My CPU runs at 50 to 100% when little or nothing works how to stop it

My CPU runs at 50 to 100% when little or nothing works how to stop it


What is taking up 50-100% depending on the Task Manager?

You can use Process Explorer to get a better idea on what's running...

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    There are 3 main reason for this.
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    Right-click on my computer and select Properties
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    Try to use the computer for some time now. Check if the computer restarts now.

    If the computer restarts always there may be some error in some files. Just try to do a repair installation of Windows XP by using the Windows XP CD.

    If you get a BSOD. (Blue Screen Of Death) there may be some hardware problems also. As RAM / mother board failure.   Not all BSOD due to hardware problems.

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  • Windows XP CPU running at 100% with no open programs

    I use Windows XP SP3 with 2 GB of RAM with a 1.80 Ghz Pentium 4 processor... The computer is VERY slow and lazy most of the time. Sometimes it's fast and the answer but then IT suddenly comes back to extremely slow and lazy - it's as if something is supported of the processor.

    When we look at the performance tab of the the task manager of the CPU usage is running between 80 and 100% when it opens any program or and for the desktop to appear.

    I ran Super Anti Spyware and found 69 threats that have been deleted.

    I ran Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and it found 1 threat that has been deleted.

    I run ESET NOD32 Anti-virus and it was a clean analysis.

    I run the latest version of CCleaner and cleaned the registry and the tab Cleaner for the cleaning of temporary files, etc.

    I defraged the drive and also checked/fixed for disk errors.

    After that the CPU usage is running always extremely high with no programs open.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do or check, fix anything that captures the CPU?

    Thank you. Best regards, Bill Artman Kansas City - USA

    What is your system brand and model?

    You may be able to get clues with what is happening by using the Task Manager and maybe understand.

    You will always figure out what happens if you use Process Explorer.

    Download Process Explorer, so you can see what is 'really' currently running on your system, especially behind these multiple svchosts see you in the Manager of tasks running.

    Download Process Explorer from here:

    You'll like Process Explorer when you get the hang of it.  Process Explorer is the Manager of Windows taskbar on steroids.

    Process Explorer installs nothing so it won't slow down your system since it works only on request.

    Process Explorer can seem a little intimidating at first because it has so much information, but you will begin to make love the way it works when you're looking for performance problems.   You can even say EP you want it to be your new default 'Task Manager' value in the future.  You can always run the original tasks as Manager.

    Once you get Process Explorer running, expand the columns, made drag the corners of the screen for it's largest, etc., so you can see as much information as possible in the window.  Now you can really see what is running on the system.

    Here's a screenshot of my system when I use Process Explorer:

    The CPU column is usually the most interesting start with performance issues - which uses the most?

    It is OK and normal to have of multiple svchost processes running, but sometimes malware will hide behind them, as the malware knows that you will not be able to spot it in the Task Manager.

    Malicious software can disguise itself also seems to be a legitimate process of XP or he could hide under/behind other processes that you see running in Task Manager if you can't see the execution.

    The malware would trick you into thinking you must use a System Restore Point, run a repair install or reinstall your XP from scratch when you really don't.

    Looking at the display in process Explorer, you want the CPU most to be associated with the system idle process.  It's 'free time' on your system, so more time there, more free.

    If you look at the graphs of performance and see red spikes (or not) double click the graphic in the upper left corner to display the graph to use.  Move the mouse over any pics to see what are the causes.  Even if the Spike has already scroll screen, you can still move the mouse over the edge to see what caused.  You can also just wait for a pic to happen and then see what caused the Spike.

    To help understand your process svchost and what is running under them, read this article and you will be smarter than the average bear:

    Then with a few Google searches, you can watch every thing in PE and behind your svchost processes running and see what it is and decide if your configuration needs it or not and then decide what to do about this.

    If you think you have a svchost.exe process amok, executed using PE, you can right-click that offensive svchost, properties and on the Services tab and son, you can see which runs under it.

    There is a CPU column it will expand (make the wider column) so that you can see CPU.  Maybe you can spot what background process is so CPU consumption under the svchost.exe process.   Stroll under the svchost process and you will find it.

    You can also see what is running under each svchost simply by pointing your mouse on the svchost.exe process.  Some of them have just a things working under them and some will have several things (I hope that all the legitimate XP services) and some will have a lot of things.

    If you have a svchost process that is afflicted, which runs under your afflicted?

    No running process must defy reasonable explanation.

    First, see what you can discover using Process Explorer and then if nothing is obvious, see other things.

    Do, or do not. There is no test.

