My iCloud email address email address blocking


I need to block an e-mail address of my iCloud email. How can I do this?

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Personally, I would write a rule just be deleted.

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  • How to change the my@icloud email address?

    While I chose my iCloud email address, I had a typo in, so that my iCloud email address seems funny, which essentially disabled its use. I mean, the e-mail address from iCloud, not email address Apple ID.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to solve this problem? Thanks in advance!

    See it - on your Apple ID - Apple Support email addresses

  • My MAC friends tell me NOT to use icloud email address.

    My MAC friends tell me NOT to use icloud email address.

    They advised me that because they claim that icloud email address cannot be deleted.   I speak no deletion of an Apple or iCloud account. I'm simply talking about the ability to delete an icloud email address.

    They tell me to use Gmail, Yahoo or AOL, as these companies allow you to erase / delete an email address.   It just looks good to me. I'm trying to get the best advice.

    Thank you

    ICloud e-mail address is provided for you once you've created an Apple ID (which is the same as your email address valid)

    Your iCloud email address is also an alias of your Apple ID and Yes, you can change your username (email address) Apple

    Read here on how to change your Apple ID: change your Apple - Apple Support ID

  • I would like to change/update to update my current e-mail address Apple ID to match my @icloud email address.

    I would like to change my Apple ID to match my new iCloud email address. Currently, when I attempt to change online by editing my account an error pops up; He says that "your ID Apple cannot end in» Choose a different email address. "Under section Accessible to I click on the question mark following my iCloud email address States:"it is an alias for your Apple ID email address. »

    I contacted the support on this issue. The Director said customer service representative is a software limitation by iCloud / programmers Apple dictated by Apple management recently. I discovered I have to create an email account for this separate iCloud and lose all my purchases from my current ID. Apple not to mention a headache to transfer all my contacts and information to a new account. I think this should be a simple solution to meet the needs of the clientele of consolidation of digital accounts. I'm tired of having several digital accounts and I just want to have one.


    I would like to change my current email address Apple ID to match my iCloud email address.

    Send feedback to Apple. They will not respond, but at least know that there is a problem. If enough people send feedback, it can become the problem solved as soon as possible.

    Your comments

  • Choose an iCloud email address to use the Notes with iCloud


    I'm trying to synchronize the Notes on my Mac with iCloud. However when I select the Notes box in my preferences to icloud I'm prompted to choose an iCloud email address, despite the face that I am already connected to my iCloud account.

    All advice appreciated...

    Thank you


    You can be signed in iCloud, but it is quite possible that you have activated e-mail and you have not yet chosen an iCloud address to use with mail. Notes a need an address to iCloud to work, go ahead and choose a name, do not use it to send and receive mail if you do not want, but regardless it may worth to choose an address carefully in case you ever want to use.

  • Change the iCloud email address

    Hello world

    I recently got the new iPhone 6s and have been in one of these modes because it up tidy. Basically, I want to change the name of my @icloud / address @me associated with my iTunes account. I don't want to change my iTunes just the iCloud email. I'm looking for online on how to do it and everything got a bit confused where some have asked how to change the Apple ID rather than the iCloud.

    I bet that this has been reported so many times until you are yawning at the thought of answer, but any help/advice would be much appreciated

    There is no such thing as an iCloud ID or an ID of iTunes. There is iTunes and iCloud and you us an Apple ID to connect to one or the other or both.

    If you speak to change the address of your iCloud email address that ends with iCloud, then you can't.

    If you speak with another Apple ID to sign in to iCloud, you can do it. All you need to do is to disconnect and connect to iCloud with a different ID, but beware that everything will stay your date corresponding to the code old unless you copy carefully crosswise.

  • Email sent from Ziggo to icloud email addresses do not arrive

    From Saturday 12:00 THIS my ziggo email that I updated my icloud email addresses to forward doesn't to icloud.

    Any other mail sent directly from my ziggo addresses also won't happen.

    All mail to other areas (so don't not of ziggo has no problem and happens almost instantly.

    It seems that the enamel of ziggo areas somehow got on the black list or something.

    Ideas anyone?

    I would suggest calling Apple support and informing them of this.

  • Hi all, I have icloud email and password of the last iphone user, but iphone is blocked and he don't remember security questions. Send the same as apple ID. I have all chansements to unlock in the appstore?

    Hi all, I have icloud email and password of the last iphone user, but iphone is blocked and he don't remember security questions. Send the same as apple ID. I have all chansements to unlock in the appstore?

    You can not unlock with the AppStore. Request a refund or ask the previous owner to retrieve his password:

    Check these items and follow the instructions.

