My documents, backups and favorites are now in my pictures folder. How reverse whateve I did it and get it back to normal?

I did some looking around inside the 'computer' on my windows machine 7.  I clicked on network just to see what it was, and something began to happen.  Now, my documents, my excel spreadsheets, backups, and favorites are appearing in my photo folder.  How to make?  Removing them and sending them to the trash gets rid of them permanently and I don't want to do that.  I want to just only my images in the image file and only my documents in the documents folder.  Help, I'm not real smart PC then wouldn't someone to tell me how to get this back to normal.



Please go to the Microsoft Community Forums.
I would ask you to copy or move the files and folders you do not want in the photo folder to the location of your choice.
See the section "copying and moving files and folders" from the link:
Work with files and folders
I hope this helps.

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