My iPad is not listed under devices connected with the Apple ID

My iPad is not listed under devices signed Apple ID I do not know how to add this new iPad


Where are you seeing this? or on the link below...? Are you connected to iCloud with your Apple ID?

Apple ID - manage

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  • My Ipad is not listed under my legacy from Apple. How can he get?

    My IPad is not listed under my legs on my Apple account. How I list it?

    It's in the "manage devices" section of your account? If it is then you must use iTunes game, iCloud music, automatic downloads or potentially redownload past purchases on it so that it appears: view and delete associated devices in iTunes - Apple Support

  • Current device is registered with the former owners of Apple ID, not allow me to connect with my Apple ID?

    Current device is registered with the former owners of Apple ID, not allow me to connect with my Apple ID?

    The former owner must unlock with their password, or give you the password. Otherwise, the phone doesn't help you and no one can help you. Get your money back if you can.

    What to do before you sell or give away your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • Connection with the Apple ID server problem

    iCloud on my ASUS ZENBOOK can not connect.  It always returns a connection error message: there is A PROBLEM CONNECTING WITH THE APPLE ID SERVER.

    My laptop is an ASUS model UX303L (64-bit) running Windows 10 Home, Version 1511.

    Key points:

    (1) I have connected to my very well through several iPhones iCloud account, multiple iPads, an iMac and another ZBOX PC running the same version of Windows 10.  (Confirms that it is not a problem of "User" with me trying to use the wrong password).

    (2) from my laptop problem, I can connect to the internet fine iCloud - Chrome and Firefox version by.

    (3) I have the latest version of iTunes on the laptop, which starts very well and logs in my iTunes store (.. .in the Australia).  [This is interesting, because I guess that both iTunes and iCloud connect to the same server Apple ID to check the details].

    (4) I made sure that Windows is completely up to date, and that my office 2013 is also entirely up-to-date, with a full stop/restart of the laptop to make sure that nothing is installed in half.

    (5) I uninstalled iCloudand reinstalled from a new download.  Did not help.

    (6) before the iCloud upgrade to the latest version there is + 2 weeks (I'm now on the Version), iCloud worked perfectly, including the good synchronization of Outlook calendar and favorite contacts on different browsers.  I want to try and reinstall the old version - see if that restores me to my nirvana earlier, but I couldn't find anyway to do.

    Suggestions as to best 'next steps', I can take would be highly appreciated...

    I have exactly the same problem... is there any help for us?

    So far, I've been forced to use Windows 7

  • iCloud does not connect with the Apple ID server

    I changed my password Apple ID. The new password works in all devices. However, it does not work with iCloud in my Macbook. He said that there is a connection error with the Apple ID I server disconnected icloud and signed nothing doesn't. Help? MacBook pro mid 2010 running OS 10.11.6.

    Have you tried to restart the computer.

  • 1st generation Apple TV cannot connect with the apple ID

    Have 1st Generation apple TV and recently cannot connect with my apple ID.

    The reset several times and nothing.


    You have activated 2 no authorization of your Apple ID? If so, disable the connection from a browser and temporarily, then connecting ATV, then reactivate. If not, please describe what is happening when you try to connect. What message do you have?

  • Windows Security Center is disabled and there is that no Service security not listed under services. Also, the Windows Firewall does not work.

    I have a security alert window in the center of the Action, which shows me that the Security Center Service is disabled. When I try to turn it on by clicking the Activate button now, I get the message: could not start the Service Windows Security Center without any error code. When I start my program I see no registration for the Security Service in services.msc. I use Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. I tried to scan with Microsoft Security Essentials, which is updated. There is no threat detected. For which I am sure that I use it for some time now about a year and a half. I got no software or hardware change recently. Also, I'm not able to update my Windows Firewall settings. When I try to change the settings there is a message: Firewall Windows cannot change some of your settings. Error code 0 x 80070424. Please help as I have tried to go well as each answer or the Forum but without success. What is a bug MSE or a real problem.

    When you have imported the registry key, you probably do not change the permissions on the registry keys.



    Right click on it -permissions

    Click ADD and type

    Everyone, and then click ok

    Now click on all

    Below, you have the permission for users

    Select full control, and then click ok

    DO the same for the "reg" MPSSVC so key which also returns access denied.

    Make sure also canceled to start service to invite you, he should be admin/elevated command prompt.

    Also, you may need a system restart after changing the permissions on the registry key.

    I hope this helps.

  • I have House part for my iPhone and apple TV, but the iPhone libraries are not listed under computers on Apple TV.  I don't see libraries for my Mac.  I use the same ID across the three devices apple

    I have House part for my iPhone and apple TV, but the iPhone libraries are not listed under computers on Apple TV.  I don't see libraries for my Mac.  I use the same identifier apple through the three devices. I have an iPhone 6 more working 9.0. The devices are all on the same home network running.

    You can't share a library that is located on an iPhone, iPod or iPad with other devices. You can only share a library that is located on a Mac or a PC with other devices. On other devices, iPhone, iPod and iPad for example, you then activate home sharing to connect to the shared library.

  • Iomega Portable hard drive now does not appear under "Devices" after accidentally deleted USB cable. USB

    My Iomega eGo Portable hard drive was connected by USB on my Macbook Pro OSX 10.9.5 cable and I was transferring my iPhoto folder.  Unfortunately, the cable dropped and I got a message on my laptop hard drive had not ejected correctly.   I reconnected it the cable, but now, it does not appear under devices in the search page.  I also checked the disc utilities and it isn't here either.  I tried to connect the hard drive of my iMac, but it does not appear in the devices out there either.