    I need YOUR voice and the points for helpful answers and propose responses. I'm saving for a pony!

  • Why use 100% of a CPU (1 of 8) when it does nothing

    There is no VI running and LabVIEW uses 100% of CPU 7.

    When I run LabVIEW, open a project.  Everything is fine.  When I run the project without problem.  Once the project is stopped, 7 CPU goes to 100%.  I leave LabVIEW to stop LabVIEW using the CPU.

    I created a VI to ensure that no VI turn crazy on my computer.  There is no running VI...  What the... .CK


    LabVIEW open for more than a day, huh?

    If so, it's a known issue. Workaround will charm you! NOT

  • Almost all cases no matter what programs run almost 100% of the CPU running.

    Hey guys I have a problem I could use some help with.

    I have a Dell Studio 1555 laptop

    Windows Vista Edition Home Premium 64-bit

    4 GB of Ram

    Intel Duo Core T6500 @ 2.1 GHZ

    I've had this laptop over a year now and it works perfectly but around a week ago, he went a little out of whack.

    Basically, no matter what programs are running my CPU usage will be 90-100%, which makes the laptop almost impossible to use.

    It comes and goes a bit, but for the majority of the time is around this margin. (for example I wrote that his party up to 10% once again, little about what I expected, but it will rocket upward again in a few minutes)

    The strange thing is that it doesn't seem to be a program or .exe using all CPU. Sometimes odd things as Dell Dock (which must use almost nothing) use up to 40% and if that gets closed or temporarily fixed things like explorer.exe, svchost.exe or whatever happens to be executed at the moment when will start using more CPU and look back up to 100%.

    Only, this started happening recently and I have no idea what made him... Any thoughts?

    Thanks a lot for all the suggestions/help

    (and just a quick update)

    My computer stopped a few times now unexpectedly as well and do not restart for 10 minutes. Once again, no idea why... The back of it felt very hot but I wonder if a fan issue could play a role?)


    Heat can be the cause where the result of the CPU running so high. Make sure that the vents are clear and
    try adding a small fan blowing in the wind (or at least through them) to see how effective that has
    on the question.

    Check with a computer store real (not of leeks and glances at a Best Buy or other department stores) or Dell
    Support and Forums for known issues.

    Dell support

    Dell support drivers - product manual & warranty Info (left side) - and much more

    Dell forums

    This is a tool for troubleshooting to see if the software is part of the question - start with a clean boot.

    What antivirus/antispyware/security products do you have on the machine? Be one you have NEVER
    on this machine, including those you have uninstalled (they leave leftovers behind which can cause
    strange problems).


    Follow these steps:

    Start - type this in the search box-> find COMMAND at the top and RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN

    Enter this at the command prompt - sfc/scannow

    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program
    generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

    Also run CheckDisk, so we cannot exclude as much as possible of the corruption.

    How to run the check disk at startup in Vista


    After the foregoing:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista
    How to troubleshoot performance issues in Windows Vista

    Optimize the performance of Microsoft Windows Vista
    To see everything that is in charge of startup - wait a few minutes with nothing to do - then right-click
    Taskbar - the Task Manager process - take a look at stored by - Services - this is a quick way
    reference (if you have a small box at the bottom left - show for all users, then check that).

    How to check and change Vista startup programs

    A quick check to see that load method 2 is - using MSCONFIG then put a list of
    those here.

    Tools that should help you:

    Process Explorer - free - find out which files, key of registry and other objects processes have opened.
    What DLLs they have loaded and more. This exceptionally effective utility will show you even who has
    each process.

    Autoruns - free - see what programs are configured to start automatically when you start your system
    and you log in. Autoruns also shows you the full list of registry and file locations where applications can
    Configure auto-start settings.
    Process Monitor - Free - monitor the system files, registry, process, thread and DLL real-time activity.

    There are many excellent free tools from Sysinternals

    -Free - WhatsInStartUP this utility displays the list of all applications that are loaded automatically
    When Windows starts. For each request, the following information is displayed: Type of startup (registry/Startup folder), Command - Line String, the product name, Version of the file, the name of the company;
    Location in the registry or the file system and more. It allows you to easily disable or remove unwanted
    a program that runs in your Windows startup.

    There are many excellent free tools to NirSoft

    Window Watcher - free - do you know what is running on your computer? Maybe not. The window
    Watcher says it all, reporting of any window created by running programs, if the window
    is visible or not.

    Many excellent free tools and an excellent newsletter at Karenware


    Vista and Windows 7 updated drivers love then here's how update the most important.

