My Droid will work with eprint for my 6500 E710a printer?

I can't all upward to work with my 6500 E710a printer on my Droid has.  This system will work with a Droid?  Thank you


Dave K

Thanks for your response.  I went back to 23/06/11 and watched your response to 10blad.  This has been very helpful and I tried it and it worked.  So thanks a lot.  Joseph

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    I'm mainly a guy of printers, but have you tried a different monitor on the computer?

    You excluded the cord, so it's either the screen itself, or the graphics card in the computer.

    If the monitor works on another computer, its probably the graphics card.

    If it isn't, something could happen on the screen.

    I will try to post this question to the computers Board.

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    With this version of Photoshop, the latest version of Camera Raw, you can use is 6.7. If the update of your Photoshop or by subscribing to the creative cloud is not an option, you can then use the free DNG Converter provided by Adobe. The latest version of the DNG Converter is 8.7.1. I'm not familiar with the Mac OS, so I'm not sure if your OS is compatible with the latest version. You can download it and try it.

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    There is no download available for version 3 I know - version 9 is the most ancient available offered by Adobe.  Serial numbers are valid only for the version that they were purchased for.

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    If anyone has tested this, I would be recognizing the return flow, thank you.

    It really depends what you do with it, and a large part of the framework has changes in the operating system for how the application is designed to run in. Your workflow can cause problems when the application works for others or you might be able to use it, but keep in mind has more no support for CS5 Adobe or Apple, so do not expect to solve any problems that you can discover.

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    New Mac come with v10.11.x El Capitan pre installed.

    I checked for compatible drivers (software) for pinter them HP > 453/model/3434454/document/c04510394 /

    Fact on the Mac, you would use Software Update to install the drivers according to the HP website.

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  • This external modem will work with Satellite L500-1XL, running Windows 7


    When in Spain, I need to use the dialing up to the internet through Telefónica.
    I guess that the L500-1XL is not an internal modem?

    This external modem will work with the L500-1XL running Windows 7?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help.



    You re right Satellite L500 doesn t have an internal modem, so you need an external.

    I think you can buy every modem that is compatible with Vista. Alternative ask your favorite computer dealer or authorized service provider

    A friend got good experience with USRobotics 56K modem like this:
    [USRobotics 56K USB Faxmodem USR5637 | = 8-1]

  • IWeb will work with OS 10.11?

    I tried to run my copy of iLife ' 08 iWeb (v. 2.0) to El Capitan on my Mac Pro and seem to have problems to use it from the beginning.  I suspect that it was designed for PowerPC and that it is not compatible with Intel.  Is this a known issue?

    Otherwise, I always have my 10.4.11 (Tiger) G4 running operating system and want to use iWeb to build a site on it.  I have looked around in the help of support here and see recommendations to spend more to update, the creators of commercially available (and expensive) sites, but other sources suggest iWeb is still used.  I built a site with it under Tiger, about 3 years ago, and it was fine (although now taken down).  Would like to know in advance, if possible if, after spending the time to build the site, I can actually put it online (my domain to my site Web Yolasite name change).  I am skilled enough with the Pages, I like working with iWeb for ease and similar flexibility.

    Thank you

    This is just a screenshot of what past when I open iWeb and chose the model of 'modern' framework - which is not at all what I expected (and I also had problems to enter content in the text boxes, problem with the color, which was negative, and that's all, when I leave!)

    iWeb 08 certainly do not work and yes that is why you have problems with it.  At least, most of the people updated their iWeb to use iWeb 09, which is version 3, however, you may be out of luck if you want to buy is not been sold or supported by Apple for the last 4 years or more and has not been updated for 6 years.

    The only way you can get iWed 09 is to look on Amazon and see if they have the old iLife 11 or iLife 09 converted (boxed) sets for sale that both contain iWed 09, however, I don't see that it's wise to spend money on an expired product somehow.

    At some point, you'll have to buy another software, because there will come a time where iWeb work not at all, as you have already discovered with iWeb 08.  There is nothing that you can do with iWeb 08 and you will have to go back to your old machine if you insist on using it.

    Unfortunately, you will find that all new software will be of a similar price and EverWeb are priced at £79 is in no way over the top.  Is an also smaller learning curve, because it is very similar to iWeb next, feeling and function.

    You can take a look at the Freeway Pro/Express - they sometimes offers that make it more affordable and I have to tell you that Freeway is more expensive than EverWeb - they had an offer on last year, where you could get Freeway Pro for £69.  Take a peek inside.

    There is also a flow 6 or 4 WebAccapella you can take a look at, but at some point, you'll have to bite the bullet and spend.

    Nothing you can do with iWeb 08 - go back to your original like that computer won't work with something else.

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    Hello, I have an old compaq presario 5500 with intel, Windows XP, 512 MB of ram and (60 gigs of memory) [after the chip market] for my disk 'E '. I was trying to read a downloaded MP4 video and I need windows7 to see. I downloaded a few universal support Windows Media Player and they also need Windows 7.   '7' will work with my camera? Thank you, oh people of the internet.

    Download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to check if the hardware configuration of the system and software are compatible with Windows 7 or not. Here is the link to download:

  • HP Pavilion HPE h8-1214: GPU EVGA GTX 750TI will work with my HPE h8-1214

    Hello. I plan to update my graphics card soon. Accoring to this, I have a card Mother Angelica. I read another post here of a user having a h8-1230 with a card Mother Angelica Revision2 , who said the EVGA GTX 750TI was inconsistent with this Council, and that he should look for a version of the 750TI MSI instead.

    I was wondering if the same applies to my PC because my model is older that the other user has been. I prefer to use the EVGA GPU version, as it is cheaper than the MSI one, but I need to know if it will work with my computer. If not, will the labour card ASUS model, or should it be MSI? The map I intend to buy is present (EVGA) or this (ASUS).

