My C50 - B Satellite does not start from the HARD drive

Details of the machine: -.

Model number: PSCMLA-03F07Q
Serial number: XE343127P

Computer does not start from hard drive. No error message, just the start Toshiba at the end of self-test screen.

Sometimes a reinstall of the operating system seems to correct the problem, but then he would go again, now the problem is consistent.

I reduced the possibilities to a fault of BIOS, reasons.

System boots from USB with no problems. Installation of operating systems is done without error. SMART hard drive data indicates a perfectly healthy hard drive. Memcheck will return no error.

The obvious solution is to reload the BIOS, just reset it doesn't help. But that is the problem.

1.4 BIOS update that the Australian site offers is a Windows program and the computer cannot start Windows.

Obvious answer is to use a bootable USB key with an operating system 'live' on this issue, but all of these systems are Linux and the update of the BIOS is a Windows program. So much for smart solutions.

Downloaded Bios version 1.7 of the European site but the iso inside the rar file is empty, 25 MB in size but nothing in there according to Linux. Tried to run his program on a Win7 64 bit computer and it returns an error that it could not find the correct iso file.

I submitted a support request by email to Toshiba, but they believe that it could take three days to get a response, so I thought I would ask here as well. Can someone tell me please to a working copy of the latest BIOS update disk for a laptop Satelite C50 - B? Note: this model does not have a CD player so iso should be compatible with USB boot.

See you soon,.




From my experience that I n think that BIOS update is the final solution for you. When you set the default settings of the BIOS disk HARD appears correctly in the BIOS settings?
HARD drive is also offered and listed as boot device when you enter in the start using F12 at startup menu?

What happens when you start using recovery image installation created recovery USB key (I hope that you have created a)?

Offer BIOS updates are versions of WIN and can be performed by running the Windows operating system.

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    Hi herikhi,
    Change the start of the base system (Input Output) BIOS setting to boot from the hard drive.
    Consult the manual of the manufacturer, to do the same thing.

    NOTE: BIOS change / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from configuration can resolved BIOS/CMOS settings. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

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    He wants to boot from the DVD, but I have the HARD drive as the number of boot option in the bios. What's new?

    The symptoms you describe seem to indicate that the startup information has been lost of the HD.  The HD is faulty or something destroys the startup information.

    Try to do a repair from the installation DVD.

  • A33 satellite will not start on the hard drive even after the installation of the new system

    Hello, I need help, my A33 does not start on a hard drive. It is to see the drive hard in the bios and even by operating the drive when you go to install. But as soon as it will boot to the hard drive, it is just a black screen. It is very strange that you can see the hard drive in the bios and even with a diagnostics disk. I can see, scan it and check it by starting with a diagnostic disk, but when I start the computer, it doesn't do anything.

    Help please!

    Stand by. Your ad is so confused. When you read can you understand what you wrote?

    BIOS recognizes the HARD drive correctly, no?
    When you use bootable disk for the installation of the OS is properly recognized HDD?
    You can install OS using the original recovery disc or by using the Microsoft installation disc?

  • Z575 will not boot from the hard drive or restore DVD

    Need help on a laptop Z575 age of 2 years that immediately after an automatic update of windows, will not start either from the hard disk or restore DVDs (blue screen). Does not start in safe mode, not booting from a rescue of third party DVD. Attempt to start, it will show you the ability to start the Startup Repair tool. Repair shows that it is unable to fix with the detail following problem error messages:
    Signature of the problem 1: 6.1.7600.16385
    Signature of problem 2: 6.1.7600.16385
    Signature of the problem 3: unknown
    Signature of the 4:21200196 problem
    Signature problem 5: auto failover
    Signature of the problem 6:7
    Signature of the 7 problem: bad driver
    OS version: 6.1.7601.

    Normally think that the hard drive has failed or that windows update caused a software problem, but the inability to boot from any restore disk that makes me think that there is another serious problem with the hardware of the laptop.

    Any help would be appreciated. THX

    Additional note: when you try to boot from a restore disc, blue screen, error message:
    Stop: 0x0000007B (0xF78DA640, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
    It is a hardware failure that cannot be restarted soft.

    I also removed the hard drive and RAM, reinstalled and rebooted, no change.