    Although I have been using a Mac since they first appeared on the market and can usually work things, I find it more and more difficult with all the new technology.  Everything that used to be so easy, one of the great things the Mac since MS-DOS.

    If anyone can help I would be very grateful, because I have a lot of files on this disc of old Mac and use the Iomega to backup my most important files.

    The drive may have failed.

    Try different USB cables.

    Remove the naked drive from the iOmega enclosure and test it in a known functional wardrobe.


  • Drive external hard drive does not appear under "devices."


    I just updated my OS to Sierra of MacOS. I have connected my external hard drive (HDD) and it does not appear under "Devices" in my Finder window. It worked fine before the update.

    I use a MacBook Pro (end of 2013), currently running MacOS Sierra (Version 10.12). My external HARD drive is a SeaGate Slim SL Media (500 GB).

    The external HARD disk appears in disk utility application. He also appears on the about this Mac > system report > USB. I don't know what the problem is, the external HARD disk is identified but does not appear for use in the Finder window.

    I read that it could possibly be in mode 'sleep' and putting the MacBook to sleep (while it is plugged into the external HARD drive) and it to wake up again should solve the problem. However, it did not work. No more restarting my MacBook. It was mentioned in another post that it may require extra power, so I attached power adapter and again, without success.

    I do not want to clear the contents of the external HARD drive.

    Is there a way to get my external HARD drive works as expected with my MacBook?

    Thank you much in advance.

    I also have this problem.

    My camera is Macbook Pro 13 "retina 2015 and Seagate Backup more 1 TB (NTFS - Paragon NTFS)

    * Edit *.

    My HDD show in report system > hardware > USB

    but it does not show in Finder or Desktop.

  • Tecra 9100: sound card is not listed in Device Manager

    I have a toshiba laptop 9100 that does not show me the sound card in Device Manager.

    I recently changed the laptop bobdy and uses a disk hard work that work very well with my old laptop which also has the same model and the sound used to work properly with this one. but since I changed my laptop, the sound just does not.

    I also tried to install all the latest drivers that I am running windows xp sp2, and there are drivers available who have a difficulty for this os. But when I try and install the drivers it always ends with a message warning "drivers are not installed.

    I tried to see if there is another way in which I can configure my sound, but it simply doesn't.

    Help, please!



    [Edited by: admin August 6 05 08:52]

    Hello peppy

    If the sound card is not listed in Device Manager, the explanation is very simple. The card its doesn't exist for the operating system. Either card defective or not connected properly.

    Contact the Service partner and let check the device. Sorry, but in this case I put t see another solution.


  • I just ran the last update for my iPad and now it just continuously reboots to the black screen with the Apple Logo. Hard restarting does not help, neither do not connect the camera to MacBookPro. Any ideas?

    I just ran the last update for my iPad and now it just continuously reboots to the black screen with the Apple Logo. I left plugged in all night and still no change. Hard restarting does not help, neither do not connect the unit to aMacBookPro. When I do this, iTunes complains that it can not connect because the iPad 'expires '. Now it is disconnected, but I can't turn it off. Even close the lid will not extinguish it. Any ideas?

    Try the following. It seems yo may have to let the battery drain is completely:

    - iOS: do not respond or does not light

    -Also try DFU mode recovery mode post-test

    How to put iPod touch / iPhone in DFU "Karthik doodles."

    -If failed and that you cannot completely turn completely the iOS device, leave the battery to drain completely. After loading a hour repeat the foregoing.

    -Try a different cable

    -Try on another computer

    S ' there is still not successful that usually indicates a hardware problem and an appointment at an Apple store Genius Bar is in order.

    Shop Apple Store - Genius Bar

  • I deleted by mistake my mini iPad on my list of devices. How do I restore it?

    I have deleted my mini iPad on my list of devices and may not know how to restore. It is up to date.


    Go to main page at the bottom of the page Apple ID itunes settings

    Sign out and then sign back in.

    See you soon


  • Computer listed under devices and printers in Windows 7

    Hi all

    I was wondering, is your computer itself supposed to be listed under devices in the peripheral zone and printer to Windows 7? Or is it a driver problem.

    Thank you


    It's normal.

    In addition, only connected external devices or devices that can be removed will appear in devices and printers.

  • Problem of not seeing list drop-down connection to the wireless network when checking connections network - pc windows 7.

    Problem of not seeing list drop-down connection to the wireless network when checking connections network - pc windows 7.

    I just installed a Belkin modem-router - which went well. Can I connect WiFi gadgets etc. I can also connect to the internet via a network cable to my pc. I also installed a belkin usb wireless adapter and in Device Manager, says it is enabled and works.

    My problem is, I have no way of choice get a WiFi PC to display in the list (from the notification area) and cannot get the pc to give me options to create a wi - fi connection. The more I get to try to do that is "unexpected error"!

    If someone could help on this - I would be very grateful

    Good news - update of my ongoing saga with this Belkin modem/router.

    Got the pc to see wi - fi now. It turned out to be the Zone Alarm! As the router has a firewall, I uninstalled Zone Alarm completely. Also, I went into the properties of belkin usb and checked it was the most recent drivers, it does not so I installed them.

    So far so good

    Thanks for the help

    TREV Smith

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