My credit

But my credit € 0,00 please, I want to change my country for US


You must be physically IN the country where you shop...

Change your iTunes Store country or region - Apple Support

If you move to a new country, go to Account Info or settings to change your country before making purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store or Mac App Store.

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  • Change of credit card deductions

    I am from Pakistan. I just change my credit card information and for whom I had 1 USD charged twice within 2 minutes.
    When I haven't bought anything, why me is she charged in the first place and who has also twice?


    When a payment card is added or updated in iTunes Store, iBooks Store, App Store or Mac App Store, we can make a request for authorization to your card issuer.

    It's not a real charge, just a check to ensure that your credit card is active and can be used when you pay for your transactions.

    When a temporary authorization hold is placed on your credit or debit card, it will be only for a small nominal amount. For example, in the United States, you might see a charge of $1.00 USD.

    These charges will be removed automatically from your card account and shall not be paid.

    More information:

    Any payment holds card authorization in the iTunes Store - Apple Support


    So I download an app from Wal-Mart, and I have not anything bought on iTunes in a while, if I have $17.07 to credit. I noticed a "pending" charge of $1.00 and think someone's trying to see if the account will accept the charge pending in order to come back and 'buy' something bigger. So, I call Discover and report any suspicious activity, and cancel us the credit card! I then called the phone number on the charge waiting to see if iTune can tell me who are the load, only to get a recording to go to the web site.  What I did.  Nothing on the web site indicates that Apple will send you from time to time pending charge to CHECK a credit card that has not been used! I got Apple Support call me and they told me it! WHY IS THERE NO EMAIL SENT TO THE ADDRESS ON FILE TO EXPLAIN THAT?

    It's normal...  Apple places hold a $1 authorization, but you will be refunded within two to three business days.

    Any payment holds card authorization in the iTunes Store - Apple Support

    I noticed a "pending" charge of $1.00 and think someone's trying to see if the account will accept the charge pending in order to come back and 'buy' something bigger.

    It is simply a waiting for permission. Nothing more.

  • New iPhone 7, impossible to make purchases on credit.

    I just bought the new iPhone 7. I started it as a new phone and just signatories in my iCloud for my photos, pictures, etc. that I just tried to buy an app and it was denied. I have same credit itunes so I know this isn't a card problem. I made sure that my credit card information was correct in the case that caused a hang upwards.

    If you have a credit or debit card on your account it must be a valid card, regardless of the question of if you have a balance on your account which covers the total price of the item (if you are an Organizer from family to family sharing you can not use your balance). If the card is not accepted, you can try logging on to the account (not trying to download something) and see if you get the 'none' option so you can remove the card: change or delete your Apple ID - Apple Support payment information

  • To update to OS Sierra, I need to enter a valid credit card, even if it's free?

    I have moved countries and not to use a credit card. To update to OS Sierra, I need to enter a valid credit card, even if it's free?
    What is happening with this? I'm more a person worthy enough to upgrade? I upset the bank accounts of the billionaires who benefit from knowing my account information?

    < re-titled by host >

    Create or use your Apple ID without a mode of payment - Apple Support

  • Apple vs my credit card music family

    Hello! I have a few questions for you about Apple music family members.

    My parents and I consider joining Apple music on domestic contract. I know that we have iCloud family shares this option, don't we? My father is going to be the Organizer, which means that the credit card number connected to his Apple ID will cover the costs. At the same time, I can download any TV shows, music, books, etc. bought it and that it can download the stuff I bought. And these are my questions:

    • Can I control it somehow? Which means, can I not allow my father to download my music etc. ? Or is it mandatory for us to share some stuff?
    • I'll be able to buy something and pay for it using my credit card connected with my own creation Apple ID AFTER the Division of the family? Or my dad's going to have to pay for everything that his host family by credit card?
    • Nothing more that our purchases do we share? Meaning, my notes, contacts, small girlfriend naked pictures are always ONLY in sync between my iPhone and my MacBook? My parents won't get it on their phones?
    • Apple music will automatically 'attack' from my iTunes library? I wish I had Apple music only on my iPhone. I want my iTunes Library unchanged, because I want to synchronize with my old iPod Classic as well. I have to sign out the Apple ID in iTunes Store and iCloud in the settings, if I want to save the iTunes library?
    • Can I leave family sharing after a year or something?

    I want to share only the price Apple music with my parents, nothing more. Can I do it? How?

    Waiting for your answer

    PS: Sorry for mistakes; first language not English

    Hi Darth envious,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple! We would be happy to help you with your questions. In the order:

    -You can control what you share, by hiding a specific content is not visible to other members of your family group or by disabling the option of sharing your purchases.

    -All purchases are charged to the Organizer, but purchases will apply to any available gift or store credit before billing if you want to pay for it yourself (i.e. by applying a gift card iTunes Store on your account).

    -Sharing family is mainly on the content you've purchased. There is a shared photo album automatically created, but you must choose to add photos to it.

