my contact list has been hacked and disappeared completely, what do I do?

Today (17/08/16) while doing a search for card on my iPod, I received a message that my device could not connect with the server. I checked the wifi settings and everything seemed normal.

A few hours later I started to receive messages undelivered Damon of the people on my contact list, but I had not sent all recent messages. He became a snowstorm of mail returned with comments indicating that a file 'drop zone .pdf' could not be opened.

When I went to my contact list to meet some of the shippers, I found that my list of contacts it had been cleaned up with only my name remaining. This list was perhaps 200 + names and information. I've never had a security problem with apple products and I am a user since the 1980s.

I share an Internet connection with my other significant and it has a windows 10 laptop PC. I did a complete antivirus on his device scan and found three variations of a Trojan which were immediately eliminated. I'm assuming that one of the virus/Trojan horse the culprit but it is possible t it completely deleted (not copied) my entire contact list and if so, is there a way to restore the original information? In addition, I find that most of my posts had been blurred and missing both headers



If on a computer browser, you go on and sign in is the contacts (and other information to iCloud) still their?

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