My inner smartdrive dvd player won't read DVDs more.  I have updated to Snow Leopard in Yosemite.

I am currently using OS X Yosemite 10.10.5.  I bought in 2009 iMac with Snow Leopard and have to Lion then updated my current operating system.  The internal dvd player has worked with much fussing, (insert the disc - closing - turn after a wait - by pushing the drive when he jumped on reboot).  If I had the chance after a few hours, the video disc show up on my desk.  When this happened, I was opening the dvd player that was in the Finder and the disc would play. I also tried to open the dvd first player and then insert the disc.  That no longer works.  Yesterday, only it just stop working.  The reader still takes dvd and swirls and click as before but then ejects the dvd. Repeatedly stop and restart is no longer works.  I make sure that the dvd be clean before I use it and have tried many different DVDs without success.  I think it's a software issue.  Does anyone have an idea/instructions a nearly dead grandmother brain that can follow to update or redate back to original factory setting to help this poor Smartdrive not so smart?

I have no TV, only my computer and phone at low prices.  I need to watch that my library borrowed from the dvd.

Thank you.


Try a cleaning CD/DVD

You can also try to clean by:

How to clean a Superdrive DVD using a credit card!

I suspect the optical drive has failed. My 2009 Mac Mini could not shoot with same symptom 4 years ago.

To confirm a drive failure, insert a Snow Leopard installation DVD and try to start with the C key.

If this isn't the case, they drive could not be started.

I would just get an external optical drive, one powered with an AC adapter. The Superdrive Apple USB does not work without a hack.

This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post moved to the forum of Intel iMac or another appropriate forum.

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    1. is the issue limited on digital film discs?

    You try to insert another CD in the CD/DVD drive and check if it is detected. You also try to insert the CD/DVD that is not detected on your computer, on another computer that runs Windows XP and see if the same problem still occurs.

    Please provide more information on the issue so that we can better help you.

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  • Error: The DVD player won't read or burn discs. TS-L633R CD-DVD player. Laptop HP DV6-3120US. Win 7.

    The product name and number:

    HP Pavilion dv6-3120us


    Windows 7 Home Premium. 64 bit.

    Error message

    "Insert a disk; Insert a disk in drive E:. "


    Windows 7 system pre-installed on recognized computer CD/DVD ROM drive for about 3 months. Malware corrupted operating system. I reinstalled the OS disk from the recovery partition. CD/DVD ROM drive could not read or write, and I can not restore the old files or save the current configuration via the CD/DVD-ROM drive. All Windows 7 drivers, and hardware updates seem to be installed and up to date as of 04/10/2011.

    Troubleshooting steps

    1 attempted to play audio CDs. Same error message.

    2 tried to read data CD-ROM. same error message.

    3 tried to read DVD - ROM data. same error message.

    4 Write DVD ROM has failed. Same error message.

    5 re-loaded OS 2nd time. No change. Same error message.

    6. checked with HP Support Assistant. DVD drive is recognized but not the media. No change.

    7 checked Device Manager. DVD player is recognised as TS-L633R.

    8. driver is cdrom.sys version 6.1.7600.16385. Clicked on Update Driver, no change.

    9. I tried the uninstalling and reinstalling the driver. No change.

    10 enabled BIOS. Processor AMD Turion II P540 Dual Core 2.4 Ghz. BIOS seems to be up-to-date, version F.27.

    11 BIOS lists bootable CD/DVD-ROM drive. Reordered the first road and used Knoppix Linux boot boot disk, no change. Windows starts instead.

    12 review of registry for "filter" and "lower filter" entries.  Checked registry 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318. No upper or lower filters entries in current filter. No change.

    13 Ran 'hardware and troubleshooting of devices. " It cannot detect the cd/dvd. No change.

    The drive has power, WEAVES, is recognized by the BIOS and Windows 7. However, it does not read or write CD ROM or DVD ROM discs

    I'm out of options.  What to do to make the drive to cd/dvd rom read and write CDs?


    Thanks for your help.  Matt

    Received a new DVD/CD ROM today S of Ben and Alan at HP today.  The drive was manufactured in July 2011 and seems to have the same model number information. The old one was from December 2010.

