My external hard drive keeps giving me an i/o error, everytime I try the Explorer.

I have a Maxtor One Touch 200 GB of external hard drive connected via a USB cable from my computer using Windows XP Professional.  It was working fine until one day when I went to go and received an i/o error.  Troubleshooting was no help at all.  I expected to be able to mirror, but could not be sent, because of illegal hacking material. Any other information is not replaceable. Drive external hard does this buzzing feeling when turned on and I can hear the hard drive spining. Does anyone know how to get the info on my C drive.



Connect the drive to another computer. It is accessible? If so, copy the data and then test the drive. If no, then remove the Maxtor case USB and put it in another USB box or use a USB adapter. Now, try and connect. If you can not access the drive, he's dead. If the data is critical, send the drive to a professional data recovery company. It's expensive, but only you can determine the value of your data. I use a Drive Savers for my clients. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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    Thank you.  I followed your instructions and it worked.  I am amazed by these forums.  No matter what a person has problems, there is someone out there who has the knowledge and the willingness to share with the less informed.  Thanks again for you information.


  • My external hard drive will not go up and I'm not sure what the question is

    My external hard drive will show up in disk utility, but not of viewfinder. I tried to hit "repair disk" and he says it will take 4 hours, but after a while, that he's finally going to say that it is impossible to repair the disk and I need to make a backup.


    Almost always, the question is quite simple: the hard drive is faulty or has failed. So I hope that you have a backup of everything that is on, it is absolutely essential.

  • Hello. I created a folder music on my external hard drive connected to my asus router.  I can now access the music through my media library.  How can I change the folder when I make new purchases to iTunes easily without doing it one by one

    I created a folder music on an external hard drive connected to my asus router.  I copied my music from my iTunes library in this folder access and can now my kodi media network.  How I updated the folder when I do new iTunes purchase without having to do it one by one thanks

    You can use a backup tool that updates only modified files.  You don't say what kind of computer you use.

    ITunes is actively using media on the external hard drive so you can replace it. Simply copy the media to one other player does not have iTunes it use it.  iTunes is probably still using media to your internal drive.

  • I enable sharing of external hard drive and it works. So when I got the pc power down is no longer share external hard drive. I have to reactivate every time sharing and reset the library wmp it becomes very old.

    Share an external hard drive for xbox. When computer I disable and re-enable sharing settings restore default to the external hard drive. When I re-enable sharing he does not always up to this I have reset the wmp library. I ran the fix nothing works computer center.

    Thank you guys for help. I actually already fixed it. I used to turn on sharing for just the hard drive and not the subfolders. I enabled sharing on the hard disk files and sub using the same exact settings and it seems that its fixed...

  • External hard drive keeps restarting by itself!


    I have an iomega RPHD - U 250 GB hard drive plugged into my pc and I keep it this way because I need to work on organizing my files. However, it keeps restarting itself as a minute after that I opened the case, whenever I plug in my charger (has something to do with the charger?) or at random times. It's really annoying and I have no idea why this is happening. How can I solve this problem and how to avoid that this happens in the future?

    Ah.  Well that seems to me something of the chain is a failure.  The drive itself, the cable, connector, it is plugged into USB port or something on the motherboard.  I start to exchange of components or entrust it to another computer and see if it happens there.

    If not, try another drive on the computer of 'problem' and see if it works.

    Both of these can narrow down what is causing the problem. But you can also try a clean boot of the computer too. See How to perform a boot in Windows, allowing to tell if it's a software problem on the computer that is really the cause.

  • How to transfer iTunes with comments and followed by names, but keep the files of the song on external hard drive?

    I have all of my music stored on an external hard drive. On my old iMac, I have iTunes with all the songs on this hard drive organized or recognized as I like, with comments and play lists and track/song names and album names. How can I transfer iTunes as it is to the old iMac to the new MacMini while leaving the actual files of the song (> 2.5 to) on the external hard drive? In short, I want the old iTunes on my new computer, but the files of the song in the current HD thank you so much.

    (2.66 GHz, 4 GB RAM 20 "iMac; 2014 new Mac Mini)

    Hmmm...   Never tried, but I "think" it should work.   The reader will need to named exactly something on the new computer, as it was on the old.

    1. on the old computer, go to {user folder} / music/iTunes and move the files on the external hard drive.

    2. on the new computer in iTunes, go to Preferences > advanced and not select "copy of the file to the iTunes Media folder.

    3. always in this same window under "iTunes Media folder location", click on change.   Now select the location on the external hard drive, you have moved the files too.

    Files to be copied.

    iTunes Music Library.xml

    iTunes Library.itl

    iTunes Library Extras.itdb

    iTunes Library Genius.itdb

  • Using an external hard drive to my itunes library?

    Here's my problem...  I just got a new laptop with a disc ssd 256 GB, my itunes library is well over 150 GB.  I don't want to take the majority of my hard drive to my itunes library, so I want to keep the library on my external hard drive, music via itunes on my laptop without copying it to the wire to the laptop HD.

    Is this possible?