    Additional note: I was able to access the hard drive with a recovery of old program, focused on the (SpaceFM) ram charged through the DVD player. Hard drive data appears intact. Still does not start from the hard disk or a DVD of windows system.

    Thank you. Rather than buying a 4 GB or more large key USB comes from put this into hard drive replacement. Installed correctly, boots very well now. No other error of the optical drive... and no explanation I can see, but that's it.

    Unless something else pops up we'll just call cela a HARD drive failed after 2 years of common use. Thanks again.

  • C50-A0113 satellite does not start in windows


    I have a toshiba satellite laptop C50-A0113 8 64-bit windows running.

    Ive had exactly two years a few days ago I restarted and then when it starts up, it stops at the screen "Toshiba leading innovation" and then he said: scanning and repair drive C, while on this screen it starts the process and then stops at 34%.

    It was two days ago now it just gets stuck on the "screen toshiba innovation leader" and then after a few minutes, it says preparation auto repair.

    Then he leaves the screen and goes to a screen black for a few minutes then flashes the blue screen written "your computer has encountered a problem" then restarts.

    I tried to create a bootable windows disc 8 in order to repair, but it does not start even in the usb port.
    I restart and press f12 to select the media to begin. It checks the media goes to the toshiba screen, then everything goes black for a few minutes until what it restarts.

    Can I please know what is the problem and how can I possibly fix it because the problem is clearly not my hard drive.

    I have removed and put into another laptop and it was fine


    If you want to start Notepad using external media (such as a CD or USB flash memory key) you must disable the secure in the BIOS boot option.

    If you want to install Win 7, you must also pass the CSM mode UEFI Boot Mode.

    For me it of not quite clear if you created the recovery media (flash memory stick or disk)

    If you created one in the past, you could use this recovery media to put the laptop back to factory settings.

    In the case where this is not possible, some of the material (perhaps HDD) could be affected.

  • Satellite L300D - 12L does not start from CD/DVD drive


    I noticed a couple of threads on L3x who sometimes won't start but have a blinking cursor.
    I also have this problem with my daughter satellite.

    It occurs when there is a disc in the DVD player. The PC does not start, I get a black screen with a cursor and the DVD flashes regularly as if she is trying to determine if there is a bootable disc inserted.

    I tried several discs with similar results.
    Everything that happens the DVDRW ejects, and I have to force a shutdown, then eject the disc immediately when I start her for it boot on Vista.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated.


    Have you tried to boot from the recovery disk Toshiba?

    Fact is if you try to install the Windows operating system on the new laptop series, you must install either the drivers SATA or you must set compatible SATA to AHCI mode in the BIOS!

    That's why check first before you would contact any ASP guy to replace the STRANGE.

    See you soon

  • C50-A-19 t satellite does not start with the battery mounted

    OK, first post here.

    I see similar questions coming, but as they are never QUITE the same, I am that posing in a new thread.

    I left my Satellite from one day to the next (do not remember if I had put off, or he simply had 'gone to sleep', but it has been connected to the grid).

    When I got to reboot, I got a power light on, but screen blank (black). After reading a few similar complaints on the internet (via another laptop!), I tried to remove the battery and power from the grid.
    This worked well (I write him in this state right now).

    But whenever I put the battery and try again, it will fail in the same way.
    I tried this company "press and hold power for 30 seconds" without success (but I'm not 100% sure of the EXACT procedure actions sequence).

    I have a few questions:

    (1) I take the laptop away from my office - is there a problem with everything just works like this (i.e. of the grid, with no battery inserted) indefinitely?

    (2) in any case, I want to solve the problem.
    If the battery has run COMPLETELY flat, and that the laptop can not it lights but also operate normally?

    Alternatively, is probably that the battery has not experienced a catastrophic failure and simply needs to replace?
    If so, I'll just buy a. BUT...

    What I don't want to do, is to pay for a costly spare battery, to find that it was actually another factor at the origin of the problem, and I'm back to square one and out of Pocket!

    Any advice would be welcome.

    Thank you



    According to your assignment, in most cases, you use the laptop connected to the power adapter but no battery. Is this correct?