    Installation took about 10 minutes to the included instructions, and the player now plays all CD and DVD media.  Thanks to the HP support for replacement of equipment warrantly quick fix.

  • Media Player won't play videos not only have sound

    Hi there I have problems with windows media player on xp, I can't vdeos to play but I can't sound. I tried rollinig again, but not joy. I ran microsoft fix still no joy. can someone help me please thank you

    HI Maria,

    1. Since when are you facing the issue?

    2. that Microsoft FIXIT have you tried?

    3. what version of Windows Media Player is installed on the computer?

    4 did you a recent software or changes to the material on the computer?

    I suggest to try the manual steps from the link provided and check.

    Resolution of the problems of reading in the Windows Media Player for Windows XP

    See also:

    How to troubleshoot playback in Windows Media Player 9

    Hope this information is useful and provide us with more information if you need more assistance. We will be happy to help you.

  • My boom box CD player will not read any disk, what can I do?

    My boom box CD player won't read any disks.

    I'm sorry to know that you have a problem with your portable player.

    Can I have the number of full model of your device? You can see on the first page of the manual or the front or rear of the unit (e.g., CFD-G700CP).

  • My dvd player will read disk now but my cd player won't can anyone help

    Hi, my dvd player will read disc now, but my cd player can not help everyone, also the copy of microsoft sent with the computor is not the same as that installed Wndows xp media center edition 2002 that they sent is as it says on the windows disk mredia Center version 2005 with update

    Update Rollup 2, can anyone advise me what to do?

    Hi Albert,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft community.

    I understand that you have 2 questions:

    1. The DVD works fine while the CD player does not work.
    2. You have Windows Media center 2002 edition installed on the computer, however received the disc with Windows Media center edition 2005.

    I would like to know if the understanding is incorrect.

    To solve the first problem, I suggest you visit the link and try the methods in the knowledge base article.

    How to troubleshoot common problems that occur when a Windows XP-based computer

    Cannot read a CD or DVD

    For the Windows Media center disc sent bad, you will need to contact the Microsoft customer service. Check the link for more information.

    Let us know if you have any further questions. We will work together and solve problems.

  • Re: Satellite C660-125 DVD player can't read DVD

    Hi guys

    I have a C660-125 and its developed a problem with the DVD player. It can read CDs and burn fine CD, but it won't read or burn DVDs at all.

    I used a laser cleaner, I also googled firmware but can't find anything for her.

    Any ideas what is wrong with it?

    The model is TS-L633

    > I used a laser cleaner, I also googled firmware but can't find anything for her.

    I cleaned my alcohol BIZARRE or cotton tip laser lens and it worked like a charm. In your case worth a try too.

    In addition if an ODD firmware would be available, then you should find it on the European driver Toshiba page.
    I checked, but did not find a firmware for TS-L633 means that this firmware update is not necessary.

    But I found this Toshiba document:
    _ODD firmware update to solve problems with the Toshiba creator_ recovery CD

    But beware: the document contains files different firmware for TS-L633 on different sides. If your ODD is not on the list, don t try update firmware for your ODD would harm to the use of the firmware is not compatible!

  • CD player does not read cd or Dvd.

    I have a HP Pavilion Notebook g7-1083, and the first 2 weeks, I've owned the laptop the cd player worked fine. He said now help required. When I run the Troubleshoot, it says that it failed. now it won't read anything. will not download. the laptop came with a cd, the Suite software PC Total. He was able to read that now, nothing. What should I do? is there something I can do?

    Hi AshleyMalm

    1. what happens when you try to play a CD or DVD?
    2. what operating system do you use?

    I suggest you run the fixit from the following link and see if that helps.

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media

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  • QSI CDRW/DVD SBW-242 won't read DVD or BURN a CD (music CD will PLAY) [AFTER the HD FORMAT and re - install}

    Dell Inspiron5100 WinXP SP3.

    Due to malware, I had to FORMAT my HD and re-install Windows XP OEM disc.  I also reinstalled WIN DVD4 from the OEM disc that came with the laptop.

