My HP photosmart 6510e all-in-one scanning pictures in black and white but the docs are still in color.

Scan pictures into my a6683w HP Vista in black and white, but the documents still scan in color.


Hello there ingridt, welcome to the Forums!

I noticed your post on the scans of your Photosmart 6510, scan to your system from Vista in black and white. I want to offer my suggestions to you to see if they can help you with this.

First of all, try to launch the HP print and Scan Doctor who is used to fix the printing and scanning problems. You choose the option "Scanning" when the tool is run. It will inform you if the software is completely installed, or if there is a problem, it can not correct. If it detects an error and shows you a red 'X', I suggest then uninstall and reinstall.

Here are some links to help with uninstalling and reinstalling if you happen to do these steps.

1. uninstalling the printer software

2. restart your PC

3 reinstall: Photosmart HP 6510 e-All-in-One Printer - B211a

Try a scan now and let me know how make you out!

Good luck!

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  • Series of HP Photosmart 2610 all-in-one, print only in black and white

    Series HP Photosmart 2610 all-in-one (printer, fax, scanner, copier)

    Model SDGOB-0304-01

    Windows 7 32 bit

    I have changed black only, now cannot retrieve colors. Forgotten what I've done, so any help appreciated.

    In the printing preferences: -.

    1 Advanced color settings set to '0 '.

    2. choice of color - print in grayscale - 'unchecked '.

    3. within the framework of advanced document - print all text in black: (disabled)

    These measures appear to be in place. Have you, you click on apply after you have changed these settings.

    You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the software and drivers. This will reset all back.

  • My HP photosmart 6510e all-in-one scan only black and white.

    How do I change this color scans?

    Just bought. And I can't scan document in color. Only when I use the scan for the photo. But then the scan is very low.

    When you have the answer thank you in advance.

    Kind regards


    The Netherlands

    Hello Jeroen.

    I assume you are using the printer on a Macintosh, envoirnment? Please correct me otherwise.

    The workflow default scanning set up to scan documents in black and white. Be sure to change the settings for scanning to scan color documents:

    If your version of OS X 10.7, be sure to install the critical update below. Skip this step for any other version of OS X.

    Now change the settings of the device as follows:
    1 open the HP utility and select your device.
    2. based on Scan Settings open the "Scan to Computer".
    3. click on the tab scan tasks.
    4. Select the affected shortcut and click on change... (or double-click on the shortcut).
    5. in the section of scanning from an HP device, click the blue triangle to expand the menu.
    6. in the expanded menu now, open the drop-down next to the Mode
    7. now select the color option, and then click OK to save the changes. The next scanned using this workflow is displayed in color.

    Kind regards

  • my hp 1317 all in one printer print in black and white, what should I do?

    I have problems with my hp 1317 printer. She no longer print in black and white. Any suggestions

    Thank you

    Hi moreton.

    I understand that your problems with your printer.  I have a few questions for you.

    Your black ink is not printing?

    You do not receive the option of printing black ink only?

  • CM1415fnw-when scanning in color-message "the selected folder is not writable" - scan OK in black and white

    1 HP LaserJet CM1415fnw

    2 mac OSX 10.7.4

    3. message: "the selected folder is not writable" when try to scan in color, scans OK in black and white

    Make sure the registration color scans at is not read-only.  You can do this by right-clicking on the folder and then select Properties.  Ther will be a box with the unalterable words beside him.  Make sure that the check box is disabled.  If the box has a check or anything in this document, click it until there is nothing in the box.  Let me know what happens.

  • HP Photosmart 2713 all-in-one scanning problem


    I have a HP Photosmart 2713 all-in-one and installed OSX Mavericks. My print function works fine through "Printers & Scanners" in system preferences, however, I can't scan from this application.

    I tried to find software to download HP Scan that I didn't do it, but can't find the software for my printer/scanner.

    I also tried the other methods described for example by trying to browse an excerpt and the other options, but nothing has worked.

    Thank you


    Hi SamiAR,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support. I apologize for the delay in responding to your messages.

    The last driver full features for your Photosmart 2713 on Mac was for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. I have included a document on the installation and use of the printer with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.  I have also included a document on scanning with the Mavericks.

    V10.9 OS X Mavericks: installing and using the printer on a Mac

    How to perform a scan: OS X v10.9

  • HP Photosmart 5520 All in One printer cancels an order of copy of the glass

    HP Photosmart 5520 All in One printer & HP Pavilion dm1 Notebook PC

    I put a document on the glass of the printer to make a copy. The command is recognized, but cancelled immediately. The first two attempts were given a bit of text/photo about 1 centimeter.

