My HP 6910P becomes very hot

Hello everyone

My HP 6910P is in strangerly that he gets very very hot after about 15 minutes.

He's left-handed side ports also have become very hot especially the usb ports.

I'm very worried about it.

I'll be very grateful to you if you give me the solution.

Notes; I'm also using Notebook Cooling Pad for her, but still, it gets very hot

I tried neww battery today its great course. Heat problem is resolved now, it becomes hot.

Thank you thank you thank you very much

I love HP

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  • Tecra S1 becomes very hot - perhaps HDD?

    Hello together,

    my laptop gets very hot on the left hand of the touch pad,
    It seems to be the HARD drive right now it shows HDD temperature ° C / ° F 122a 50a.

    It wasn't at first when I bought the laptop.

    This problem is motivated to the cooling or the HARD drive or something else?

    What can I do?

    Best regards

    Hi Patrick

    Temperature of the HDD on my Tecra M1 is about 40 ° C and on Satellite M70 60 ° C. The two notebooks will run without any problems. Tecra S1 is not the latest model cell phone, and maybe, in your case, you should try to clean the laptop and remove all dust.

    Anyway, like written previous guy try checking the HARD drive. Check out this page

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    Well, it's a 'real' iPhone. What has been done, we cannot say, however. It is very possible, it has been damaged by water or has a defective battery or even a counterfeit battery installed by the previous owner.

  • Running Fedora core 6 Satego P100-10U would become very hot

    Hi all

    I run Fedora Core 6 on my laptop Satego P100-10U. But there is a problem using
    NVIDIA-Driver. After a few seconds, running Fedora laptop gets very hot.
    NVIDIA sensors show me a temperature about 100-112 degrees.
    Is there a solution, how can I fix?

    Kind regards


    As you probably know Toshiba designs and publish own graphics drivers for Toshiba laptops the graphics drivers are not the same thing as the original graphic drivers of manufacturing such as nVidia or ATI graphics card!
    Graphics drivers from Toshiba are changed in order to avoid overheating of the graphics cards!

    Usually, the books don't provide any special graphics card modules but only the module cooling CPU cooling and so the laptop graphics driver controls the performance of the graphics card.

    If the temperature rises to the critical level the driver slows down the map decreases the temperature and heat production.
    Drivers Nvidia or ATI of origin don't feature such support!
    In my opinion, this is a reason why the card temperature rises to highest level!

    Attention, something like that could damage the graphics card!

  • Satellite M300 becomes very hot

    I'm only under internet Explorer with 3 tabs at the moment and even if it makes my laptop really hot. I don't always use it on my bed or on my laptop on a flat surface cause, he gets all hot time even when I'm not running a lot (Eg. now). I always shut down programs when I do not even use MSN messenger. However, it gets really hot, but when I use another laptop I have its perfectly fine, even when there are no more open programs and its on my lap, my lap does not burn.

    I downloaded SpeedFan and he says:
    HD0: 41
    Temp1: 64 c
    0-based: the 69 c
    Core 1 "68(c)

    I'd be worried its quite high, even though I barely have anything open? I always on the High Performance, as it tends to lag and slow down every time I put it on the scale or Power Saver.

    My laptop is an Intel R Core 2 Due CPU P8400 2.26 GHz to

    Should I worry about the heat? Just doesn't make sense to me... It is still under warranty, so please advise me on what I should do!

    Hi Michelle,

    May I ask if you already clean the laptop?
    It s advisable to clean the cooling fans from time to time using a jet of compressed air. It is a professional tool and you can get it from every store in the computer normally. Gently and soon blowing compressed air through the vents and you can also see dust coming out. I clean my cell phone every 3-4 months and after that it really cooler s as before. In addition it s not necessary to disassemble the laptop.
    Check this box!

    By the way: can you tell us what OS you have?
    Normally in Toshiba Power Saver (XP) or the management of feeding (Vista), you can change the method of cooling. You can change between optimized and efficient battery. I've defined high performance for full power (AC adapter) and battery optimized if I running on battery. It's also nice because on adapter AC/DC, the laptop is cool and running on battery I can save energy with this option.

    All that s what I can say at this moment and I hope I could help a bit. :)

  • retina Mac suddenly begin to become very hot. before hot only

    I bought my laptop around October 2014 and a month ago not hot start you can hear the fans, before I have never I have this problem it will only warm up and will never heard the fan even when you watch videos on HD thanks for any info on this.

    You can try a SMC reset and test to see if the problem still occurs. Do a Google search for resetting the SMC on a Mac.

    Videos may cause the fans to run the CPU or GPU is currently imposed, causing excessive heat.

  • Satellite A200-1J0 becomes very hot

    When I work on my laptop (4-5 hours) long hourks, he is so hot I can't even put my hand on the buttons, and sometimes it's just turns off = ((())
    I don't know what the problem is?

    Some people have the same problem?
    This bad trend started because I installed Windows XP instead of Vista standart.

