My computer says that it has more than 5000 errors and I have to pay to fix them.

My computer shows that I have more than 5000 errors... I download 'Free'... but after showing how many mistakes I have... so I have to buy remove them... Anything FREE available to remove these errors with?

original title: maintenance cleaning disc my computer reports that I have more than 5000 errors

You may be victim of scare ware by malicious registry, cleaning of retail sites.

In addition, it is unclear if when you run an analysis, the downloaded site ware hostage on your system.

Try running a system restore point to restore the hive of the registry to a functional State before you run the malware analysis.

Thereafter, be sure to run a full scan with your anti virus program.

However update your antivirus with the lates virus definitions since the system restore may have restored an old list of virus definitions.

If everything looks correct and normal now, then install and run inoculate, then "spybot" your system.

It will update your windows with a list of bad sites to avoid.

and don't forget to update and run spybot regularly.

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