My CS6 has migrated to a new computer without turning off

I've screwed up. I migrated my CS6 bought my old Mac Pro 1.1 for my new Mac Pro 4.1 without disabling it. The old computer has disappeared.

I noticed that I'm getting now reviews a trial period of creative cloud? I think it's because it detects now that I use more than 2 computers (my laptop, my old Mac Pro and my new Mac Pro.)

Can I go back to disable my CS6 on my old Mac Pro online?

You might have a problem due to migration.  Adobe software must be installed, the transfer does not work.

As far as going deactivation, you will need to contact Adobe support via chat and ask them to reset your activations.

To the link below, click on the still need help? the option in the blue box below and choose the option to chat...

Serial number and activation support (non - CC) chat ( )

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