My email is being intercepted

For a few years, people have told me that a former employee was using my picture and name on his work through email account.  She and I tried everything I could to remove my name and picture to be associated with his account, but we never found where my info was being pulled. She said she closed the account, but never did and then walked away and I lost track of him.

Yesterday, I was forwarded an email from it to a mutual friend. My former employee had responded to an email that was sent to me, and only me. When I checked the path to address, of course, my mail for Mac was the only recipient. But she has certainly received and answered, not noticing that it was not addressed to him in the first place!

On top of all that, in the last month, I had to deal with online identity theft and fraudulent transactions (for example, the opening of new lines of credit in MY name!) which are centered in the region, to what it is supposed to be re-located.  It could all be related, so I need to do some research. Is there a way to know if it intercepts emails all along?  She would get all my bank statements online, my credit monitoring reports, etc.  How can I determine if my email has been compromised?


Change the password on your e-mail account to something that is much more secure.

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    ease help me
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    My email address is:

    Thief there my mail is to send messages to the University until it was canceled scholarship

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.


    First name: Nathalie
    Name: Danielle
    Date of birth:
    Country: Kuwait
    Answer to your security question::

    Other passwords you used for this account:
    Topics of your sent emails recently ()
    Addresses of contacts that you have recently sent emails to email (* address email is removed from the privacy *) >

    This is a community forum and no one has access to the database account

    Please, do not share personal information here for your own safety
    We don't fly, but scanners that analyzes the Web pages of personal information will be

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    (1) who is the provider of mail service?

    (2) how are you trying to access your mail?

    If it's hotmail or live then you can post your question in live forum:

    I hope this helps.

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    I don't think that there is no fix for this in Vista.  This review of marking FB as phishing has been reported recently by a number of people using WinMail in Vista.  I think turning off phishing filter out it, but you can't do that, depending on the sophistication and the practices of the user.


  • Email from being erased from the SMTP server blackBerry Smartphones

    I have setup my Storm just to collect email from my personal account, which is in an area of SMTP in Windows Server (no Exchange). I see that when I get a message on the storm, it is immediately removed from the server, so my normal PC does not see everything. There is the option when you delete a message in the storm to remove only locally, or delete the copy on the server and local, but it seems to be a little too rambuncious! For now I have to delete my account off the coast of the storm, but I would really like to be able to use it for timely emails when I go out in the field.

    And you were correct. I did a sniff of this ethernet on the SMTP server port and found an Exchange Server that has a Connector POP3 pointing on the account. Deleted the POP3 Connector (that Exchange server is not live yet) and the post office started acting normally.

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    I want to send an e-mail message and then include an entire document after him.  I don't want as an attachment.  How can I accomplish this?

    Thank you


    If it is Vista Windows Mail and copy & paste does not work, then I have no solution other than endearing.

    A specific reason, you don't want to tie it? If it is a question of the recipient is not not able to read a DOC file, open it in Word and save a copy in PDF format. Almost everyone has a PDF reader.

  • Emails disappear when moved from junk Inbox, why?

    When I get an email, usually from a friend or someone in my address book, and he's going to the junk e-mail folder, when I try to move it to the Inbox, it disappears. I learned to make a copy of the Inbox, but it is yet to appear. If I move it to another folder, there is no problem, it presents itself. I mark the email as being not junk until I try to move it. I noticed that when I highlight the folders to move, there is no Inbox on the list.

    Ask yourself why he's going to the junk e-mail folder. I think this happens because Thunderbird made a mistake and you have to teach it what is and is not junk to help stop repeating this mistake.

    Mark the message as not junk and this will help reduce the frequency of these evil categorizations and it will result in the message being delivered where it belongs.

    How to mark as legitimate?

    1. You right-click, select Mark as and then not smut.
    2. You can press J (note that tiny j brands like spam, capital J as legitimate brands).
    3. The add-on JunQuilla presents two buttons to your toolbar.

    In theory, Thunderbird not Junk messages from people who appear in your address book. Can you confirm that the senders of these messages appear in your address book?

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    I work as a consultant and use Thunderbird as my email of the company. Last month, emails from one of my customers were going to spam. I added their addresses in my address book. In the menu setting junk, "does not automatically mark messages as junk if the sender is in:" I chose the "collected addresses" and "personal address book." Several times I have marked the emails as being "not junk". However, emails should continue to go to the spam box. Now, Thunderbird has started to send mails to other shippers with this domain name to junk food too. How can I fix? It is not only frustrating, but is impacting on my ability to run my business. Thank you!

    Well, you are more than likely using the IMAP email and seeing the record created by your ISP.
    As already said Thunderbird does not use the word spam for anything whatsoever.

  • Emails are poorly filtered to junk.

    HI my e-mails are being outside in the junk e-mail folder rather than go to my Inbox. It is causing miss out me on important emails.

    How to solve this problem. There is a problem with the filter of junk e-mail to iCloud.

    Thank you.

    You immediately identify the said emails as being not junk and placing them in the Inbox?  Do you have any kind of rules put in place?

  • How and why do I have problems accessing my E-mail address that you submitted a warning of an intruder, because a lot of information, I should receive has not been submitted to another address.

    My original Email address was in close linc warrioralan @ that I updated a number of years to the following:-warrioralan @  I was given a warning from your home office to a possible interceptor, that I've separated it from a group of five emails.  However what I try to do by accessing my email address I am unable to get any satisfaction.  Police was inquire personally, as well as friends who I'm talking personally cannot understand what is happening as to why I'm being intercepted.


    Alan Curtis


    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.


    Please repost your question in hotmail in the hotmail link below forums

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    When you set up my iPhone, it continues to ask for a password for an email that is disabled. I forgot the password and can't seem to stop the query. Is there a way to merge this with my other Apple ID email without being active? Or a way to remove it?

    Although he was active, it is not possible to merge or transfer the content to one Apple iD to another.

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    Posted this 10 days yet and no help?

    So tired of good emails end up in the junk e-mail folder.

    No matter how many times I transfer to e-mail boxes right to try to teach the Mail which are good emails, it seems that Mail never learns. Even created special rules for some of them, does not

    It becomes critical if my wife sends me an email and I do not respond (almost a case of divorce, see what I mean

    I am desperately looking for a solution or even another application that might work better than Mac Mail


    You mark the emails as being not junk?

    If the emails are not grey/navy/red, then your email provider may have marked them as spam, which would explain why the not junk option is not there. Try to go to the e-mail provider's website to see if you can adjust the junk e-mail settings there.

  • Can I sync Firefox to my PC up-to-date with my old Mac Firefox?

    I have a laptop under Windows and Firefox 31.0 and a Mac G4 running something like OS 10.4? I think, and a very old Firefox. All I want is access to the bookmarks. Is it possible to synchronize accounts, or, except as a way to copy the entire bookmarks file from the Mac to the PC? Thank you.

    Yes, there are issues sending emails on the forum for a few days, which seems to be fixed and emails are being send in the last hour (s).

  • Phishing and e-mail header


    With the recent phishing epidemic taking over the business world and 40% of all email communications being open all first through phones. I want to know how to show an e-mail address instead of just the name of the person. In this way users can make a guess if an email is legitimately from the person, that it says it's from. The scam of parody of CEO's going to be around for a long time and we must find a way to help users on their iPhones.

    Thank you


    Tap the name to see the address.

  • How to retrieve mails a MacBook Entourage crashed?

    My MacBook broke and does not open. I was using Entourage to my office email, and now I've lost important emails I've been saving. How can I recover my Entourage emails without being able to get into my MacBook?

    You should be able to get your backup data. You don't have a backup, right?

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