    Check SYSTEM/DeviceMGR/material indicates a problem with the drive, but: it won't READ a DVD or burn a CD (which she has done before)

    Can't update anything of QSI as they were absorbed by COREL years.  No support available for WINDVD4

    When you try to run WINDVD4 with a DVD in the drive, I get a Popup of WINDVD screen that says:

    CREATE OVERLAY FAILED-Please lower your color depth or screen resolution and try again.  Of course, it worked fine with the reg settings in the past, now Ive tried even lower TWO the RES SCREEN and color at least registered but still does not work

    It WILL play CDs of music (mp3s)

    Found the following material etc.

    Provider: Microsoft Corp.

    File version: 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp 080413-2108

    Driver date: 01/07/2001

    Driver version: 5.1.2535

    Driver files


    "" "" \DRIVERS\imapi.sys

    «"\DRIVERS\redbook.sys «»

    «"«\system32\ c:\windows\system32\storprop.dll»»»

    I installed and ran but it won't play MICROSOFT 'FIXIT' DVDs just run from WINDVD4 and still does not.

    FIXIT now brings me HERE

    It seems that FORMAT/reinstall has missed something the will allow the CD PLAYER of .1BURN and 2. READ the DVD, but allows you to PLAY CDs

    From: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy *.
    To: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy *.
    Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 08:30:29-0700
    Subject: QSI SBW 242 CDRW/DVD not play DVD or BURN a CD (music CD will PLAY) [AFTER the HD FORMAT and re - install}



    1. are you able to read any type of file .doc or .txt of DVD?

    After following all the steps (including the update of the MP9 for Media Player [MP] 11) below

    I can get the drive to DISPLAY all the data from the DVD (Master & Commander 'movie)

    on-screen MP11.  He plays (automatically) the intro (ONLY) from the DVD music (as when you put it in a DVD player, forward to press PLAY) MP11 shows all of the content and all the files on the DVD and SEEMS ready to play, but pressing on PLAY don't either not anything.

    2 , what exactly happens when you try to burn the CD? You get the error message?

    Not nothing... He's here

    3. How do you try to burn CDs?

    MediaPlayer, selection of a track list, made a list of titles, and then click BURN... nothing happens

    4 have you tried to play the DVD content in ? windows media player

    I had not before, but now I have.  Previously it was default to my SELECTION WIN DVD4 as the DVD player (I think I've EVER SEEN the WINDVD format/start page on the front screen - it wasn't the default front DVD player either but don't remember what program PLAYS the DVD, he ' comes of ").  Now, go back and see 1. above for MP11 more details.

    Try to update the drivers of CD-RW/DVD drive and check. Also update the graphics driver.

    I did the entire bottom.

    1. click on Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.

    2 click on the hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password, or click continue.

    3 right-click on the CD-RW/DVD drive, and then select set to update driver.

    He asks if I have an OEM driver and / disk... NO.. I run the program through...

    "Hardware update Wiz can not find a better match the software installed"

    4. right click on the graphics card and select Update driver. »

    There is no "graphics card" on the material.  This machine has integrated graphics using a part of the main memory (or other) to run the video section:

    I find:

    AUDIO, VIDEO and GAME controllers (announcement)

    Audio codecs

    Audio drivers

    Legacy video capture device

    Media control devices

    Audio Sigma

    Video codecs

    All this seem normal but above I see YELLOW TWO warnings under 'OTHER DEVICES '.

    ?!  Ethernet controller "drivers for this divide (code28) is not installed.


    Device type - other devices


    Location PCI bus, device 0, function 0.  "Drivers for this device are not installed, CODE28 to reinstall the driver."

    Has been through the usual (request for drive... Laughing out loud. Impossible to beat")

    See also:

    How to troubleshoot common problems that occur when a Windows XP-based computer cannot read a CD or DVD

    Did yesterday.  It installed/ran "MR. Microsoft Fixit' with the result:

    "Question: media in the CD-RW/DVD drive is not readable" CLICKED top DIFFICULTY... and after computer "worked" on this subject awhile, he says STATUS: fixed.  St ill did not.   MP9 introduced the format of the DVD player but don't seem to read anything other then showing a list:


    Title 1


    Title 3 etc., but could not do anything with this list.