    Laptot: Toshiba Satellite A200-1J0


    Oh. You have installed Win XP? Well buddy. In this case you must update the BIOS too!
    There is a BIOS designed especially for Win XP, and you should update if you changed your Win XP OS.

    In addition, you should install the Toshiba Power Saver and need to change the settings in the configuration of basic Toshiba Power Saver.
    You will find the option called cooling method. Set it to the Max Performance.

    In addition, you can set the speed of the CPU at a lower level processing and the method of control of the CPU to Auto.

    On the other hand, your laptop can overheat because of the clogged vents and cooling modules. I know this because my laptop temperature was high until I removed the dust from the cooling fans.
    I used a jet of compressed air. You can buy different computer dealers or online shops.

    See you soon

  • iMac gets very hot and is still hot when idle...


    My 27 2011 iMac OSX 10.8.5 becomes very hot, I can barely hold my hand on it, I'm only using Firefox & Mail.

    Other problems are:

    1 when he'll sleep auto sometimes I can't wake him up and must use the back button to restart.

    2 when you make sure you empty the trash, it will not empty, the progress bar stops at halfway.

    3 finder sometimes becomes unresponsive

    4 Wifi disconnects and is looking

    5 mail won't start, keeps bouncing

    6 system prefs launch

    7 can not restart or shut down

    No idea why all these problems have just begun, I did not update anything as I remember, is there a way to see if I've updated something, in this case then it will be the solution to my problem, maybe?

    Thanks in advance

    Please after the release of EtreCheck

    <> or <>

    It could be many things.  Adware using your iMac to generate money making "clicks."  Virus protection package to a lot of busy work.  A Mac app cleaner against you.  Dust accumulated on the inside.  A hard drive failure.  The output of EtreCheck can help identify problems.

  • NB550D gets very hot

    The lower left part of my NB550D becomes VERY hot, even when the rest if my netbook is cool.

    I was wondering which component is this area and if I could just disconnect. I wouldn't mind losing the USB capacity or the headphone jack (which are found here on the outside).
    Opens the main part of the case as simple as removing all the screws?

    Thank you

    > The bottom left of my NB550D becomes VERY hot, even when the rest if my netbook is cool.

    This is not unusual since modules cooling and cooling grids and also the CPU are placed to the left
    Do not remove any screws or any other part because is not necessary and most probably you would damage the laptop.

  • iwatch very hot when charging

    My iWatch casing becomes very hot during charging. is there a problem here?

    Hi John

    It is normal that for watching, adapter sector and charging cable become hot when it is connected to the power.

    If your watch has temperatures above normal while charging, disconnect the charger, move to a cooler place and let it cool completely before putting on or continue to load.

    Also, make sure you reload it according to the instructions of load.

    More information:

    Keep Apple Watch in acceptable operating temperatures - Apple Support

    Check your battery and load your Apple Watch - Apple Support

    If you are concerned about a hardware problem, contact technical support Apple or make a Genius Bar reservation in order to have your watch accessories and verifiable under warranty:

  • R60 AC adapter get VERY hot

    I just noticed recently; the power adapter supplied with my R60 becomes very hot while it is plugged. It requires always the laptop without problem, but I am very concerned about the heat. This is the part number 92 p 1156 (FRU #92 P 1155), and I bought the laptop in October 2006. Any ideas?

    It should be OK, he would not fail. You probably use your laptop with some GPU and CPU intensive programs.

  • I have a macbook pro 2009 environment.  Upgrading ram 8 GB and it becomes extremely hot.  Never done with 4 GB. Only using a Firefox window.

    Just upgraded from 4 GB to 8 GB of Ram.  It now becomes extremely hot very quickly.  Has never done this before. Is that what I can do to reduce this heat.

    < image edited by host to remove personal information >

    Do you have what brand of RAM installed? Some brands will interrupt in modern Macs.

    It is possible that you hit a cooling fan connector while improving the RAM. Find the system of installation/restore disks accompanying you MBP and use them to run Apple Hardware Test. Instructions here:

    OS X Yosemite: use the Diagnostics of Apple or Apple Hardware Test

    That will be displayed if a fan has trouble.

  • Satellite Pro A60 had been getting very hot

    My Satellite Pro A60 had been getting very hot (especially on the upper right corner).

    I also noticed for several months that the fan never stops and it very is nosiy.

    Is this normal?

    Thanks for any help you can provide :)

    Hi Jay,.

    Continuous fan activity high speed could well indicate that the dust blocks the heat sink. Try to blow through the exit gates to clear any dust or otherwise try to use a hose of household vacuum on the suction air grids.

    Your laptop will have a thermal trigger installed to cut the current if the temperature becomes too high to avoid any damage.

    Finally, make sure your laptop is enough space adjacent to the air intakes for the ventilation of air to enter.

    Kind regards

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    If your screen becomes so hot that it makes you feel uncomfortable, then you almost certainly have some sort of serious hardware problem. That level of overheating can be a fire hazard, so I strongly recommend that you unplug the power supply of the PC screen / and get them looked at by a professional repairer.

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