    In addition to this, does anyone know if the stock fans and 300W power supply provided with this computer would be appropriate for the new card, or not? I'm looking forward already pass the power supply, but I don't know for the fans. If I were to upgrade the PSU, 430W would be enough, or should I go with 500W? Thank you.

    If anyone in the future who might wonder, I had this GPU works on my computer, but I had to buy a specific version of the map and the way I got it to work was pretty weird.

    You need to buy this version MSI of the card, because the card itself has a switch on to change the UEFI to Jack supported BIOS Legacy. As far as I know, other versions of this card are UEFI only, and this computer does not support UEFI, so he needs a card that can run in the traditional way. It may look like a fit snug in the case, but it does not seem to cause problems and it cools very well with fans.

    I also changed to a block of power SUPPLY Corsair 430W, which seems more than enough for the system, even with the card to load max. You could go to a higher power, if you consider the upgrade of several pieces, or reuse the power supply in a more powerful system later. I have not upgraded fans in the computer and do not seem to have cooling problems.

    Now to make it work...

    I had some questions:

    When I first turned on the computer, it froze on the screen of the POST (the first screen with the HP logo). It would allow me to get into the BIOS, and it would beep 4 times (with long breaks between the two), before finally to a black screen with a cursor blinking and just stay there.

    What finally got it to work:

    I disconnected all the instructors of the map (cables VGA, DVI or HDMI), and then I turned on the computer. Without any monitor plugged, the computer should beep 6 times (the power button LED flashing with it), then the power led turns off. The LED went off as soon as I plugged my monitor into the computer (in my case, I used a VGA cord).

    For the first few seconds, the screen remained blank and does not save a connection. The computer is beeping intermittently for a while, then after about a minute my detected monitor suddenly a signal, and the screen displays the Windows splash screen. I was able to boot into Windows, all right, even if the resolution of the screen will be a little goofy, until you install the drivers.

    I jumped in the driver installation CD, and once it finished installing, I restarted the computer. Now, when it restarted, I had to do the same procedure I mentioned above so that he could start again. Now that the drivers are installed, I don't know if I'll have to do this procedure everytime I restart the computer (don't have not shut down since then), but since I rarely shut down my computer, it's worth it to me.

    Hope this helps someone else, because I know that I spent 10 hours searching for ideas before discovering this solution myself.

    Now that it is running, I have problems and I have run several graphics intensive games on it without any problem with cooling or power draw. It is very quiet, too. Even with a game running on high quality graphics, I can barely hear the fans when there is no other sound in the room.

  • What internal DVD +/-RW will work with my Satellite P10-304

    Can someone give me an answer to what internal DVD +/-RW will work with my Satellite P10-304.

    I said a CSD-6012 or DVD +/-RW UJ-820 might work.

    Help, please

    Thank you



    Have you checked the manual of the Satellite P10?
    Sometimes, compatible CD/DVD players are in the user manual that must be installed on your laptop.
    If you n t have the user manual, then you can download from the Toshiba page.

    However, if you don't get the right info in the user's manual then I would recommend contacting the ASP in your country for details.
    Usually, you can order a player taken in charge of these guys here.

    It is important that you know which drives are compatible because of the different master\slave\c-salt settings.

    Bye and good luck

  • HP Pavilion H8-1120: Radeon HD 6970 will work with my motherboard?


    I currently have a HP Pavilion desktop computer. The product is H8-1120, with model #QP771AA

    My motherboard is Carmel2 (IPISB-CU), with an i7-2600, 350W electric chip and the video card Radeon HD 7570.

    I wanted to play some of the newer games on the decent quality (usually, I would need to run on parameters below and even reduce the resolution, just to get 20 + FPS), and so I recently bought a new GTX 750TI graphics card to improve my computer with. But I had the same problem that everyone else did, where their HP Board would not accept the new card and nothing has helped my problem.

    Now I'm back TI GTX750 and I am looking for a good upgrade from my current GPU, at a reasonable cost, and I absolutely want to know, 100% that I won't not motherboard compatibility issues with the new gpu.

    I was looking at the graphics card Radeon HD 6970 and Radeon HD 6850 cards. Both are a little better than my other current graphics card, and I will also update the food too 550-600W.

    No one knows for sure if I'll be able to run the HD 6970 graphics card on my motherboard, with a 600W POWER supply upgrade? I checked online and the Radeon Series 6000 was released to the year 2010, a year before my current BIOS (FRIEND 7.16 / 10/05/2011) was released. My BIOS will be able to work with this graphics card?

    Bozhidarc, welcome to the forum.

    The reason why GTX 750 it won't work in your computer is to UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard BIOS.  HP didn't start using UEFI until mid-October 2012.  I know the last video card that requires no UEFI EVGA's GTX 660.  Anything after this model requires UEFI.  The best thing to do is to find the card you like and contact the Technical Support of the manufacturer to ensure that it will work on your computer.

    MSI is a GTX 750 Ti with a BIOS card hybrid switch that allows to work with a standard legacy BIOS or UEFI.  Yet once, however, I recommend to contact MSI to ensure it will work with your computer.  I heard some members who have managed to make it work with the BIOS of their inheritance.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • hp 6830 officejetpro will work with windows 10?

    hp 6830 officejetpro will work with windows 10?

    Windows 10 is still at the stage of pre-release of th and it seems not yet which will be supported, I hope that will happen in the month following the release on July 29 to the approach.  Site from HP here will have information of compatibility, check in late July for more information.

    That said, I expect that current printers will be supported in Windows 10.  The public course 10 Build 10130 Windows have a Fax for 6830 Pro Officejet and drivers driver that would be compatible as well print.

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