My HP Officejet 4630e all-in-one does not print the date and time on the fax header

I followed all the instructions of configuration / Date and time are set correctly but only name and phone number show on the fax header when sending fax.  How can I get the date and time to print as well?

Thank you for your help

Hi doggynut4,

Welcome to the HP Support forums.  I understand that you want to add the date and time to your fax header.

Your user guide indicates that only the name and fax number can be entered for the fax header (found on page 49). I even confirmed this on my Officejet 4630.  I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

User's Guide e-All-in-One Series Officejet 4630

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    Thank you sincerely for your help to help me solve my problem first. Good job on the money. I now look forward to additional help on your part. Once again, thank you. Hitnmiss

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 a Premium: HP Officejet Pro 8500 a Premium does not print the docs of the computer, but will display a test page.

    HP Officejet Pro 8500 a Premium does not print the docs of the computer, but will display a test page.  I constantly get a message that the computer cannot communicate with the printer.   Not only it will be not be printed docs, it will not print web pages using 11 IE or Google Chrome.

    I used print and Scan of doctor, he always reports there are no questions and print page one same test so I can not print anything else.

    Whenever I want to print, I have to restart the computer.  After the reboot, I have a chance to print.   This problem started on February 15, 2015.

    My operating system is Windows 8.1.   I have unintalled HP, rebooted, and then reinstalled the software software:

    OJ8500_A910_1315 - 1.exe

    HP Print and Scan - HPPSdr.exe doctor

    HPSupportSolutionsFramework - 11.51.0049.msi

    All versions were last uploaded on 4 April 2015.

    I have a home wireless network (router Ubee DDW366).  All other devices in the House will be printed on the printer of 8500 has no problems: 2 Toshiba laptops, 2 Android phones and 1FireHD.

    The desk top is installed with a network card Netgear, I don't know the model, but I had it tested by a PC technology to verify that the card works.   The card and 8.1 of Windows have been installed on January 3, 2015.

    I have run virus scans and analyzes malware.  Whenever they show that there are no problems with my desktop computer.  What kind of desktop? Specially designed for my listing of... without brand computer parts store.  ASUS motherboard P6X580 Premium.  Now I will probably get hacked!

    I'm at my wits end.  And it's frustrating when I need to print something and the system hangs.  I often use screen printing to a word document to save in order to restart... but then I lose all sorts of features when I pick up what I needed.  It is also a time consuming.

    This printer we served well for two years and I have expensive cartridges pending; another two cycles of recharge.


    Addendum: can I scan with the HP printer help.  I open the HP printer assistant, he "gets" the printer information, then I select "scan a document or photo" and the printer answers.   I have no problem with the sweep.

    It has been awhile, but I played on something you wrote.  "There could be a software conflict with the HP software" everything worked very well... impression was shifted at best; just didn't know if it would work.  So I would eliminate a program, reboot clean, try to print, and then reinstall the software.  I finally found the culprit.  I had a program running in the background, occasionally.  When it ran, HP does not print.  Stop the program and I was able to print... Do not have a problem since I found it... I do not say that it was a software to share files... so I replaced since this program with something else that doesn't cause problems...  It took a long time and I couldn't work the question every day.... but I can say that I have problems printing for the past 5 days!  I can print with confidence.

  • HP officejet 9120 (all-in-one) does not No Scanner for driver problem.


    Mr. President is respected!


    I have a portable printer Hp officejet 9120 (all-in-one), but no scanner to work here for driver problem. I downloaded the driver from the Hp site, but not here.not updated driver does work on XP, win 7 please help me in this matter.




    Thank you

    (Munir Malik)


    [email protected]




    You might have more luck on the bussines forum, this is the forum of consumer and your unit is regarded as a bussiness unit, so bussiness forum could be a place where you get a better answer.
    Find it with the link below.

  • HP officejet j4580 all-in-one will not print from the internet.

    My officejet j4580 all-in-one printer does not print all that I try to print from the internet, or in microsoft word.  I tried to reinstall, but it gets stuck at 94%, and it took almost 3 hours to get to this point.  What can I do?  My operating system is vista from microsoft.


    Here are a couple of things to try.  I would first start by download and run the Diagnostic Print utility.  IF this isn't clear, then try the document on the internet printing problems.

    Print Diagnostic Utility

    Problems printing from the Internet

    See if one of these help.

  • HP Officejet j3680 All In One will not print

    Does not print my desktop Hp Printer j3680 all in one! Help?


