your messages folder > press Menu > folders > and check your messages to Push browser and Wap push messages from the folders.

    Locate the message and delete it.

  • HP Slate 7 HD 3400US Tablet is locked and I can't unlock it

    When I turn on the Tablet, it shows a lock symbol and underneath the lock "T-MOBILE" is displayed. How can I get the unlocked Tablet?

    Hello and welcome to the HP support community!

    Simply slide the lock to the right with your finger.

    There are many ways to lock the screen at your disposal in the security/app settings section.


  • my account is locked and I can't unlock the instructions I gave to me

    My msn and hotmail account has been blocked I have reset my password, but still does not allow me to connect

    View all Windows Live and Hotmail questions in the appropriate forum found here:

    Support MSN:

  • 3 adobe, Transport is locked and I can't unlock it

    What Miss me?

    Connecting to an audio interface. If the hearing cannot see an audio interface, the transport controls will not work. You should check the configuration of Audio material in hearing to ensure that the correct interface is used. If you can't find a map of his work he then the problem lies in your configuration of Windows sounds.

  • The blackBerry Smartphone keyboard lock

    I've updated my blackberry 8520 and now lost my keyboard lock and also can't get my apps on my wifi but can be downloaded on my phone when out and about, can anyone help?

    KB21380 - lock icon is missing from the start screen on the BlackBerry smartphone

  • BlackBerry Smartphones has locked the security something. Help, please!

    When I go to options > security options > advanced security option > memory cleaning there is a status option to enable it. I just recently received my blackberry and I wanted to see what this setting. I allowed him and now it is locked and it will not unlock. How can I unlock it? Seriously, I hate cleaning, it does. If I have not all clean when the settings off.

    On your BlackBerry, you have a Content Protection is enabled, the encryption Options > Security?

    If so, that disable.

    Memory cleaner is turned on, or gets in some events, such as changing a zone or to synchronize your data with Desktop Manager. If you did that?

  • My icloud account is locked and I can't receive emails from release because they send the icloud, mail it is possible mail to release to be sent through the intermediary of my apple ID

    My icloud account is locked and I can't receive emails to unblock my icloud account because they send mail to icloud so that is locked, if possible mail to release to be sent through the intermediary of my apple ID so that I can be able to see.

    If you have only a @icloud e-mail address, you will need to call Apple Support and ask your password reset e-mail be sent to an alternate email address.

  • my account has been locked and I can't seem to log in, please help and guide me to unblock my account please?

    My account has been locked and I can't seem to log on. Could you please help and guide me to unlock? I need my old account as soon as possible.

    I assume you mean to your hotmaul account.
    If so, Windows Live questions need to be addressed by Windows Live Solution Center, not by MS Answers.

    Here are some links your need to use:

    1. "Yous has been temporarily blocked shas:

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    Your account is blocked because it is considered that you have violated their code of conduct.
    You have to manage with them and them alone. In Microsoft Answers, we can not help you.

  • I bought an iPhone5 someone and I can't unlock Apple VAC without him. Can I do something?

    I bought an iPhone5 someone and I can't unlock Apple VAC without him. Can I do something?

    N ° the owner of the account that is used to lock to remove the lock.

    Find my iPhone Activation Lock - Apple Support

  • BlackBerry Smartphones phone locked after theme download and reboot?

    I have downloaded a theme from blackberry app on my curve 8520, does what he's told and restarted when asked... but now my phone is locked and can not enter it... took the battery to see if there is no change, but there is no and now I don't know what please advise?


    Boot into safe mode and to get rid of the app, here's how


  • BlackBerry Smartphones cannot lock the phone through blackberry ID


    I take a phone of my coleague who has left the company. For some reason, I can't able to connect on the phone. Firstly I didn't at first, the password of my coleague ex, I went online and changed the password. However, when I want to connect with my new password to unlock the phone, I have this message:

    "You have exceeded the number of attempts to connect.

    For security reasons, you have been locked for 15 minutes. "Click on forgotten password if you need create a new password.

    But after 15 minutes and try again, the message... helpppp

    You try the BlackBerryID, or the security password, on the device?

    It looks like the BlackBerryID if you are locked out for 15 minutes.

    A wrong entered security password would give you only a message something like «wrong password 2/10»

    Then, to change the BBID of this device and make it 'your own' device, you'll need to do a wipe of the device security. This will delete all the data in personal, contacts, calendar, etc. and restore the State of the plant basically.

    Read this: BlackBerry smartphone must be wiped before transferring the property Security

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BBID locked out

    Hello. Is there a way around this headache? I forgot my BBID IDs I needed to purchase an app. As indicated, I opened a session on the Web site on my PC and reset my login and my password. Online, I can sign with no problem however my laptop seems to expect the old username and passoword so I keep getting locked. The only option seems to be a security wipe. Is there really no other way to change data BBID on my mobile? I'm not willing to risk a wipe of security that the phone is still usable. The application providers will lose out however that I can not connect to make purchases! Please HELP someonne!

    If reset you, which means it's now a new BBID then, Yes, you will have to do a security wipe to use the new BBID. It will eventually catch up to you and you will need to perform the wipe.  BBID is used to BlackBerry Protect, BBWorld, BBM and more. If you never remove the sim card and use another sim card, you will also need. There may be more that too I don't think off the coast of the hand.

Maybe you are looking for

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