    If you have forgotten your Apple - Apple Support ID

    If you forgot your Apple ID - Apple Support password

  • accounts locked messaging iPhone 6 + missing, missing notes, iCloud email? !

    Hi all

    I'm desperate for more help please.

    I have an iPhone 6 + 128 GB running iOS 9.3.4. I just noticed in the last few days or all my notes and all but one of my email accounts have disappeared from my device and I can't seem to get back them! I have travelled abroad (in Greece) for the last four weeks and noticed the question while I was there, but decided to remedy this when I got home.

    I think that my notes may have been attached/linked to my iCloud email address (this email has not been used as my Apple ID and has never been), but when I tried to add this in my mail application I get a message that my account has been blocked for security reasons. So I tried to unlocked do so I can add it to my phone again and hopefully recover the missing notes. I have zero luck with that. During the unlocking process, I have the option to do it via e-mail or security issues. Safety issues tell me that I don't even know that my date of birth and e-mail option sends the email to the address iCloud Apple have locked? !!! Quite ridiculous. I'm really perplexed and a little disgusted by flawed how this reset password unlocking process is. Not to mention the possibility of not being able to recover the notes that I lost and they contain a lot of important information! I have a back up on my PC (Windows), but I fear that the use of this will wipe away anything from my phone that was added after I backed up before my trip abroad or other data.

    I am also having a very hard time to add my gmail email accounts in my mail as application his requesting information server etc, that I simply cannot. I've never met before and I have no idea what caused it. SO I would appreciate some help with this please. I really, really need to solve this problem...

    Thank you very much


    sapphireoceans wrote:

    Safety issues tell me that I don't even know my date of birth...

    This looks very suspicious to me - as if someone took over your account.  I guess you try to unlock your Apple ID, through the standard process, and, when're asked you your date of birth, told you that it is incorrect.  This probably means that someone else is in your account.  Never share your Apple ID / password with anyone?  Perhaps they have been compromised, especially during your travels abroad?

    What about adding email accounts in gmail, when you click Settings > mail > accounts > add account, simply choose 'Google' as the type of account and all appropriate server information will be provided for you.

  • ICloud emails disappear at the time of my Macbook Pro when I delete a message from iCloud of one of them?

    I'm an old Geezer Mac, but a Newbie iCloud. I just put on my two Macbook Pro iCloud email addresses and access e-mail through Apple Mail on both computers. Here are my two questions:

    (1) iCloud emails disappear at the time of my Macbook Pro when I delete a message from iCloud of one of them?

    (2) if I move an e-mail message to iCloud Inbox Mail at Mail Archive on a Macbook, can I delete the message from the second Macbook without losing the archived message?

    Yes, that is what is supposed to happen with an IMAP e-mail account.

    If you move it to a folder on the Mac, not in the iCloud account, you can remove safely icloud.

  • Mail does not work after the creation of iCloud email


    After you have configured the email address of iCloud I am unable to use the email, I click on mail, but noting happens, all the functions on the mail is grayed out.  Currently, I use e-mail, but if I want to use iCloud email address I won't be able to any suggestions.  I tried the start and restart but still no joy.

    Can I use iCloud on messages and FaceTime.

    Thank you

    Kind regards


    A test, you have a different e-mail account, you can add to see if it works?

  • can I use icloud email account to set up new iPad?

    1. can I use existing icloud email account to establish new iPad?

    2. What are the benefits of having this icloud email account?

    Hi winwin666,

    I understand that you want to know if you can configure a new iPad or iPad using your e-mail account existing iCloud.   You ask specifically about the e-mail address that ends with or your Apple ID.   The answer to your question depends on your situation.  If you are the one who will use the additional iPads, you certainly want to use the same identifier Apple to keep all your data (calendars, contacts, backups, etc.) synchronized on your devices.

    If additional iPads will be used by someone else, each user must have their own Apple ID to keep their data, notes, messages, iCloud email accounts, etc. related to a single account.

    Here are a few resources that explain Apple ID and iCloud features a little more in detail for you.

    Apple ID - Frequently asked Questions

    What is an Apple ID?

    An identifier Apple is the personal account allows you to access the services of Apple as the App Store, iTunes Store, iCloud, iMessage, the Apple Store online, FaceTime and more. It includes the e-mail address and the password that allows you to connect, as well as all contacts, payment and the security details that you will use in all of Apple services.

    When can I use my Apple ID?

    Set you up a new device, make a purchase, or using any service of Apple, you will be asked to sign in with your Apple and the password. Once signed in you will have access to the service and all the personal information in your account.

    How Apple ID do I need?