    ·                         try to uninstall and reinstall and use the latest printer drivers VISTA for your model of the manufacturer of the printer

    ·                         ________________________________________________________________

    Read the information above from Microsoft about fixing printer problems.

    ·                         ________________________________________________________________

    You can also track information to try to solve your problems of printer below

    read the printer correct that information the slot microsoft, including the 'fix - it' and the information of the links to the other

    Solve printer problems

    and read this microsoft tutorial too


    This tutorial is designed to help you identify and fix the problem printer common windows problems, including print errors, or errors, and other issues that could prevent you from printing. This tutorial does not cover printing problems related to specific programs. Printing problems can be caused by cables that are not properly connected, corrupt, drivers, incompatible drivers, the printer settings, missing updates and problems with your printer.

    How to use this tutorial

    For best results, complete each step before move you on to the next. Try to print after each step before moving on to the next step.

  • HP Photosmart 3310 all-in-one does not print print test page doe but doesn't show is not black

    I have a printer all-in-one HP Photosmart 3310 that does not correctly print a test page (print color but not black) and does not print a WORD document from my computer.  The color that should be black in the test page after CLEANING print head appears as a Purple-ish Brown, although after the PRINTER SNAP the printed page shows a short BLACK bar to the left of the five longer bars in FIVE COLORS.  The computer in use is a HP Pavilion dv7 with processor Intel Core i7-3610QM, 2.3 GHz, Ram 8. 0 GB (7.9 GB available), 64-bit and Win 7 Home Premium OS, SP1.

    After having downloaded HP Print and Scan doctor, we arrived, after a series of steps to "If the cartridges have been refilled and none is empty, try calibration of color": Open HP Solution Center (start, all programs, HP, HP Solution Center), then click on settings, settings, printer Toolbox, printing on the tab device Services, click on color to calibrate.  This procedure is NOT AVAILABLE, however, because I can't find the HP Solution Center.

    What should I try to fix this problem?  Please be specific - and please also include any recommendations for a remedy that is exactly what happens if something must be verified or checked before trying the recommended remedy.

    Since the last post, I repeated the test several in Solutions of HP.  Whenever I have repeated the procedure clean print heads, improve the quality of printing in black ink a little bit.  After several passages of this test, maybe 5 or 6 more and separated by some rest of the time, the quality of printing in black ink has reached the State that I consider finally acceptable.

    A variable that I can't rule out or rule through all this is the temperature and the humidity.  It has been a winter VERY exceptionally difficult, with a lot more than zero days and subzero temperatures.  And with that comes challenges with the indoor humidity (even if we have the whole House humidification).

    In all cases, the printer now works without problem.  And I'll post that I accept the solution most recently proposed by the HP Forum.

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    I had setting successful place Photosmart e-all-in-one printer 7510 when I bought first. Super easy to install and I print wireless all the time.

    I recently moved and tried to uninstall and reinstall the printer so that I could print wireless again. I did exactly the same thing to install because I did the first time and it doesn't work. I went through all the steps help and may not know what the problem is.

    1. the printer is turned on.

    2. the printer is certainly connected to the network. No problem found on the wireless network test.

    3. my computer is not connected to a virtual private network.

    4. the computer and the printer are on the same network. Name of the network on the wireless network test is the same name of network connected to my computer.

    5. There is no firewall does not block the detection of the printer.

    6. the wireless router is not in a bad state of operation. If it were, I would not be able to get online, right?

    7. I do not use the 'connect a new printer' resettlement.

    8. I don't know that I downloaded the appropriate software drivers.

    I don't know what else to check. The only thing that has changed is the router and the internet provider. I got the same laptop before I move. Everything works fine print/scan when connected via a USB port.

    You're not the only one having problems with the SBG6580.

    Your internet provider has other available modems?  (not motorola)

  • HP photosmart c6180 all-in-one: does not print because some cartridges are empty

    I want to just print in black and white, but because some of my color cartridges are empty it does not print.  If I don't want to use the color why is it important?  Please notify.  I can't afford a new set of cartridges of color... and I don't want to print in color, so it shouldn't matter!


    To protect against damage, it will not stop if no available in any ink cartridge. I need all the inks in the heating of the process.

    Kind regards.

  • Photosmart premium 3-all-in-one does not print black ink

    My C310 series 3-all-in-one hp photosmart print no black ink on the page.  The cartridge is new, and all ink cartridges are full.  The printer is 3 years, just one month out of warranty.  I downloaded all the updates, I'm sure and went to the website of hp troubleshooting page.  I followed all directions, twice and still no black printing.  Please help, I don't want to buy a new printer!

