My iMac cursor is stuck in the upper left corner of the login screen and I can't move it and now I can't use my iMac. What can I do? My iMac is a 27-inch 2014 release (one thin without retina display) and uses the keyboard and wireless mouse.

My iMac cursor is stuck in the upper left corner of the login screen and I can't move it and now I can't use my iMac. What can I do? My iMac is a 27-inch 2014 release (one thin without retina display) and uses the keyboard and wireless mouse. It runs OSX Mountain Lion (not sure which version) and is a model 27 inches.


have you tried to change the batteries in the mouse?

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    I had a computer technician who had encountered the problem before.  I have a Dell and this white box was some kind of problem with the backup of Dell and the restoration.  I just stopped the program of commissioning and the white box does not return.

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    I have a tx2-1020us

    Sometimes, the stylus cursor takes over and gets stuck about 1cmx1cm from the upper left corner of the screen if the screen is 90 degrees or to move away it from the keyboard when you use it as a laptop. If less than 90 degrees, when this happens, it's somewhat usable but the slider still jumps at the skylight at random.

    I've known as a locking of the keyboard once but removing the power and the battery it is resolved.

    To troubleshoot, I ran the HP and N-trig utilities and they found no problem so even the question that happens. I downloaded the latest drivers from this site and install, I searched on Google and Asus seems to have a similar problem but I don't know if this applies. Sometimes, when I reboot it goes far, other times it is not. Deactivation of the first N-Trig driver stop the question but then of course, do not work the key features.

    I installed the software (for most, MS Office, Corel PSP and NeatWorks) and installed a scanner NeatWorks and GPS MS on it since I bought it last Friday (not connected when it is the case).

    Has anyone else seen this, they are of a resolution, I would stay before 15 days runs out?

    Problem solved!

    Turns, I have a desk lamp fluorescent light about 15 cm from the laptop.

    When the lamp is on and the laptop is plugged in, it does the cursor thing erased. Unplug the laptop or move the lamp 25cm and everything works perfectly. Go figure.

  • I have the virus of file recovery, now I have a black screen with cursor blinking in the upper left corner.

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    Download your backed up files, then you can boot from your recovery disks to reinstall Windows.Several options to do so.

    Remove the hard drive and attach it to one > USB adapter . Plug it into another computer via usb port and copy files off the power.

    You can use > Ubuntu Live CD to boot from and backup files.

    OR ->Kaspersky CD has the ability to back up files.

  • Satellite A200 - only flashing cursor upper left corner

    Hi, please help.

    So, I have a Toshiba Satellite A200. After giving windows 7 a go for a few weeks on this machine, I get an update message 'new chipset drivers available' Yay! So to install these drivers, I have to restart the laptop computer for the changes to take effect.

    Guess what. Not more than computer laptop.

    Boots of laptop for Toshiba screen with the logo of intel in the lower right, progress bar is his thing, the next screen... Black... only flashing cursor upper left corner. Given the last thing I did was update the chipset, I thought that, maybe the BIOS = dead.

    I've been searching the net for solutions and have had hundreds of goes into the crisis recovery disk, the problem is, I can't get the machine Mode of recovery from crisis.
    I tried a lot of keys and combos
    FN + B
    Win + B
    FN + Esc
    Win + Esc

    To nothing not there I actually have one of these hold key combinations, the machine continues to show the Toshiba/Intel screen and beep at me until I cleared some combination of keys I'm trying, then goes to the white screen and blinking cursor bonus.

    I also found a guide that suggests the CMOS of compensation before trying to repair the BIOS, however I can not find a key combination to do either a diagram or guide on how and where I could find the CMOS for this particular machine (I was hoping to solve this problem without disassembling the machine, as in the past that it often has not worked for me)

    I really appreciate any insight and suggestions on this problem.


    At the moment I think that it s just a software problem caused the new chipset driver. You can access the BIOS? Normally, this should be possible if you see the Toshiba logo first, then the cursor is flashing.
    Check it!

    This blinking cursor usually means that the computer is trying to boot from the HARD drive but it does not seem possible.
    In this case the reinstallation of Windows can help you.

    Also, make sure that the HARD drive is recognized in the BIOS correctly.

    By the way: you have to be careful with these BIOS recovery programs. In the worst case you could destroy the whole ROM module

  • Need help! Does not start. Only get '_' in the upper left corner.

    Hi, have the following computer:

    HP-Pavilion model: KZ849AV-ABA s3500Z

    Running: win 8.1 (32B) 2G ram

    Have not had any problems I know, so far.