    I went into preferences / advanced and changed the itunes media folder location to the file path for the external HD and it did not work.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thank you


    Launch iTunes with the SHIFT key is pressed, choose Create Library and specify a location on the external hard drive.


  • How to install games on external hard drive applications

    Hello people,

    I have my app game downloaded from the app store called rack 2 & I transferred to my USB key. Noting that the loading of the game takes too long, I decided to transfer it to my external hard drive. After the transfer of the application of game on the external hard drive, it does not start. So, I decided to reinstall the game by downloading it again from the store, but my disk space.

    So, I have in fact TWO problems:

    (1) how can I reinstall the application to an external hard drive? and...

    (2) how to free disk space on my hard drive internal by disabling certain files on "people"?

    If someone could shed some light on me here, it would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

    -System chart-

    OS X El Capitan

    10.11.5 worm.

    MacBook Air (13 inch, early 2015)

    Intel Core i5 to 1.6 GHz

    DDR3 4 GB 1600 MHz

    Macintosh HD

    Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

    -External hard drive-

    Backup drive Seagate Plus (external 1 to USB Disk)

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

    You should never get too low on your space of hard drive as the OS needs a minimum 10-15 GB of free space at any time to work properly. So, if you do any movie or image/photo, rendering and editing editing works best if you have at least as much vacuum you have temporary files in your project. I can easily raise 100 GB or more temp. files for a one hour film HD, so I keep a lot of empty hard disk space.

    In order to get a few things on your hard drive, the usual space hoggers are therefore, movies, photos, etc. You can move all those who in their library on an external hard drive, and after having checked they are working, delete them from your hard drive.

    Generally, the application work better if they are installed on your internal hard drive; I'm not a gamer, so I'm not familiar with the specifics of the game you're talking about. Search on Google, I couldn't find any reference to the Macs on their website - here, it shows the platforms it is compatible with:

  • Can I get my favorites on an external hard drive that I use as support? I have Windows 7 Edition Home Premium.

    I've been backing up my computer with Windows 7 Home Premium on an external hard drive. I've been using manual backup when I plug the external hard drive. I tried looking for the folder of Firefox but can't seem to find it. He recorded with all of the other files and folders, and if so how do I enter it?

    Your Firefox profile would have the data. You can find it at:

    • C:\Users\ < Windows user/login name > \AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ < profile folder >

      • The file you want is called places.sqlite

    You can copy this file if you want to restore your bookmarks to your current Firefox back to C:\Users\ < Windows user/login name > \AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ < profile folder > and overwrite the current file. Keep in mind, this will delete your current bookmarks.

  • external hard drive "went missing" during normal operation

    I usually keep my computer running most of the time, turn off updates (as they charge for this), or because of a problem that I get with my external hard drive. Randomly, professional Vista continues to recognize its existence. The hard drive is still plugged in, turned, and so forth, but he claimed not to be there. It is not even appear on the window of my computer... It is starting to really bother me, as can happen when I fell asleep with my laptop for background noise (music) and music will leave just about me or when I'm working on a project in Photoshop, and I can't access my images to use.

    I can't just scrap what is on the disk hard to reformat, it's almost his TB limit and I don't have the space to save a lot more information on my intern.


    I suggest you refer to the link below and run the fix it tool, or follow the steps provide to the manually to resolve the problem.

    Tips for solving problems with USB device

    You could also check the link provided below as device USB may not work correctly when Windows Vista comes out of standby or hibernation.

  • Can not see the external hard drive to my computer only in devices & Printers I tried many patches & need help please

    I do not see my external hard drive in my computer but I can't in my devices and printers.  I too see the drive in disk management.  There is a lot of data on my hard drive that I need to save. It says that I have to initialize so the computer sees the drive but it clears my data. How to recover data? The drive works and makes no noise. Help, please. I uninstalled the RPG player

    and reinstalled. I've also updated the driver and I still don't see the drive in my computer.


    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    I understand that you have a problem with finding printers and external hard drives in the computer. We apologize for the unhandiness caused to you and appreciate your efforts in trying to solve the problem.

    To help you better I would like to know the details.

    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?
    2. You did changes to the computer before the show?
    3. Have you tried to connect the same external hard drive on another computer?

    I ask you to run the hardware and devices Troubleshooter and check if the problem persists. It is an automated tool that checks the hardware attached to the computer for known problems and provides details on how to correct them.

    I ask you to install optional Windows, including updates updates and check if you are facing the issue.


    Keep us updated on the issue to help you better.

  • Lightroom does not recognize the external hard drive?