    He appeared a box asking if I wanted to update my MP9... sure why not so I shut everything down and uninstalled 9 and installed Media player 11.

    Go BACK to # 1. now once again.  This is where I am.  MP11 shows all DVD data, the chart "the Album/DVD cover, all"titles"on the DVD, AND play the track audio 'intro' DVD but will not actually READ the DVD. "

    So far it's PROGRESS.  We are at a point where it SEEMS at least that we are ready to PLAY and MP can SEE all the info on the DVD.

    I see many people on other sites of the same question: Player does not work after FORMAT operating system and reinstall of WIN (and in my case: WinXP SP3 and WIN DVD4 of OEM disc)

    Thanks a lot for your help so far... I hope that we can get to the next step and get the reader of CD-RW/DVD on 'PLAY '.

  • My driver CD won't read CD or DVD what can I do?

    My CD driver on my laptop won't read CD or DVD what can I do? The drive will make noise but nothing happens and can not open the DVD to play or whatever it is there at - it an update I don't know everything? Sometimes on the CD and DVD. Help!


    Try to check the links below. :-)

    FixIt CD and DVD Player -

    Also, try to check the Device Manager, you may encounter an error in code for the reader, once you have confirmed that there is an error code, please refer to the link below on how to fix the error code.

  • Tecra M5: DVD player does not read these mini DVD

    I have canon handycam dvd and mini dvd works on it. A month back I recorded the movie and photos on mini dvd with handycam and ran mini dvd on my tecra M5 player, it worked very well.

    Now after 1 month, I have 5 mini DVD with movies and photos that I took for 1 month of vacation country of diffierent, I tried my best but tecra dvd player does not read these mini dvd, label appears instead dvd player cd player when I put the mini dvd in there.

    All the other standard size DVD, CD works good about it. Its complex and as well as irritating.

    Any suggestions?
    Why his messedup?

    Seems that the lens cannot read this miniDVD s. Maybe cannot calibrate the lens of the drive and the miniDVD is so illegible.
    Try the sascha. Maybe you are a lucky man, and it works.
    If this is not the case, try to remove the drive physically from the laptop. Restart the laptop without the drive. The BIOS and Windows shouldn't t recognizes the drive.
    Then stops again, put the drive in the notebook and the startup of the device.
    The laptop should recognize the drive and must indicate the firmware again.

    I don't know if this will help but it s attemptable m

  • I inserted a DVD into my Dell studioxps and it won't read the disc or allow me to eject. Suggestions?

    I inserted a DVD into my Dell studio xps and it won't read the disc or allow me to eject. Suggestions?

    Check your computer manual or support web site to find the emergency disk eject function and use.  So do not put the drive back.  :-)

  • My dvd player will not read my disk of Windows 8 Pro upgrade

    Computer laptop Dell Vostro 1500 with XP Professional, my TSSTcorp L632H DVD player will not read my Windows 8 upgrade disk.

    It will read other DVDs. I've updated the firmware.

    The properties of the drive is display type as unknown file system CD player with blue disk image but used space and free space as 0.

    By using Device Manager, when I ask him to fill the volume is the disk CD 0, Type DVD, free media, not applicable Partition Style, capacity, space Unallocate status and placeholder show all 0.

    I also tried to use a separate USB TSSTcorp DVD drive and it will not also read the Windows8 disc.

    My desktop (Windows, 8, 1) DVD drive Asus computer reads the disc of Windows 8, but I can't use it to load Windows 8 on my laptop - or what I can?

    Can I connect my laptop to my desktop to upgrade laptop computer at Windows8 use of the desktop DVD player?

    I managed to copy the disc of Windows 8 on an external hard drive using another laptop that can play the DVD.

    Then I attached the external hard drive to my laptop and run Setup from there and installed Windows 8 to my old laptop to Windows XP...

    Thanks for your suggestion.

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