My friend can write "BOLD", but I can't


A few days ago, my friend found he could type "BOLD" with asterisks. I tried, but I can't.

I've updated my Skype to the latest version (even as it has) but I can not always write "BOLD". What is happening to me?

This formatting option is available on the "special" 6.20 64version.104, but is not available on the standard 6.20. 0version.104.

You can install this 'special' version using this msi installer:

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    my friend can't hear me on my mac when I Skype but I can hear it


    In most cases, the incorrect audio settings causes this problem. To make sure that the audio settings are correct, you can refer to the following steps:

    1. make sure you have the correct sound devices selected in Skype > Preferences > Audio. Check that they are not muted.

    2. Select System Preferences > Sound and make sure that the correct devices are selected here too, and for the tabs of the input and the output volume is not set too low.

    3. ensure that the balance in the Output tab slider is moved to the Middle

    4. you can test your audio settings by calling thecho/Sound test serviceE. It comes to our service of automated test. To do:
    a. click on phone calls or Send SMS messages at the bottom of the Skype window.

    b. type echo123 in the number field.

    c. you will listen to a short message and guest to leave a spoken message. This will be read to you. If you can hear the message, your settings are correct.

    Standard headset requires an entry ("taken from microphone') amplified sound on your computer. Apple computers have a non-amplified Line-In connection, but offer no connection for the microphone. Unfortunately, this means that if your helmet is equipped with a normal microphone plug, it will not work unless you use an USB external sound card that connects audio records of the headphones with your Mac. However, you should be able to use a newer unibody MacBook or MacBook Pro with a headphone jack iPhone compatible.

    I hope this helps.


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    My voice... pls fix it as possible soon...

    I have the same problem - my question here:

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    Thank you!!!

    Yes - I have BES.  Interesting however.  One of my users can reject his reminders on the BB and it always reminds him in Outlook.  I wonder about that is a new user... So I guess I'll have to test it and see if it rejects the reminder... If it always happens in its Outlook.

    Thank you much for the help!

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    CD/DVD players use different lasers for reading/writing DVD from the CD.  All indications would point to your laser DVD as having failed.  You could try to remove your drive and install it in another computer to see if the problem follows your player or your computer, but my bet is that the drive must be replaced.


  • Is there a way to "BOLD" a police? I use Enviro Com, a single font that is not an option "BOLD", but I need thicker letters.

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    you might it false by adding a shot of the same color as the filling. It is not particularly good practice but if you get what you want...

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    Which version of Skype you have? Everything before, released in mid-January, had a bug which could stop audio application after the computer woke up from his sleep. See this thread for more information.

  • I read and write English but my husband reads and writes in Russian. How can I activate the taskbar of the Russian language?

    My husband is from the Russia.  It reads and writes in Russian and I'm having a problem turning on the Russian keyboard.  I went many steps of the menu start, Control Panel, regional and language options, languages, details.  I added the Russian.  under the Russia, there is a symble of a keyboard than Russian (typewriter) Russia and the United States.  acorrdign at every stage, there should be a tab in the bar of tasks showing that I can switch bewteen eglish and Russian.  who does not come to the top.  I have check the tab bar of language and made sure all the boxes are ticked, but I still can't find the language bar. what I am doing wrong?

    I don't need a translator who is the other thing that I still find.  I need for my husband who bought the computer to be able to type in Russian, his mother tongue.

    Thank you for your time,


    See if that helps you

  • When I spek, computer cant not registered? and when I say n Skype, my friends can't hear me. but I hear. Why?

    Raju Gorkhali stem...

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    Hi, Raju,

    The microphone worked before?

    Have you tried a system restore?

    What is system restore?

    If this not your operating system, follow the instructions in the manual, try this Mr. Fixit (Windows Vista).

    Tips for solving common audio problems

  • Why can not open files audio VAC with Vista home premium but my friend can with Windows 7?

    Quick Time error message.   How do you open using another program?

    Another way is to click on start > default programs > associate the type of file or Protocol with a program > and change the default program associated with this file type.

    Have you tried to open Media Player and play the file directly? You are running the latest version of Media Player?

  • Apple Mail - colleagues/friends can't see attachments

    Why is Apple Mail again makes it IMPOSSIBLE to send to colleagues, friends and families photos, images and pdf files they can easily open and view.

    I continue to have questions send photos and pictures to co-workers, in addition to the family.

    Using of "terminal" to solve this problem is STUPID

    Why is - this email client very allows us to send images that our recipients can view, while Apple always Mail it is impossible.

    'Please make Apple and Apple Mail great again'

    No, I will not vote for Trump, but will vote for someone who can adapt to that.

    No problem, sending attachments in Mac or Windows users for me.

    If you make reference to attachments send to Windows users...

    Send attachments to Windows users

    Make sure you that you send attachments of the Windows environment. To do this all messages in the main window of Mail, choose Edition > attachments, then make sure you always send attachments easy to Windows is selected. To a specific message, click on the button join on the toolbar of the message window, then make sure that send attachments of the Windows environment is selected.

    Here > Add attachments

    And make sure that OS X is up to date. Open system preferences > App Store > check now

    If your Mac is running a more old OS X, see if you can go to El Capitan v10.11 > update of OS X El Capitan - Apple Support

  • My friends can hear sounds that I play in my laptop when calling

    I use a MacBook Air and Apple lightning listener. Whenever my friends and I are in a call, and I play a video on the internet, they say they can hear the music and sounds?

    I tried to use the Skype Test Call and play a video and the recorded message was indeed the sounds of music and videos that I was playing. I don't know what's happening since I am using and the listener.

    I tried to look at the other messages, but it did not help, I really hope you all can help me find a solution. Thank you!

    So, I finally found a solution to this problem. I did go to Skype preferences, go audio/video and changed the option for microphone of "built in microphone (external MIC)" to "even that system".

  • My friend can't hear me through Skype to help me?

    Whenever I'm with a friend on Skype, he videocalls me and he can not hear me through the microphone in some way, but I can hear the other side of his call, I can't seem to find a way to fix my microphone can someone help me?

    Have you tried to do a test call to Skype Echo Sound Test Service (echo123)?

  • my friend can't access to my wireless, I gave him the password why?

    I gave him the password of the router, but does not always have access to my wireless


    1. what exactly happens when you try to access wireless?

    2. you get any error message?

    3. you can access the Internet through connected?

    4. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    I suggest you to follow the steps from the link below and check if it helps.

    Wi - Fi and in Windows network connection issues:

    Hope this information is useful.

  • My friend can no longer receive emails that I send him, why?

    I sent my friend emails and forward years.  All of a sudden, he does not receive them, I get no answer that they cannot be sent.  Is it my problem or sound and how to solve?

    Yahoo's Webmail and not a Microsoft program, so I wouldn't have any idea. Try Yahoo Support.

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