My eMachine has Windows 7, but I just downloaded Windows 10, why is it not working, or is compatible with Windows 7?

I am trying to download a Microsoft Windows for my e-Macine that came with Windows 7. Windows 10 has been downloaded but does not work, what can I do?


There is no such thing as Windows 10, you need to refer to Microsoft Office 2010, which is a separate product for Microsoft Windows 7, developed by Microsoft Corp.

If you have downloaded Office 2010, its probably in the trigger for race format, which means, the machine must be connected to the Internet to install the suite he performed in the background.

Have you received an error message?

See the link below for a basic version of MSI of Office click-to-run version.

Office 2010 installation Err - "there was a problem MS Office Starter 2010" creation

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