My icloud music library does not appear on itunes mac

Hi, I have iPhone and Mac and iTunes and Apple music subscription. I have my subscription songs I added to my playlist, all work well on the iPhone. Unfortunately none of my music library appears on library Mac, even if iTunes Mac is connected to my iTunes account and my Apple ID. If I choose a song that I have to pay if I want to listen to it.

No idea how to solve this problem?

Thank you


Go to preferences and if library music iCloud is checked.


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  • iCloud music library does not work on my new iPhone


    iCloud music library has worked between my Mac, iPhone 6 and iPad Pro. However, it does not work on my new iPhone 7.

    When I try turn it off and on again, I do not get the merge or replace guest library that every site seems to say that I see. When I turn it on and open the music, I don't see any of the artists or songs or playlists that I added on my other devices. Occasionally (maybe 5 times), several full minutes after activating the iCloud music library, I get the error "iCloud music library can be activated. I tried using different wifi, using LTE networks and to connect it to my Mac. I tried to reboot the device when enabling/disabling iCloud music library. I also tried to use file > library > update to iCloud music library iTunes. I've been at this for about 4 hours now and am about to start rider on my hair. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    You back up iPhone via iTunes or iCloud 7?

  • Bought the new computer windows 10, itunes has changed location of support for external hard drive. The music does not appear in itunes.


    Changing the iTunes media folder location setting affects only where new additions to your library will be stored.  To use a disk external drive to store your library complete (and assuming that you have access to the original data of the library on an old computer) you must copy the iTunes folder, by default in C:\Users\username\Music, on the external drive - structure library and its records should be like this:

    The hold button SHIFT DOWN when you start iTunes and when you see this message:

    Click choose a library... then find and select the iTunes Library.itl in iTunes on your external drive folder.

    For more information, see user turingtest2 on make a library of portable split.  You must also acquire a 2nd external drive and allows create and maintain a backup your library.

  • Common library does not appear in the menu windows. What can I do to get the common libraries of Adobe?

    Common library does not appear in the menu windows. What can I do to get the common libraries of Adobe?

    'Common Libraries' wasn't available until the CS6 and became obsolete since the CC.

    You can try these new libraries CC introduced in animate CC: Adobe animate Help | Libraries CC

  • new album created in iPhoto does not appear in iTunes when I'm syncing my phone?

    I created a new photo album in iPhoto, and this album does not appear in iTunes under the photos when I'm syncing my phone.  an album has 836 photos also but in iTunes when I sync the same album shows that there are only 736 photos... Why are the new photos not added?

    Thank you

    This can happen if the iPod Photo Cache in your iPhoto library is corrupted.

    What version of iPhoto do you have?

    Try to remove the iPod Photo Cache in your iPhoto library, such as described here - see the link: iTunes: understand the folder iPod Photo Cache

    And try to synchronize again.

  • The application icon does not appear in iTunes


    is it normal that the icon does not appear in iTunes when you upgrade the application Developer in there to test?

    It only shows the app grey symbol.

    Is that going to show when the application is modified by the app on distribution?

    Thank you


    In the meantime, I found the solution to my problem: when you download the assets, you have one which is optional (1024 x 1024 px).

    It seems that one uses iTunes and I got one.

    (Maybe they shouldn't make it optional, since you really need)

  • Why is music memos does not appear in iCloud drive?

    I have iCloud synchronized between my mac, iMac, telephone and your iPad by car. However, my iMac is the only place where the musical notes folder does not appear. Anyone know why this is happening?

    You have an application enabled for iCloud Drive, able to read music notes?

    I see the music notes on iCloud Drive, if turn on GarageBand.

    System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Options > Documents:

    If GarageBand is not enabled, the musical notes do not show on iCloud drive for me.

  • How can I add music to my library iCloud music which was not purchased on itunes?

    My family have a shared iTunes library on an iMac which consists of songs taken from disks and purchased songs on several iTunes accounts. We have to take all the music that we love him and place it on our separate devices. Recently, we have subscribed to a family membership of apple's music. I would like to know how I can take a few pieces of our iTunes library and put them in my music library iCloud, as well as Apple's music recorded music, and then share my library of music iCloud for iphone and ipad. I don't want music saved on my iPad air (as it's only 16 GB), as in the cloud to listen only to the wifi and I want to download on my iPhone 5 s (32 GB). Both devices are running the latest OS. Any help and advice would be great.

