MY ipad has not automatically closing after update to ios 10

MY ipad has not automatically closing after update to ios 10

Take a look at suggestions from this thread. iOS 10 Auto-Lock does not.

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  • 'My Documents' are not automatically closing after opening a file

    In earlier versions of windows when I have selected a file in windows Explorer the Explorer window would close automatically but in vista I have to manually close the search box.  How can I configure it automatically closes?

    You can not - there is no control over the configuration for this feature (and it does not work like that).  It must be closed manually.

    Sorry, it wasn't the answer you wanted to hear but that's the way it is with Vista.

    Good luck!

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  • My C850 Satellite will not be closed after update Win8.1

    I hope I can get help from this forum. Since I've updated my OS from windows 8 for windows 8.1 as my laptop (Toshiba c850) refused to stop, the screen goes blank (power off dark, signaling), but still the power light stays on, had to make a forced turn off many times.

    Please help because I'm losing my mind.


    In my opinion, something was wrong during the upgrade.
    This is not unusual since I have read in various forums on strange issue after upgrade Windows 8.1.

    I recommend you do following:
    Set the computer laptop back to factory settings. Recover the laptop Windows 8
    Updated 8 Windows to the last State (all updates, patches must be installed)

    Then check the windows 8.1 upgrade information page and follow the step by step instructions that contain also the facility of 8.1 and tools Windows drivers in the correct order!

  • IPad has not been saved in 4 weeks

    IPad has not been saved in 4 weeks. Backups happen when the iPad is connected, locked, and connected to the Wi - Fi. "This message appeared a week ago, (he says 3 weeks then) and I made that I plugged it in and it was connected to WiFi. He also as update to the latest version of iOS, but even after the connection to Wi - Fi and wired, and even after the update of the iOS, today I received this notification.

    I tried the soft reset. I guess I'll try to get back to this post to let know you if I get another message 09/02/2016.

    Have you tried to force a backup via the settings > iCloud > backup > Back Up Now?

  • Flash CC not dΘmarre after update

    Flash CC not dΘmarre after update. He said 'En zelfstudie training' (training and auto-stufy in Dutch) for the update.

    Everything worked fine before the update, now, if I try solo start Flash,.

    It is said: 'Flash works niet meer' (Flash has stopped working) and closes.

    As you can probably message, I am on Windows 7.

    Now here's something interesting: if I double click on a previous film, then Flash starts well and load the previous movie.

    However when I close it and the screen that should appear is the 'new film' dialogue, flash crashes again.

    So obviously something was not install the new update, or the update does not work properly.

    I'm working now with my pre version of flash5.5 cc, I have re-installed to avoid crashing flash whenever I close a file.

    My questions:

    1. where can I connect this problem? (Or am I in the right place?)

    2 can I re - install the previous version, what worked well? (I can live without tutorials etc.).

    3. can try to re - install this version if the above is not possible and how do I do this?

    What fixed the problem for me was just to reinstall Flash CC. I thought I would give it a try, because I couldn't find a message from someone having the same problem.

    So I used the control panel to uninstall Flash, then I tried to reinstall.

    Creative cloud kept saying that Flash is updated, so you can not reinstall. If you click on the gear and choose Exit and then restart creative cloud it will take a few seconds, but we will see the situation as it is and you can reinstall Flash.

    After the relocation, the problem was gone.

    Thanks for the other solutions, I think that it is a practical resource to help reduce Flash if I ever need

    and gives me more confidence in the creative product of cloud.

    Maybe Adobe will pick it up and make it easier for us "normal" users to creative-cloud of

    Choose the version we want. As you can do in CVS systems.

  • iPad Pro will not install the last update of iOS, says that it is not connected to the Internet. It is connected!

    MY iPad pro(9x7) will not install the last update of iOS. I get the message it is not connected to the Internet, but it is connected! I have f

    I istalled the update on my iPhone 6 without Ant problem. I tried switching off and on again, but the result is the same, it will not be installed.

    I just read a post that Apple released the 9.3.2 update for iPad 9.7 Pro. Cannot confirm this, but not me. See post by Phil.

    iPadPro9.7 said that current operating system 9.3.1 will not update 9.3.2

  • My front camera not working after update to ios 9 (Iphone 5) Please help me to solve this


    My front camera of the iphone 5 does not work after update to ios 9, please help?

    I have the same problem on my 5s.  Just after the upgrade to 9.3 camera is black.