    First we need to know that if the AC adapter is plugged in, the laptop should work correctly with - and without inserting the battery.
    If you unplug the AC adapter, the laptop should automatically switch to battery power. In this case, it is important that the battery is pretty cool power to provide the power for the laptop.
    In case the battery is empty, the laptop will not light.

    I recommend to insert the battery plug the power adapter and charge the battery for a longer period of time.

    You should also check if the battery is recognized by the Windows system and the battery charge indicator (battery in the taskbar icon) shows the State of battery charge.

    In case the battery is fully charged and the laptop does not work using the battery power only, you should test the new battery.
    If new battery does not solve the problem, s for laptop hardware needs an audit.

  • Satellite C870D-119 does not start from CD/DVD drive

    I changed the boot sequence in the BIOS to the optical device is referenced to boot the system before the hard drive. The bad news is that the CD player is started but after 30 seconds, the system hard disk takes over and starts Windows 10.
    I need to create a full backup of the system offline.
    How can I make the labtop will boot from the CD drive?
    Thanks for any help.

    What is on the CD?
    If the CD is MSDOS, Vista or XP or Win7 based, you must set the startup Boot of MSC mode.
    If the CD has Win8 or Win10 then you start in UEFI boot mode.

  • Satellite A105 does not start from the CD Rom

    Today WinXP fall & I decide to reinstall.
    I change in the Bios to boot to the cd-rom first.
    But she continue to start the hard drive first. I don't know what to do, because I don't Win & I can't boot from any device except the HARD drive.

    Any body can help me? Can be extracted bios battary motherboard...


    If you want to boot from the CD Rom, then a bootable Windows CD must be inserted in the first place.

    Immediately after starting the laptop, press the F12 key.
    This should allow the start on-screen menu then you could choose the ODD (CD/DVD drive) and the laptop should boot from the drive.

    Good bye

  • C870-19(r) satellite does not start with the new SSD


    I will update the Toshiba Satellite C870 19(r) with a Pro 840 Samsung SSD, but it does not start.

    He said: not found system.

    Post edited by: joch333n

    None found system means that there is no system installed on the SSD drive...

    What you trying to do?
    You start from a disk in order to install the new system?

    In this case, you should disable startup secure in the BIOS.
    I also recommend moving from UEFI mode MSC!

  • Satellite Pro 460 does not start with the new drive in

    I recently received a Satellite Pro 460, but he had no hard drive.
    It starts great without a disc in but as soon as I put a new hard drive in it does not start.

    I thought that it might be again a hard drive, so I pulled out my old Toshiba Satellite with my old drive to work, and yet, it does not start.

    Someone has any ideas why this is and what I can do about it

    I think that you can not do much. Satellite pro 460 CDT, for example, comes with 2 GB of HARD drive. If you try to get it work with similar HDD without success, it may be defective IDE port on the motherboard.

    What HARD drive you are trying to use on this good old classic?

  • Portege R500 does not start from the XP CD

    My basic problem is the following - I have a Portege r500 with Vista on it. I'm moving from Vista to XP Pro, but when I put a bootable XP installation CD in the drive, it turns, looking around for awhile and then I get a blank screen with a cursor blinking on it.

    Now, I've done this before, so I know that something is supposed to happen, but nothing don't. And I tried 3 well-known installation CD, is not a problem of CD. Do I need some update BIOS/firmware to boot from the CD on this thing? Or am I missing something?


    Thank you.

    Often the Portege R500 should be able to boot from the CD/DVD drive and should begin the procedure of installation of the CD Win XP SP2 installation.

    But it is a tricky thing.
    The Portege R500 needs an Intel (r) Matrix Storage Manager (iMSM). This iMSM is necessary to recognize the HARD drive and install Win Xp on the HARD drive.

    I recommend you and create a new CD of Win XP starting with software called nLite to integrate the SP2 of Microsoft and Intel Matrix Storage Manager (iMSM) in Win XP.

    You can then use this CD for installation.

  • A series of satellite does not start after the BIOS update

    After update bios with the downloaded utility my laptop does not start.
    Do you have this case covered by the warranty?

    I'm not sure if this would be covered by the warranty. You must contact the ASP in your country for details, but I assume that it s not covered.

    PS: Did you try this work around:
    -remove the battery, disconnect the adapter
    -wait ~ 40 min
    -connect the two devices again and try to turn on the laptop

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