My Downlaods, located just above the trash, missing folder

Earlier, I noticed my missing download folder disappeared from my Dock and appeared on my desk. I tried various methods, including "alias". I do not remember what 'method of duplication' last used but suspect it has been "duplicate" and place the file original in the dock and renamed the "double" to match the original.

I noticed today on the dock seems to gather again correctly while the one on the desktop does not collect. What will happen if I removed one of the workstation (there were three of the four icons given to the docking station)? that is something would happen to the docking station, such as the three icons in the desktop as well disappear?



Check your folder for user to ensure that the download folder is there. If so, you can delete the folder on your desktop. I did drag the folder on the dock and replace it by dragging the folder of your user folder / at the dock. Who should go back you to 'Normal '. If all goes well, you can then empty the trash.

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    I run FireFox (FF) for years and love. I'm running FF 3.6.18 am thought and upgrade to FF4. However, a friend upgraded to FF4 and I notice that the tabs for different pages are very high on the screen, away from the pages concerned, instead of just at the top of the page being displayed, where they are more easily found and used. Having the tabs at the top is really annoying and it is a change that should never have been done.

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    Thank you very much

    Yes! Click the new tab button ("+") or a blank space after the last tab and uncheck tabs on top in the context menu.

    If the tabs on top does not appear there, you can use the view menu:

    Menu view > toolbars > uncheck tabs on top

    If you have the Firefox orange (abbreviated menus) button, press the ALT key, or press F10 to display the classic menu bar to join the view menu.

    (Oh, it will make more sense after you install Firefox 5 does it by looking at Firefox 3.6)

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    I'm trying to duplicate the layer by using script. Layer duplicated only taking place at the beginning of the order of the layers. I want the duplicate layer just above the layer.

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    var docRef = app.activeDocument;  
    with(docRef) {  
             var ll = docRef.activeLayer ; 
             var ol = layers.getByName(ln);  
                   ll.visible = false;  
            var nl = layers.add();  
    = 'Duplicated Layer';  
             for (var a = ol.pageItems.length-1; a >= 0; a--) {  
                  ol.pageItems[a].duplicate(nl, ElementPlacement.PLACEBEFORE);  
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    //~ ElementPlacement.PLACEBEFORE); // moves it above a group named 'my group' in the stacking order  
    //~ ElementPlacement.PLACEAFTER); // moves it below a group named 'my group' in the stacking order  
    //~ ElementPlacement.INSIDE); // moves it inside a group named 'my group', at the top of the stacking order  
    //~ ElementPlacement.PLACEATBEGINNING); // moves it inside a group named 'my group', at the top of the stacking order just like ElementPlacement.INSIDE  
    //~ ElementPlacement.PLACEATEND);

    Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.20.59 AM.png

    I duplicated the layer 2 and place it at the top. Strange.

    Help, please

    Kind regards


    Try this code...

    var docRef = app.activeDocument;
    with(docRef) {
        var ll = docRef.activeLayer ;
        var n=docRef.layers.length;
        var ol = layers.getByName(ln);
        ll.visible = false;
        var nl = layers.add(); = 'Duplicated Layer';
        for (var a = ol.pageItems.length-1; a >= 0; a--) {
            ol.pageItems[a].duplicate(nl, ElementPlacement.PLACEATBEGINNING);
            nl.visible = true;
        docRef.layers.getByName("Duplicated Layer").move(docRef.layers[n-x], ElementPlacement.PLACEAFTER);


  • My XI Acrobat Standard 11.0.09 lost menu bar (F9) and crazy jumps full screen, losing windows buttons high bar, passing just above the menu bar with the mouse cursor, without clicking.

    My XI Acrobat Standard 11.0.09 lost menu bar (F9) and crazy jumps full screen, losing windows buttons high bar, passing just above the menu bar with the mouse cursor, without clicking.

    Yes, it's important somehow. Kapersky broke it somehow and fixed.

  • There is a black bar just above the tabs. Please help me what is and how can I remove it...

    Hello world
    I upgraded my Mozilla Firefox version 3.6, and after that, I see a black bar located above the tabs and below the other toolbars.
    Please help me how I can remove it, and that is it!
    Thank you...

    Problems with a black (blank) toolbar can be caused by a plugin or extension that is not compatible with Firefox 3.6 and no longer works correctly.

    A toolbar like the "ZoneAlarm Spy Blocker Plugin Stub for 32-bit Windows" and other toolbars such as "My Web Search" or "" can cause this problem.

    You can see in view toolbars > toolbar.


  • Thunderbird opens in a miniature screen just above the taskbar

    I deleted thunderbird and re3booted my machine and then I reinstalled Thundeerbird but still only a thumbnail above the taskbar.
    However, I can open the address book, and it opens in a normal window. Please help need my Thunderbird UI

    try to hold ctrl and press the tab... When Thunderbird is highlighted let go and get him. It's probably almost invisible where it was pushed almost immediately display the taskbar

  • When I opened TWC, the site opens twice, not just above the other but tilted to the right. I read that and it research locations.

    For the last 3 days, when I open the TWC there two images of the site on top of the other, as if the site has opened twice.

    Clear the cache and cookies from sites that cause problems.