    -You can choose not not to activate the Apple music on a computer or device. Just note that when Apple music is enabled on a device, you can not directly sync in iTunes (since it's synchronization via iCloud music library instead).

    -Any member of a group of older family of more than 13 sharing can leave at any time. If the Organizer leaves, he dissolved the group.

    For more information on these and other issues on the sharing of family and Apple's music, you may find the following articles useful:

    iCloud - family sharing - Apple
    Share purchased content with family sharing - Apple Support
    If you do not see your family sharing content - Apple Support
    Hide and expose the iTunes Store, App Store or purchases made on iBooks Store - Apple Support
    Purchases and payments - Apple Support families
    Let the family sharing - Apple Support
    Apple music and family sharing - Apple supported
    What happens to your existing music collection when you join music Apple - Apple Support

    See you soon!

  • How you earn store credit

    Received a charge on my credit card with a deduction for store credit. I didn't know I had a store credit. How it is accumulated?

    You can get credit on your account by exchanging gift cards, gift people the sum you, or potentially iTunes credit you support (eg. If you have problems with purchased items they could give you credits song or a movie).

    To see your account balance: see your credit balance - Apple Support iTunes

  • Credit card

    When I type, and I add a credit card interactive keyboard wants to enter a cc and a menu drop-down is displayed. How can I remove cc exceeded numbers?

    Hello. See settings > Safari > AutoFill > saved credit cards. Press Edit and you can delete EM.

  • Upgrade existing iCloud Plan credit?

    When I upgrade my iCloud to a monthly storage, give credit to my current annual payment plan?

    Not sure if she has repaid you but after this article- annual storage iCloud - Apple support plans, it is said it will in proportion.  If you have any questions, you can request assistance from Apple (link in the link I provided).

    Remember, once you give up the annual plan, you can't get it back because they don't offer those more so think carefully before you make your decision.

  • I can't get credit cards to load to watch for Apple payroll

    When you try to synchronize the credit cards at Apple Watch to pay Apple, my phone just continues to load, but it never appears on my watch.


    To be able to add cards to pay Apple on your watch, it will first the configuration of the area selected (like on your iPhone):

    • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: Watch My > general > language and region - check Format correct region is selected.
    • If they are already correct, it can help to select again the two the same Format of the region and also the language of the system itself.

    Then follow the instructions here to add cards to the Watch:

    More information:

    Pay help, add maps of Apple - Apple Support

  • Is there a problem with my credit card for apts

    Is there something wrong with my credit card for the purchase of the apartments?

    I'm unable to make purchases on my Apple, I touch mini

  • With the help of store app China without credit card US

    IM living in China and for this reason the apps I can download only from the Chinese market which is very limited. So I want to know that how to get or use the US app store for mac while Im in China without credit card?

    You must be a legal resident of the United States in order to create an account for the US iTunes Store. Without credit card with a U.S. Bank with a verifiable address of billing in the United States, you must have the United States iTunes gift cards to buy to pay for purchases.

    By the end of 2012 Mac minis, macOS?  Watch 38 mm silver AL, watchOS 3; iPad 2 Air & iPhone 6 + iOS 10.0.1;  Apple Airport Express

  • Why iTunes pay a dollar to add credit cards

    Recently, I added a credit card to pay for app purchases and it charges me $1 whenever I put this card on my payment option. Just curious to know if it is a temporary right or if it will still charge me to use a credit instead of debit card.

    It is an authorization, not an accusation and temporary expectation. Apple and other companies use them to check the validity of the card.


  • Cannot add credit cards to the portfolio on Apple Watch series 2

    So I just got my new Apple Watch series 2 today.  I tried to add my credit cards in my wallet on my Apple Watch, but when I try to do it I get an error saying "could not set up Apple pay - error when setting up Apple pays.»  It is only a matter on my Apple Watch that cards are configured correctly on my iPhone running iOS 10 6s.  Any thoughts on how to solve this problem?  I tried to do a hard reset on the watch and my iPhone and the problem persists.  Thank you!


    Make sure that you follow all the steps here:

    To be able to add cards to pay Apple on your watch, you must have the region setting chosen for her (like on your iPhone):

    • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: Watch My > general > language and region - check Format correct region is selected.
    • If they are already correct, try reselecting the same Format of the region and also the language of the system itself.

    More information:

    Pay help, add maps of Apple - Apple Support

  • Cost of iTunes on the credit card registration


    You want to ask, while creating a new appleid on itunes, is it normal that it will charge $1.00 during registration because he says that will be done free of charge, but I got the message from my credit card that apple charged $1.00.

    Why? can someone please explain.

    Thank you

    See on the payment card's authorization in the iTunes Store - Apple Support. Some card companies to deal with these requests as a transaction complete only to remove it later.


  • I want to reactive my credit card

    HI my credit card was spended as I had active illegal on my iTunes but its been resolved how can I reactive my card now pls

    I want to talk to someone

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