    Work, rear camera, but the camera application usually freezes before let me pass.  Sometimes a warning icon yellow appear in enforcement camera, touch, he says the flash does not work for the unit to cool down.  No change after a restore is complete.  Other applications of the camera have the same problem.

    iPhone 5, iOs 9.3

  • Cannot record music on ipad after update to IOS 9.3.

    Cannot record music on ipad after update to IOS 9.3. In the view 'now playing' I could tap on the title that opens a window where I could score 1-5 stars. Now by tapping on the title just changes the display of the album. What can I do? I would be very unfortunate if I could rate is no longer my music while listening to it on the IPad. The 1-5 star rating still works in Itunes, but it is a great help for me. Thanks for help.

    Try this below the steps it will work!

    You must press the title to bring up the option enter a star...

    Once it is visible, touching it will bring back the title most of the time and allow entry only part of the time.

    "need to press the title of music playback and the rating stars will appear."

  • My Ipad displays message - iPad has not been saved in 25 weeks

    My Ipad displays message - iPad has not been saved on ICloud at 25 weeks.

    then, you should take device near a wifi network, so that it can be backup up to the icloud.

    Settings > icloud > storage and backup [to the end of the list]

    Check what your settings are.


  • Bought an ipad at a reseller on ebay but the previous owner of the ipad has not removed its link to ID apple for ipad. How can I remove this link to create my own link ID apple now?

    Hi all

    I'm looking for emergency one-handed helpig on this:

    Bought an ipad at a reseller on ebay but the previous owner of the ipad has not removed its link to ID apple for ipad.

    What should I do to remove this link and create my own link to apple to my account alle ID now?

    Bright ideas?

    Thanks in advance.



    Sorry, but the only option is to return the iPad.

  • MS Money 2005 - I rebooted the software, but it does not automatically download the update needed to read my existing data files

    Due to a hard drive crash, I had to reformat my hard drive,
    therefore lost my copy previous update of MS Money.
    I reloaded the software from the CD, but it does not automatically download the update needed to read my existing data files.
    Can someone help me read my old data files?

    Microsoft or anyone have made available as a patch to download?

    Hi Derek,.

    Since the problem is related to Microsoft Money, I suggest you post your question on the Forums of money from Microsoft.

    Microsoft Money Forum

  • 'Check the updates of Windows', has not highlighted, lack of "Updates of history"

    My Windows Update is unable to work. 'Check the updates of Windows', has not highlighted, lack of "Updates of history". Failed to check the updates. There is no virus, spyware, unwanted software detected. A similar experience?

    Thank you for your response. The Scaner Windows has the result of no viruses, etc..

    I have solved this problem in line with someone, i.e. first stop the service update of Windows, and then delete all the files in "C: Windows/.../Softwaredictribtion/datestore", finally restart the update of Windows. Now it's working.

  • WMP12 has not been closed properly. How do you prevent disabling my plugins?

    I found this description of the error:

    C00D0FD6: Damaged or incompatible plug-ins
    Windows Media Player has not been closed properly. A damaged or incompatible plug-in could have caused the problem to occur. As a precaution, the optional plug-ins have been disabled.

    The question: is it possible to disable this feature or on the occasion of some plugins like not optional ?

    I found a way by program. Before you start WMP, make sure all the registry keys under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Health are deleted. That will tell the WMP on the next boot he was properly arrested even if it wasn't.

  • How to change settings is disconnected so that other applications are not automatically closed?

    original title: log settings (windows 7 Home Premium)

    For Windows 7 Home Premium, how can we change the log settings so that other applications are not automatically closed with log off?

    I'm trying to keep Microsoft Word and files that I have worked on before closing logon.

    [Moved from the Word forum; please move again, if this isn't the right subforum]

    At best, I think all you can do is Pin password to your taskbar,

    Enable recent items, jump lists

    Right click your Start button and select Properties,

    Check the two boxes of privacy,

    Then at least you will have this item / items on the jump list, you can open it immediately when you log back in.

    You will still need to manually, save your work or value Word Auto save every minute / 60 seconds...

    But when your disconnect there is no way to have a program remain open.

  • iPhone 5 screen freezes from time to time after updating to ios 10.

    iPhone 5 screen freezes from time to time after updating to ios 10. Then, should I block the screen again and unlock it to make the iphone work again.

    Hey Nilay182,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. I can see from your post that you are having problems with your iPhone freeze or does not. Having a reliable phone is important and I would help him get yours working normally again. I have provided a link that explains how to troubleshoot a few things with your phone when it does not.

    If the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch does not respond to touch

    If you still have problems with your screen after you follow these steps, let know us and we can continue to troubleshoot from there.

    Kind regards.

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