My Email is asking for a password that has never been their. Tried to put original username and password, but nothing helps. Tried to restore to a date prior to this and I can not restore. Any ideas?

It's so frustrating. So far, I have had no password on my Email. Since Tuesday windows require a. I put in all the relevant details of the installation, but they do not work. I tried to restore before what is happening but I can't restore is

Hi Julia Jeffery.

To better understand the issue, we need the following information:

(a) you are using a mail client (mail in windows for example) or a Webmail (hot mail for example)?

(b) remember to make changes? What were the changes to the system between the time where everything has worked, and when you noticed the problem?

If you are referring to webmail like Gmail or yahoo, please communicate with them that help you more.

Thank you, and in what concerns:

Ajay K

Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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