    This is my generic how updates of appropriate driver:

    This utility, it is easy see which versions are loaded:

    -Free - DriverView utility displays the list of all device drivers currently loaded on your system.
    For each driver in the list, additional useful information is displayed: load address of the driver,
    Description, version, product name, company that created the driver and more.

    For drivers, visit manufacturer of emergency system and of the manufacturer of the device that are the most common.
    Control Panel - device - Graphics Manager - note the brand and complete model
    your video card - double - tab of the driver - write version information. Now, click on update
    Driver (this can do nothing as MS is far behind the certification of drivers) - then right-click.
    Uninstall - REBOOT it will refresh the driver stack.

    Repeat this for network - card (NIC), Wifi network, sound, mouse, and keyboard if 3rd party
    with their own software and drivers and all other main drivers that you have.

    Now in the system manufacturer (Dell, HP, Toshiba as examples) site (in a restaurant), peripheral
    Site of the manufacturer (Realtek, Intel, Nvidia, ATI, for example) and get their latest versions. (Look for
    BIOS, Chipset and software updates on the site of the manufacturer of the system here.)

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put them - right click - RUN AD ADMIN - REBOOT after
    each installation.

    Always check in the Device Manager - drivers tab to be sure the version you actually install
    presents itself. This is because some restore drivers before the most recent is installed (sound card drivers
    in particular that) so to install a driver - reboot - check that it is installed and repeat as

    Repeat to the manufacturers - BTW in the DO NOT RUN THEIR SCANNER device - check
    manually by model.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager

    If you update the drivers manually, then it's a good idea to disable the facilities of driver under Windows
    Updates, that leaves about Windows updates but it will not install the drivers that will be generally
    older and cause problems. If updates offers a new driver and then HIDE it (right click on it), then
    get new manually if you wish.

    How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows Vista - drivers (WS.10) .aspx


    Refer to these discussions because many more excellent advice however don't forget to check your antivirus
    programs, the main drivers and BIOS update and also solve the problems with the cleanboot method

    Problems with the overall speed of the system and performance

    Performance and Maintenance Tips

    Explorer Windows stopped working

    Hope these helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • Windows.exe gobbling up memory and CPU often CPU ranges between 50 and 100%.


    My PC recently turned very, very slowly and often unresponsive.  When I bring up the Task Manager, on the processes tab, I see that Windows.exe uses as much as 1 million K of memory and often the CPU ranges between 50 and 100%.  What is happening while no application works.  I have also noticed that in the Task Manager, there are two processes with the name of the image of windows.exe and consuming all the power and memory has no user name.  When I try to end the process on this one it still won't let me and a message appears saying that I don't have permission to do this, or something to that effect.  I am however able to stop other processes including the windows.exe with my username process.  The cases where it allows me to stop the process, performance improves, but given a little time, again with nothing running, it starts again. Thinking it was a virus, I missed the live update on Norton and performed a full scan, but nothing found.   I also tried Windows defender, but in vain.  Any help on this problem is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Nelms of Yelm

    From what I found, Windows.exe is likely malware:

    Windows.exe file information

  • Percentage of maximum CPU Windows 7 constantly frequency > 100%

    Under Windows, I find that my CPU fan runs constantly audible. The fan made ramp immediately after Windows starts, even with no applications running. Windows resource monitor shows the CPU usage in the range of 25 to 40%. However, the maximum percentage of CPU frequency is consistently above 100% (usually around 110-115%). This means that the system is too overclocking? If so, is it logical to deduce that this may cause the CPU fan to run so much? Finally, how can I get this back to 100% (or less)?

    The fan does not this way under MacOS.

    MB Pro (by 2012) running Windows 7 under Bootcamp (MacOS 10.11.6).

    reset the SMC

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

  • CPU runs at half the frequency in Satellite

    Not sure if it is a problem, but the CPU runs at half the frequency. I put the high performance plan and still the same. I think it should work at full power.

    I also tried to disable the CPU power option in the BIOS and nothing helped.
    To monitor the use CPU - Z and Speccy.

    What you think about this?
    Is it normal?


    The Intel CPU supports the Intel Turbo Boost technology
    Dynamically, this Intel Turbo Boost technology increases the frequency of the processor as needed by taking advantage of thermal and power margin to give a burst of speed when you need it and increase energy efficiency when you don t.