    When I try to import files from anywhere - my office, or a SD - card in Lightroom 4 or now 6 (updated just to see if it would help), Lightroom is the photo file in what I would call an external hard drive of ghost. It creates a second external hard drive file that seems to be a copy of the original. A few weeks ago, the name of external hard drives has been accidentally changed or partially erased when I backup my hard drive without supervision in Time Machine. I'm working on an iMac with OS 10.11.4. At that time there Lightroom could not find any of my files of course! So, I renamed with much attention the hard drive exactly the same original name and Lightroom everything very well - recognized except, I started having this problem of import. When I import a file of the photo, he put it in an external hard drive of Ghost with the same name, size and number of files. If I try to move the file to the real external hard drive where it is supposed to go, Lightroom told me that the file already exists in Lightroom. If I look in my external drive outside of Lightroom, the file is where it is supposed to be. I tried just 'Add' the file to Lightroom, rather than copy or move, and that's okay. I tried to re-pointing Lightroom on your drive. Does not work. The only way I can get the files to go where I want they is to import, then highlight the recently imported file and move it to the folder of the mother. So, I have to move the file into the folder of the mother in the subfolder and then delete the now empty ghost the disk folder manually hard phantom. Help! Is there a way to merge the external hard drive with his ghost (or duplicate)? I can't find anything in the forums or documentation, and when I tried to call tech support, I came across a brick wall which is very frustrating. They said I couldn't get help by phone, I have to use the forums. So, please, let me know what I can try.

    Hello Deborah

    Seems to me this is probably a problem of conflict with the readers in your catalog and LR is confusing where to put images and creates a clone instead. You have to work smart to get rid of the clone disk keeping the images with the same folder structure. If it's a long process, however, I'll try to be as simple as I could.

    To do a test at White folder on the drive itself out of Lightroom that must be maintained at the same place where the main images folder (main folder means - the very first folder under your player in your catalogue which should include all subfolders on the disc itself), then put a picture in the test folder and import it. the test folder will be part of the new drive of clone in catalog you would then move the main folder of the Original disc to the Clone drive in your catalog. Once you are done with the displacement of all the structures of folders in the test under drive clone folder. The original drive that was not identified by Lightroom would be gone if this isn't the case you can remove it manually and this is how you would leave with single drive with all your files/images existing and if you try to import the images now. They would go directly in the same destination folder that you choose on the screen to import instead of going in any drive clone/ghost.

    Thanks Deborah for bringing This issue to our view. And I amso glad I was able to solve this problem for you on call.

  • Drive external hard drive does not appear under "devices."


    I just updated my OS to Sierra of MacOS. I have connected my external hard drive (HDD) and it does not appear under "Devices" in my Finder window. It worked fine before the update.

    I use a MacBook Pro (end of 2013), currently running MacOS Sierra (Version 10.12). My external HARD drive is a SeaGate Slim SL Media (500 GB).

    The external HARD disk appears in disk utility application. He also appears on the about this Mac > system report > USB. I don't know what the problem is, the external HARD disk is identified but does not appear for use in the Finder window.

    I read that it could possibly be in mode 'sleep' and putting the MacBook to sleep (while it is plugged into the external HARD drive) and it to wake up again should solve the problem. However, it did not work. No more restarting my MacBook. It was mentioned in another post that it may require extra power, so I attached power adapter and again, without success.

    I do not want to clear the contents of the external HARD drive.

    Is there a way to get my external HARD drive works as expected with my MacBook?

    Thank you much in advance.

    I also have this problem.

    My camera is Macbook Pro 13 "retina 2015 and Seagate Backup more 1 TB (NTFS - Paragon NTFS)

    * Edit *.

    My HDD show in report system > hardware > USB

    but it does not show in Finder or Desktop.

  • Why my external hard drive cannot be mounted or viewd by a Macbook


    I can't see my HD exertenal from the finder.

    I do not have G-Tech HD and I use with TimeMachine. This HD has two partitions.

    The first is used for the backup with Time Machine, a macbook air, and the second partition is used to back up a macbook pro with Time Machine.

    It worked fine until I look in the external hard drive (partition macbook). Now, it is not possible to mount the external hard drive. From the Finder, I see no partition eighter the first or the second.

    I plugged it in an another mAcbook air and no way to see inside the external hard drive.

    Howerver, I pluggged in a 14.04 ubuntu and I was able to navigate through the external hard drive

    Why can I see the contents of the external HD with a ubuntu n not with a Macbook?

    And how can I solve this problem?

    See you soon


    El Capitan has permissions configuration much tighter than earlier versions of Mac OS X and it can become a problem to open files from a different computer. You need to tell us what OS you are running on all computers.

    I suspect that Ubuntu is having no problem because it does not under the same restraint of permissions.

    It worked fine until I look in the external hard drive (partition macbook).

    What you have done here, caused the change of permissions.

    Don't forget that connect a player directly on a computer and use it plugged into an airport will have different permissions issues.

    I don't have much in the way of a solution. Apple has changed repair them permissions on El Capitan.

    You have a Mac running an earlier version of Mac OS X?

    If your two partitions are used just to make the Time Machine backups...

Maybe you are looking for

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    Leave, I just assumed I a made a regulator using labview, he works with precision on my system. Now I want to make this portable tank controller IE want to use regulator on another computer without installing labview is it possible?

  • Problem with the command "save target as".

    When I use the ' save target as ' congratulate some sort box 'Close this dialog box when download is finished' got checked. The box disappears before I can disable the checkbox. How can I disable the checkbox?

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