    "Clear the Cache":

    • Tools > Options > advanced > network > storage (Cache) offline: 'clear now '.

    'Delete Cookies' sites causing problems:

    • Tools > Options > privacy > Cookies: "show the Cookies".

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

  • When I press caps lock, shift, a gray box just above the center of my task bar appears

    If I press 'Caps lock' or 'NumLock' a grey box appears, there is a lock with either a '1' for NumLock and caps lock "A" when you press on, is there a way I can stop to happen that she rather boring!

    It's in the low center of my screen (NO lower-right)

    This is controlled by a utility put on by the PC manufacturer, and not by a component of Windows 7.

    You will need to use the manual of your PC, or on their Web site to find out how turn off & see what else is disabled at the same time.

    Just as an example, on the valleys, the utility is called QuickSet & it controls many elements of keyboard such as WiFi power button so [ MSConfig] remove a lot of side effects.

  • How to treat the points when they are just above the other?

    I was fiddling around with the trace function and create outlines of text. For some reason any sometimes I'll end with two points that overlap each other and no way to get rid of one or the other. How the hell can I clean this up? I know I can do something like simplify to reduce points on an object, but it goes beyond the necessary adjustment to remove one troubling point.

    Even when you zoom in as far as possible I can't to select one point on the other because they are in the same place.

    Also if you want to do this manually the negative of anchor point tool, which is part of the toolset of feather pen icon with the sign less will allow you to remove the top. Also, if you click on the anchor point with the direct Selection tool, and then press DELETE it should remove just an anchor.

    But Concatenate could do this as a difficulty.

    you will find it useful.

  • There is small hole on the g7 - 1330 that just above the upper left corner of the touch pad. What is it?

    Pavilion g7 1330ca

    It's an LED or light-emitting Diode... pretty much a little light.

    What is the light for you ask?

    Well, it is a light "Switch Touchpad", you can disable your touchpad so that it does not move the mouse when you put your finger on it or through it. When the light is on, your touchpad is off, it's tiny, it looks like a pin hole but it's not.

    See your owner's manual on how to specifically enable your touchpad market online

  • How the 4.01 version to have the TABS line nearby even as in 3.67. ?. In other words, the line of TABS just above window web site at 3.67. Right, in 4.01, is now in the top line of the screen.

    Basically, need a feature that allows the user to rearrange the location of tab line (ie: the ability to drag the line to a different location). For me, it would be moved from the line Summit of 4.01 on line facing down(as the place where it sits in versions of X 3.6), just above the window of the web page. That would make it very convenient to click on multiple back when necessary. What I constantly in my case.

    I thank you for your public service and a great work all you do!

    You can right click on the orange Firefox button to open the menu of the toolbar.

    • Click "Tabs at the top" to remove the check mark and place the tab to its original position bar just above the browser window.
  • How to add a path just above a selected path targeted in the layers palette?

    I put it in the feature request but maybe its already possible right in front of me... I have a few layers or layers sup with many paths, often I'll remove a path and want to replace it with another way of access, but in the same order of stacking against the railways in its layer. I thought I would click on select the path in the path, I deleted the layers stack and draw my new path in the document window to have it appears higher than selected path, but for me, I find that the new path is placed at the top of the stack, which could be 50 paths above for example... so I have to scroll up to find in the layers palette and drag in back down to the position I want, in layers of stack, just above the path I had chosen before shooting the new path.

    I would rather just to select the specific path, I want to attract higher up in the stack of layers and then draw in the document window, the new path will be added on top of this path, I selected in the layers palette...

    is there an easier way? am I missing something?

    I know that there is an order now maintained by illustrator, the last path is placed up in the drawing sequence. fine. But I was hoping a command could be programmed in where we can click on the 'target' circle in the layers palette to mean that we want the next course plotted above this target selection... something like that.

    where my explanation was a little wordy, here's an example, the way that I drew ends by upstairs, instead of above the trail, I selected below in the battery... hoping if I target this way below by clicking its target circle, the next path would be above him. of until I have clear this path with CTRL/CMMD by clicking on the button of his target, which would free the sequence of drawing of this target base and default back up to the top of the stack in this layer.


    You can try to double-click the path to go into Isolation mode.

    Then draw the new path and press ESC.

    This should give you a new path directly above the trail double you clicked.

  • In an older version, I could create buttons located above the tabs for easy access to Web sites, I chose. Is there a similar feature in the new version?

    In the old version if you have clicked on a tab and dragged to the area just above the tab, then a button was created. I want to make buttons or links pre-defined in the newer version. Is such a feature or add on available?

    See Bookmarks Toolbar

  • How can I move tab at a little bar above the window?

    My Firefox just automatically upgraded and the tab bar is now above the search bar. I want to just above the window, but, despite the use of the tab bar: config and modify false and restart, it stubbornly refuses to move. Please notify. Thank you.

    You can use one of the following Add-ons.

    If you don't want to install an add-on, put the style in the userChrome.css file and restart Firefox. You can use the stylish add-on instead, if you have installed.

    @namespace url(;
    /* The above line should appear only once in the file */
    #TabsToolbar { -moz-box-ordinal-group: 99 !important }

Maybe you are looking for