    Run norton regularly, no problem.

    Stop the machine to get out.  Returned, tuned back on and now will not start.

    It lights up, passes in front of the screen for "F9" "F11", etc.

    Then crashes on startup with a single "_" in the upper left corner.

    No beeps or error messages.

    Have you tried several attempts to diff power off, unplug, etc..  Same results.

    Have tried to interrupt the boot to make "diags", see the boot menu.  Everything seems fine, from what I can tell.

    Don't know what else to do.

    As mentioned, saw no problem before that to my knowledge.

    It helps the tight connections and no keyboard activity.

    Possible victory 8.1 automatic update when the last stop arrived.

    Recovery disks, I did several months ago when I upgraded to OS to win 8.1

    But I don't want to go down that path and reload everything.

    Any ideas how to check the boot sectors, chkdsk, etc.. ???

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi guys, thanks for all your comments.

    I managed to understand.

    I used the 'flash' player who made victory - 8.1 you create during the installation of win - 8.1 fresh.

    It's like a recovery disk.

    I started off of him and was able to use Diagnostics out of it to check the hard drive.

    He said it was to fix hard drive errors, then restarted.  Got the same new cursor. Then run this process again.

    Got mesg diff on the correction of hard disk errors, please wait.

    It restarted again and is came fine.

    Several reboots confirm the problem disappeared.

    I think that probably the hard drive boot sector becomes corrupted.

    I'll keep and eye to it and document, we had this problem with the machine.

    Will chose to replace the hard drive or buy a new machine.  Which ever option the woman wants to take (his machine).

    Thanks for your comments.

    PS You forgot to mention that I disassembled the machine and cleaned carefully.  Back together and restart with the same problem.  Then I did the above stuff.

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    Layer styles (note angle setting)

    , or the tool degraded

    Drag the cursor in the upper left corner to the lower right.

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    Devil well, now, all is well, seems to set just after a reboot. So solved my problem all by my lonesome. Please disregard.

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    I returned from vacation and had malicious software. In addition, I don't have the usual tabs in the upper left corner when my home page opens. How to bring back these tabs?

    Were you able to remove malware? Our technical support article lists the tools free other Firefox users have found useful: Troubleshooting Firefox problems caused by malware.

    If the bar classic menu set is missing, you can display it temporarily by pressing the ALT or by pressing F10.

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    Uninstall Flash player also solves this, but then I wonder to upgrade the Flash player. This problem occurs in Chrome or IExplorer 10: & s = 4 & s = 4

    Recent crashes of some multimedia content (this includes the Youtube videos, some flash games and other applications), in collaboration with Firefox are most likely caused by a recent update of Flash 11.3 and/or Real Player browser plugin to malfunction.

    To resolve this problem, follow the steps in these articles in the Knowledge Base:

    Flash Plugin - maintain and troubleshoot

    Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - avoid that it happen

    11.3 Flash does not load video in Firefox

    We'll find other information on more technical issues under these links:

    Please tell us if it helped!

  • I installed firefox 16 and when it happens my whole screen turns a reddish color and nothing appears that firefox symbol in the upper left corner.

    I have always used firefox. Two days ago, when I opened it, my screen becomes reddish and the firefox emblem is in the upper left corner and nothing else is on the screen--no text, no command, nothing. I uninstalled and installed again, same thing. Help!

    Thanks for the suggestions, but on the contrary, I restored my system to 2 days when everything worked correctly. It's all working now. The only great thing that has happened in these two days was a Java Update installation. I wonder if this has a conflict with Firefox. I have not applied this update of Java at that time.

  • Was a change made? : before the jpeg photo showed up at the upper-left corner of my screen, with a white background for the screen. The image now appears in the center of the screen, and the rest of the screen is completely black.

    By the way, when I put the url in Safari, it's the same as before, namely the image appears in the upper left corner, and the bottom of the screen/monitor full is white.

    You can try it with this URL to jpeg:

    Yes, it is a new feature in Firefox 11, which was designed to improve the readability of images. You can install the, which restores the change if you don't like it.

  • Where is the "Firefox" printed logo which is supposed to appear in the upper left corner of the page?

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    Thanks Matt. Another person told me how to remove the menu bar and BAM he was there, someone else says to press F11 and it works also. As I told them, I am 62 yr.s old, has not been raised with these wonderful machines, but I'm slowly learning. Thanks again!

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