    Just a. Use Apple everywhere the same ID wherever you log to ensure that all your Apple services and devices work together seamlessly, and you can access your content personal to all your devices.

    Can I share an Apple ID with someone else?

    Your identifier Apple should not be shared with another person. It gives access to personal information, including contacts, pictures, backup device, and other. Sharing your Apple ID with someone else means that you are giving them access to all your personal content and can lead to confusion about who actually holds the account. Pour partager share iTunes and App Store purchases, photos, calendar and more with someone else, try family shares, iCloud, photo sharingor other sharing features easy to use.

    On your Apple ID email addresses

    iCloud: what is iCloud?

    iCloud connects you and your amazing way Apple devices. It ensures that you always the latest versions of your information - such as documents, photos, notes, and contacts - regardless of the device you're using. It allows you to easily share photos, calendars, sites and more with family and friends. It even helps you find your device if you lose.

    Get started

    To begin, just implemented iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac or go on the web to iCloud only on Then you can use of the web browser of your computer.

    Keep your mail, contacts, calendars, notes, and reminders to update using Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and reminders about and using applications on your computer Windows, Mac and iOS devices.

    iCloud: overview of messaging

    If your Apple ID does not with, or, you must set an email address before you can use iCloud Mail on

    iCloud: implement a e-mail address

    If you're not implemented iCloud by using an Apple ID, which doesn't stop with, or, you must assign an email address before using iCloud Mail.

    If you have an e-mail address ending in or, you already have an equivalent address which is the same except that it ends by If you use e-mail aliases that ends by or, you also have the equivalent of the addresses ending with

    On an iOS device, go to settings > iCloud, turn on the mail, then follow the instructions on the screen.

    On a Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click on iCloud, select mail, then follow the instructions on the screen.

    After you have configured your e-mail address, you can use it to connect to iCloud. You can also log in with the Apple ID, you used to create your iCloud account.

    You can send emails to iCloud by one of the following addresses:

    Last modified: 25 March 2016

    With the help of your e-mail address

    You can connect to iCloud with Apple ID you use with your iCloud account or your email address

    I hope this information helps with what you're trying to do.

    See you soon!

  • iCloud email email wrong display


    I have earlier you have this problem and I don't know why. Basically, I changed my email account icloud a year ago and it has also changed in my mail app and if everything worked fine. However, now for some reason, if I had to send one of my e-mail application and use the drop down menu to accounts, the option for icloud is my OLD email icloud. I went into preferences and looked under the icloud account and user accounts, it shows the correct email under the username section, but my old, incorrect email alias and email section. I went to my internet accounts and my iCloud is signed in the correct and synchronized email with my messaging app. Then I went and edited my alias to see if I could just get around that. I created an alias of my new email, but I couldn't delete old e-mail alias. Also, when I did this and I went to send a message, both addresses from my old and new has appeared as options. In addition, my contact in my application contact card does not include my old e-mail.

    Summary: My mail app using my old icloud email that I changed a year ago. There was no problem until very recently. All settings icloud, that I could find have my correct email as my account icloud himself.

    Try mail/preferences/AccountType account information. Select an account, and then access the server of outgoing (SMTP) mail. In the menu drop-down select list server SMPT Edit. See if the old address is here. If so, remove it.

    Mail/preferences/writing/sending messages - set to the selected mailbox account.

  • How to get the iCloud email while I'm between Internet providers

    Hello, I'm sorry if this is a stupid question.

    I'm moving house soon and will be cancel my provider of fixed-line and broadband services.

    I do have a new address for the new fixed phone.

    My unique email address will be my

    My iPad Air with cell will be sufficient for this? I sometimes use the SIM card when I am away for a day or two, but until now my Apple ID has been linked to the internet provider (BT)

    my position will be in the Fifeshire, Scotland.

    I'm sorry that even once if it's the daftest application you have ever had.

    It is transparent to the iCloud email account how connects to internet, that it can be gift using wifi or cell phone or without even using a device ios by just connecting if your carrier or even if you don't haver a carrier and rely on wifi free public is not relevant

  • Cannot remove iCloud eMail on iPhone iOS iMessages 9

    I have an iPhone 5 that I connected with my iCloud account. I'm trying to make this phone uses my phone number for iMessage and FaceTime like my iPad using the E-mail address and I want to keep the two separate devices. When I go into settings > Messages > Send & Recieve, I click on the 'i' button next to my iCloud email address and click on delete this account. My iPhone then said: "this e-mail address could not be deleted. Why? Why I can't use my e-mail address to iCloud for my iPad Face Time and iMessage and use my phone number for my iPhones iMessage and Face Time.


    Don't worry, problem solved

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