    I used the doctor scanning HP and installed my printer again, but that has not helped.


    Hi RodeDraak,

    Given that the problem occurs when you run a copy, I hope that the problem is the printer hardware not the software on the computer.

    You have the printer connected directly to a wall outlet or is this a surge protector or power bar? Even if you have used a surge protector/power bar this whole time and you feel that this is not the case, please connect to a wall outlet so that we can eliminate the source of energy as the primary cause.

    Issues when connected to an uninterruptible power supply/Strip/surge protector power

    In this document, you will see,


    Questions or problems may arise when a HP LaserJet printer is connected to a UPS (UPS), a power strip or a surge protector

  • HP C5380 all-in-one printer: a thick black/gray line down the page when scanning.

    1 HP Photosmart C5380 all-in-One Printer

    2. Windows 7 64 bit

    3. no error is, as usual but preview and print with a dark gray line / think through the page.

    4. I got a new monitor.

    How can I fix?  the optical reading area is clean, no dust or dirt present and it just started this without reason. The connections are good, I unplugged and plugged the cables of the computer and the printer and the problem is still there.

    When I scan the document line is present and even when I print the line appears on the printed page is not my screen.

    bbjae, it looks like there may be a residual electric charge accumulated in the unit.  When was the last time you did a Hard Reset on this unit?

    Hard Reset:

    * Unplug the unit while the printer is on

    Disconnect the other end of the power cord from the wall jack directly

    * Wait 30 seconds

    * Plug power back in and make sure that the device is running

    So, it is a document with the steps to help fix the vertical lines and scratches in the copies or scans, click on the link below:

  • HP Photosmart C5180 all-in-one: computer says magenta ink is empty, but it's not.

    The computer says that the magenta ink is empty, but it's not. Black printing is only possible. When I I use the HP Solution Center and do a test print, it prints all colors with no problems. I can´t find the program that made this error.

    Hi there @Tsuriman,

    Welcome to the forums!

    I read your post on your Photosmart C5180 showing you the magenta is empty, without. See the instructions below to try to fix the error message! If the problem persists, give us a call to see what your printer options are next with HP.

    Join our technical support to the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.

    If you want to send me a 'thanks' to meet your concerns today, click the thumb upward below!

    HP Photosmart C5100 all-in-One Printer Series - "Ink cartridges are empty" Error Message

  • Photosmart 8450 prints only black and white with the new Mac with OS 10.6

    I just bought a new Mac with OS 10.6.  (former was OS 10.5)  Now my Photosmart 8450 will print only in black and white.  I installed the single upgrade on the site of HP, no change.

    Is there an other update I need?

    You want to disable automatic session opening, which may be why it behaves in this way.

    Go to System Preferences

    Go to security

    Under "for all accounts on this computer", place a check mark next to 'turn off automatic connection.

    In addition, I do not know if you set a password for the test account, but put something simple as 123 - just something / anything.

    Once that is done, choose log in the Apple menu, or reboot. This should bring you to the login screen where you can specify the account to enter.

  • 5514 photosmart e-all-in-one: scan multiple pages into a single PDF document?

    How can I scan multiple pages into a single multi-page PDF file?
    I saw posted similar questions, but I have not found all the right answers. The Council alone that I saw was to scan each page in a separate PDF document, then merge them into a single PDF using third party software.
    Of course, I don't want to do.
    I can't believe that there's really no way to do it using the existing HP printing/scanning utilities provided with the hardware.
    My printer/scanner is the "HP Photosmart 5514 e-All-in-One Printer - B111h", and I am running Vista (64 bit) on a HP Pavilion laptop.


    The HP scanning software (start > programs > HP > Photosmart HP 5510 series > HP Scan) select PDF and make sure that the resolution is 300 dpi or less.

    Make sure the option Show Scan preview is checked, and click Scan.

    Once the first page of scanning is finished, place the next page on the window and click on the button "+" under the scan preview...

    Once you are done click Save.


  • Photosmart C7180 all-in-one: scan to computer file problem

    The computer and the printer are turned on and connected.  The menu scan give 2 options of scan and reprint or scan to storage device.  In the past, I was always able to analyze the items to a file in the computer.  What should I do?

    Hello @salbet,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I understand that you are no longer able to scan directly on your Windows 7 computer from the front of the printer all-in-one HP Photosmart C7180. I would like to help you today with this problem of scan. The issue you are experiencing seems to be due to a problem of 'No Scan Options'. To solve this problem of menu scan can I please have you follow the steps below.

    To begin troubleshooting can I please have you click here. Once the support document opens, please follow the steps in the Solution, Solution two, and three and four Solution. This includes all sub-steps under listed to complete Solutions. Once the diagnosis is complete please try to scan from the front panel of your print to confirm if the problem is resolved.

    Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. I can't wait to hear strings attached good luck!

  • Photosmart 2575 all-in-One: scan

    Impossible to scan believes that since the upgrade to Windows 10. Tried to scan doctor but will not work. Any suggestions please.

    Heya @DB471! Welcome to the HP Forums, I'd love to help you analyze with your Photosmart.

    I understand that you have tried printing HP and doctor Scan, but it does not work.  Please follow the steps below to completely uninstall the printer and reinstall it again.

    1. Hold down the Windows Logo key on the keyboard and the 'R' to open the dialog box run, type % temp %
    2. Delete all files and folders in the temp folder. Choose Skip if all pop ups seem to say all files cannot be deleted
    3. The new software - uninstall the printer software Instructions
    4. Once the uninstall is complete, reboot the computer
    5. Follow these steps to reset the registry settings and options for Windows Installer.
    • Hold down the key of the Windows Logo on the keyboard and the 'R' to open the dialog box run
    • In the Open box, type msiexec /Unregister, and then click OK.
    • Hold down the key of the Windows Logo on the keyboard and the 'R' to open the dialog box run
    • In the Open box, type msiexec/regserver, and then click OK

    * Note: there is a space between the c and the /.

    If you do not at this stage, use this link to perform another way. Restart Windows install

    1. Run the system Accessories\ tool disk cleanup <> How to delete files using disk cleanup
    2. Download and install the latest version of Adobe flash player
    3. Restart the computer
    4. Download and run the HP printer install wizard for Windows

    The HP printer for window installation wizard was created to help Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 users download and install the most recent and most appropriate HP software solution for their HP printer.

    If this resolves the issue, please make sure you click on the I accept as Solution button below to report your post as solved. If the problem persists, let me know and I will do everything I can to help.

  • Photosmart 3210 all in one: Scan and reinstall the program failures

    Printer isn't online and firewall is on and no network.  Printer and scanner going good since 2006 until I tried to scan a negative, I think for the first time in its history.  Scan bar will quickly about 2 inches and lamp turns off and printer says to stop, but this isn't.   Had to unplug, but printer would reset with all functions (except movie option).  Uninstalled and reinstall failed with the error situation code 03215762.  Print function works with other programs and copy function works, just can't sweep, and there is no solution Center, could not reinstall.  Resettlement goes to 2% with the status - stop services - bogs and Print Spooler Service and will remain bogged down for hours until the end with the Task Manager.

    During the forced relocation ends and said deleting files, another error situation code 06458626 comes up with a few lines comes from installation error logs.  Help would be wonderful.

    Due to personal obligations, could not work on reinstalling printer until this week.  Put a link to MS and I've tried suggestions there - .NET updates, enter the registry and delete some files and a work-around suggested without success.  Next I googled "Can not stop spooler on MS XP SP3" and as choice went to't-stop-spooler.html, Harry 32, January 28, 2010.  This guy had a sounding similar problem and his solution worked.  MS Fax in windows, computer components unchecked rebooted, went to spooler MS services, stop selected, and he stopped.  YES!  Then I ran the new drivers you sent and installed the program without glitches.  YES, once again! (actually when install stopped and said spooler was arrested and I wanted it to be fixed and started then the installation can continue; naturally, I selected Yes.)  I scanned a photo, printed and made a copy successfully.  However, I tried again to scan a negative from the solution Center and the button on the Panel of the printer without success.    I'll close this as 'select solution' and start a new discussion of assistance on the issue of negative scan.  Very gratedful for all your help.  I'd never know what Google if you had not discovered in troubleshooting spooler problem.

  • HP Photosmart 7525 all-in-one, scan to e-mail only questions, no attachment in Mail.

    Help! It worked well, and recently it seems buggy. I always use scan to e-mail and now there is no attachment. I read problems of this kind with other printers but got no results since the suggested fixes, such as shutdown, reboot, etc.
    Wireless connection has not changed. I have the scan to e-mail and use an iPad. I tried to use a USB to my iPad and it does not work. I tried to use a flash drive and was able to scan at that but this changed the resolution of the analysis and it's useless in my case.
    Any suggestions?

    Hi SOShh,

    I understand that your scan to email app does not work.  Try the following steps.  Let me know the results.

    1. unplug the printer and the router.

    2 plug in the router to the top after a 1-2 minutes.

    3. plug the printer upward once the router is back

    4. go in the front panel of your printer.

    5. turn off ePrint.

    6. turn ePrint on IT.

    7 print the Info page.

    Try to scan again

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