    Under Tools, I see only "Clean cartridges" not "clean print head."

    When I chose "Clean cartridges" twice, black ink printed!  Hooray! Once I have this post, hopefully get back to the page to say the problem is "solved"!

    Oh, while I have you on the line, while the cartridges were being cleaned, I got a message saying that I had to download the latest hp drivers, because those I have is not compatible with this version of Windows.  However, I download the latest drivers for 8.1 from your web site when I had a terrible paper jam.  After that I downloaded the latest drivers, this problem has been resolved.  But, given that I get this message re incompatibility, I need to re-download?  It was only a couple of weeks (up to three) that I downloaded the drivers.

    Thank you once again!

  • Re: OfficeJet 7300 all-in-one will not print

    I tried to solve my problem of the printer for weeks.  I think that the problem is in the region of ink cartridge. The following suggestions to remove the cartridges, I found that they cannot be deleted.  There is a bar preventing deletion. I had this printer for a few years and have never had this happen.  Anyone know if this is something that I can do or do I have to take this device to a repair shop?

    Help, please!

    Hi @maneandtail

    Have you tried to leave the printer and unplug the power cable? Doing so can allow access to the cartridges manually moving the carriage to access area. If this does not work, the only option may be to take it to a repair shop. Although we have not all authorized repair facilities, you might consider a mum and pop shop local, or call us and we can see you get a discount for a newer model.

    If you are in the Canada, U.S. dial 800-474-6836 or you can Contact HP worldwide.

    I hope this helps.

  • HP Deskjet 3050 all-in-one: does not print copy or not

    A few months ago my printer has stopped printing. It print only the first line of the page and then spit out the rest of the blank page. At first I thought it was the program I was using because sometimes it would work in Word but not Adobe PDF, or vice versa. Now it prints even more than the first line, it just takes the paper and does not print anything on this subject. I tried:

    -Turning then in

    -installation of the driver more updated from the web

    -new ink cartridges

    -print a test page - that works!

    -copy - that does not work

    Another note:

    -I connect via a USB port to print

    Other troubleshooting tips would be appreciated, if not I throw and do not buy another HP printer again. Very frustrating!

    Hello there! Welcome to the forums @autley

    I read your post on the printing issues that you are facing and also how you can not make a copy. As you can not make a copy, it is a material concern. I have a few steps to offer you and if they do not fix the problem of the copy, please call us to see what are your printer options.

    Reset the printer, and then make sure that the printer is plugged directly into the wall, avoiding bars power and surge protectors. This ensures that the printer is full on and can help greatly.

    Press the power button to turn the product on.
    With the product, unplug the power cord from the back of the product.
    Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
    Wait at least 15 seconds.
    Plug the power cord into the wall outlet.
    Reconnect the power cord to the back of the product.
    If the product does not light by itself, press the Power button to turn it on.

    Please try a copy from the front panel of the printer. If the working copies, please let me know and we can continue to troubleshooting of computer software. If the copies do not work, please call us!

    Please contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.

    Happy new year

  • HP Office jet Pro 8600: 8600 all-in-one does not print

    First of all, I'm very technically challenged...

    My printer is connected by radio to two computers. The two are not able to print anything. They have all two printed up to that we have a new computer in and then we worked for a little while and the other older. Currently, no work.

    Light on the port in the back where the ethernet cable is connected is in the lower part of the port and flashes intermittintly on top. The connection does not snap-in.

    It's probably a harware problem? Is there something I can do a simple test? Replace the port which can be done at Best Buy or other? The printer has 2-3 years and we loved so far... Thank you

    HI @Rosetree,

    I noticed that you are having problems printing to your printer HP Officejet Pro 8600. I understand that the problem started when you got a new computer. I would like to look into this for you today.

    We are considering the possibility that the new computer interferes with the IP address of the printer on the network. Let's see if we can identify the cause.

    I see that you mentioned in your message, wireless and wired. How is the printer connected? (Ethernet/WiFi)

    Here is a document that I recommend that you try, a view of the error "Unable to Find printer" for the HP Officejet Pro 251dw, 276dw and 8600 Printer seriess. "

    Try the HP print and Scan Doctor to identify and solve common problems when installing or using s HP on your home network. What were the results when you ran the Print and Scan Doctor? (she print or scan, error messages).

    Note: You may need to follow this guide for both computers. I recommend following it all the way and then try to print from both machines.

    Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. I can't wait to hear strings attached good luck!

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