    To share your music you have not bought on iTunes to iCloud and other devices, you must have a subscription to Match iTunes (I think they call now iCloud music library).

  • iPhone 6 s does not appear in iTunes 12.2.2

    iPhone does not appear in the version 12.2.2 10.7 running mac book air

    any ideas?

    Thank you

    I have the same problem,... .new
    It worked before, but somehow, once I reset my phone I always get the message:

    The iPhone cannot be used because it requires a newer version of iTunes...

    I even download it again the "new Version" I already had, but still the same message

    the funny thing is, 10 minutes before it was working...
    I tried several thing I was reading online, and it's still nothing does.

    I tried:
    -remove items on/var/db/lockdown (whatever that is?)

    -remove the last sinc. in iTunes

    What can I try?

    (to copy these files on the desktop before deleting)

    in any case, always lost and cannot connect my phone to iTunes plus, which means; all my apps, music, settings etc that are on my computer I can not transfer to my phone

    would be nice if some could help as soon as POSSIBLE with this question

  • iPhone does not appear in iTunes when connected

    iPhone does not appear as a device in my iTunes window, although it connects and works perfectly with the IMAGE CAPTURE.  IAM using an iPhone 6 with a Mac running OS 10.8 and iTunes 12.2.2

    Check this

    If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod - Apple Support

    Hope this helps, good luck to you.

  • Episode does not appear on iTunes, but appears when nor subscribed


    I downloaded the fourth episode of my podcast today and has been advised by the covered app that my episode is available to listen to. The episode appears in the overcast and plays very well. However, the episode does not appear on my podcast page in iTunes and it does not appear in the Podcast app unless you subscribe.

    Here is the link for the episode, when I tried to share it via the Podcast application: % 2F validity

    By comparison, here is a link to another episode which MADE its appearance on itunes: = 361647167 & mt = 2 (there's no

    Here is a link to the podcast page: hope that makes sense.

    Just curious to know why applications like covered (who apparently away from iTunes) will present 4 episode, but iTunes will not. Thank you!

    Episode 4 was posted ago less than 8 hours as I write, so it is quite normal that she only appeared in the iTunes Store yet. When you add a new episode to your stream and download it, it immediately appears for subscribers because their iTunes application reads the stream directly and the store is not involved.

    However, due to the multiplicity of the podcasts in the store (in thousands) the store caches the flow and it checks updates periodically. For this reason, there are usually 1-2 days for new episodes to appear in the store: sometimes it can be lower, and sometimes the whole process seems stuck and it may take several days.

    Episode 4 appears when you subscribe in iTunes, you can expect it to appear in the store in a day or two.

  • New episode does not appear in iTunes


    I have a problem, my flow

    works but I have the new episode I posted recently, this morning, does not Hypnowords in the store.

    Can you help me please?



    Episode 2, released today, shows for subscribers, both in the iTunes Store. You were lucky it as it can normally take 1-2 days for a new episode to appear in the store puts it in cache flows, checking them in some sort of rotation (Subscribers see pretty quickly as their iTunes application reads the stream directly).

  • My corner Simple touch does not appear in ADE (Mac)


    I currently have a Nook Touch Simple (version 1.2.1 of the software).  When I connect it to my MacBook Air (Version 10.9.3) it does not appear in ADE (3.0), which is in turn allows me to transfer books. Suggestions for out of boredom is greatly appreciated.    I have attached a screenshot.

    Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.59.53 AM.png

    Discovered that I had a bum cable that loads but did not connect with my computer

  • My (partially Apple music) iTunes library does not appear in app Remote.

    Hello world

    I am aware of the fact that Apple's Remote application does not support Apple music, but the Remote app on my iPhone does not even recognize the iTunes library on my Mac. House sharing is enabled on my Mac and the two devices are connected to the same Apple ID

    Guys do you have an idea why this is the case?

    See you soon,.


    He works now for some reason, I have completely no idea why.

  • iCloud library does not appear in the iPad

    After uploading my photo library to iCloud, I am went to my iPad settings, selected "Photos & camera", then on "iCloud photo library." I also checked "download and keep original.» Four hours later, I see not all the photos of my library of Photos in the Photos app on the iPad.

    What should I do to download the iCloud photo library on the iPad?

    As long as you are connected to the same on all devices iCloud account, all that is needed is time. Even if your library to iCloud is only a few thousand large images at full resolution, it will be a long time before it is downloaded.

    Let your iPad connected to the charger and a Wi - Fi connection at night.

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