    The CPU also supports Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology

    Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology is a means of which allows high performance while meeting the needs of conservation of energy of advanced mobile systems. Conventional Intel SpeedStep® Technology puts both voltage and frequency in tandem between high and low levels in response to the processor load. Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® technology is based on this architecture using design strategies such as the separation between the voltage and the frequency changes and clock partitioning and recovery.

  • Portege M200 - CPU runs only at 598 MHz! Basic BACK Toshiba Service tool

    Portege M200 - CPU runs only at 600 MHz

    I have a Portege M200 with a Dothan Pentium M 725 supposed to run at 1.6 ghz, but posts a 598 Mhz
    frequency. I updated the bios to 1.8.

    I read in a previous post "locked"...:

    .. He's supposed to be a base of BACK of Toshiba utility to fix the problem. .
    It is said that this is not a Bios problem...

    Can someone direct me to this utility?

    Thank you!


    The answer is here... thanks all and who is responsible for:

    The key is a utility called 'pom200t1 '.

    You will need the following.

    A floppy disk or if you do not have an external floppy drive, or if you are common sense to be able to boot a file from a CD player.
    You must also WinImage, as all files that you download come as .ima files
    Download pom200t1 - and (if if doesn't work either).

    You can find them here: (this one is a ditch last attempt).
    Then follow the instructions on the site I posted before:

    Symptom: CPU remains constantly 598 MHz.

    * Process: *.

    (1) boot in the BIOS. (Press "Esc" during the boot process, before the loading of the operating system, but after having entered your password, if you use the startup password protection).

    2) look under 'Other' category.

    (3) if the motherboard does not have enough information about the CPU, the category 'Dynamic CPU frequency Mode' appear on (you won't see it).

    If the laptop is in this state that he won't ever faster than 598 Mhz until you perform the following procedure.
    Note: Although this utility said it's for a Toshiba Portege M200, the particular difficulty you need may work on other Toshiba laptops.
    He has worked on 3 different Toshiba Satellite Pro M15 S405s, but * USE at YOUR OWN RISK *.

    (1) start Windows and create the startup disk in the pom200t1.exe file.

    (2) boot from the diskette you just made.

    (3) in the menu, select the initial repair option 2 "set config".

    (4) in the following menu, select option 1 'Initial cofiguration"(misspelled)

    (5) after a few seconds, you should see "Writing a file is over!" and the laptop restarts automatically without asking for confirmation.

    (6) when restarting the laptop go back into the BIOS and look under 'Other' category. You should now see the "dynamic CPU frequency Mode". Make sure it is set to "Dynamically switchable" for the CPU limitation.

    7) restart Windows and make sure that the CPU can throttle in normal conditions. The Intel SpeedStep technology icon should now be in the systray. Go to the Toshiba power management / Power Saver Properties and update all of your methods to save power to use technology SpeedStep that you prefer (fixed or automatic) and mount all caps speed processor, or you can go above 798 MHz because cursors will always be to their previous settings (4 or less), while they can now go up to 7. Let me know how you go.
    I have fixed the CPU now just need to find out why my fan only works when I activate it manually!

  • Google chrome runs multiple threads in taskbar when chrome is not yet installed

    I use a Dell Inspiron 620 with processor I5-2320, 64-bit windows 7 Home premium.  In the taskbar, Image name rmsfwylmn.exe * 32 with a google chrome description and it is causing the CPU run high.  I do have google chrome installed on this machine.  There is also a registry entry for google chrome.  I tried to install and uninstall, then chrome, but the problem is still there.  How can I remove this and stop running.  If I delete the registry entry, this stop will be chrome to run.  Are there other applications that use chrome in the background.

    I would like to start by finding a number of things:

    • rmsfwylmn.exe folder reside in?
    • When this folder was created?
  • Use of the disk is 100% when I have very little if all programs opens.

    * Original title: using the 100% disc

    I've been frustrated with windows 8 from the beginning, but now all of a sudden my computer works like molasses and the only thing I can see is that in the Task Manager, it shows that the use of the disc is 100% when I have very little if all programs opens. How can I remove the background running applications and how do I know which ones to remove?

    In order to diagnose your problem, we need run Windows performance toolkit, the instructions that are in this wiki

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask

    Please run the trace when you encounter the problem
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    Check if the switch between the GPU and CPU makes a difference: Cmd E

    Or turn in the preferences: GPU performance.

  • When I run a web browser immediately loaded two blank tabs. How to make the browser to load the only?

    When I run a web browser immediately loaded two blank tabs. How to make the browser to load the only?

    Have you checked the home page to make sure that if is not the vertical bar (|) symbols?

    See the following for a few suggestions:

Maybe you are looking for

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